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    Kain by Tiamet

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    Garou/Fatal Fury:Mark of the Wolves(Sega Dreamcast)
    Kain R. Heinlein FAQ
    Legal poo-
    Garou Mark of the Wolves and all characters/trademarks/whatever else are complete
    property of SNK/Neo geo or anything i'm forgetting.
    We all know the drill from here. Don't steal my faq, you may not use it without
    my permission(though i'll more then likely let you if you get my permission^_^).
    If your some big wheel like gamespot or run some magazine you cannot use this guide
    period(though why would you want to?o_o). I've heard my share of stories about
    faq writers being "ripped" by certain groups and I don't want that happening here.
    Now, without further adieu..on with the faq!
    I decided to make this walkthrough after noticing a shere lack of stuff dedicated to
    Kain on this site. Kain rules and defiently needs his own guide, so thats what the purpose
    of this is of course. Now before we get started i'd like to say I am by no means some
    grand combo master or tournament champion. I've watched my share of combo exhibitions,
    can barely do most of the stuff as of now, but i'm still practicing. I just started to get
    back into 2d fighters last year thanks to a good friend of mine, Kyosuke(no thats not his real
    name, but he loves going by that aliases). Anyways, I had been looking for this gem of a game
    for a very long time after hearing about it at gamegen.com(a very great fighting game site
    by the way, check it out by all means after you read this). About 5 online stores later,
    being ripped off or told it was on backorder forever, I got lucky and found it on ebay, brand
    new for only 30$. Let me just say that I would of paid 70$ once I got this game and saw
    how awesome it was and how it plays like a dream. I'd go out on a limb and say the controls
    are friggin perfect! Plus the game sports some of the most beautiful 2d sprites i've ever seen
    and it lacks the slow down/awkward feel of the Guilty Gear games(don't get me wrong though,
    i'm a big ggx fan too XD). So, if your a 2d fighter fan or just love fighting games AND have
    a dreamcast, go buy this game NOW. Its worth it..trust me.
    Alittle bit about the author-
    I've always loved videogames. I went through a big rpg craze after playing FF7 and
    Breath of Fire 3 in the 5th grade but it preety much ended after rpgs started getting
    really bad, more cinema and graphics then actual gameplay. That's probably why I like
    2d fighters so much, they combine the 2d graphics I love so much and require true skill
    to master against other actual players.
    Besides videogames, I like swords(saving for a broad sword too as of now),training with them
    and anime, as well as several other things not worth listing here.
    Some of you probably know me as Tiamet Magus,Eros Thanatos and countless other names
    on the bravenet chat system. On Ezboard you'll find me as Fallenangel Kira Sakuya.
    Anyways, on with what your REALLY here for.
    Kain R. Heinlein FAQ Legend
    I-Control guide
    II-About Kaine
    III-Kaine's powers(move list)
    IV-Mastering Kaine
    V-Kain's different suits(alternate colors)
    VI-Contacting the author
    I-Control guide
    X-Light punch
    Y-Hard punch
    A-Light kick
    B-Hard kick
    QCB=down,downward left,left
    QCF=down,downward right, right
    Any move that I have labelled with -briefly- means to just hold the directional
    button for a few seconds(maybe 2 or 3)then release to the rest of the move's formation.
    If your a newbie to fighting games its sorta confusing at first, but once you get it 
    down(which should'nt take too long)it'll become second nature.
    II-About Kaine
    (Done in the classic typical SNK/playmore layout you'll see in any guide, followed
    up by my comments)
    Age:              26 years old
    Height:           183 cm
    Weight:           76 kg
    Birthday:         February 16
    Blood Type:       B
    Nationality:      America
    Fighting Style:   Ankoku Shinkuu-Ken
    Hobbies:          Reading
    Specialty:        He can tell others' emotions by looking at their eyes
    Most Important:   All the people that surround him (his people)
    Most Unpleasant:  Emotions
    Likes:            A starry night sky
    Dislikes:         Emotions
    Favorite Food:    Apple Pie
    Favorite Music:   Classic
    Best Sport:       None (he can do anything, though)
    Whoa, this guy is just too cool. He wants to create a world where only the
    strong survive! Shishio Makoto must of been his mentor or childhood hero or something and
    we ALL love Shishio, plus this guy likes apple pie. We have a winner!! Someone give this man
    a medal.
    His entrances and victory poseses..(sorry..no translations as of yet. I dont want to steal
    stuff out of these other people's great guides)
    Entrance 1-Kain holds up his hand as blue flames sprout out, then he brings back down.
    Entrance 2-(Vs Grant)He points his hand forward then says something in japenese and sounds
    badass. Too bad I don't know what hes saying.
    Win-Kain turns his back to the fallen opponent.
    Final Win -Kaine spreads his arms and blue flames erupt over him in the shape of a cross.
    VERY cool looking, probably my favorite victory pose.
