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    Geese by Basel

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    Geese Howard
    A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
    What you will read down is my strategy, which means...
    it might not be workable with you as it is with me and
    may be yes. I really do not need any E-Mail(s) asking:
    "What is good or bad" since I will fully talk about
    everything about him (including combination attacks).
    Hope it will somehow be useful to you and lead your
    play or skills to a higher level.
    Why Geese?
    Geese is not like any other bosses or even villains.
    He is so special and noticeable. He is so pure evil
    and likes to do what he likes... his style is so
    original and he has got a pretty cool voice. He is
    hard to use and not as some characters who only
    depends on attacking aimlessly for no good reason. Use
    Rock prefectly then Geese right away, and then you
    will surely know the complete difference between the
    two of them.
    Name: Geese Howard
    Wife's Name: Maire R.
    Son's Name: Rock Howard
    Brother-In-Law's Name: Kain R.
    Half Brother's Name: Wolfgang Krauser
    Most Trustworthy Bodyguards: Billy Kane, Hopper and
    Also Known As: "Ruler of Southtown", The Conqueror of
    the Underworld, "Don of the Dark Organization", "The
    Ultimate Self-Made Badguy" and "Lone Wolf Killer
    He Is: The Main Villain in SNK 
    Weapon: Bare Hands
    Style: He trained under every Martial Arts master, so
    he is pretty damn expert with everything
    Age: Above 45
    Birth Date: 1953.1.21 
    Birthplace: America
    Height: 183cm
    Weight: 82kg
    Blood Type: B
    Hates Most: Those who get in his way.
    Likes Most: To be on top of everybody.
    Favorite Sport: None
    It does not seem as usual (Geese Tower), but it has
    the most favorite things that Geese likes. A very good
    looking dojo (or something like that) and the same
    cool demon statues that we used to see in most of his
    wonderful stages.
    Chouhatsu Quotes:
    Moves Quotes:
    3)Reppu Ken (Wind Slice)
    4)Double Reppu Ken (Double Wind Slice)
    5)Shippu Ken (Gale Slash)
    6)Too Easy (Upper Body Slam) 
    7)Pathetic!!! (Knockdown Blow)
    8)Predictable (Below-The-Belt Blast)
    9)Raising Storm
    10)Deadly Rave
    Intro Quotes:
    11)You cannot escape your death.
    12)I'll stain my hands with your blood!
    Winning Poses:
    14)Die, yubo!
    Winning Quotes:
    15)You don't have the courage to challenge me again,
    do you? Ha ha ha!
    17)Pride means nothing to one such as I!
    18)How dare you even think that you're on my level of
    skill! Now suffer!
    19)Everyone must suffer!!!
    20)Not bad... you could work for me if you could stand
    Special Intro Quotes:
    Geese: Heh, heh. (pathetically, tells Terry to come)
    Terry: GEEEEEESE!
    Geese: Double Reppu Ken (Attacks Bison with the move)
    Bison: .... (Blocks the move and smiles in an iditoic
    Geese: Heh, heh. (Happily, tells Bison to come)
    Light Punch = LP
    Light Kick = LK
    Hard Punch = HP
    Hard Kick = HK
    Command List:
    1)Reppu Ken: Down, down/forward, forward + LP
    2)Double Reppu Ken: Down, down/forward, forward + HP
    3)Shippu Ken: Down, down/backward, backward + LP or HP
    (in the air)
    4)Upper Body Slam: Half circle back + LP
    5)Knockdown Blow: Half circle back + LK
    6)Below-The-Belt Blast: Half circle back + HP
    7)Get Lost: Forward + HP
    8)Raising Storm: Down/backward, half circle back,
    down/forward + LP or HP
    9)Deadly Rave: Half circle back, forward + LK, LP, LP,
    LK, LK, HP, HP, HK, HK and then down, down/backward,
    backward + HP
    10)Katate Nage (One Hand Blow), also called, "Anvil
    Bash" and "Dunk Toss": Near Opponent, forward or
    backward + HP
    11)Knockdown Toss: Near Opponent, forward or backward
    + HK
    Normal Attacks that can connected to Special moves:
    1)Standing LP
    2)Crouching LP
    3)Standing LK
    4)Crouching LK
    5)Distance LK (only to Deadly Rave)
    6)Standing HP
    7)Crouching HP
    8)Get Lost (forward HP)
    9)Standing HK (first hit)
    10)Crouching HK
    Normal Attacks that cannot be connected to Special
    1)Distance HP
    2)Distance HK
    3)Standing HK (second hit)
    P.S.: Shippu Ken cannot be connected to any Air
    If you want really to use Geese, then you should at
    least read what I will write. May be you will find
    something useful. Okay, first things first...
