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    FAQ/Walkthrough by CChan

    Version: 0.5a | Updated: 12/01/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    | Shenmue II Guide                                            version 0.5a |
    | Last updated: 1st December 2001                                          |
    | Created by: Clement Chan Zhi Li                                          |
    | E-mail address: saigoheiki@gmail.com                                     |
    |Table of Contents|
      <1> Introduction <1>
          [1.1] Copyright info
          [1.2] How to Best View this Guide
      <2> The Basics <2>
          [2.1] Main Menu
          [2.2] Controls
          [2.3] Saving
          [2.4] Characters
      <3> Shenmue II - Disc 1 <3>
      <4> Shenmue II - Disc 2 <4>
      <5> Shenmue II – Disc 3 <5>
      <6> Shenmue II – Disc 4 <6>
      <7> Credits <7>
      <8> History <8>
    <1> I n t r o d u c t i o n <1>
    It's been a long time since I written an FAQ, almost a year since mid-February
    2001. I'm writting this mainly because I'm bored, driven to the fact that there
    are actually very few FAQs written for Shenmue II, as the European version (as
    of now) are not yet released.
     For this FAQ, I'm hoping that it will be the best of the best, mainly because
    I would be concentrating on every detail of the story, of course, with the help
    of several sources and my extremely limited knowledge of Japanese words.
     Also, life's been getting boring, and I have no mood at all to play Shenmue
    II, in the Japanese version again (I only played it once through) and
    hopefully, I'll get the information right through my memory.
     Shenmue II is also one of the most flexible game, meaning that you can go
    anywhere easily, and tons of more hidden secrets and side-quests that you
    probably haven't even gotten it yet.
     Though I will try and uncover that facts, it will also depend on my mood and
    time whether to update this FAQ or not, from time to time. I would most likely
    get the European version to know what exactly happened in the game.
     If you have any problems or questions, feel free to e-mail me at
    saigoheiki@gmail.com. For now, I don't guarantee replies (as I do in the past)
    because I am now extremely busy with my life and school work. But of course, I
    will try to answer every question you ask, so please don't ask dumb and obvious
    questions that you can get either in the FAQ or in the Internet.
     I also forgot to mention that there will be indeed spoilers so please read it
    with your own risk. The FAQ below will be written with personal touches, so I
    hope it won't offend anyone at all if you encounter any sarcastic remarks.
     I will also include random quotes, most of them I think memorable, funny,
    witty or anything that captures my mind within the FAQ. Don't bother it, if you
    don't want to read it. You should always take your mind off the game once in a
     To find my latest FAQ, always go to http://www.gamefaqs.com
     Also, my FAQ is far from complete, as I’m lazy and tired up with lots of other
    things to do. I also want to see whether people would appreciate my work, so
    e-mail me if you want me to continue this FAQ. If not, I’ll just leave this FAQ
    as it is.
                                                        - C l e m e n t   C h a n
                                                  2 3   N o v e m b e r   2 0 0 1
    [1.1] Copyright info
    This FAQ is Copyright © 2001 Clement Chan Zhi Li. You can distribute this FAQ
    as long as its contents are not changed. No. Not even a single letter. If you
    ever try to make profit by putting banners on top of it or other money-making
    schemes you may have in your mind, I will immediately request for my FAQs to be
    taken down.
    Only Clement Chan Zhi Li can make changes and updates to this FAQ. Any
    unauthorized changes and updates without my permission is prohibited by law.
    If you want to put parts of this FAQ publicly, at least write down the
    name of this FAQ and the owner's name (mine) together. One more word, don't
    even send parts of this Guide to other FAQs and write it as your own. I will
    soon find out.
    Shenmue, characters including Ryo Hazuki, Shenhua Ling and the rest are
    Copyright SEGA®. All rights reserved.
    [1.2] How to Best View this Guide
    If you view this guide of the Internet and noticed that some words are filled
    in with spaces and etc., it's because your browser did not view it at the right
    width. Save the guide and open it up with WordPad (recommended).
    Click File, then Page Setup. At the section where they put Margins (inches),
    look for Right and type 0.8" in it. That way, you could view this guide neatly
    as it is meant to be!
    <2> T h e   B a s i c s <2>
    [2.1] Main Menu
    -=-=-= New Game =-=-=-
    By selecting this option, you can create a new game save file for Shenmue II.
    If you have a Shenmue Chapter 1: Yokosuka complete save file in your memory
    card, select left when two options are given and it will create a new file
    based on the Shenmue save file.
    -=-=-= Continue =-=-=-
    Select this option to load your Shenmue II save file. It's that simple.
