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"Blood, gore, and the Dreamcast"

The Dreamcast has many great games in its library, but its missing one VERY important type, the
FPS. The Dreamcast has only about 3 or 4 FPS which kind of disappointed me, but then I saw Soldier of Fortune.

Story-One of two big flaws. The story has almost no depth to it, sure it has a twist here and shocker there, but its not much. The story is, your a mercenary named John Mullins, a Vietnam veteran, who went into being mercenary after the war. He was then hired by a secret anti-terrorist organization called The Shop to do jobs for them around the world. thats pretty much it.

Graphics-They are one of the shining glory of this game. The world around you is very detailed for a Dreamcast game. From swinging lamps to water spraying out when to destroy a toilet or a sink. When you are in a city, you can see skyscrapers over head(Though they are 2-D) You destroy windows or some glass figure on a table and then shoot the table. As always something ugly has to show its face, the characters and their actions are horrible, there hands are always in a fist, but at least their lips move.

Gameplay-When you are feeling down, just grab you Dreamcast and a shotgun and blow head off. There is nothing really amazing about the gameplay other then popping heads, arms, or legs off. The simple pick a gun up and start shooting or get from A to B. The guns are not at all impressive a shotgun, magnum, and an assault rifle is the gist of what you will be using. The seconded big flaw is the loading times, sometimes the level is big and sometimes its just a short hallway. All loading times take about 1 minute or more. The game is set in many different places in the world, from New York City to a fort in the Russian mountains.

Sound & Music-The music fits perfectly to the run-n-gun gameplay, it seems to always fit the mood, but sometimes you can`t hear it over the bloody screams and shooting, which is a good and bad thing. The sound is sometimes cheap though, but still good for the Dreamcast. The voice acting is on sync with the lips and is pretty clear.

So if you are looking for a stress reliever or some gory goodness and don`t mind a long loading time or no multiplayer, Soldier of Fortune is right for you.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 05/12/08

Game Release: Soldier of Fortune (US, 07/24/01)

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