    The changes are... His counters now counter any
    physical attack move in their range...including
    supers. Recieved the typical tonedown in that he
    cannot combo reppukens off the short in either EX or
    regular. Regular Geese's single reppuken is much
    slower and he has a longer delay when throwing it.
    Regular Geese can no longer combo into his double
    repukken from the first hit of standing roundhouse.
    Can cancel his forward+FP move into a counter at
    various new points in it is animation (credit goes for
    D. Greene)! 
    I will first talk about the Normal Attacks. His
    standing and crouching LPs are good to connect them
    with other Normal Attacks or Special Moves. You can
    always use them if you are cornered or when you want
    to make some distance between you and your opponent.
    Also, his standing and crouching LKs are the same but
    with a little delay. His distance LK is not that
    useful except that you can do the Deadly Rave after it
    and that is alone very good.  
    His standing HP is good to cancel to a Reppu Ken,
    Double Reppu Ken or any other move. Also it comes out
    so fast, you can do it after the crouching LK and then
    Evil Shadow Masher. That would be painful, really! His
    so good anti-air attacks is his crouching HP, you can
    do it as long as you like, but be fast. Some
    characters can trade hit with you sometimes if you are
    not fast. Or it trades hit with some high jump air
    attacks, like Ken's LP or LK. And the best way to give
    your opponent hard punches is to use his distance HP
    perfectly. Use it when the opponent is about to jump
    or make a move. Or when you want to play save. You can
    use his standing HK anytime but becareful though, do
    not over use it, because some characters can get you
    with their supers after they defend. There is a little
    lag you know, but you can cancel the first hit to a
    Reppu Ken of course to save your butt. But you won't
    be using it that much because there are some other
    good options more than this Normal Attack. You can use
    his crouching HK after some Normal Attacks (read
    below), or to keep your opponent away. Also you can do
    the Raising Storm after it which makes this attack
    some kind of good. But really, this Normal Attack is
    useful a lot. And damaging if I may say. Do not worry
    about using it at all. But make sure you do something
    right after it (connect) like Reppu Ken... if the
    opponent defends, that is. And if the opponent plays
    tricky, then do not cancel it everytime you do it. His
    distance HK is good if you want to keep the opponent
    near you or want to get near to him/her. Also, if the
    opponent is about to jump then do it. The Get Lost
    (forward + HP) is good after the Deadly Rave or when
    the opponent is about to jump. And if the opponent
    high long jumps, use it. You should know the timing.
    With a little practice, you will master it in no time.
    But I won't say with a little practice you will master
    performing the Raising Storm after Get Lost. Because
    this needs very fast hands. So, you should parctice a
    lot. If you ask me, it is nothing. May be because I am
    used to the Super Move since Fatal Fury Special...
    which is a very long time, ladies and gentlemen.
    His air HP and HK are there for the combos and needed
    damage. If you want to attack, use them. But
    unfortunately, none can be connected to Shippu Ken.
    Also for fast play, you can use his LK... but I won't
    say the same about his LK. They are not that helpful
    as his HP and HK... 
    As for the moves, his Reppu Ken is kind of slow now
    (same goes for all other fire balls). Use it from time
    to time. Also, his Reppu Ken is good to do when you
    are close to your opponent or when he or she is down
    on the ground. Be careful with his Shippu Ken, use it
    from a distance and from time to time. But be so very
    careful, they can can roll, you know... and then you
    are history too. As for his counters, Upper Body Slam,
    Knockdown Blow and Below-The-Belt Blast. I say the
    most used and useful one is with no doubt Upper Body
    Slam, because you can counter all Air Attacks and the
    Special Moves, but not the Super Moves (idiotic)! Use
    it, use it and use it when you see your opponent
    performs any Special Attack. But be careful, you
    cannot counter the throw moves, smarty. This is not
    Geese from Fatal Fury: King of Fighters, you know
    (that was a demon ^_^)? As for the Air Attacks, it is
    mostly about guessing here... same thing goes for his
    other counters, Knockdown Blow and Below-The-Belt
    Blast. Use it when the opponent is mashing endlessly.
