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  • Altered Beast Codes

    Hold A, press Start (on title screen)Cheat Menu
    Hold X + A + B + Down + Left, press Start (on title screen)Choose your Altered Beast
    Hold X, press Start (on title screen)Continue on Level After Dying
    Hold A, press Start; pick level, then hold X + Start (on title screen)Level Select
    Hold X + B + Up/Right, press Start (on title screen)Sound Test

    Contributed By: MATT GRAM and Fatal Zapper.

  • Golden Axe Codes

    Hold Down/Left, press A + Start (on Select Player screen)Level Select
    Hold Down/Left, press X + B (on Select Player screen)Nine Credits

    Contributed By: MATT GRAM.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog Codes

    Up, Down, Left, Right, hold A, press Start (on title screen)Level Select

    Contributed By: DLloyd.

  • Streets of Rage 2 Codes

    Hold X + A on Controller B while selecting Options (on menu main)Extra Lives and Level Select
    Streets of Rage: Hold Down/Right + A on pad 1, left + X on pad 2, then B on pad 2Two players as the same character

    Contributed By: NTsui and OmniMirror.

  • Vectorman Codes

    X, A, X, B, X, A, A (when paused)Boundaries
    X, A, A, X, Down, X, A, A, X (on Options screen)Cheat Menu
    B, X, Left, Left, X, B, X, A (when paused)Go Anywhere as Cursor
    X, A, X, A, X, Down, X, A, Right, X (when paused)Life Refill
    A, X, Left, Left or A, X, Left, Down (when paused)Map Coordinates
    Down, Right, X, B, Up, Left, X (when paused)Slow Motion

    Contributed By: MATT GRAM, Blaster Man, and Fatal Zapper.

  • Virtua Cop 2 Codes

    B (when paused)Access All Guns
    X, A, Y, B, B, B, Up (5x) (on controller D, after completing game on Easy)Big Head Mode
    L, Left, L, Right, L, Down, L, Up, R, Left, R, Right, R, Down, R, Up (on controller D, after completing game on Normal)Mirror Mode
    Hold Start (on file screen)Play as Janet
    B, Left, X, Y, X, Y, B, A, B, A, Right, Left, Right, Left (on controller D, after completing game on Hard)Random Mode

    Contributed By: Fatal Zapper, JKahle, and alex cross.


  • Phantasy Star 2: No Opponents in Dungeons

    Continuously press B to display the control menu and press A to close it while holding the D-pad in any direction.

    Contributed By: Fatal Zapper.

  • Phantasy Star 2: Slow Motion

    While in the middle of a game, pause the game. Hold the A button. While holding A, now Move around using the D-Pad. You will be moving in slow motion.

    Contributed By: MATT GRAM.

  • Revenge of Shinobi: End Bonus

    Complete any level with a number of shurikens equal to 11 times the number of remaining lives to add 30,000 bonus points to your score.

    Contributed By: Fatal Zapper.

  • Revenge Of Shinobi: Infinite Shurikens

    Go to the Options Screen and move down to the Shurikens option. Set the number to 00. Now wait. After waiting you will see the number 00 turn into an Infinite symbol. You will now have Infinite Shurikens throughout the whole game.

    Contributed By: MATT GRAM.

  • Sega Swirl: Bigger Score

    Execute a big move, then pause the game during the animation and choose to restart. The move you just did will register on your new game.

    Contributed By: Fatal Zapper.

  • Sonic The Hedgehog: Debug Mode

    At the title screen, press Up, A, Down, A, Left, A, Right, A, Start, then hold X. Continue to hold X until the game begins. Screen coordinates will appear instead of a score and the number of objects displayed will appear instead of the time remaining. Whilst in debug mode you can do these things by pressing the right controller buttons...

    Change into Object - Press A
    Change Object - Press X
    Place object - Press B
    Change back to Sonic - Press A again
    Invincibility - Sonic is always invincible in debug mode
    Restart - Pause the game and press X.
    Frame Advance - Pause the game and press B.
    Slow-motion - Pause the game and hold A.

    Contributed By: Fatal Zapper.

Altered Beast Cheats


  • Codes

    Enter on the title screen:

    Hold A + B + C + Down/Left and then press StartBeast Select
    Press B and StartLevel Select
    Hold A + C + Up/Right and then press StartSound Test

    Contributed By: Victory and AlaskaFox.

  • Return to Your Last Played Level

    If you got a Game Over and the game restart, at the title screen hold the A button and press START. You will be able to start back at the level where you last play instead of the first level.

