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"Awesome fighter but just doesen't take advantage of the Dreamcast's power."

Fatal Fury is Back, and it kicks ass this time around!

Graphics: 8/10

The characters are a little blocky, but the animation is heaven. When I first got this game I would just stare at the characters in the character select screen, cause they look so damn cool how smooth they move. The background are look great too, they have a lot of detail and actually change in between rounds. So while the graphics aren't quite Capcom vs SNK, it definitely blows Street Fighter Alpha 3 away.

Sound: 6/10

I can't really complain, the voices are great but the music quality seems little low. I've never been too crazy about the music in most SNK games. The major problem though is a lot of the sound seems to be coming out of the DC. It appears that instead of the game loading everything before the fight the game loads it while you play. So the DC makes some pretty loud loading sounds, and a lot of the sound bytes are little delayed, like the move is already done delayed. I know the DC has enough RAM to load everything so it is pretty obvious this game was rushed.

Gameplay: 7/10

You know punch, kick, combo, Super Move... I imagine if you get this game you already know a thing or two about fighting games. But I just say the game is pretty limited, there is only Story Mode (Arcade), Survival, and Vs. So there isn't alot of modes to keep you busy, it's really just a straight port.

Replay Value: 6/10

Like I said above it's a straight port so there isn't a whole lot to keep you busy but it is still a great fighting game and fun to play with a friend. The only thing new is a Picture Gallery and there are some pretty cool pictures but there isn't much you can do with a picture. But almost all the characters are great so if you got a buddy that also likes Fatal Fury, you'll get alot of play out of it.

Worth Buying?

Let's face it you probably already found a way to play the arcade game, so I don't know if I can recommend you buy it, but if you are a hard core fan like me and you just want to own this great game, of course. You should be able to find it for $20 but I wouldn't say it's worth much more.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 06/03/02, Updated 06/03/02

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