    -=-=-= Digest Movie =-=-=-
    This is only accessible through Disc 4, where it will give you an in-sight on
    what happened in Shenmue, where they will let you see several parts of the game
    in case you forgot happened or never played the game before. This movie is
    quite long, about 15 minutes.
    -=-=-= Shenmue Collection =-=-=-
    This option can only be selected in Disc 4. You can play arcade games that you
    have played before, like Darts 7 for instance, for free, and even play against
    those in the betting games. You can also fight against the enemies you have
    fought before (must be a one-on-one battle) again.
      -=- YS Games -=-
        - Space Harrier
        - Out Run
        - Hang On
        - After Burner
      -=- Shenmue Games -=-
        - QTE Title
        - Excite QTE 2
        - Playing Darts 7 against Ojii-san
        - Playing Darts 7 against Gee-Mu
        - Playing Darts 7 against Ratsupu
      -=- Battle -=-
        - Move List
    -=-=-= Option =-=-=-
    This is, of course, option, where you can change the running of the game. Below
    listed are the modes in the game.
      -=- Game Mode -=-
      This is the default. You can change between the four by using the left and
      right buttons on the D-Pad. This mode basically would have voice and text.
      -=- Text Mode -=-
      As the name suggests (actually, it would be in Japanese), there will be
      only the subtitles accompanying instead of the voices.
      -=- Cinema Mode -=-
      The Cinema Mode only uses voices, without the text thoughout the game.
      -=- Shenmue Mode -=-
      This mode uses both text and voice. Text will be displayed when you skip.
    Here, you change the sound as the way you like it.
      -=- Stereo -=-
      Yeah, you'd probably know what this is. This will produce the best effects
      for sounds.
      -=- Monaural -=-
      I don't even know why you'd choose this. This will not at all give the best
      results for the sounds and in fact, the worst.
    And here's the analogue controls, where you can change it too.
      -=- Look -=-
      By selectiong this (which is the default), the analogue stick on your
      Dreamcast controller will be used to look around (turning Ryo's head).
      -=- Control -=-
      I don't suggest using this at all. You can't even look around with Ryo's
      head as in the default Look.
    This part will show you how you would like to have the L and R trigger buttons
    to work for.
      -=- L: Zoom  R: Move -=-
      This is the default for Shenmue II, which is odd as the second option
      below are the ones that are the default for Shenmue Chapter 1:
      -=- L: Move  R: Zoom -=-
      Oh well, nothing much to say except this is the default option in the first
      game and chapter of Shenmue.
    [2.2] Controls
      -=- A button -=-
      This will be used widely for lots of actions, as Shenmue II has been
      changed a lot considerably, so this is not a one-use-only button.
      -=- B button -=-
      Yeah, used mainly to cancel or return back to where you are originally
      from. On the streets, if you have the map, press B when there is a
      pencil symbol there to mark the position of where you are on the map
      with three different colours, blue, yellow and red.
      -=- X button -=-
      Other than bringing up the notebook like in Shenmue, now the X button has
      even more uses than the A button, like opening doors, playing gotcha-gotcha
      machines, drinking cans and more.
      -=- Y button -=-
      There will be other uses too for this button but it is mainly use to bring
      up the menu.
      -=- L button -=-
      Depending on how you set it to be, the L button can be used to either run
      or zoom in.
      -=- R button -=-
      Depending on how you set it to be, the L button can be used to either run
      or zoom in.
      -=- Directional Pad -=-
      This will be used to move Ryo around.
      -=- Analogue Stick -=-
      This will be used to, in the defaults, move Ryo's head in the possible way
      (not 360 degrees, mind you). Or if you changed it, it will be used for
      Ryo to walk.
    [2.3] Saving
    For now, you can actually save anywhere in Shenmue II, with the exception of
    some places. Go to the menu by pressing the Y button, select the memory card
    icon, choose the left option and you can save. This would be a permanent save,
    not a temporary Resume save file as in the original Shenmue.
    You could, of course, save near Ryo's sleeping area, when the menu appears.
    [2.4] Characters
      -=- Ryo Hazuki -=-
      Ryo lost his mother in his infancy. He devoted himself to kung fu under his
      strict father. Ryo is reckless and quick to start a quarrel, but he also
      has a strong will. To solve the mystery of his father's death, Ryo left for
      China. What awaits him there?
      -=- Shenhua Ling -=-
      Shenhua grew up in China surrounded by Mother Nature. She has a courage and
      strength that belies her innocent expression. Shenhua is pure and naive, so
      she never doubts anyone. She is also a mysterious young girl who is very
      kind. Her destiny will forever change when she encounters Ryo.
      -=- Joy -=-
      Joy loves to ride motorcycles. She is a very spirited woman who speaks her
      mind. She tends to be misunderstood by everyone because of her bluntness,
      but the truth is that she is gentle and honest.