    Hold A and press START at the title screen (only works if your last play was on any level other than level 1)Return to Last Played Level

    Contributed By: leeko_link.


  • Beat the game completion scene after beating the game

    When the credits are being displayed on the screen after you have beaten the game, you can control your character to kick away the credited names.

    Contributed By: TownRanger.

Columns Cheats


  • Get an extra magic jewel

    Columns Extra Magic Jewels
    There is a way to trick the game into giving you a second magic jewel. To do this you must set up the screen in a certain way. Have one row of the normal jewels stacked up almost to the top of the playfield. There must be vertical space for only two of the three jewels in the next block to come on the screen. Watch the "Next Block" preview box. When you see that the magic jewel block is next, get ready to quickly move it on top of your prepared stack. After the magic jewel eliminates the 'touching' color jewels, all of the remaining jewels will drop down as will the one magic jewel that was off the screen. This magic jewel will drop down and eliminate another group of colored jewels.

    Contributed By: DarknessofFate.

Phantasy Star II Cheats


  • Equip armor glitch

    It is possible to have armor equipped even if it is not in your possession...first make sure you have at least two pieces of armor in a characters possession..

    1. Go to the equip screen and highlight the armor you want to keep equipped.

    2. This is the tricky part...equip/unequip the armor...when it says ".....takes armor" press a confirm button and then QUICKLY press down to the next armor below it and equip/unequip that armor. You need to do it
    fast enough so that you see only a little change in the attack,defense, and/or agility from changing equipment.

    3. You'll know if the glitch worked because you won't be able to unequip the first piece of armor. Now you can give the armor to another character! Who says you can't have powerful equipment like the NEIMET on just one character?

    To cancel the glitch, simply equip another piece of armor over the affected armor slot.

    It may take a few tries to get the glitch working because the equipping/unequipping must be done very quickly.

    Contributed By: DBD0607.

  • No random encounters

    When examining the nearby area with the A (Talk, Examine) button, the next step you take is guaranteed not to take you into a battle. Keep hitting the A button (Talk, Examine) while you walk, so that after every step it will say ''There seems to be nothing unusual here.'' No random encounters will happen, but it will take quite a while to maneuver through dungeons this way.

    Contributed By: H Hog.


  • Become invisible

    In battle, get all of your team members KO-ed except for Nei. Then get Nei to cast Nasak and she should KO herself. Then, your characters will turn invisible and you can walk around dungeons freely.
    (This works in all version of PS2)

    Contributed By: Uvula Walrus.

  • Slow motion play

    When paused, press and hold B and play as normal. The game should play very slow.

    Contributed By: krankorx.

  • Switch game music

    This trick allows you to have different music play in other areas, using the slow motion code. First, you go to the area that has the music you want, like the weapons shop for instance. Next, press start and hold B. The game will move in slow motion with no sound, so you can still move. Now, then go to another place and let go of B, then press Start. The music from the place where you first pressed B and Start now plays in this area! Cool glitch!

    Contributed By: Orange Star.

Sega Swirl Cheats


  • Easy way to get big points

    **Note: This cheat only seems to work on the older versions of Sega Swirl. It works on the July 2000 and older demo disk.**

    Okay, here is very easy way to get some big points. First, start a new practice round. Clear the screen of all the colored swirls except for one color(take green for example). You should have a really big combo of green swirls. Click to delete them from the screen and while they are in the middle of the firecracker animation hit start and restart the level. You should now have the points from the big, green combo but with a full screen of new swirls. A few thousand free points righ there. Then just play as you reguarly would.

    Contributed By: rockydogg.

  • PC Version of Sega Swirl

    To get this code I used the Sega Swirl that comes with the ''Sega Dreamcast Web Browser 2.0'' GD-ROM. I'm not sure if this code works with the other versions, like the Issue 5 Dreamcast Magazine Demo Disk that includes this game. Anyway, insert the GD-ROM into your computer and go to ''My Computer'' on the desktop. Open the CD-ROM window. There should be a folder called ''Swirl'', or something similar (it differs with different versions). Run the program '' Swirl[version].exe '' or '' SW_large.exe '' and it should install the PC version of Sega Swirl on your computer. This version isn't as good as the DC one and doesn't include the Split Screen mode of the game, but you can still play every other mode (at least with the version I had).

    Contributed By: DeDude1112.

