"A great multiplayer game, but lacks in single player...."

I got this game and thought it wasnt going to be so good, but when i started playing it i realised it is a great game afterall! With many options for multiplayer and can have up to 4 players this is a great game to play with your friends...

Ooga Booga is a fairly unique game itself and has just the right style of gameplay to get you started. The gameplay is not the very best of its type, but it is very good. The one player game has different objectives to do such as unlocking different attacks, bear polo which you have to ride a bear and nock the ball to the other side to score points. The magic attacks arent anything really special, but what i liked best was the homing rocket attack where you look in first person and aim at a character and it locks on to it and follows it when you shoot. There are also the birds which you can fly up with, once you are in the air you can target downwards and shoot at the enemys. There are 4 characters to choose from at the start and more to be unlocked later on. The characters have different stats and abilties so you can choose the most suitable for each level.

The graphics isnt something really exciting in this game, but it is not too bad either. What can i say, it is decent enough for the fun of the game.

The sounds add the effect in the gameplay, although the taunts of the characters may sound silly, they werent bother you anyway. The background music goes well with the game and the levels.

Replay Value:7
The only dissapointment for me was the single player. There is quite a few secrets to unlock and different games to play, but it is not very long and also gets repetitive. The multiplayer however is the main part of the game, there are many different options to choose from and the online play may be an extra bonus although ive never tried it out for myself.

It is a very fun game, and even better if youve got someone to play with for multiplayer.

Buy or Rent?
If you play multiplayer games with friends alot, i suggest you buy the game cause it will not dissapoint you, but if you are not sure about the game it is safer to rent it first to try it out.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 07/25/02, Updated 07/25/02

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