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    Rock by GalFord

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    Rock Howard Character FAQ
    Garou: Mark of the Wolves
    FAQ by: GalFord (Galford@UkyoFan.zzn.com)
    Version 0.1
    Got the FAQ done.. I wonder if people are still playing this like me?
    This FAQ is free and may not be used for profit or promotional purposes;
    this MEANS being used by ANY Publisher of ANY Magazine (OK?), or be used
    in a Website without the Writers Consent.  It may not be changed, altered
    nor edited in anyway.  This FAQ was created and slaved over by
    Bob Ritchings a.k.a. GalFord (GalFord@UkyoFan.zzn.com).
    And after going to the effort of typing this out...
    Ripping this off, will force me to do some Serious Spanking!
    Garou: Mark of the Wolves is (c) SNK. 1999
    This FAQ is here to tell you about the many uses of Rock Howard.  Ever
    since SNK announced Garou I coundn't get used to the idea of Geese having
    a son.  However, upon my first use of Rock I found him to be more than just
    a copy of his Father.  Using the same kind of fighting style that Terry
    Bogard practices, Rock is a great new entrant in the SNK universe.
    If you have any questions about the game's system or such, then consult
    JKuroki's excellent FAQ for all the facts about this game.
    F = Foward
    B = Back
    U = Up
    D = Down
    A = Weak Punch
    B = Weak Kick
    C = Heavy Punch
    D = Heavy Kick
    AB = Overhead/Break Command
    D+AB = Evade Attack
    CD = T.O.P Attack (Only Possible in T.O.P Mode)
    QCF = Quarter Circle Forwards
    QCB = Quarter Circle Backwards
    HCF = Half Circle Forwards
    HCB = Half Circle Backwards
    CDU = Charge Down then Up
    360 = Complete 1 Rotation of D-Pad/Joystick
    +COUNTER+ = Hmm... This wouldn't be a counter.. would it?
    Kokuusen = F or B+C whilst close to opponent
    Axe Kick = F+D after Standing close Heavy Kick.
    Rock Drop = C, then B whilst jumping
    Reppu Ken = QCF+A
    Double Reppu Ken = QCF+C
    Crack Counter = QCF+B
    Crack Counter = QCF+D
    Rising Tackle = CDU+A or C
    Hard Edge = QCB+A or C
    Rage Run -Dunk-  = QCB+B
    Rage Run -Shift- = QCB+D
    Shinkuu Nage = 360+C (Br)
    Rasetsu = AB after Breaking the Shinkuu Nage
    Raging Storm = QCF, QCF+A
    Shine Knuckle = QCF, QCF+B
    Raging Storm = QCF, QCF+C
    Shine Knuckle = QCF, QCF+D
    Deadly Rave-Neo = HCB, F+A, A, A, B, B, B, C, C, C, D, D, QCB+C
    (T.O.P ATTACK)
    Overhead Kick = CD whilst in T.O.P mode
    Standing A (Far)
    Fast jab.  This is a good poke, fast too!  Use this to annoy the opponent as
    it comes out quick enough to interrupt a lot of enemy attacks!
    Standing A (Near)
    Quick elbow.  This too is a nice little poke and you can cancel into a
    special move too.
    Crouching A
    Jab.  Not bad but I tend to use crouching B over this one.  Mainly because
    this can be blocked whilst standing.
    Jumping A
    Quick Elbow.  It's OK.  But again I prefer the crouching B.
    Standing B (Far)
    Shin Kick.  Not that fast so don't rely on this.
    Standing B (Near)
    Quick Knee.  Great little poke that can be cancelled.
    Crouching B
    Tap Sweep.  Rock's best ground poke.  ABUSE this as though your life depends
    on it!  This is a great little attack as it's very fast and if your opponent
    blocks one you can use another to push yourself away.  (Or Rage Run -Dunk-)
    Jumping B
    Straight Flying Kick.  This is Rock's best poke.  It has priority over most
    other jumping attacks.  ABUSE it to the MAX!  Make your opponent hate it!
