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    Terry by Ryo

    Version: 0.5 | Updated: 11/25/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Garou Mark of the Wolves, for NeoGeo/MVS system by SNK Corp.
    (imagine a reall cool ASCII art here, cause it's all you can do...)
    Terry Bogard guide by Ryo.
    Version 0.5
    This document can be distributed on any web site, just give credit where it's
    I decided to do this FAQ because I feel that some points regarding Terry are
    not covered enough, when playing with him you may find him quite bland,
    predictable. However he has some tricks that can make him more challenging
    to use and more efficient, not to mention more fun to play.
    I'm assuming that you already know how to play Garou Mark of the Wolves, so
    I'm not going to explain game's mecanisms. If you play this game on an
    emulator such as NeorageX or NeoMame32, use the debug NeoGeo bios, the
    normal bios makes 2-hits attacks (such as Terry's close D, Marco close C)
    cancellable on both hits, while the true game  only allows cancel on the
    first hit. That way, if you go to play against someone in an arcade or on a
    NeoGeo home system, you won't be surprised by the non-cancel double hitting
    A,B,C,D : the NeoGeo buttons
    P: A or B
    K: B or D
    u,d,f,b : the directions when facing right; up, down, forward, back
    ub,uf,db,df : the diagionals
    + : press simultaneously, ie: C+D or d+A+B
    , : link, press in succession, ie: close A, close C
    > : cancel, ie: close C comboed into power wave is like: C> qcf+P
    * : brake, press A+B at the start of the move to stop it
    qcf : d,df,f motion with stick
    qcb : d,db,b motion with stick
    dp : f,d,df motion with stick
    Normal moves: 
    standing close
    A: quick elbow, cancelable, linkable into close C
    B: kick to the legs, cancelable
    C: gut punch, cancelable; f+C adds a secon hit, not cancelable
    D: high kick, hits twice, cancelable on the first hit only
    standing far:
    A: quick jab, cancelable
    B: quick kick to the head
    C: straight punch to the face
    D: kick to the torso
    A: quick punch, cancelable
    B: low kick, cancelable
    C: stronger low punch, cancelable
    D: sweep kick, makes opponent fall except on counter
    A: straight jab, somewhat good for air fights
    B: knee hit, not very usefull
    C: down-angled punch, good for jumping combos start
    D: down-angled kick, us it to cross-up
    A+B: "rolling sobat" kick, can hit crouch-guarding opponents
    d+A+B: rising uppercut, cancelable
    f+A+C: A burnin knuckle feint
    d+A+C: C burnin knuckle feint
    Special moves:
    Power wave "Rock you!"
    Classic Fatal Fury energy wave, C goes faster than A, don't abuse it because
    of Just Defence system.
    Burning knukcle "Burn!"
    Fast moving punch, A has almost no startup time, while C goes farther. If
    done too close and blocked, punishemnt will follow so beware.
    Crack shot "Kick that!"
    Flipping kick, can hit crouch guarding opponents, D goes farther than A and
    will knock down.
    Power dunk "Beat that!"
    Jumping shoulder ram, followed by a flaming jumping C punch. Excellent
    priority as anti-air, good damage. Is Terry's Brake move, do it by pressing
    A+B just as the move start, opponent will be launched in air and you'll still
    be on the ground, allowing a follow-up.
    Power charge "shuu, ha, charging!"
    f,f+P x3
    Punch, punch, shoulder ram. Good damage, A version can be comboed, 1st hit of
    C version allows you to start a whole new combo, will explain later.
    TOP attack:
    C+D when life bar in TOP zone
    Shoulder ram, power dunk. Ok power, but less range than it seems.
    Super and Potential Power:
    Power geyser "[Got Wire!...] Go bang!!"
    Super Power, one big flame. If trading hits, geyser will still come out. Bad
    recovery time so beware.
    Potential Power, 3 Big flames. If trading hits, only the first will come.
    Recovery as bad but opponent is pushed farther.
    Buster wolf "Are you ok ?!! Buster Wolf!"
    Burning knuckle, if you connect, Terry will grab his arm and use it as a
    cannon, releasing a big flame. Bad recovery time again
    Same but the flame now does 4 hits. Same bad recovery.
    When you pick Terry, you get a well rounded character, with easy moves and
    combos. The bad thing about this is that you can become rather predictable,
    and in MotW this is bad because of the Just Defence. So you should use all of
    Terry's moves.
    Power wave, use it at mid distance, to catch of guard. Never at full screen,
    because you can easily jump above it. In combos, C version will combo with
    practically anything, such as a far crounch C or far standing A.
    Burn knuckle, A version comes out very fast, while C version can be used to
    get closer or hit a far jumping opponent.
    Crack shot, do it after low Bs, since it hits crouching opponent. B version
    is faster, but D can be used as early anti-air.
