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Reviewed: 12/26/01 | Updated: 12/26/01

Old skool forever!

I never thought that I would see this game for the Dreamcast after hearing about the closing of Sega and SNK. This is truly a sweet treat. For you that are new to 2D SNK Fighters, Garou is the latest of the Fatal Fury series (probably the last one). You will recognize certain characters, some will have an odd similarity to characters from FF or KOF, and some will be completely new. This game plays similar to KOF with some new changes. Here's my review.

OVERALL (not averaged score) - 9

Watching this game will make you drool. It has the classic cartoon style but appears smoother and has some really nice effects. Some moves are incredibly beautiful to look at! The background is also nicely done. The cool thing is that some backgrounds will change depending on what round you are on. If you look at the background carefully, you may see things from the past (ie Mai and Andy?) or from other games. Each character has 4 colors and look pretty good. did you notice that Terry got a haircut and new clothes (looks pretty cool).

Again, if you are familiar with the older games, you will recognize some of the music tracks. Music is nothing new but is still alright. Sound effects are ok as well.

The Dreamcast controller is perfectly suited for this game. The game responds well and is not sluggish.

Some of the new goodies in the engine include Just Defend which is just like Street Fighter 3's Parry. It allows you reverse the attack on you opponent and to gain a little bit of life. You have a two leveled POW meter, pretty simple to use. Hitting the light punch will use the weaker POW and the heavy will unleash the strong one. There is also the TOP system ... at the beginning of the character selection, you have the option to set a certain section of you life meter as the TOP section. When you are in this section, you are temporarily stronger, you will slowly recover life and it will allow you to do some extra attacks. Cool huh?

The characters themselves are well designed and no one really dominates over another. Each character has a good arsenal of moves to use and provides a good amount of replay.

Lots of characters provide a decent amount of replay. The only thing is that right off the bat, you are allowed to use the 2 end bosses (no challenge in that). I would have preferred to have to earn them. The only thing that motivates you to do well is that to actually get the characters ending, you have to get a good average rating for your fights (that means you can't beat the game by turtling). As well, there is an image gallery where you can earn new pictures. I think that it would have been cool to have something else to unlock (ie new colors, earn bosses or editing the fight system).

Duh, have you been listening to what I've been saying. This is the last 2D fighter to come out for DC and one of the best. You won't be disapointed if you get this.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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