      -=- Fangmei Xun -=-
      A fourteen years old girl, Fangmei is cheerful and likes to help everyone.
      Because of this, everyone seems to like her. Fangmei is adopted by the
      people at the temple of Taoism, so she works there to repay their kindness
      of adopting her. She is respectful of her elders, but will also speak her
      mind if she sees that something is wrong, although she is not arrogant or
      spiteful. Fangmei likes to keep herself busy. She likes to take care of
      people, and may go overboard if someone catches her fancy.
      -=- Xiuying Hong -=-
      Xiuying is fond of Chinese tradition and culture. She is well versed in
      Taoism, history, and martial arts. She specializes in both the literary and
      martial arts. Xiuying is a very thoughtful person, and is always looking
      far ahead before taking action. She does not speak much, but it seems she
      has much sorrow hidden in her beautiful eyes.
      -=- Lan Di -=-
      -= Alias: Cang Long =-
      Lan Di uses a mysterious martial art which was said to have been lost. His
      cruel eyes cause his enemies to lose their fighting spirit. Those who do
      not fight back, he harshly defeats with his immoral fist.
      -=- Wuying Ren -=-
      Ren is the leader of the Heavens, a street gang which has its own territory
      in the Beverly Hills Wharf. He is charismatic, and his words and actions
      lead the heavens. Ren doesn't trust anyone, and is obsessed with money. He
      is also quick-witted and good at gambling.
      -=- Wong -=-
      -= Real Name: Xianweng Ni =-
      Wong adores Ren as an older brother, and admires Ren's manliness. He has a
      strong sense of dutyeven though he is a young boy, and he never forgets to
      return a favor that he's received. He is also good with his hands and is
      good at opening locks. Wong joins Sam, Larry, and Cool J in their petty
      crimes in the Pier area, but he is still a good boy at heart.
      -=- Sam -=-
      -= Real Name: Sunjie Liu =-
      Even though he loves everything American and calls himself Sam, his real
      name is "Sunjie Liu." He has a strong sense of camaraderie and often saves
      his fellows when they are in trouble. Sam is confident of his skill, but he
      carries a special collapsible nightstick just in case.
      -=- Larry -=-
      -= Real Name: Ligong Luo =-
      Larry is second only to Ren in fighting ability. He tries to keep cool and
      calm, but the truth is he is quick to start a fight. Larry used to act as
      a lone wolf, but he now works for Ren after he was beaten up by Ren in a
      one-on-one fight. He admires those who are stronger than him and is broad-
      minded enough that he can accept his defeat when it is inevitable.
      -=- Cool J -=-
      -= Real Name: Chrys James =-
      Cool J loves rap music, and his boom box is never more than an arm's length
      away. He appears to be intimidating, but he is actually weak in a fight.
      When he realizes a fighter is pretty tough, he runs away. Cool J and Wong
      are good friends in Heavens. They sometimes hang out.
      -=- Delin Hong -=-
      Delin is one of the harbor workers in Fortune's Pier. He doesn't take
      things too seriously. His personality is a bit wild and rough. Delin is a
      good-natured man and he works very hard. However, he doesn't have any
      future plans. It seems that he is satisfied if he can earn money enough to
      live each day out.
      -=- Gonglin Sun -=-
      Gonglin is the chief of the Fortune's Office in Fortune's Pier, and
      familiar to the workers simply as the Boss. He works very hard and doesn't
      take many vacations. His office does business with Joy's father, who is a
      big name in Hong Kong. That's why Mr. Sun and Joy are good friends.
      -=- Ailian He -=-
      Ailian is a young girl who opened a fortune-telling business next to the
      Freestay Lodge. Her family have been fortunetellers for decades starting
      with her grandmother. She does good business with young men because of her
      charming appearance and her remarkable fortune-telling. Ailian, however,
      gets annoyed by men who pick up on her.
      -=- Haohai Du -=-
      Haohai is a mean drunk that annoys everyone who makes eye contact with him.
      No one wants to get involved with him except for his brother. Haohao as an
      evil face, but he's really just all talk. He is not that tough.
      -=- Bangzhuo Du -=-
      Bangzhuo has a sly personality. He is also a vengeful person who is
      merciless. He learns a living by blackmailing, sponging off others, and
      gambling with his older brother. Bangzhuo uses a knife rather than his
      fists, but the knife is usually used to threaten his opponents.
      -=- May -=-
      -= Real Name: Meiming Yu =-
      May is a stunning girl who attracts the attention of customers at Fu Hoi
      Diner at Worker's Pier. She works together with her mother, but May is
      thinking of getting married to her childhood friend in the near future to
      give her mother an easier life.