    Power dunk, Terry's anti-air of choice, brake it, and you have a S or P power
    follow-up for free. If the first power dunk hits as a counter and brake it,
    you can tack another one braked, and a third power dunk (non braked) or a S/P
    Power charge, the most overlooked move, it is very imporant in Terry's
    variety. A version can combo of a close C, and does more damage than a
    close C>dp+D*, dp+D. C version can't be comboed but if first f,f+C connects,
    you can do any normal move and ontinue the combo, ie f,f+C, close C> dp+D*,
    dp+D or S/P power. And if you use it as a guard cancel, it becomes an awesome
    combo opener.
    TOP attack, combos easily, but that's about it, if blocked will eat a combo.
    Power Guyser, anti-air ok but use only S, because if you trade hits the 2
    other guysers won't come.
    Buster wolf, more powerfull than guyser, so use it in combos, as a P power
    -can be started with jumping C/D or crossup D
    close standing C> qcf+C
    d+C             > qcb+A
                    > qcfx2+P
                    > qcfx2+K
    -can be started with crossup D
    close C> qcf+C
    d+C    > qcb+A
           > f,f+A
           > qcfx2+P
           > qcfx2+K
           > dp+D*, dp+D
                  , qcfx2+P
                  , qcfx2+K
    Close A, close C> qcf+C
                    > qcb+A
                    > qcfx2+P
                    > qcfx2+K
    -Cannot be started by jump in
    f,f+C, close C> qcf+C
                  > qcb+A
                  > f,f+A> f,f+A> f,f+A [opponent cornered recommended]
                  > dp+D*, dp+D
                         , qcfx2+P
                         , qcfx2+K
    -Expert combos
    f,f+C    , C> f+A+C, C> f+A+C, d+C> qcf+C
    crossup D,                        > qcfx2+P
                                      > qcfx2+K
    -Near impossible...
    f,f+C, C> f+A+C, C> f+A+C, C> f+A+C, d+C> qcf+C   [opponent cornered]
                                            > qcfx2+K [opponent cornered]
    Basic combos are just Terry's classic, this is where Power charge allows you
    to put fresh, new combos. As I said, after f,f+C, you recover faster than your
    opponent, you can tack a close C, then anything. To use efficiently the
    C Power charge you have to use it as a guard break, after a Just Defence. How?
    Easy: instead of b(Just Defence) f,f+C, do f,b(Just Defence),f+C ; much easier
    this way. You will guard break with Power charge, hit sometimes as Counter for
    added damage, and from then you can follow with close C...
    Which bring me to C>f+A+B combos. f+A+B is a feint move, it does not hit nor
    does damage. However it act like a special move, meaning you can do it (combo
    it) after a normal move such as close C and it moves you forward a little. So
    you do the following:
    C> f+A+B
    keep pressing f because it will cancel the feint animation and allow you to
    recover faster, and thus to continue the combo:
    C> f+A+B [hold f], C[release f]> f+A+B
    At this point, you are pushed to far from the opponent to get another  close,
    so instead you do d+C since it cancel whatever the distance is.
    C> f+A+B[hold f], C[release f]> f+A+B[hold f], C[release f]> f+A+B, d+C>
    down will also cancel the feint animation, allowing you to tack the d+C which
    can be cancelled into Buster wolf(more damaging than Power geyser) or C Power
    wave (you're too far for anything else to connect) if you don't have a full
    Do not get spastic for these or you'll never manage to pull them! Timing is
    the key...
    As for the "near impossible" one, it's hard because:
    -you need to find the very right timing when holding forward for the
    [C> f+A+B, C] which would allows you to be close enough to tack a 3rd
    standing C
    -your opponent needs to be in corner, not near but really against.
    So all in all, the chance to pull the "3 C and 1 d+C" in an actual game are
    slim, slim, slim... While the "2 C and 1 d+C" can be done anywhere on the
    playing field. For both you don't need the crossup D/C Power charge start,
    just extra damage. But remember that doing f,b,f+C to do the Power charge
    allows you to Just Defence, guard cancel with C Power charge, giving you a
    huge opening for a damaging combo anywhere, not to mention it makes Terry
    more challenging to play with.
    Thanks to:
    -Me for writing this guide ;o)
    -You for reading this
    -SNK for bringing a game without gameplay flaws (unlike latests KoFs)
    -Neorage team for neoRAGEX, still the best!
    -Project 0 for a perfect Garou dump soon (I hope). www.project-0.com
    -DirectPadPro for allowing me to play with my Saturn pad with NeoRAGEx.
    Any constructive comments are more than welcome, but do not tell me that
    T3rRy 5vX, G@t0 rv73z a77 or things like that.
    maito: ryoandr@free.fr
    Finished on 25/11/2000

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