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    Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by winnie the poop 2

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/14/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    'Shenmue II Spoiler-Free Walkthrough' Version 1.0 (5/14/03)
    by winnie the poop
    Hi, people.
    Why did I write this guide? Because I felt a bit stupid, while writing my 
    other Shenmue II walkthrough, because I thought it was too detailed... 
    filled with unneccassry details. So I decided to make this one to fulfill
    those kind of people (you!) that wants the best value from their games.
    The walkthrough was intended for the people who might have played this game
    and abondabned it for a while and forgotten what they had to do after that.
    But you can use it even if you know what to do!   ;)
    This is a mere SPOILER-FREE WALKTHROUGH, not a full walkthrough. That means
    that you won't see ANY spoilers in the walkthrough (i.e., cut scenes) AND
    you won't get any directions or 'how to' either. Remember, this is a
    non-spoiler walkthrough, remember? Heh... If you want a more detailed
    walkthrough for something in the game, go to my walkthrough, also on this
    website (should be!). However, I will state the names so don't think it's
    COMPLETELY non-spoiler.
    Finding your way around is YOUR problem. Learn the area and their paths.
    What else? QTEs are also YOUR problem. This game is supposed to entertain
    you so I respect that. If you really want some help on the QTEs or whatever,
    feel free to use my other guide.
    By the way, if you think, at some point(s), that the guide can be improved,
    please do tell me where and how. Thanks!
    Aberdeen/Wan Chai
    The Beginning
    - Pay the fiddlers to get a tip on how to get to Wan Chai
    - Ignore everyone and exit to Worker's Pier
    - Arm-wrestle to win some money and another tip on how to get to Wan
    - Meet Joy for the first time
    - Go toward the fountain and the Pigeon Park and go left
    - A cut scene/event which ends you up bag-less
    - Continue on the direction you were going to the Queens St.
    - Confront the Poison Brothers 
    - Go back to the Pigeon Park to find Wong (QTE)
    - Fight Sam and Larry and beat them
    - Follow Wong to your bag and get a map from Wong with the directions
    to the Come Over Guest House
    Going to Come Over Guest House
    - Go back to Queens St.
    - Walk over the bridge and enter the Green Market Qr.
    - Use the map to aid you in seeking the C.O.G.H.
    - Get the key and go up to your room (#203)
    - Go to bed
    Your Job
    - After seeing Joy outside, go down and out to the Green Market Qr.
    - Joy will take you all of the way to the Fortune's Pier
    - Your first crate-carrying job begins
    Looking for Yan Tin Apts.
    - Go back to Green Market Qr. and take the right when you reach a fork
    - Go into the South Carmain Qr.
    - Meet Jianmin and spar with him in the Lotus Park
    - Take a right in a fork to the Yan Tin Apts.
    - Go up to room #205
    - Pay the man to get info about Lishao Tao "Man Mo-something"
    Looking for 'Man Mo-something'
    - Enter the Wise Men's Qr. from South Carmain Qr.
    - Go to the back of the Wise Men's Qr. to find Scarlet Hills
    - Enter the Man Mo Temple
    - Meet Hanhui and get a new objective: learn about the Wude
    The First Wude
    - Go back to South Carmain Qr. and enter the Lotus Park again
    - Talk to Jianmin and spar with him
    - Do the Iron Palm over and over until the ground are covered with leaves
    - Learn the first Wude
    - Talk to Jianmin about the second Wude
    The Second Wude
    - Go back to Green Market Qr.
    - Go to the first door to the right and enter the dojo
    - Talk to Zhoushan about the Wude
    - Go to Wise men's Qr. again and take a left after the double-tier
      stairs to enter the Lucky Charm Qr.
    - Enter the White Dynasty Qr. and arrive at the Golden Qr.
    - Enter the Golden Mall
    - Go right to find the bum, Zongquan Bai
    - Do the mini-game to break the stone
    - Take the letter from Zongquan
    - Go back to Zhoushan's dojo in South Carmain Qr.
    - Give the letter to Zhoushan
    - Learn the second Wude
    - Talk to Zhoushan about the third Wude
    The Third Wude
    - Go to the Lucky Charm Qr. 
    - Look around for a sign titled 'Three Blades St.'
    - Enter the Street and look for Zhangyu's shop
    - In the shop, do not press A in the QTE
    - Learn the third Wude
    - Talk to Zhangyu about the fourth Wude
    The Fourth Wude
    - Go left of the barbershop to find the Bloom Tailor
    - Ask the clerk about the martial artists
    - Go back to Yan Tin Apts. in South Carmain Qr.
    - Fight the thugs and win the battle
    - Learn the meaning of the final Wude
    Meeting Lishao Tao
    - Go back to the Man Mo Temple in Scarlet Hills
    - Choose 'Intrude' to enter the temple
    - Choose to help the guy out
    - Clean the walls until you find the final Wude
    - Meet Lishao Tao
    - Spar with Lishao Tao
    - Follow Lishao Tao to her apartment
    Airing out the Books
    - Fangmei will wake you up and tells you to go to the Man Mo Temple
    - Once at the Temple, you have to air out the books
    - After airing out the books, go down the stairs toward the Wise Men's Qr.
