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"Best Baseball Game Available (for any system!)"

General/Summary: This game is a vast improvement over 2k1 and is an absolute blast to play. Every aspect of the game has improved dramatically, including the graphics - the players are more fluid and there is a wide variety of animations. Trades are difficult to accomplish, which makes it hard to update rosters to reflect current, up to the minute, real-life rosters, but making the trades difficult adds a nice challenge to the game in accessing your teams needs.

Gameplay: Gameplay is loads of fun.

The ambience of the stadium is great. Hot-dog, Lemonade, Ice-Cream vendors shouting in the background. Crowds cheering specifically for the player at the plate. Correctly coordinated Boos and Cheers. Even the PA announcer gets into the action with various public service type announcements.

On the field the play is extremely challenging and fun. Although pitches approach the plate slower than last version, they are hard to hit and still remain challenging. The physics of the game are well detailed: swing late and you pull the ball, early and it's a spray, top the ball and it's a dribbler..bloopers can now become base-hits, homeruns vary in can even play balls off the green monster at fenway!! everything was taken care of.

Franchise mode is very fun, with the exception of not being able to renogtiate contract during the season, this mode truly embodies the game as it is played (With regards to simulating player evolution throughout their career). Players sign on your team for a pre-determined contract length, at the end of the contract they are dumped into the free agency pool, 9 times out of 10 you can pick most of your players up. Another excellent feature is the Scouting reports provided with newly added players..very detailed.

Players are injured throughout the year of varying severity and you have a minor league roster of approximately 10 players to choose from.

In my brief 30 hours of playing this game I have not experienced any weird bugs.

Graphics: All stadiums are correctly rendered..They even have the friggen picture of the batter up on the jumbo-tron, flags waiving in the background!!

Player graphics are fluid in motion and rendered true to form (batting stances ect..)..the detailed graphics is stunning..shadow of the bat perfectly modeled..even some batters adjust their can see the fingers move...the ONLY downside to the graphics is the collisions could be a better controlled (fielders catching balls facing the opposite direction and balls changing direction at last minute to the fielders glove - only noticable on slow-mo replay)

Graphics look great

Sound: Sound is outstanding. Play by play calling is right on the money with nearly every situation and varies much similar to NFL 2k1. The sounds of the bats and of the game are natural. With all the ambient sounds crowds, vendors, feel like you're right in the game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/20/01, Updated 08/20/01

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