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Reviewed: 12/01/01 | Updated: 12/01/01

Yawn, I'm tired of killing people, is it over yet?? Nope, we're on the 4th stage.

First, I bought this game under the impression of a better Rogue Spear. Man, was I wrong. Just to make sure I could play, I went to the practice mode. Completes it. Went to the first stage. The introduction said enough. Shooting people body parts off, when you shoot their leg they start jumping and screaming. I repeat PLEASE do not let any kids near this game. 2 minutes of this game will scar them for life. This game is chock full of violence. Basically, you kill almost every race of people. Americans, Asians, Africans, Siberians, etc....All you do in the whole entire game is walking around literally destroying people, walking around places to trigger the next sequence, and pressing buttons I've never seen before to activate computers, switchs, and doors. This is why I'm giving this game a 2.

Graphics:6 Now, whats the biggest difference between DC and Nintendo 64?? On Golden Eye, we didn't mind seeing James Bond's body boxed faced. This goodness sake, this is Dreamcast, why does John Mullins have a boxed body?? The explsions are O.K. The building look so dirty as if they've been there for years. The sky doesn't look good. The only realistic stage is when your in the Middle East. The guns that stick out letting you know which gun you picked looks real. But other than that, the graphics are shameful to be on Dreamcast. Even the 64's graphics are better than this game.

Controls:2 The controls are garbage. There are so many things to do. Fortunately, I had a Dream>Master control with extra buttons. The walking and running is similar to Quake 3 Arena but more difficult. Trying to reload, I accidentlly threw a grenade and killed myself and others. The controls are very difficult.

Sound:2 The explosions don't really sound that good. The voices are pretty good, but the music is terrible. If a scenario is 100's of men are trying to kill you in the sewer, why does music sound as if I'm in an elevator. The sound of shooting an Indian in the leg and he hollars some stuff screaming and jumping up and down after a while gets sick.

Replay:1 There shouldn't be a replay. You can get shot at least 80 times before you actually start getting effected. You already know whats going to happen. Changing the difficulty doesn't change the story or anything. Just plain and simple, play this game once, then never play it again.

Buy or Rent: Neither, my advice is watch somebidy else play it. This game is priced at $34.99 - $49.99. its actually worth about $4.00. I'm upset at myself I wasted my $5.00 on this game. Do yourself a favor, don't even think of this game. I played this game through to see if the ending was worth it. Was it??? Lets just say I killed about 1,000 people just see him leave and go kill some more.

Overall:2 This game should have stayed on PC. Its sick, disgusting and abnormal. Isn't Quake 3 Arena enough???
If you do decide to get this game anyway. Please, don't play around any kids or anybody who doesn't like violence. Violence is real but I mean they stretched it like Stretch Armstrong. PLEASE, I REPEAT, PLEASE DON''T PLAY THIS GAME AT ALL.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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