      -=- Zhenji Teng -=-
      Zhenji is the daughter of the family-run Lai Lai Eatery at Worker's Pier.
      It has been four years since her mother remarried, but Zhenji is still not
      doing well with her parents. She wants to improve the relationship, so she
      tries to be more open...
      -=- Ren Dan -=-
      Ren Dan works at the reception desk of the Come Over Guest House in the
      Green Market Qr. He always listens to the stock market radio channel with
      a newspaper in his hand. He has a stern look on his face, but he doesn't
      seem to be a bad person.
    <3> S h e n m u e   I I   - D i s c   1 <3>
    !-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-! WARNING AHEAD !-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!
    I had already mentioned in the Introduction that this FAQ will contain
    spoilers. If you don't know about that, I'm warning you now. Read the FAQ below
    at your own risk.
    Using the Shenmue save file (the Japanese version of Shenmue will be compatible
    with the Japanese version of Shenmue II, sames goes to the US version and
    European version) has its own good sides. It converts Ryo's money to HK$ and it
    brings forward the moves you had learned, the collectible toys, the photos,
    some of the items but sadly, some items like the Winning Can from Shenmue did
    not transfer to the Shenmue II save file. Don't ask me why.
    !-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-! START OF DISC 1 !-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!
    !-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-! START OF SHENMUE CHAPTER 2 !-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-
    Ah, but anyway, you had started the Disc 1 of Shenmue II at last. We see Ryo,
    our main hero of the story reached Hong Kong at last, and the ship that he went
    by docks at the port of Hong Kong. He'll read the letter given by Master Chen,
    and then you can control him.
    Also, if you had started a new game without the Shenmue save file, you will
    start on the date 23rd of February 1987.
    Now, you'll be in the Worker's Pier of Aberdeen. Just walk forward and you'll
    see a cut-scene of an old couple playing music. A boy will appear and ask you
    to donate.
    Select the left option to put in your money. I suggest that you do it,
    especially if you started a save file from Shenmue, you should have about
    HK$1000 and above. I had about HK$2600 from the first time I started playing
    this save file, thanks to repeated days of working in the harbor in the
    original Shenmue.
    If you put in your money, the old couple will show you the correct way of your
    destination. If you did not, the old couple will not do anything of that sort.
    Whatever it is, just continue your way.
    Just walk straight and peer into those stalls, where you can, if you have
    excess cass, buy Zippo lighters. Now just walk until you had a cut-scene of Ryo
    walking by past an irritating photographer that will take Ryo's photograph. A
    woman and her daughter will tell you of the Free Stay Lodge. The sign there is
    big enough for you to see that it is the correct building.
    Enter the building, and you'll see why it is free. It is exactly suitable for
    homeless people and the condition is well, terrible. Anyway, head towards the
    back. Depending on your luck, you can either get a Winning Can or a collectable
    toy. Just look at the shelf on your left to see an obvious Winning Can standing
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=- Random Quote =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=
    "End of discussion."
    - Ine-san on talking about Ryo's trip to Hong Kong to find Lan-Di.
    -= Shenmue Chapter 1: Yokosuka
    If there is none, peer into the drawers on the table next to it. You should see
    a Red Forklift Truck. Now, zoom in on the paper on top of the table. You'll get
    an advertisement of a pawn shop.
    If you look at the icons below, you should be able to see the A button changed
    into a controller icon. Press the A button and you should bring up a set of
    menu. As usual, it should be like this:
     <Save>         <Option>
    The Sleep will only appear after 8pm. As for Save, you can actually save
    anywhere (if you didn't know yet). When you're done, exit the building.
    Continue walking past the Sapporo Soft Drink vending machine, and Ailian's
    Fortune Telling stall. The drinks cost only HK$5. If you want (in order to
    spend off your money), you can ask her to tell your fortune by looking at your
    hands for a fee of HK$20. You will then get a note. And before you continue
    further, remember to buy the maps. They only cost HK$10.
    Now just continue, walk into another area. Continue walking straight until a
    man, calling you from the left side asking you whether you would want to
    participate in the Arm Wrestling. A menu will appear, select left to accept and
    right to decline.
    It is actually simple, if you decide to participate in it, considering it is
    just a first match. The second match and beyond will be far more difficult and
    it is SERIOUSLY hard.
    Look carefully and when the guy says "Start!" and the camera zooms in, quickly
    tap the A button repeatedly, getting ready for a mini QTE that will appear left
    all the time for the first match (for other matches, the right button will also
    be needed).
    Once you beat him, you'll get HK$10. The guy will show you where Ryo wants to
    go, Wan Chai. Continue walking and you'll see a cut-scene of a girl on a
    motorcycle, Joy.