    Or sometimes you do not have to wait for your opponent
    to make a move to do it. If you play so fast and want
    to not let your opponent jump just do it, just like
    that. Mostly, the opponent will be be confused why you
    did it? And will jump and not attack, just waits for
    you to do it again and then get you. But in return you
    do the Raising storm or crouching HP. If the opponent
    has got a super, then you have to think over it again,
    His Super Moves, Raising Storm and Deadly Rave are by
    far the best in the game. They make the opponent
    screams: "OUCHHHHHHHH"! But I am talking about the
    level three Raising storm, because level one and two
    are hard to get any one. But if you are fast enough to
    perform the Raising Storm, then you should have no
    problems at all. I am okay with it, you jump and I
    will easily be Raising Your Butt to sky in no time.
    And before you enough know it. I do not care whether
    it is level one, two or three. Just when I see the
    Super Bar at full, then I smile. Also, his Deadly Rave
    is so good with no question asked. Hands down, it is
    too much. But now, it does not push the opponent away.
    So, do it when the opponent makes a move or any Normal
    Attack. Or why not with a very decent combo?
    His throws are simple, yet useful. If you want to play
    save or keep away, then use the Katate Nage. And if
    you want to do combos and keep your opponent near you
    then use the Knockdown Toss.
    You are R3, so your moves will be damaging and you
    have more stamina. But you will have one R1 character
    with you. So, you have to be pretty careful... you do
    not want to lose so fast. I use SNK side so that when
    I have not enough life bar, I could do Raising Storm
    anytime. I can attack freely without worrying about
    any character that wants to jump. Not to mention the
    Deadly Rave and then Raising Storm. But anyway, you
    can use any side that fits you. When you start the
    match, try to be completely focused and never let your
    opponent attack twice as if you have nothing to do.
    You can defend, but do not make it long. If you have
    to defend, then you should fast think of what to do
    next, so try to do so punches and kicks. Like distance
    HP, distance LK, distance HK... and so on. The ones
    that are completely save and painful. When an opponent
    plans to play with fast frames, do the same. But hit
    with the same time so that you can cancel his or hers.
    And when a LP or LK works, do another harmful one...
    like HP or HK. Also, use his crouching HK from a
    distance... it will be useful against many characters.
    If you are good with the Raising Storm and you are
    facing a character that likes to jump a lot for the
    combination attacks, then be sure to choose SNK. You
    can endlessly do the Super Moves... it might not be
    that damaging but at least it will be useful, and let
    your opponent think twice before attacking you. As I
    said before, the Double Reppu Ken can be used when you
    are near your opponent or when he or she is on the
    ground. Also to block some fire balls... use it
    wisely. If you feel that your opponent is playing
    "Keep Away" or hiding, then try Get Lost... it is
    pretty much good. 
    Now that you know everything, you should know that
    Geese is very slow when he jumps, so jump when you
    toss your opponent after Get Lost. Also, he is not a
    faster runner. So, short run and would be good for you
    (Dreamcast). But it is dash (Aracde), then dash after
    the opponent falls down, and you do not have to use it
    that much since you will have to focus on playing a
    mind game rather than just like Kyo! If you want to
    corner your opponent use the light attacks, short run
    (or dash), jump and the Reppu Ken. Also when the
    opponent in falling down, confuse him or her by
    crossing him/her or not. That should be good. Try to
    focus on your opponent's movements so that you can get
    the idea of what to do "next"! And react fast... do
    not think things through over and over again just for
    the sake of not getting hit. Because you will be dead
    by the time you do so. Always attack from the three
    points, low, mid and high. And "never", I mean NEVER
    say Geese is cheap, because there is no one cheap but
    you, stud. Geese is hard to use and when you know how
    to fully use him, you will understand that he is the
    main reason why you are kicking your friends' @$$E$
    over and over again. Now you only have to read above
    again the good and weak point and make things good for
    you (if you have to). 
    Never say that or this is cheap, because only losers
    believe on cheapness. 
    I will only write the names of the moves (not the
    commands), I have always been so... so if anybody is
    not good with it, you can see the command list above
    and then check here again. I will list every good,
    bad, short, long, easy and hard combos. I really will
    not bother to look for sites to put any of their
    combos in here. I like to see my work completely
    original, but you might know all the combos... I will
    put it just for Geese's fans' sake. and "Chouhatsu" is
    not a must... it is only for fun.
