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Reviewed: 08/15/01 | Updated: 08/15/01

Another dissapointment for Dreamcast Baseball fans

Let's start with the fact that Visual Concepts did not develop all of the game themselves, which is what most people thought. Another company though, by the name of Blue Shift, did most of the game. The game feels rushed, and that's after being delayed a few times. After last year's 2K1 version of the game turned out to be a stinker, most people were expecting and hoping that everyone involved with this years game would have learned from last years. But that doesn't seem like the case. Either Visual Concepts needs to have the whole game to themselves or good, fun Baseball on the Dreamcast just isn't possible I guess.

Graphics - 8/10
I saw some people on the Message Boards that put down the graphics. I for one, think the game has great graphics. The players are very smooth and nicely done. Except for faces. Another Dreamcast game, NBA 2K, had excellent faces for the players. In WSB2K2, however, they are way off. There are other small things that could have added a lot to the game. Things like extra animations before and after plays. When running to first, the runner will get to first and then if he is out, he will suddenly stop and slowly start back to the dugout. Trust me, it's not very well done. Extra animations and smoother animations may be a small thing, but to me, it can really add to the game. This years game had smoother animations than last years, but not better ones.

Sound - 4/10
I can live with the music, the crowd, the ball coming off the bat and other small things. But when the announcer sounds like he hasn't slept in 3 days, and shows no emotion... ever. The score drops. This is another indication that says VC didn't make this game. NFL 2K1, and NBA 2K1, both done by Visual Concepts, had great announcers. They also both had two. WSB2K1 however, only has one guy, and he is horrible. Even when you hit a home run, he doesn't get excited. Very bad.

Control - 5/10
This was also disappointing. Batting is very tough. You have to guess where the ball is coming from and it's hard to swing in the right place. At least the game does have manual fielding, but it's not all that great. The outfielders are too slow and it's hard to stop the ball from going by your guy, and when it does, you can count on the batter getting to at least 3rd, because it takes so long to get the ball after it gets past you. Pitching is very easy, and quick to learn.

Gameplay - 5/10
If you want to get used to the batting then put it on rookie. It basically tells you where the pitch will be thrown before every pitch. So you can hit it every time and get huge scores. But you will not be able to do that on Pro or All Star. The Franchise and Season modes are probrally the most disappointing thing for me. I was hoping that you could fool around some and get your favorite players all on one team if you wanted. But the computer rejects every unfair trade you try to propose. Another sad thing is that you can only do one for one player deals. So if the guy you want is better than any of the guys on your team, then your out of luck because you can't get him.

Online play is fun, but does lag, but that is to be expected.

Home Run Derby is a new mode that wasn't in 2K1. It's fun, especially with more than one human person. It goes by pitches instead of outs though, so that's kind of weird.

Create-A-Player is kinda limited, but still fun to make your own player.

If you are thinking about buying it but you aren't sure, I think you should rent first if you can. It's not what I and most people were expecting, that's for sure. But lots of people have mixed opinions of it, so who knows... you might just like it. :)

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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