    Now just continue, and look into the stalls for some buyable stuff to spend off
    your money again. Walk past the big fountain. Turn left into a junction and
    follow the road with the sign Wan Chai.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Landmark Reminder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Remember the big fountain in this Pigeon Park. This landmark is important to
    progress through the game, and help to remind you that you had proceeded to the
    right place.
    Follow the direction and you'll get another cut-scene. A boy will appear and
    run behind Ryo and says that a couple of guys are after him. Next, the three
    will appear. Ryo will prepare to fight them off and put his bag down, where the
    boy throws his bag to one of the three and all of them runs off. And yes, all
    of your money is gone, forever. That is why I told you in the beginning to
    spend all of your money.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=- Random Quote =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=
    "Ugly like the worst sin."
    - The owner of the Jupiter Jacket Shop commenting Charlie.
    -= Shenmue Chapter 1: Yokosuka
    Now, don't go up the stairs and instead, turn around and walk to the right, and
    head to Queen's St. Walk down all the way and run pass a restaurant. You'll
    have a cut-scene with two drunken thugs, where one of them will pull out a
    knife later.
    Joy will appear on her motorcycle and come to the rescue, when the two thugs
    recognized her and stop their act immediately. Ryo will tell her about his lost
    bag, and Joy will said that she saw the boy, Wong, hanging out near the
    fountain back there.
    Now, head towards the Pigeon Park, and walk somewhere neat the fountain. You'll
    get a cut-scene where Ryo will spot the boy playing with himself nearby. The
    boy will saw him and start to run away, and then Ryo will chase him.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Quick Timer Event 1 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    A, Left , Right , A, B, Left, Left, Right, A, Right, Down, A
    Press the buttons when they are shown on the screen. Proceed everything
    correctly or not, you will still continue the game.
    ¤----------------------------------- Branch 1 ------------------------------¤
    If you finish the QTE correctly, Wong will bring you back to his gang, where
    you'll have a Free Battle.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Free Battle 1 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    You'll be fighting against two thugs which is pretty simple. Just do some few
    kicks or test out your other moves and you should be able to win.
    Once you win it, Wong will bring you to your bag.
    ¤----------------------------------- Branch 2 ------------------------------¤
    If you, however, failed the QTE sequence, you'll need to find for your missing
    bag yourself. If you explore this area well enough, you should be able to find
    Lai Lai Eatery. Head there. You'll now have a Free Battle.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Free Battle 1 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    Again, it's a Free Battle, but you will cause more damage to the restaurant
    there. Wong will appear and bring you to your bag.
    You will get your bag at last, but sadly, you lost all of your money. Wong will
    deny that he had taken it. But, he will draw a map for you so that you can go
    to the right way. So anyway, with your missing bag in your hands, head back to
    Queen's St. Now walk all the way, following the road until you reach a bridge.
    You could press the X button and look at the map Wong drawn for you. Try and
    look at it carefully. But anyway, now you would be in King's Road. Just cross
    the bridge and head for Wan Chai.
    Now that you had reached there, just continue walking down the streets until
    Joy appears on her motorcycle again. Ryo will ignore her. Once you reached the
    Come Over Guest House, Joy will tell Ryo to wait for her at 8 am tomorrow.
    Anyway, Ryo will talk to Ren Dan, the guy at the reception desk. You'll get
    your room key, 203 so find it upstairs. Enter the room and you could go to
    sleep, if you want to. You can still explore Green Market Qr if you want to.
    But remember, examine the table for a phamplet of a pawnshop and a Tomato
    Convenience Store leaflet. If you buy all three Shenmue items which include,
    chocolate, potato chips and the caramel, you'll automatically get a Super Sonic
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Side Quest 1 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    If you reached Green Market Qr early, say, about 7 pm, you could do a side
    quest. Continue walking past the Come Over Guest House and look at the shop in
    the corner. You should be able to see the shop with the sign hanging down, and
    a man wondering outside.
    The next day, Ryo will wake up at 7:45 am. Ryo will look out of the window and
    see Joy already waiting for him outside. Ryo will sit at the back of her
    motorcycle and she will take Ryo to the Fortune's Pier. She'll talk to the boss
    over there, and Ryo can start working.
    Actually, this can be pretty confusing for non-Japanese speakers. So do I. You
    must listen carefully what the other guy say and execute it.
     Hidari                                                - Left
     Migi                                                  - Right
     Anything else he say                                  - Up
     When you reached the final step to put down the crate - Down
    Continue working until 1 pm. You'll get your money based on HK$10 per crate
    that you had carried.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Side Quest 2 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    You don't need to do this, that's why it's called a Side Quest. But anyway,
    since you're on the way anyway, go to Worker's Pier and walk somewhere near the
    fountain of Pigeon Park until you get a cut-scene with the photographer from
    the beginning.