Shining Force Cheats


  • Misc. Codes

    When the battle begins quickly tap A, B, C, Up, A, C, A, B, AControl All Opponents (JP Version Only)
    Hold: Start on 2P then reset the system. Let go of Start and hold: A+C on 2P. Select continue and wait until the girl says good luck. At that instant hold: A on 1P while continuing to hold: A+C on 2P.Fight Any Battle (JP Version Only)
    Start a new game and go to the Name Your Character screen. Put the cursor on end and hold: Start+A+B+C on 2P while holding: Start+A+C on 1P. You will see another character. Continue this until to name all characters or until you please.Name Characters (Must have completed game first)

    Contributed By: expensivegift.

  • Sound Test

    Beat the game, allow the ending to completely finish and the game to reset. The sound test is opened by loading a saved game or starting a new one, and entering the code while the screen fades to black after Simone stops talking.

    Hown Down + StartSound Test

    Contributed By: lockshaw13.


  • Avoid Party Members

    The game forces you to allow Tao, Ken, Lowe, Hans, and Luke to join the party before the first battle of the game. There is a way to avoid getting these characters in your party. To do this, when in town at the opening of the game there is a gate but two guards will stop you if you try to leave. There is a blond man in a purple vest near the gate and if you stand one space above him, you will eventually force him to step in the path of one of the guards. At this time you can run past and exit the gate and the guard will not be able to block you. This will send you to the first battle with only Max, making the game quite difficult. Also, even though you avoid taking these characters in your party, they will still speak during some of the cut scenes.

    Contributed By: Game_player_duh.

  • Get Adam without defeating Chaos

    Before the battle against Chaos is over, cast egress. Adam will be at HQ, and will be battle-ready. Normally you would have to speak to him after the battle, giving you the chance to miss recruiting him.

    Contributed By: Lord Vicar Daktar.

  • Spell level range

    As soon as you get Heal 4 and try to use it, press Left to change it to level 3. The spell range of 3 spaces will flash. Then press B to change it back to level 4. It will have the same range as level 3

    Contributed By: Raka.


  • unlockable characters.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Anri. chapter 2 i couldnt fit all the information in it so im writing here. after the desert battle enter the big house then......go right and enter the room with books go up the stairs to the north and just keep going up till you see her. then talk to her.
    Arthur. chapter 2 should see Arther on the way to Anri talk to him then do the cavern battle come back and talk again.
    Domingo. 2 again you get him in chapter 4 after some guy hatches the egg for you.In the town you get Anri and Arthur go to the northwest door in the room with books and search the machine then after you kill elliot hatch it.
    Gong. chapter 1.Before fighting the first battle leave and go to the tiny house then go left of the house and then go north then talk to him.
    Hanzou. chapter 8.Search the bush with a flower in it near entrace to town.
    Jogurt. chapter 4.not realy hard to find. This guys in in Pao go behind the priests table BEFORE Pao leaves.
    Kokichi. chapter 3 p.s. you get him when Pao leaves in chapter chapter 3 after doing the quary battle go left until theres a cliff then enter the door go down the stairs and search the engine then go outside.
    Musashi. chapter 7.After getting out of the castle and being locked in jail go northwest and search the small note on the side of the house.
    Zylo. chapter 3 like Kokichi.not realy that secret just use your potion in front of him like everyone says.

    Contributed By: Game_player_duh.

Easter Eggs

  • 2 jogurts?

    If you put jogurt in your army and kill an enemy with him you get item jogurt ring use in battle on any character and they will look just like a jogurt too! repeat as many times as you want but you will have to get another ring when it breaks.

    Contributed By: Game_player_duh.

  • Anri's alternate costume

    During the Laser Eye battle in Chapter 3, search to the left of the three dark elves. You'll receive one of the hidden items in the game called Kitui Huku (Tight Clothes in Japanese) give it to Anri and she'll have a new outfit.

    Contributed By: italianchia.

  • Tao's alternate costume

    In Chapter 3, after fighting the first battle to get the Moon Stone, go inside the cave and search the walls and you will find a secret item called the Sugoi Mizugi. Then, give it to Tao, and now she will have an alternate costume in when fighting in battle.

    Contributed By: Psilite.

Sonic the Hedgehog Cheats


  • Skip to the ending (JAPAN ONLY)

    Use this code provided, then go to sound select, and select sounds 9F for the ending or 9E for the credits

    Up Down Down Down Left Right Up C C C C C C Up Down Down Down Left Right then hold A + Start.Unlock

    Contributed By: TmanDaCool1.


  • Walk through walls in Marble Zone

    When you ride the green block accross a sea of lave, there are a couple of big blocks in front of you with rings on. If you hold the D-PAD DOWN button, Sonic will crouch. The green block will go underneath the blocks, but sonic will remain on it, and pass through the walls. Note that this ONLY WORKS WHILE CROUCHING

    Contributed By: reddragonflame.


