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Reviewed: 09/18/01 | Updated: 09/18/01

Ooga Booga! What else needs to be said?

Well, Ooga Booga, Visual Concepts latest online game, is FINALLY here.I'm guessing Ooga Booga will be one of the dreamcast's last NON SPORTS RELATED online game (sadly), and I'm glad it's a good one!
Gameplay 10/10: Now, while some people say it's ''too simple'', I say it's...simple. Not too simple, just simple. Simple like smash bros, or simple like Power Stone 2. There's 3 modes, Tribal Trial, the ''cleverly'' named ''Mission'' mode (although their never really like destroy the hooties base, they're just deathmatchs that you can unlock stuff in), Offline Skirmish (you're typical offline deathmatch), or the Online mode (the reason I think most of these people bought this game for!). Once inside a game,you can choose a kahuna (ya know, the old term, big kahuna?) from one of 4 tribes (fatty, hoodoo, hottie, twitchy) and get it on in a BIG FOUR PLAYER DEATH MAAAATCH! And that's just the beggining! Once you're on one of the games 12 relativly small (but hey, their all still bigger than PS2's or SSB's biggest levels) islands, the thing ya gotta do is start collecting shrunken heads (the throwing ammo stuff of this game), collecting spells, hunting down wild boars (the runaway murderous pig of this game that you can ride),or simply hunting down other kahunas. There's Tiki's, big tiki thing (duh) that when activated for a certain amount of heads, shoot at other people, which have a kinda 50/50 chance of being useful,also offer another option. You can push the tikis, to put them in helpful (and safe) locations. Along with the boars (you smack 'em once to get them knocked out, then jump on their back and ram the other guys) there's also birds, cheap little guys that let you fly safely up in the air and launch little homing shrunken heads. The spells (lighting, a thunder cloud, fireball, mines,tornado, meteor, homing head) come in little icons that the Goddess Ooga Booga (the Kahuna's are actually all fighting to be the favorite of Ooga) drops from the sky. The heads are simple, just pick em up, press x, aim and let go. Although most people seem to just run up to you, smash x, and let loose a barrage of heads. Then, the simple Smack.
The 3 gameplay modes are Smakahuna, the typical deathmatch mode where you score points by hitting people with the various methods listed above (nope, no dying in this game), Rodeo, the mode where you can only score points by hitting people while on the boar, or hitting people off the boar, and last but certainly not least, Boar Polo. 4 people, 4 boars (usually), 2 goals, and 1 gigantic ball. Really it is like polo, but no little golf club things (or even flamingos! sorry, bad alice in wonderland knock off). The underdog of these seems to be Rodeo, but I think the reason of that is sometimes people (the good ones) will seemingly be stuck to the boar, and no matter what you do, you CANNOT knock him off! Occasionaly, that happens, but I say Rodeo is still fun. The most played, obviously, is Smakahuna.
A little more info on the Kahunas:
Hoodoo: Weakest of the tribes, meaning he goes FLYIN' when hit by a boar/homing head/whatever the violent object may be hitting the poor sap. He also attacks really slow. He makes up with it, however, by being able to hold 40 heads (over the usual 30), being able to purchase Tiki's for half the cost, and looking pretty darn cool. A good Hoodoo player should try to stay behind, using Heads and tikis to his advantage. My personal favorite (because of his one line ''hoodoo ya love?'' hehe!).
Hotties: The typical ''all around'' guys (or girls, in this case). They hold the typical 30 heads, have pretty decent attack speed, stronger then hoodoo and twitchy, but still weaker than Fatty (though faster then the fat guys), and also their time spent running around with their butts on fire (thanks to a well casted fire spell) are halved.
Twitchy: They seem to be the fav. of the online community so far (with hotties being the most neglected). The Twitchy are about as weak as the hoodoo, but they have the longest rides on boars and birds, and are the faster of the tribes. They also hold the typical 30 heads. According to the instruction manual, it says that they're less likely to be hit by a wild boar (which occurs when some sucker hits the boar too much. Trust me, a wild boar is no fun for anyone, though), but I have yet to see this really happening. Oh, and they sound like Donny Thornberry on Acid.
Fatty: The ''tank'' tribe; slow and powerful. They can hold the most heads, a whopping 40, and has the longest throwing distance. He also seems to be smacked around less (obviously, he probably weighs more then an elephant. Plus, he has hilarious winning animations (you can't hang with the fat man!).
Phew that was long...
Control: 10/10 Simple and yet (of course) effective controls, A is smack/ jump on boars or birds/active tikis, X is throw/aim heads, B is cast the spell selected, and Y cycles through the heads. down on the d pad (that's right, sorry all you d-pad fans, this is yet another analog game) will zoom the camera out, and ''Left trigger''will center the camera behind you.
Graphics: 10/10 People have been saying that this game has ''first generation dreamcast graphics''. Hello! Look at Soul Calibur and Sonic Adventure people, those were great graphics (and still are)! The whole game has the whole Polynesian theme. The islands are all unique, they all have a different ''feel''. The camera is great, I've never had any real problems with it.
Online/Mulitiplayer= Well, I'm not really gonna rate the online stuff of this game, because some people seem to think it's laggy as hell, but I find it fine. The only real different thing is usually the game lags at the begining of the match (i mean before everything even starts) and then the lag blinks on and off occasionally. The only real different thing is the boar's will slide now, for some odd reason, but I find it pretty useful; you can slide into enemy kahuna's. The multiplayer is, of course, great. The split screen get's a bit cramped (but what game doesnt), but if you really don't like it just zoom the camera out and it's better. And yes, The 2 player split screen online DOES work (Thank you god!)!
Replay Value 10/10 I'll admit it, I'm addicted. Of course, I was addicted to AFO, and that game got old in a week, but this game has ALOT of more variety then it (and personally, i'm REALLY glad they decided to opt for the road less traveled in the minigames option, I would rather play a good round of Ooga Booga Rodeo or Boar Polo then Capture the Flag or Domination anyday. Besides, the maps would be way too small for any of those other 2, which I'm guessing is why they took them out.)
Overall'' 9/10
Rent/buy= Buy, its only 30 bucks! If you liked Smash Bros or Power Stone 2, then get this game! It's ggggggggreat!

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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