    - Talk to the woman right next to the base of the stairs about Zhu
    - Learn about the Wulinshu
    Learning about the Wulinshu
    - Go to the Wise Men's King Fu
    - Talk to the man behind the counter about the Wulinshu
    - Go back to the Man Mo Temple and go up to the library's doors
    - Wait until the next day 
    Getting the Wulinshu
    - Finish airing the books out (you HAVE to finish it to get the book)
    - Learn a new move from Hanhui
    - Go to the library and look for the Wulinshu
    - Lishao Tao orders you to catch the leaves 3 straight times
    - Get 3 leaves and win the key to the cabinet
    - Get the Wulinshu and discover a strange piece of paper
    Learning about the Chawan Sign
    - Go to the Collect Antiques in Wise Men's Qr.
    - Talk to the clerk about the piece of paper
    - Learn about Guixiang and the Chawan Sign
    - Go back to Yan Tin Apts. and knock on the door of room 101
    - Learn about the Chawan Sign's meaning
    Using the Chawan Sign
    - The next day, air the books out again
    - Go to Dou Jiang Diner in the Lucky Charm Qr. and do the Chawan Sign there.
    - Wait until 8 PM
    - Meet a mysterious man in black
    - Win the Free Battle
    - Do a lengthy QTE to find the man again
    - Talk to the man, Zhang, again
    - Learn about Ren of the Heavens
    Looking for Ren of Heavens
    - The next day, Ryo will tell Lishao Tao about Ren
    - Go down to Wise Men's Qr. and take the detour
    - Meet Joy again
    - Go back to Aberdeen (Queens St.)
    - Talk to the man standing outside the Hong Kong Souviners in Worker's
      Pier about the Heavens
    - Go to the Beverly Hills Wharf
    - Go back to the man that answered your Heavens question and ask him about
      the Heavens again
    - Go to Fortune's Pier and enter the Warehouse #9 and play a game
    - After a game, talk to the host about the Heavens
    - Go to Warehouse #8 and wait
    - Enter the warehouse and win the Free Battle
    - Go with the thugs to the Wharf
    - Lose the impossible battle
    - After waking up, take Wong's lighter and leave the harbor
    - Look for the dumpyard (will fight some on the way)
    - Find Cool Z and talk to him about Ren
    - Get $500
    - Go back to Cool Z and give him $500
    - Meet Ren
    Trouble at Fortune's Pier
    - Go to Fortune's Pier and use the map to find the spot where Ren wanted you
      to go
    - Meet Ren and enter the building
    - Eavesdrop the conversation
    - Free Battle (don't have to win but can)
    - After seeing Wong, go back to Pigeon Park
    - Find Ren and his squad
    - Chase down one of the thugs (best one: Cool Z)
    - Get info about Ren's location
    - Complete the chase QTE to catch Ren
    - Learn about Zhu's location from Ren
    Leaving Hong Kong
    - Say farewell to people (don't have to)
    - Go to Man Mo Temple to talk to Xuiying
    - Learn the Counter Elbow Assault
    - Leave for Kowloon!
    Getting Started
    - After walking for a while, you will enter Ren's hideout
    - Discuss what to do in Kowloon with Ren
    - Follow Ren to Yang's room
    - Ring the bell
    - Learn about Zhu's contacts from Yang
    - Go to Dancing Dragon Bldg., in Stand Qr.
    - Follow the stairs and the men in black to 7F.
    - Meet a fattie and get captured
    The Escape
    - Do a QTE to get out of the cell (room)
    - Complete some escape QTE sequences until you reach the roof
    - Sleep at the roof
    - Going down, you will see Yuan and do a QTE
    - Again, a escape QTE and a jumping QTE to finally escape
    - You will be freed by Wong
    The Tape
    - Follow Ren to Great View Bldg. again
    - Beat Yang up
    - Go to Dimsum Qr. and look for the Tea Break Bldg. (behind some 
    - Go up to 9F and enter room 902
    - Get the box off the trash and get the trash with you
    - Listen to all of the tapes
    - On the last tape, listen to the conversation starting from number 591
    Looking for Yuan's Room
    - Walk down Dragon St. and a man will stop you and talk to you
    - Listen to his song and ask him about the bell in the tape
    - Learn about the Moon Child Bldg.
    - Go to Moon Child Bldg. in Stand Qr.
    - Talk to the hostess to the left (in the Bldg.)
    - Learn about the orphanage
    - Go up to 8F and enter the orphanage
    - Talk to the boy next to the door about Yuan
    - Go to the back room to find the teacher and ask her about the birds
    - Go down to 1F and ask that hostess again (about birds again)
    - Go to Three Birds Bldg. in Dimsum Qr.
    - Go up to the roof via the elevator
    - Find the Nine Birds Shop
    - Wait until Yuan comes along
    - Follow Yuan all of the way to her room in Moon Child Bldg. (some QTEs)
    - In Yuan's room, knock Yuan out and find Zhang
    - Hide in the rear right corner when Dou Niu comes
    - Do a QTE to knock Dou Niu into the closet
    - Learn about the Ghost Hall Bldg. from Zhang
    Ghost Hall Bldg.
