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" Welcome to the Hawaiian islands of shrunken heads and hula skirts."

When a company such as Visual Concepts sets out to work what they attempt to do, is exactly what they do best. In ways unimaginable to most people, I was instantly attracted to the idea of the game. It took me longer than it should of to obtain it, but once I did I knew something special had come out of VC once again! Game after game of constantly loading the opposing force with ammunition has ran itself dry. Instead I wish to pilot my witch doctor into lands of great victory, sorrow, loss, destruction, and witch doctoring. I knew the game was good when I picked it up. It had the “Sega feel” I have always talked about, and no it is not anything like the “Michael Jackson feel” which proves to be the most disturbing of them all.

The graphics are smooth. This is the first thing I noticed when I played the game. All in good detail Visual Concepts has done a smashing head, from every ruffled bird biding its time in a disclosed tree, to shrunken heads manically places about the levels it all runs at an easy-constant going speed thanks to the Dreamcast. However when the split-screen action gets frenzied and intense you will see a bit of slow down. The game may seem dull looking at first but compare it to any PS1, or N64 game and it is as sharp as a razor.

There is a shining place within all this hogwash, and witchcraft, there is a method to the madness. I'm not sure what it is yet, but I am sure of this: The gameplay in the game on a scale from sucking to great comes in at pretty great. It may seem very bogged down at times but I hadn't come for the most sophisticated experience of my life. It does have its own flesh and meat witch upholds failures elsewhere that it may face. Everyone is comparing the gameplay to a power stone/super smash bros mix. I think it is neither. I think this is an ideal experience which can prove itself worthy with a bit of online play. Speaking of the online play: It is a amazing, don't know if I have ever seen anything lag so much though! Online can be a bit tricky for some to navigate, but in the end its worth it as you can play out all three game modes. Did I mention here that there were character types and other cool ideas in the game? I don't think I did but now I have.

Being the action puzzle game that it is the game does not revolve around a story in which pushes it through. If Visual Concepts would have made a story it would have been a waste of time since all of my time is wasted, I mean spent, playing online. I have not played online for a long time so servers may be all down by now but the game is still a sure shot hit. Anyway what little story it does have revolves around Ooga Booga the princess, whom the contestants(?) are fighting for. The sound is alright. It gets so terrible sometimes that I felt extremely tempted to snap the disk over my leg. Good thing I didn't it's a good game!

Overall I don't think many people will be wanting to play Ooga Booga as I did. I blame this partly on the servers which are more than likely down, and because no one really played in the first place. It was an amazing experience while it lasted, single player kind of runs me dry. Ooga Booga is a great game which implemented Gameplay reminicest of Power Stone. One of the most interesting Dreamcast releases and a good example of what pick up and play gaming is all about.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 05/01/04, Updated 05/21/07

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