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"I would have prefered Half Life."

Alright, let's get one thing straight, Soldier of Fortune is not a game for your little 5 year old brother(or sister), it's got more gore than the 2000 election and has a little language thrown in for good measure, while I support neither of these, I feel if you can handle it, it's al alright game. Late in the DC's lifespan gamers who owned the Sega made console were looking forward to a port of the wildly successful PC first person shooter Half Life, instead it was canned, even though it had already went gold, and the strategy guides were on the shelves. Instead we got a port of a different PC first person shooter Soldier of Fortune. Though not made by our friends who canned Half Life, it is still a good FPS for the DC, and one of the only ones I have seen on the console.

Graphics: 7/10
The game is pretty standard fare as far as graphics go The characters don't look too bad, nor do the enemies who come in many flavors. The weapons in the game have a nice look to them as well, though I do wish the reload animations were better. As far as levels go, they all look nice and varied, with environments ranging from a moving train to sewers. I have seen better on the DC but these graphics get the job done.

Sound: 8/10
Nothing to complain about here, the game features voice acting, which isn't that bad, and even features some people you might know(such as Michael Clarke Duncan). Each of the weapons sound realistic enough, be it the shotgun, the SMG or even the knife. The music isn't too bad either, but it is entirely forgettable.

Gameplay: 7/10
Finally, a first person shooter on the Dreamcast. This one plays a lot like any other first person shooter you would pick up, with only one realy difference, the gore. Yes, this game is so gory it has been given the same status as adult films in some countries. Really all the violence amounts to is detailed location specific damage. If you shoot an enemy in the leg the will grab their leg, hop up and down on it and scream, and the same goes for the arm. You can also shoot off arms and legs, and the head. Personally I see no reason for this as it is borderlines being gratuitous. Some people might call it "realistic" but really it's somewhat tasteless. The game controls a little different than what you might expect at first, but for a single analog stick controller it is one of the best schemes I can think of, but it's also customizable to an extent too. Overall the gameplay is standard fare with more gore than usual.

Overall: 7/10
There really isn't much else to be said about the game. Truthfully I would have rather had Half Life release over Soldier of Fortune, but since I haven't seen any other FPSes on the console, something is better than nothing. Don't get me wrong, the game isn't bad gameplay wise, but once the novelty of shooting a guy in the arm and watching him scream wears off(which is sad because that really shouldn't be appealing at all), you will find a standard first person shooter that's only "claim to fame" is the intense violence it presents.

OOOWWWW Have Mercy!!!

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 07/08/05

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