  • Unlock Different ending

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Different endingBeat game with all chaos emeralds.

    Contributed By: Pizzaman13.


  • Obtain Chaos Emeralds Easier

    Using the level select cheat, scroll down and select "Special Stage". Upon completion on the stage, you will receive a chaos emerald, and begin playing your game on the first stage. At this point, RESET the game via the RESET button on your Genesis, re-enter the level select code, and repeat the process. You will enter the next Special Stage level, and have a chance to earn the 2nd Emerald. You can repeat this process over and over until you have all 6 Chaos Emeralds. However, once you have all six, do NOT reset the system and select a level, or else you will lose them all.

    Contributed By: immortalskillit.

Streets of Rage II Cheats


  • No Damage From Falling

    After being thrown by an enemy, it is possible to prevent taking damage from the fall by holding UP and the JUMP button while falling until you land. Your character should land on his/her feet and not take any damage at all. This is very helpful when fighting enemies like Signals and Ninjas.

    Contributed By: roosterpeacock6.

The Revenge of Shinobi Cheats


  • 30,000 Bonus Points

    If you want to earn 30,000 bonus points, make sure you end a level with eleven times more shurikens than the number of lives you have left.

    Contributed By: BanjoKazooie.

  • Extra Lives

    One the second stage of level four,fire at the base of the first conveyer belt.A special Musashi symbol will appear.Hop onto the conveyor belt and let it carry you to the end.You lose a life but you gain 2.Keep doing this until you have as many lives as you want/need.

    Contributed By: WWE.

  • Infinite Shurikins

    Go to the Options Screen, move the pointer up to Shurikins and set them to 00, wait about 30 seconds (without moving the pointer). You will here a sound and the ''00'' should change to an infinite symbol. Start the game and you will have unlimited Shurikins.

    Contributed By: Javster.

Vectorman Cheats


  • Codes

    Pause the game and press:

    B, A, Left, DownDisplays 1 digit x and y coordinates of player and screen
    Left, Up, A, UpDisplays 3 digit x and y coordinates of player
    A, Left, A, B, A, Mode, ADisplays 4 digit counter, enemy related
    B, A, Left, LeftDisplays 4 digit x and y coordinates of player
    R, A, Down, A, RightDisplays hitbox corners
    A, B, Right, A, C, A, Down, A, B, Right, AFull Health
    Left, Left, A, Mode, AGoes to Options menu
    C, A, Left, Left, A, C, A, BInvisibility & Invincibility
    A, B, A, C, A, BLight Bulbs
    Down, Right, A, C, Up, Left, ASlow Motion
    C, A, Left, Left, A, B, A, Down, B, A, B, Y, Down, Up, Mode, B (CALL A BAD BABY DUMB)Unknown

  • Debug Mode

    To access a debug mode, on the options screen press A, B, B, A, Down, A, B, B, A. A menu will be brought up with health, lives, level select, and weapon options.

    Contributed By: Culexsis.

Easter Eggs

  • Blow up SEGA logo

    At the SEGA screen, move Vectorman slightly to the right of the logo. Aim upwards and shoot. There is a hidden T.V. monitor there. Once it is broken, there will be an orb power up. Grab it and when you use it, the SEGA logo will go dark and the background will stop moving.

    Contributed By: Dj Double C.


  • Level Warp

    When you turn on the game you can move Vectorman around, on the SEGA screen. Shoot the SEGA logo 24 times, jump and hit the sega logo with Vectorman's Head 12 times, and the letters S E G and A will start falling. Catch 90 to 110 letters to start on Stage 5, catch over 110 letters to start on Day 10.

    Contributed By: Dyse.

Virtua Cop 2 Cheats


  • Cheat Codes

    X, A, Y, B (3x), Up (5x) (on controller D, on Press Start screen after beating game on Easy)Big Head Mode
    L, Left, L, Right, L, Down, L, Up, R, Left, R, Right, R, Down, R, Up (on controller D, on Press Start screen after beating gameMirror Mode
    B, Left, X, Y, X, Y, B, A, B, A, Right, Left, Right, Left (on controller D, on Press Start screen after beating game on Hard)Random Mode

    Contributed By: n FaCtOr.


  • Play as Janet

    Start a new game, then hold Start at the mission select until the mission begins.

    Contributed By: n FaCtOr.

  • Power Up Weapons

    Pause game play and reload to power-up your weapon to one of the special guns. It only lasts for one round of ammo.

    Contributed By: n FaCtOr.

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