    He will try and force you to buy the photograph that he had taken, but Joy will
    appear and ask him to take a picture of Joy and Ryo together. Joy will refuse
    to pay at all, and she will exchange the pictures. She'll get a photo of Ryo
    and you'll get a photo of Ryo and Joy together.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Side Quest 3 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    Head to Queen's St. and look for a fishing shop, called the Big Catch Tackle
    Shop. Ryo will talk to the shopkeeper, spotted a photo of the boy who had stole
    Ryo's bag. He will ask the shopkeeper for the photo which he gave Ryo. Ryo will
    learn that the boy was called Wong.
    Now, go all the way back to Green Market Qr. As it is very hard for me to
    explain and show you the right way, look at the map and use the analogue stick
    to look around the map for South Carmain Qr.
    Once you know where to go (by remember the nearby shops near the road to South
    Carmain Qr.), head towards there.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Landmark Reminder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Before you head up the stairs to South Carmain Qr., look left and you should
    see some kind of temple with a courtyard where lots of people are practicing
    martial arts there. You will need to return here a few times and because
    Shenmue II is entirely big, you'll need to remember this area.
    If you had already bought the map of Green Market Qr., make a mark on this
    place by pressing the B button, followed by any other button with their own
    respective colours.
    Now go up the stairs and head to South Carmain Qr. Now just walk straight and
    go to Lotus Park.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Landmark Reminder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Again, this place is kind of important. You'll return here several other times
    later so remember Lotus Park. Mark it on your map.
    You will activate a cut-scene of a sensei practising underneath a tree. After
    that, go out from Lotus Park, and continue walking and stop once the road
    splits into Y. Take the right road.
    If you do not know where you are, again, check for the map once more for Yan
    Tin Apartments.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Landmark Reminder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah, there are so many important landmarks to remember here. Yan Tin
    Apartments are also important as you'll need to return here again. Make a mark
    on your map with a different colour that you can remember.
    Enter the apartments and you should have a cut-scene of an old woman scolding
    Ryo. She will then enter her own room. Go and find room number 205. A guy
    should come out and when a set of options appear, ask all of the questions by
    talking to him repeatedly.
    Exit the apartments and walk around towards Wise Men's Qr. You should also be
    able to find signs leading to Man Mo China / Wise Men's Qr. You could, of
    course, buy the map here and ask the passers-by for directions. Sometimes, they
    will show you the way where you must follow them.
    Find the stairs leading to Scarlet Hills.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Landmark Reminder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yeah, you'll need to put a mark on this stairs that leads to Scarlet Hills. As
    Wise Men's Qr. is pretty big, I suggest that you do so. You'll return here a
    lot of times later.
    Climb the stairs, and walk into the Man Mo Temple on your left. Go inside the
    temple to have a cut-scene, first with Shuei, or Xiuying as she is called in
    the English version, and then with the priest.
    Then, try and go back to Wise Man's Qr. and you'll get another cut-scene with
    Shuei. Now, head back where you come from. Go back to South Carmain Qr. and
    into Lotus Park. You'll see the sensei under a tree just now and talk to him.
    Spar with him two times and he'll teach you a new move.
    Press X+A buttons to execute it. Now, if you have a memory card with an LCD
    screen, you can see a bar that will increase the more you practise it. Now,
    you'll need to fill it up.
    Look at your television screen bottom-right and you should see a power bar. Try
    and execute the move at the right time when the power bar is high enough. As
    you are now practising against a tree, the more powerful you execute the move,
    the more leaves will the tree shed. Repeat this process repeatedly until you
    finally learn it.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=- Random Quote =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=
    "If you are interested to be homeless, come and see me."
    - The homeless man in the harbor said to Ryo, when Ryo asked him about how he
      could get a job there.
    -= Shenmue Chapter 1: Yokosuka
    Now, go to Green Market Qr., and into the training courtyard with people
    practising that I asked you to remember just now. Talk to the old sensei and
    ask every single question that appears until you get a note.
    Head to Golden Qr. (look at the map if you don't know) and into the shopping
    mall. You just need to go straight and go into the entrance. It's so obvious. 
    Now, head left, up the small steps and talk to the musician sitting on the
    floor. You should be able to get a note.
    Then, leave the mall and walk past the Pine Game Arcade. Continue walking until
    the end, turn into the junction and walk up the stairs to Lucky Charm Qr. You
    should see the 3 Blades Street sign in front of you and look for the Complete
    Clotheir shop.
