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"The best single player FPS on the Dreamcast"

Back in July of 2001, the controversial FPS Soldier of Fortune came out on the Sega Dreamcast. Yes, I know, you're wondering why anyone would buy this game when there's PS2 out. (Back then the X-Box and Gamecube weren't out) Well, I think that I can explain, Soldier of Fortune wasn't on the PS2 (i don't have one) and it was directly in front of me, so I had to buy it. This game is really good, in fact, other than the other three major first person shooters, it was the best one out. This sure beat Kiss Psycho Circus. For those sensitive to blood and gore, this is not for you or small children.

Graphically, it is out of date, but it is still okay. It uses the Quake 2 engine so I'd expect it to be a little dated anyways. The graphical strong points are in the gore and the reactions, when you use a .44 or a 12 gauge shotgun and shoot a person in the head, their head explodes. If you use either of those weapons on their arm or leg, the corresponding arm or leg will fly off. If you use these weapons on the stomach area, their intestines will hang out of their bodies. When you shoot someone in the foot with a 9mm handgun, they'll hop around holding their now bullet ridden foot. The damage is pretty realistic considering the 4 year old engine. (Quake 2 was released in 1997)

Sonically, this game is great, the weapons all sound pretty realistic, and the screams of pain are very convincing and hilarious to hear the guy screaming because you shot him in the foot. Some of the sounds you can tell came from Quake 2. Hey, remember Evan, the sound salesman from Kids in the Hall? He said that you can't have slightly used sound. He's wrong.

Gameplay is where this game excels and hurts, the game excels from the missions and the level design and hurts from the graphical slowdown and major load times. The load times can go anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

Control is good, but it's much better with a keyboard, which I don't have, but eventually I'll take a shortcut into that and buy a keyboard adapter.

Overall this game is very good despite its shortcomings, such as occasional slowdown and long load times.

Buy or rent? BUY!!! If you have a Dreamcast and you like First Person Shooters, then this game is for you, but those with a weak stomach beware, this game is gory to large extremes. You can buy this at your local used game store and ebay.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/15/02, Updated 07/15/02

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