"An Awesome PC Game Turned into Poo On the DC."

Crave turned a Awesome PC game into a big 12 pound piece of poop,On SOF for DC,Gone is the Good texture,Fast pace action,More options,And in is good smooth framerate(Only thing that is probably good),Choppy animation,Slowdown,Crap controls,And LONG AS HELL Loadings!...well on to the review...

Graphics= 7/10

The graphics department in the game have some minor problems,not so big,but can be annoying,like slowdowns when you toss a grenade into a wall and it pops back to you and explodes under your legs,Its slowdown heaven.Also,the animation seems to be more choppy,like when you do a close shotgun blast right to the chest,the guy flies like 2 feet in one frame..really unrealistic.And the gore is even Unrealistic!,Godly,when you blow up somebody,you go close up into the body parts and you sometime see 4 of the same body part, 3 hearts,and sometimes,2 skulls.The only good thing in the graphics department is the 60 frames per second upgrade,it does look smoother but no big deal.

Sound= 6/10

The sound in this game is pretty bad..To the sound effects,to the voice acting.First off,the sound effects are horrible..to the chop of the knife,to the stupid shotgun blast.But the worst of the sound effects are...the sounds of the people getting shot...good lord,its sounds like hitting a piece of meat,its like a thump sound when you shoot a 44. caliber right in the head,stupid and bad.Now onto the voice acting.The main characters voices are ok,but the civilians like in Iraq,You can't understand a word there saying,like when you talk to the Guy who is suppose to give you instructions on your mission and he sounds like he is choking on a peanut..Thank god for the subtitles..

Controls= 1/10

My goodness,playing Rainbow 6 on playstation with a arcade stick is better than the cr@p Controls on Sof...god,When your on a jumping obstacle,you need like 3 hands because the jump button is on the left button on the D-pad,And when your getting pummeled by gunshots,and your getting shot in the head and dying quickly,you press crouch button,..which is the down button for the directional pad,now your safe for a while...now you have to aim with the control stick to kill the guys before they kill you...now think about it...And guess what...You CAN'T change the controls,and the L button is free!!,it doesn't do nothing!,it should had been a jump button or crouch button to make this game much much easier...pure stupidity.

Concept= 2/10

Pure suckiness...HOW CAN ANYONE HANDLE A MORE THAN A MINUTE LOADING...I pitty you Crave...You have to sit and watch a bullet case add one bullet and a time for over a minute about 5 times in a level...It drove me insane watching the stupid screen continuously through a level.And The game is really hard to get into,Because of the difficult and frustrating controls to the gore level..this game is defiantly not for kids,...I nearly through up watching a guy get crushed by a 4 ton rolling wheel.Even though the gore is unrealistic,its still bad.

Story= 4/10

The story in the game is like a classic war story,A military soldier and his partners are sent to retrieve 3 bombs from the terrorist so they can stop the bombing of the war and to blow up the bombers that are sent to drop the bombs.And like always kill the terrorist vicious leader blah blah blah...It's a plain story but does blend in with the old days and was based on a true story on John Mullens (The guy you control in the game)...so a plain story with a little excitement tossed in.

Overall this was a Awesome game for PC turned into poo when changed into the dreamcast and with Crave taking over the game...If your a gamer who is willing to sit for over 1 minute looking and a gun reloading continuously in gameplay,picked this one up,and when your smart and don't like poo...You know the right thing to do.

To buy or not to buy?

''If your a fan of the game on pc,you might want to rent it,but if your somebody else,don't even make eye contact with the game.''

Reviewer's Rating:   1.5 - Bad

Originally Posted: 09/02/01, Updated 09/02/01

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