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"The first, and last great solo first person shooter for the Dreamcast"

Soldier of Fortune is a direct port from the PC version. Once again, you are John Mullins, a veteran soldier who deserved three purple harts in Vietnam. Mullins and his partner Hawk, who fought in Desert Storm, are a member of The Shop, an undercover anti-terrorist organization.
You are deployed all over the world to fought terrorist and keep the world a safe place.
The story begins in a New York subway station, Sabre and his street gang have taken over the station and have started wateing hostages one by one. The SWAT teams are powerless against the street punks, and Mullins and Hawk are send in for action to save the day.
Later on, they find out that four nukes have been stolen from an under protected base in Siberia. It is your job to find them before they fall into the wrong hands.

This is your quest, and it will take you all over the world. You will visit every continent, and fight terrorists in Kosovo, Iraq, Sudan, New York, Siberia and other places. You'll come across a large diversities of enemies, which you can kill by using 12 different weapons.
The things that made SoF famous are the very violent gameplay and the GHOUL system. The GHOUL system means that shooting an enemies doesn't mean just a hit or a miss, but it actually matters where you hit him. The GHOUL system divides an enemies' body into 26 different 'gore zones.'
We've already seen this before in Goldeneye (N64) and Kingpin: A life of crime (PC). Although the GHOUL system separates SoF from other first person shooters, it is not as impressive as most people think.

Soldier of Fortune seems to be the perfect game, great graphics a storyline and a long solo game. Then why only a 8/10? That is because SoF misses probably the most important things in todays first person shooters, a Multiplayer Mode!
Raven said they didn't included a Multiplayer because they wanted to focus all attention to the solo missions. A bunch of crap if you ask me. I don't see why this would make the solo-missions less impressive, and the PC had online multiplayer. I mean, imagine a Multiplayer Mode like in Perfect Dark, with extra levels and bots with high AI. They could have a split screen mode at the very least!
Another complaint are the awful loading times. They often take more than one minute, and most levels are frequently interrupted for more loading.

But even with the flaws I just mentioned, Soldier of Fortune is still a great shooter that many DC owners will enjoy.

+ Great graphics
+ A real story-line
+ Very long and deep

GRAPHICS: 9/10 Very impressive. It looks just as good as the PC version, but the sacrifice that was made are the AWFUL loading times.

SOUND: 8/10 Good, the sound effects for the weapons sound very realistic and the voice-acting is pretty good as well.

GAMEPLAY: 9/10 Ultra-violent, even for an first person shooter. Many people will be shocked by so much gore.

CONCLUSION: 8/10 (Not an average)A great game! I loved it, despite the very long and frequent loadings. The solo missions will keep you playing for days, and you'll be happy to go through them again and again. Maybe because of the story-lin, or just to watch enemy soldiers die a slowly death (kinda sick, huh?). Just to bad there isn't a Multiplayer.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/15/01, Updated 11/24/02

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