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"Ooga Booga, one of the last dreamcast games, is a hit!"

Until recently I didnt even hear about this game. I was looking hrough reviews on a website when I saw Ooga Booga. At first I laughed and though it must be some corny game. But I read the review anyway. I as surprised how great this game sounded, and I deided to get it. I got this game as soon as I could, came home a popped it into dreamcast, and was glue to the screen for hours!

Ooga Booga is a unique game. It has a little of everything game this it. Its too bad more people dont realize what a great

The game is pretty to get the hand of. Once you play for a little while youll get comfortable with the easy controls. This game uses the analog to walk/run around. A does a standard up close attack, X throws heads, B uses any spells you find, and Y lets you swich between your spells. It couldnt get anymore simple.

I dont beleive graphics are special, as long as the game is fun, and keeps you coming back for more. Ooga Booga doesnt have amazing, realistic looking graphics, but theyre not bad either. I like the cartoony look it has sometimes.

Replay Value:8
Without unlocking all the secrets, Its not nearly as fun. Theres 7 secret characters, but you can find out what they are yourself! The onlin mode is pretty uique with the chat lobbys. I would have game This game a 10, but online mode suffers because of lag. Sometimes you can get a great game going, with barely ay lag, and sometimes youll lag every 2 seconds...I think it depends on who youre playin with. But the online mode is still great as long as theres not TOO much lag. And Boar Polo online is great, ;)

All in all this is a must have game. If you got friends to play with then itll last even longer. You can even have both you and a friend go online on the same dreamcast.

Rent or buy?
BUY! You wont regret it. This is a very unique type game. But make sure you unlock everything before you go bashing Ooga Booga! I think anyone would enjoy this game. Give Ooga Booga a homein your Dreamcast!!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/09/01, Updated 10/09/01

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