Review by Freeway

"What a trip!"

One word. WOW!

The game with help from the Naomi board is plain eye-candy. Do I have any complaints? Nope. Okay, now on to the review.

Control 9: I love shooter on the DC that give you the ability to choose from the analog or D-pad, and this is one of them - so pull out your arcade stick on this one! Control is not quite as good as Gun Bird, but almost as responsive.

Graphics 10: Over the top!

Playability 9: The playability factor is pretty high not as high as say Mars Matrix, but there's plenty of planes to choose from see a different ending or 2. The best part is four player option! Giga Wing 2 feels more like an older coin-op game. It does okay in the home. It is a quick ride, but the music and simple shooting system makes you want to go through it again and keep bumping up the difficulty. Once you get enough kazillion points you open a few more options and every time you defeat it more pictures are added to the gallery. For $20 you can not go wrong.

Story 8: OK, the story is pretty horrid. It reminds me of Radiant Silvergun is some ''humanistic'' way, and the last few levels are boss levels - like RadiantSilvergun where you fight nothing but bosses (it seems like). I give the story an 8 also since the character animations are SO limited. If it was animated like Radiant Silvergun or Gun Bird it would be better.

Music 10: The music is phenonmenal! Classic music all the way! Who orchestrated this??? It's wierd, with the WW2 theme, but it fits the action perfectly. There is an organ piece or two also that is quite good. A much needed breather from the horrid music from Mars Matrix.

Overall 9: I'm sorry, but GigaWing has me hook, line, and sinker. I love the music. It reminds me of days gone by when most music in games were Classical music based! And some of the pieces are wonderful! Just imagine you're at an arcade - pull out your arcade stick for the DC, and think to yourself just how many quarters you'd need to finish this game on the hardest setting! Sheesh! With a simple shooter, easy to pick up, tons of eye-candy and great graphics, and decent playability, and a CHEAP price, you really can't go wrong with Giga Wing 2.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/20/01, Updated 06/20/01

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