    Standing C (Far)
    Swinging Hook.  >_< Ugh.  Useless!  I hate this attack, the recoil on it is
    HUGE!  It takes forever to retract so try not to use it.
    Standing C (Near)
    Quick Hook.  Not a bad attack but, if you want to cancel to a special/super
    then you have to be darn fast.
    Crouching C
    Crouching Uppercut.  More of a window on this to cancel to a special/super
    and it's fairly fast.
    Jumping C
    Downward Punch.  Nice damage and it's quite fast.  A staple jump-in.
    Standing D (Far)
    Roundhouse.  Quite a lot of recoil but it can be used as a deterrant against
    jump-ins.  You have to anticipate them jumping tho'.
    Standing D (Near)
    Soccer Ball Kick.  It's OK but try not to rely on it as it's a little slow
    to come out.  But it is kinda useful as you can then chain the Axe Kick (F+D)
    on to the end of it if the opponent is crouch blocking.
    Crouching D
    Sweep.  You cannot cancel this into anything else but it's OK if all you
    want to do is Sweep.
    Jumping D
    Arcing Downward Kick.  This kick is like Iori's from the KOF games.  His
    foot is swung downward from his head and has a nasty pause between you
    pressing the button and connection!  Apart from that it's alright to use.
    Standing AB (Overhead Attack)
    Roundhouse Axe Kick.  Looks nice, but is a little too slow to do anything
    decent with.
    Crouching AB (Dodge Attack)
    Lunging Elbow.  Beautiful, and it's one of his most cancellable attacks too!
    Use this after a Jump-in and the Elbow will reach across to poke the
    opponent in the head.
    Kokuusen = F or B+C whilst close to opponent
    It's a throw, use it in accordance to your ethics.  I try not to use throws
    if I can help it, but to each their own I guess.
    Axe Kick = F+D after Standing close Heavy Kick.
    This little baby can be really useful.  If you jump in with an attack and
    it's blocked then instead of going thought the usual motions (Standing C,
    cancel to Reppu Ken/Hard Edge), hit D for the Heavy Kick.  80% of the time
    your opponent will crouch block, so all you have to do is F+D to Axe Kick
    them square in the head!
    Rock Drop = C, then B whilst jumping
    OK, so it's not really called that... gee...
    Anyway, it's a little 2 hit chain combo that is used while jumping in.
    However, as you may have guessed (or not) small characters (Ex: Hokutomaru)
    will NOT get hit by the second hit because Rock would've landed by then.
    Overhead Kick = CD Whilst in T.O.P Mode
    Slow, slow, slow.  Rock jumps up, somersaults and twists his body around so
    he can then drop down on top of you with a solid boot to the head.  I tend
    not to use this as it only hits on the way down and the success rate of
    hitting with it is minimal.
    Reppu Ken = QCF+A
    Nice looking but it won't win any prizes as the "most effective move ever".
    However, the Reppu Ken does have it's uses.  It's OK to throw one once in a
    while to build that Super Bar, but beware of people who can Just Defend like
    it's second nature.  It's fast enough to use in a fireball fight with Terry
    or Hotaru but be very wary when facing of aginst someone like Marco/Butt or
    Hokutomaru.  Their fireballs and super projectiles will leave you in a
    crumpled heap on the floor if you're not careful.  Using it to get tick
    damage as an opponent gets up is OK too.  It won't take off much, so you
    can't be called a scrub :)
    Double Reppu Ken = QCF+C
    Again, nice looking but it does have a few more uses than the single
    Reppu Ken.  For instance, if an opponent is good at Just Defending then
    screw them over by unleashing this straight after a single Reppu Ken.
    Quite a few opponents I've played seem to try to Just Defend the Double
    too early.  Remember NOT to use this in a fireball fight... OK?
    Crack Counter = QCF+B/D
    Rock goes from standard stance to a block-like position when using this.  He
    will then (When attacked) perform a forward flipping axe kick/Crack Shoot.