    Talk to the shopkeeper inside. When a set of options appear, choose the right
    one. Next, exit the shop and go into Zhangyu Barber's right opposite Complete
    Clotheir. Ryo will get prepared to get his hair cut but the barber suddenly
    appear to try to cut Ryo with the razor.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Quick Timer Event 2 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=
    -= A button (none) =-
    Don't press anything. Yeah, and this QTE give you a bit more time for you to
    press the button but still, don't press the A button. Ryo will just stay cool
    and the barber will just laugh it off.
    Now, go back to Golden Qr. and into the mall again. Head right, up the little
    steps and go to the most right to find a man sleeping on the floor. Just walk
    near him and you'll get a cut-scene. He will begin shouting to attract
    everyone's attention and said that Ryo has incredible strength, capable to
    smash a stone.
    Oh well, you have to follow what the other guy says. He'll put the stone on the
    table, and look at the bar at the bottom-right. You should be able to recognize
    it from the training session with the sensei underneath the trea in Lotus Park.
    Press A when it is totally green, and immediately another A button once it is
    fully yellow. Ryo should be able to smash the stone. The crowd will disperse,
    and the the guy will give you a letter.
    Now, head to the training courtyard in Green Market Qr. Talk to the sensei
    there and Ryo will give the letter for him to read. This should trigger a
    cut-scene. Now, head to South Carmain Qr. and into the Sunny Capital Pharmacy.
    Try and look for it.
    =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=- Random Quote =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-==-=-=-=-=-=
    "What kind of scam is this?"
    - Ryo refering to the Asia Travel Co. while talking to Jimmy.
    -= Shenmue Chapter 1: Yokosuka
    Talk to the old man, and then go to Yan Tin Apartments. A cut-scene should
    appear if you had trained fully (by filling up the bar in the memory card to
    the maximum) the move taught by the sensei in the Lotus Park. The old woman who
    had scolded Ryo earlier (and a remarkable stern voice) will be surrounded by a
    group of thugs.
    -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Free Battle 2 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
    You'll be having a Free Battle with the thugs. Just keep kicking them
    repeatedly, they're not really that hard. Press the Y button to dodge/parry.
    It's quite essential in the Free Battles of Shenmue II.
    Then, go to Wise Men's Qr., Scarlet Hills and into the Man Mo Temple (not the
    courtyard). You should have a cut-scene with one of the workers there wiping
    the dirty wall. Choose the right option to help him. You should hear him
    laughing happily because Ryo will do his work for him.
    |   2 |Altar|     |
    |  |   ¯¯¯¯¯   |  |  -= 1. Wipe here first.
    |  |           |  |  -= 2. You could always ignore the first one, because
    |  |           |  |        once you start wiping this, it will trigger a
    |  |           | 1|        cut-scene and you would be unable to reveal the
    |  |           |  |        first one.
    |  |           |  |
    |  |           |  |
    |     Entrance    |
     ¯¯¯¯¯¯\   /¯¯¯¯¯¯
    You should uncover both symbols. Once done doing that and after the cut-scene
    with the priest, head outside. You will have a fight with Shuei, not really a
    fight but you should try and hit her.
    Perform every single more you can on her, but she will sucessfully dodge every
    single one and will lock you in a position, where she will just put her hand on
    Ryo to show that she was able to hit him easily. Later, she'll give you a map
    leading to her apartment.
    Walk down the stairs to Wise Men's Qr. Follow her all the time, because you
    would not know how to go to her apartment. It will be boring but it will save
    more hassle.
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Landmark Reminder !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Once you reached Da Yuan Apartments, make a mark on the map. Remember this
    area, as you'll need to come back here to rest for a couple of times.
    On reaching the apartment, approach her and you'll activate a cut-scene again.
    Go inside and follow her upstairs. Approach her again and you'll enter her
    room. From now on, you will have to sleep here.
    !-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-! END OF DISC 1 !-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!-!
    <4> Shenmue II - Disc 2 <4>
    A young girl should greet you the next morning. After the cut-scene, Fangmei
    Xun will then bring you to Man Mo Temple. Now, there would be a daily job for
    you to do every morning. It's more like a social work.
    Press the A button at one pile of book (one pile at a time). Ryo will carry it.
    Press the R button to make Ryo walk forward automatically. Once you reach the
    courtyard, you will have to press either Left, Right, Down or Up in a quick QTE
    to prevent the books from falling.
    Repeat this until you finish all piles or book or it reached 12 pm. Now, you
    can't do anything. You'll be confined to Wise Men's Qr. and cannot go out at
    all. You might want to buy those move scrolls at Wise Men's Kung-Fu or collect
    the pawnshop pamphelts from each pawnshop respectively.
