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Reviewed: 05/25/01 | Updated: 05/25/01

It's over already????

This is an old school shooter sequel to the first Gigawing. You get to pick from 5 different fighters and go through 7 levels. So what's the rationale for such a low score?

Graphics - 8
I'll admit that the graphics are beautiful in this game. The backgrounds are breathtaking. The theme seems to be one of the retro-techno types (like final fantasy 7&8). Each enemy has a unique look to them and boss enemies are also pretty different. Your fighter planes look like suped up versions of older model planes. Anime cutscenes between missions look nice but too bad they are still.

Music - 8
Unlike mars matrix which has a cool futuristic sound to it, Gigawing2 employs a haunting, aristocratic classical music type theme to it. It fits well with the style of the game. Explosions and shots sound ok too.

Story - 5
kinda neat how you get a different perspective on the mission depending on the pilot that you picked. The story is SO-SO and seemed like it was just put in place so that you can have the Gallery option.

Control - 8
Direction pad and 3 buttons! Not too complex = good.

Gameplay - 2
This was crap to play. All the planes moved at the same speed and the weapons weren't that great. A big complaint that I had was that the planes moved way too slow (slower than a snail through molasses). If this is an old school shooter then you would be expected to dogde bullets. How do you dodge bullets if you can't move? Maybe the plane moves so slow because you don't need to dodge, that is, enemy fire just seems to come randomly and corners you. There are a couple of parts where dodging occurs but they were shortlived. Half the time you can't see the enemy fire because of your own shots. Especially with Chery, her plane shoots pink, this totally masks enemy fire.

In order to get through the enemy fire, you have to rely on the Reflect Barrier or Reflect laser. This is a shield that will absorb enemy fire and return it. The barrier just bounces the fire back and the laser targets the enemies. They work about the same.

When you die, you recovery time is so short. I found that I had to turn on the reflect barrier/laser just so I can pick up the power ups.

The super bomb is probably the best thing. It last for quite a long time and you get a ''refill'' everytime you die. When I was fighting bosses, it consisted of using the reflect barrier/laser followed up by a bomb. This will provide enough time to charge up the reflect barrier/laser then another bomb. Pretty crappy tactic if you ask me. You have no chance of using your main weapon because you'll be smothered by the bosses fire.

Another complaint was that the unlimited continues made the game too easy. Less stress is placed on skilled play rather than continuing and bombarding the bosses with bombs and reflecting their shots.

I tried to play through the game without using bombs and 3 continues. Didn't get too far because after about level 4, you simply can't dodge that well anymore.

The replay on this is pretty low. Playing through with the 5 different planes where you use the reflect barrier/laser and bombs most of the time is pretty boring. Seeing their stories are ok. Trying to get the gallery pictures are probably the only motivating factor that makes me keep on playing.

I say avoid this if you can but if you are a die hard shooter fan and have to test your skill on every game, then just rent it. You'll finish it with all 5 characters within 2 hours.

OVERALL - 2 (not averaged score)
Despite the nice graphics and sound, the gameplay is what pulls down the game. YOu can paint a piece of crap so that it looks nice but it's still a piece of crap. Too many continues make the game easy, too few levels, bosses weren't that tough, weapons are crap. these are just a few above mentioned reasons why this game reaks.

Rating:   1.0 - Terrible

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