    Hmm... A reversal used by a member of the Howard family that ISN'T a
    fail-safe defence?  Well, It's not so bad.  Just remember to trick your
    opponent into attacking the reversal.  i.e.  If you Jump-in with a blocked
    attack then crouch and wait for a second.  Perform the D button Counter
    (the crouching one) and watch as most opponents go for a sweep or crouching
    weak tap.  Be wary of using the B Button Counter (the standing one) too much
    though, as most opponents will get wise to your antics and jump-in without
    an attack then throw you to death.  Jumping in opponents should really have
    to be punished with...
    Rising Tackle = CDU+A or C
    One of Terry's trademark moves being used by someone else?  Yup!  And Rock's
    darn good at it too!  This is the move you want to take jumpers out with as
    the start of the move seems to be quite invincible.  Although the Just Defend
    seems to stop the effectiveness of this move.  But this is a move that most
    people forget about because "He's just a poor man's Geese."
    Yeah, ri-----ght!  Dream on!
    Hard Edge = QCB+A or C
    Rock's version of Geeses' Jaei Ken.  The weak HEdge is just a straight
    dashing Elbow much like Andy B's Zanei Ken.  But has very little recovery
    time on it.  So, abuse it.  If it Counters then the opponent will float up
    into the air allowing you to bat them with almost anything!  The Heavy
    version of the HEdge dashes forwards with an elbow but upon connection
    Rock switches stance and open palms the opponent.  On a Counter the damage
    for the Heavy Ver. is nice but that's it folks!
    Rage Run -Dunk- = QCB+B
    This little beauty of a move is great!  At first it seems as though it's
    nothing but a very bad rip-off of Terry's Power Dunk, but now you can rest
    easy.  The main quality of the 'Dunk is the overhead properties of the move.
    Set your opponent up by getting them to crouch block two ducking weak kicks
    and then cancel into the 'Dunk.  Surprise!  Another little use this has is
    the ability to be used as a quick teleport dash.  Use this as the opponent
    jumps at you and before they know it... You're behind them!
    Rage Run -Shift- = QCB+D
    Now this one IS a teleport... But not a very good one at that.  Upon use
    near your opponent Rock will dash up to them, blur then reappear behind them.
    The idea behind this move is good.  Get behind enemy then attack with the
    Shinkuu Nage or a super.  However, 8 out of 10 times you try it you'll get
    punished for your efforts!
    Shinkuu Nage = 360+C
    Yes!  Geese Howard's Trademark Throw has been passed on to his son.  Don't
    see how, but.. Never mind!  Anyway, Rock's Shinkuu Nage is a little different
    from his parents'.  First of all, it's a command throw and secondly he can
    "Brake" the move and deal out more damage!!  More on that later!
    Rasetsu = AB after Breaking the Shinkuu Nage
    Ok... Now you've done the Shinkuu Nage, you've issued the Brake Command.
    Now what?  How about holding the A and B buttons a little longer?  Doing
    this will start the Rasetsu.  Rock then stands there with one hand covered
    in ethereal blue flame awaiting you to release it at the now falling
    opponent.  To be honest, it looks cool but is useless unless you threw them
    into the corner.  The damage on this move is also lame, so stick to braking
    the Shinkuu Nage and planting a Rising Tackle instead.
    Raging Storm = QCF, QCF+A
    Erm... It's the most Ugly Raging Storm I've ever seen.  But, it's possible
    to nail pretty much every jumping opponent with it!  Just be sure your
    opponent won't Just Defend it.
    Shine Knuckle = QCF, QCF+B
    Nice move.. It's quick and does a fair bit of damage. BUT, the range on it
    isn't great and you can be taken out of it quite easily.  Stick to using
    Raging Storm for an S.Power..
    Raging Storm = QCF, QCF+C
    Again...ugly!  But this is a great move!  You can hold it for a short while
    by holding down the button.  This has an invincibility window at the start
    in which standing attacks won't connect.  Although it's best done after
    throwing the opponent into the corner with a Braked Shinkuu Nage.  It's
    fun for all the family with this move!
    Shine Knuckle = QCF, QCF+D
    Excellent.  After nailing your opponent with this, Rock commits to a lunging
    elbow (D+AB) then into the highest Rising Tackle you've ever seen!  From a
    Shinkuu Nage, this looks stunning and does great damage!