    Both Sides:
    1)Jump HP, standing HP, Reppu Ken
    3)Jump HK, crouching LK, Double Reppu Ken 
    4)Crouching HK... then, Reppu Ken, crouching HK,
    Chouhatsu (opponent must be cornerd)
    5)Jump HP, standing LP, standing LP, crouching HK,
    6)Crouching HK... then, Reppu Ken, crouching LP,
    crouching HK, Chouhatsu (opponent must be cornerd)
    7)Reppu Ken, Deadly Rave (opponent must be cornered
    and you are far)
    8)Jump HK, standing LP, standing LP, distance LK,
    Deadly Rave
    9)Crouching HK... then, Reppu Ken, distance LK, Deadly
    Rave (opponent must be cornerd)
    10)Jump HP, standing HP, Deadly Rave
    11)Get Lost, Raising Storm
    12)Jump HP, crouching HK, Raising Storm
    13)Crouching HK... then, Reppu Ken, crouching HK,
    Raising Storm (opponent must be cornerd)
    14)Jump HP, crouching LP, crouching HK, Raising Storm
    (opponent must be cornerd) 
    15)Jump up HP, distance HP
    16)Reppu Ken, jump HK, Deadly Rave (until the 8th
    hit), standing LP, crouching HP, Reppu Ken (opponent
    must be cornered and you are far)
    17)Reppu Ken, jump HK, Deadly Rave (until the 8th
    hit), standing LK, standing LP, Double Reppu Ken
    (opponent must be cornered and you are far)
    18)Jump HK, standing LP, standing LP, standing LK,
    Deadly Rave (until the 8th hit), crouching LP,
    crouching LK, crouching HK, Chouhatsu (opponent must
    be cornered)
    19)Jump HK, standing LP, standing LP, standing LK,
    Deadly Rave (until the 8th hit), standing LK, standing
    LP, Double Reppu Ken (opponent must be cornered)
    20)Shippu Ken, jump HK, Deadly Rave (until the 8th
    hit), standing LK, standing LP, Double Reppu Ken
    (opponent must be cornered and you are far)
    21)Shippu Ken, jump HK, Deadly Rave (until the 8th
    hit), standing LP, crouching HP, Reppu Ken (opponent
    must be cornered and you are far)
    22)Shippu Ken, jump HK, crouching HK, Chouhatsu
    (opponent must be cornered and you are far)
    23)Crouching HK... then, Reppu Ken, distance LK,
    Deadly Rave (until the 8th hit), standing LK, standing
    LP, Double Reppu Ken (opponent must be cornered and
    you are far)
    24)Crouching HK... then, Reppu Ken, distance LK,
    Deadly Rave (until the 8th hit), standing LK, standing
    LP, Double Reppu Ken (opponent must be cornered and
    you are far)
    25)Crouching HK... then, Reppu Ken, distance LK,
    Deadly Rave (until the 8th hit), crouching LP,
    crouching LK, crouching HK, Chouhatsu (opponent must
    be cornered and you are far)
    SNK Side:
    26)Jump HK, standing HK (cancel first hit), Deadly
    Rave, Raising Storm (opponent must be cornered)
    27)Crouching HK... then, Reppu Ken, distance LK,
    Deadly Rave, Raising Storm (opponent must be cornered)
    28)Reppu Ken, jump HK, Deadly Rave, Raising Storm
    (opponent must be cornered and you are far)
    29)Jump LP, standing LP, standing HP, Deadly Rave,
    Raising Storm
    Capcom Side:
    30)Raising Storm, Raising Storm (opponent must be
    Last Word:
    Okay, Finally... it is finished. Hope I was helpful
    and useful to you. If anybody wants to use anything,
    by all means do so, but tell me so first before you do
    that. And if anybody have any doubts about any
    combination attack or cannot perform any, kindly,
    E-Mail me and I will explain it more clearly to you.
    Remember, do not stick with the rules a lot... Screw
    The Rules.
    Special Thanks:
    1)To Capcom for this great game.
    2)To Gamefaqs.
    3)To all Geese's fans. 
    4)To all my friends for the encouragement. 
    Capcom Vs. SNK Pro is Copyright Capcom Corporation
    This document Copyright 2003 Basel
    If you need to contact me to add or ask me about
    anything, E-Mail me at Mr_Basel@yahoo.com or
    Credits for GameFAQs and Capcom company.

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