    - Go to Ghost Hall Bldg. in Thousand White Qr.
    - Go all of the way to 10F with a LOT of QTEs
    - Enter the top room
    - Find the chart and some 'keys' around the room and insert the correct
      ones into the statue
    - Meet Yuanda Zhu
    - Win the Free Battle
    - Fight Dou Niu and survive
    Impressing the Scout
    - Learn about the Chiyoumen and Yellowhead Bldg.
    - Go to all three entracnes to the Yellowhead Bldg.
    - Go to Nihao Teahouse in Dimsum Qr. and do the Chawan Sign
    - Look at the note for the Bldg. and room number
    - Go to Moon Child Bldg, room 503
    - Meet a mysterious man and spar with him
    - Hit him once in the mini-game to learn a new move
    - Learn how to enter the Yellowhead Bldg.
    Impressing the Scout, Part Two
    - Go to Thousand White Qr. and fight the acrobatic master and defeat him
    - Go to Star Gazing Point in Stand Qr. and defeat the one-eyed man
    - Go to Small Dragon Garden in Stand Qr. and defeat the evade master
    - Talk to the scout 
    - Go to Dragon St. and wait until night
    - Talk to the scout again and receive the pictures 
    - Go back to the hideout and ask Cool Z about the people in the pictures
    - Go to Phoenix Bldg, in the back of Tea Break Bldg, and pay the man
    - Go to B4F via the elevator in 4F and the stairs in B1F
    - Defeat Rod 2 out of 3 rounds
    - Earn $1000
    - Go to Blue Dragon Garden in Dimsum Qr.
    - Pay the man $1000
    - Go into the arena and fight Greg
    - Defeat him 2 out of 3 rounds
    - Earn $2000
    - Go to Black Heaven Bldg. in Stand Qr.
    - Go up to 12F and pay the man $2000
    - Go down the stairs to the arena
    - Defeat Chunyan once and do a QTE
    - Earn $3000
    - Talk to the Scout
    - Go to Dragon St. and wait until night time
    - Talk to the Scout again
    - Learn how to enter the Yellowhead Bldg. (finally!)
    Entering the Yellowhead Bldg.
    - Wait until the day that you have to go meet the Scout
    - Go to Thousand White Bldg. and go down to B2F via the elevator on 3F
    - Wait until the scout comes
    - Follow the sewers to the door
    - Wong will open the door 
    - Go up to 1F
    Yellowhead Bldg.
    - Continue on to 3F
    - 3F: 2 QTEs
    - 4F: 3 QTEs
    - 5F: Free Battle
    - 6F: 4 Fluorescent Light mini-games
    - 7F: Find 3 groups
    - 8F: none
    - 9F: 4 QTEs
    - 10F: none
    - 11F: none
    - 12F: 2 QTEs
    - 13F: 1 QTE
    - 14F: 2 QTEs
    - 15F: 1 QTE
    - 16F: 1 QTE
    - 17F: 2 QTEs, Free Battle
    - 18F: Go to room 1824 and fight a Free Battle. Win the Battle and take 
           the keys 9 and 10. Go to the elevator control panel and use the 9 key
           and open the left elevator. Another battle.
    - B1F: Use the 10 key to open the panel... Press the second switch from the
    - B3F: Go down and fight the guy. Defeat him once, do a QTE. Beat him again
           and do several QTEs. Take Joy and go up the elevator.
    The Roof
    - Free Battle at 40F.
    - Go up the stairs and do the QTE.
    - Free Battle and some tough QTEs.
    - Talk to the squad and a new member about the Mirrors and Guilin.
    The Journey
    - Arrive at Langhuishan
    - Go to the back end of Langhuishan and follow the path until you see a scene
    - The goat/river scene
    - Talk to the new girl
    - Follow her all of the way, stopping at some landmarks 
    - Some QTEs, too
    - At the cave, pick up some twigs inside the cave
    - Talk to Shenhua 
    The End of the Beginning
    - Follow Shenhua again all of the way to her house
    - Again, some QTEs and landmarks on the way
    - Learn about Shenmue
    - Eat dinner at Shenhua's house
    - Go into Shenhua's room and find the paper with the picture of the Phoenix
    - The next day, go with Shenhua to the stone pit
    - Follow Shenhua deeper into the cave
    - Find the statue with a sword inside and press X
    - Go to the new statue and press X again...
    The game's over...
    DISCLAIMER: This guide can only be used and viewed at www.ign.com and 
    www.gamefaqs.com. This guide is intended for private use only so don't go off
    running and selling this guide. You won't make any money off this anyway! :P
    If you post this guide on your website without my permission, I'll punch you
    in the face and throw you into a shark-infested pool. 
    Thanks to: 
    -Sega, Microsoft, blah blah blah
    -you? Tell me if you think this guide needs some changes and I'll credit you
     if you do help me.
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    Copyright Martin Dale-Hench 2003

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