    Deadly Rave-Neo = HCB, F+A, A, A, B, B, B, C, C, C, D, D, QCB+C
    Geese's 2nd trademark Super.  His son does a great job of executing this
    technique and brings his own style into it as well.  The Damage this causes
    is good and the final attack is wonderous to behold, but the best thing you
    can do whilst murdering your opponent with this is... Not finishing it.
    Yep, that's right!  Take the move as far as the 9th hit then quickly hit
    another small combo. Rock won't do the Finish, but will carry on hitting
    them silly!  :)
    OK, so Rock isn't exactly a real powerhouse like Terry or Tizoc/Griffon.
    But he makes up for it when it comes to poking and annoyance.  Your main
    objective is to poke your opponent with LOTS of jumping B's and crouching
    B's  :)  Soon enough, your opponent will make a silly mistake and jump at
    you... When you Raging Storm them out of existence!!  The Rage Run's are
    good for a quick dash past your opponent when they jump at you.  And a
    weak Hard Edge in the back is always a good thing!  Just Defending to
    Guard Cancel is very useful with Rock as you can Shinkuu Nage if they're
    close, or just Reppu Ken if they're not.
    These combos are not all of Rock's repetoire, just the one's which I think
    are the most useful.  Experiment and you never know... You might find
    something cool!
    J C/D, S/C C, QCB+A (Weak Hard Edge)
    #Nice, short combo that should be used as Rocks' basic combo.  Using the
    Reppu Ken after the C attack isn't worth it..
    J C/D, D+AB, CDU+C (Heavy Rising Tackle)
    #Again, a staple combo that should be in every Rock users diet!
    C Bx2, QCB+B (Rage Run -Dunk-)
    #Heh, heh... It doesn't combo.. but if you're opponents crouching when you
    start the 2 crouching weak kicks then 80% of the time they'll be nailed into
    the floor by the dunk!  If they block the dunk, you're normally pushed away.
    All in all, it's fairly safe to use.
    J C/D, C C, QCF, QCF+B/D (S.Power/P.Power Shine Knuckle)
    #Nice basic combo involving a super.  'Nuff said really...
    QCB+A +COUNTER+ (Weak Hard Edge), QCF, QCF+A/C (S.Power/P.Power Raging Storm)
    #If you throw out a random Weak Hard Edge and it's COUNTER's then as the
    opponent floats up, start the motion for either Raging Storm and LET 'EM HAVE
    IT!!!  Mwa ha ha ha!
    J D, S C, QCB+D (Rage Run -Shift), 360+C (Shinkuu Nage),AB (Brake),
    QCF, QCF+D (P.Power Shine Knuckle), CDU+C (Heavy Rising Tackle)
    #The opponent has to be in the corner for this to work.  Start by jumping at
    them with the Heavy Kick, then Standing C cancel to the Rage Run -Shift-.
    The next part won't combo but sometimes the opponents are confused about
    with what you're doing... Pull off the Shinkuu Nage and Brake it, then wait
    for about 2 secs 'til the opponent falls to almost head height.  Start the
    P.Power Shine Knuckle and Rock should pin them to the wall.  Start to charge
    down here and when Rock lands from the Shine Knuckle, pull off the Rising
    Tackle for the grand finish!!
    It's that part of an FAQ when I say "Now kiddies, did Uncle GalFord miss
    anything out?"  If I have, put the answers on a postcard.. (Err...)
    Yeah, erm.. E-Mail me at:- (GalFord@Ukyofan.zzn.com) And I'll credit ya
    with the info...  Thanks for taking the time to read this 'lil FAQ.
    Erm.. A few people might realise that I've left out the F+A/C cancelling
    from the combo list.  It's because I can't do it :P  That, and I can't be
    bothered to learn it..
    GameFAQs (GameFAQs.com) = For the Hosting of FAQ's that I've done.
    RalfKick = For letting me practice my Rock against you.
    DoobyFrucan = Ditto really.  :)
    This FAQ is (c) Bob (GalFord) Ritchings 2000.

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