    Taunt-Kain points to his opponent, while saying something.(I wonder what?;_;)
    I know i'm missing alot, so if you happen to find anything please contact me.(contact
    info is at the end of the faq)
    III-"The power of the schwartz!!"(move list)
    (or what a scrub would call "Kaine's 00ber cheap m0vez!!")
    I swear, Kain is a very awesome character and final boss in Garou..but is it just
    me..or do his moves scream "psyco drive"?(or driver, Street Fighter fans will know
    what i'm talking about). Oh well, Kain still owns you. 
    Schwartz Flame-back*briefly then*forward+X or Y
    Dat's one spiffy projectile, if you press Y the fire sails
    upward instead of forward. 
    Schwartz Panzer-back*briefly then*forward+A or B
    Schwartz Panzer..? I keep getting the feeling this was 
    schwartz panther..but hey..panzer sounds cool. I LOVE
    throwing this move into a sudden kick to piss off my friends,
    but I don't know how effective it would be in a real toury.
    Like always the stronger variation has better range 
    and distance. Keep in mind to alternate strategy with
    Kain's projectiles, don't just go postal on someone
    with either or you'll get predictable FAST.
    Schwartz Recht-down*briefly then*up+A or B
    Fwa ching! I guess this is Kain's answer to
    Rock's rising tackle. This variation seems to get
    one or two more hits in, plus involes a sweet looking
    projectile. Use this on people who like staying in the air :).
    ***Breaking Move
    Hitmmlisch Arten-QCF+QCF+X
    This is a nifty super that comes down from above. It's saved my 
    rear a few times when opponent were'nt expecting it, but it tends to 
    get blocked alot and I prefer Kain's macht's to this. Not bad though.
    Hitmmlisch Hecht-QCF+QCF+A
    I highly recomend walking to the farthest end of the screen, fire this
    thing, then fire a schwartz flame when your opponent does'nt expect it.
    Laugh as he gets engulfed in the fire storm. If your some elite combo
    master then the possibilities are endless with this. Me sees alot
    of painful possibilities..
    Note-This moves require a full gauge at the bottom of your screen. 
    Only when it's flashing with a large "P" for power, will you be able
    to execute these.
    Hitmmlisch Arten-QCF+QCF+Y
    Basically a more powerful, sweeter variation of the super move. This time
    your opponent gets about three times the fire power from above. This is great
    when it hits..or you could..
    Hitmmlisch Macht-QCF+QCF+B
    Or you could just send this one into your opponent, following thestrategy above for
    the super,then watch your opponent become history. Practice and practice more so you 
    can do this move without hesitation,it's preety easy and very powerful.
    V-Kain's different suits(alternate colors)
    Nope, you don't have to beat everyone in story mode, with all SSS ranking to
    unlock alternate colors, its a simple matter of pressing one of the buttons
    on your controler as Kain is highlighted(same goes for everyone else)
    Each suit is ranked on a scale of 1-5(*'s), 1 being the worst, 5 being the
    X-This is Kain's default suit. Blue'n white. It reminds me alot of Rufus Shinra off
    FF7 but that's just me. Preety nice.
    A-Basically the same suit,the white looks alittle err..dirty? Black is now in place
    of where the blue was on the default suit. Nice I guess..
    B-This suit is THE shiznit!! It's crimson with black gloves and lining. Without
    a doubt my favorite suit in the line up. Hes even got silver hair now! But is it just me, 
    or does Kain look alittle like Xion off Bloody Roar 3 now?..ehh..it's just me.
    Y-Blonde hair, black suit, red gloves..you get the picture. Awesome, but his B suit
    takes the cake for coolest.
    VI-Contacting the author
    Ok..first off..I know my guide sucks, but its' my first true, so be easy on me. Alright?^_^
    If you send me any spam,chainletters begging me to forward to 40 people in an hour or else
    a young girl will haunt me for all eternity, expect to be blocked. I've got alot of tolerance,
    I hate blocking people on my IM programs..but needless to say if I get this or a virus(I hate
    flames, BUT I will listen to them)expect to never hear from me and expect a nice block.
    The IM services are basically the same, don't send me the things where you to pass it to 30
    people. Also, back to the email, DO NOT email me asking me how to do huge combos and the sort
    with Kain. I made this guide because Kain needed one and I feel like this is my own little
    contribution to such a great game. If you want to email me some combos to put in my guide,
    feel free to do so, you'll surely be put in the credits and it'll help this guide be alot
    Email- kurogasa_the_assasin@yahoo.com
    AIM screen name-MibuwolfZERO
    SNK/Neo geo-Bless all of you, even though your now playmore. SNK puts out the best
    fighting games and Garou is no exception.
    Gamefaqs-For having THE best site for help when your stumbed on a game, a GREAT message
    board I frequented countless times when I was younger and for not charging people
    for it.
    www.gamegen.com-For being such a great site, offering the best info on fighting games
    and making me aware of this great game.
    Shane,Willaim,Ariel for being the best friends anyone could ask for, who supported me 
    countless times with all the things I did in the past.
    And a quick plug,if your into rping and go to bnet- http://www.irregularhq.tk/

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