    Try talking to every shopkeeper or passers-by to get some note. As it is in the
    Japanese version, it won't help at all. Go to Yuan Da Apartments at night and
    sleep at Shuei's room. You'll have to repeat the book-carrying process again
    the next day, after waken up by Fangmei.
    When you stop working already at 12 pm or by finishing carrying all books, go
    inside the library where you take all the books and go to the top-left corner.
    Check the cabinet by pressing the A button and Ryo will see a book about Lan
    Di's mysterious and deadly martial art.
    As the cabinet is locked, go back outside. Shuei will appear and ask her for
    the book, where she will not give you the key for it. Instead, she quickly
    catches a red leaf falling down, and wants Ryo to do it too.
    Now, zoom in to any falling leaf by using the analogue stick, and when you hear
    a small (and I do mean, small and soft) chime and the leaf's blur motion,
    quickly press the A button to catch it. Of course, you might fail in the first
    time but practise on this.
    Next, Shuei wants you to catch the leaves three times in a row, without failing
    once. If you catch, say, 2 leaves, and then failed, you will have to reset
    count to 0. It will be difficult but concentrate carefully on the leaf.
    Ah, once you suceeded, Shuei will give you the key to the cabinet. Go back
    there to the library and unlock it. Ryo will read the book and get a flashback
    about Lan Di. A piece of paper will fall out.
    Talk to Fangmei who is sweeping in the courtyard. Try getting out from Man Mo
    Temple and the priest will give you a move scroll. Press the Y button to get to
    the menu, select the move scroll icon and learn it from there. If you do not
    know yet, most of the moves would have been changed a bit, especially the way
    to execute it and the moves that had been overrided could be chosen again.
    Anyway, you can now explore anywhere you would like to go, the Pine Game Arcade
    in Golden Qr. for instance. You should now earn some money at the Pachinko
    boards. Wait until night and go to Yuan Da Apartments. Go to her room and
    you'll get a cut-scene.
    Shuei will look at a picture of herself and her brother, and she will be
    crying. She'll then notice that Ryo is behind her, wiped her tears and exit the
    room. Ryo will get a closer look at the picture, and then sleeps.
    Sigh. It's the next morning again, Fangmei wakes you up and you'll have to go
    to Man Mo Temple to help with the books. Again. A boring routine, I must say.
    You don't get a single cent from helping out but I guess it's a voluntary work,
    considering this is a temple.
    Halfway carrying those books, Fangmei will give Ryo a drink. After drinking the
    first cup, Ryo will refuse to Fangmei's offer for a second drink. She will look
    sad and (in my opinion) Ryo will then agree to it, thinking that she must have
    liked him. When Ryo said this to her, she will become indignant and walk away
    in a huff.
    After the long and boring book carrying QTE sequences, head for the Green
    Market Qr. and into the training courtyard. Before you could enter, you'll get
    a cut-scene with a man. Enter the courtyard and talk to the sensei. He will
    then teach you a new move. Another man will be your training partner.
    Press the B button, followed by any four directions, Left, Right, Up and Down.
    Execute the move four times with every single direction stated above. You'll
    then have those words plastered across the screen impressively, like it had
    been done when you had first gotten your new move from the old man under a tree
    in the Lotus Park.
    Go to Wise Men's Qr. and find for the Collect Antiques shop. Again, look at the
    map if you don't know where it is. Talk to the owner, then head back to Yan Tin
    Apartments. Knock on the room 101 and talk to the fierce old lady.
    She will explain to you about the tea-cups ('cawan' - Malaysians will probably
    know this, as Ryo will repeat the word throughout the game.), and you will have
    to arrange the tea-cups.
      O  O  O  O
    Use the directional pad up and down buttons to move the tea-cups. Make sure you
    move them like above, by moving the left tea-cup up and the third tea-cup down.
    Once you're done, press the A button. The tea-cups should be like the
      O   O
    Now, you are free to go anywhere you like. You should kill time, play arcade
    games, buy the capsule toys, explore the area and once you had done everything
    you want to do, go back to Da Yuan Apartments.
    <5> Shenmue II – Disc 3 <5>
    To be continued…
    <6> Shenmue II – Disc 4 <6>
    To be continued…
    <7> Credits <7>
    Clement Chan – saigoheiki@gmail.com
    Yeah, that’s me. I’m the one who wrote this FAQ.
    Thanks for telling me the QTE sequence for chasing Wong, and the Disc 3
    sequences which I had not updated at the moment.
    <8> History <8>
    Version 0.5a - 1st December 2001
    Updated the correct QTE sequence of chasing Wong.
    Version 0.5 – 23rd November 2001
    Actually, I had already no mood to finish this FAQ really. As I had said
    earlier, if people actually want me to finish this FAQ, e-mail me and I’ll

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