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"An enthralling 2D shooter..."

I must admit, I have a penchant for 2D games, even in this age of 3D. Though it seems like the days of the 2D shooter are fading away, which is sad really, considering the sheer visceral entertainment they provide. Anyway... on to the review...

Gameplay: I have no complaints about the control, the control of your plane is smooth and responsive, and you can move using either the D-Pad or analog pad, I don't own an arcade stick though, so I can't comment on how control with one feels. The button interface is simple enough also, nothing feels awkward while controlling, which is very important for a game of this genre. You have a selection of five characters to choose from, each with different weapons, varying speed etc. etc... There are three ways to play the game in arcade mode: 1-Player, 2-Player, or 4-Player. Now, let me tell you, this game is absolutely insane to begin with, add three more players into the mix, and the game is absolutely chaotic, which is a good thing of course. Another thing, the scores you can achieve in this game are absolutely insane, astronomically high numbers, it really boggles the mind... There's also a Score Attack mode, where you can play any of the seven stages, oh, and the scores get even crazier (if you can believe that) in this mode. In addition to your guns and the obligatory screen-clearing bomb, you have attacks called the ''Reflect Barrier'' and ''Reflect Laser''. The Reflect Barrier deflects enemy fire and turns it right back onto them. The Reflect Laser absorbs enemy fire and then targets enemies before shooting out a laser attack at them. Needless to say, the Reflect attacks are necessary, as at times the amount of enemy fire onscreen goes beyond any level of sanity. So, do the Reflect attacks spoil the game? Nah. They have to recharge after every use. There's a ''Gallery'' in which you can view character art and such after repeatedly beating the game using different characters. I hear you can also unlock secret planes, though I haven't actually been able to achieve this yet, even though I have beaten the game multiple times without using any continues. Hmm... Anyway, that pretty much sums it up...

Gameplay Score: 10. It's really hard to find any flaws here.

Story: Hmm... Some country is being attacked, evil forces at play, you have to save the country. Pretty standard stuff, I wasn't really paying attention, besides, you'll probably be too busy laughing at the horrid translation of this game to pay attention to the story. Once in a while, a shooter will come along that has an incredible story, this is not one of them. Besides, most of us play shooters looking to blow **** up, not for an award-winning story.

Story Score: 4. Pretty cliché.

Audio/Video: Besides being great in the gameplay department, GigaWing 2 also provides some really excellent eye-candy, which is to be expected from a game based on the Naomi Board. The music is all orchestral, and provides a nice atmosphere to the game.

Audio/Video Score: 10. Some really great graphics and music to be found in this game.

Replayability: Well, there is the aforementioned art gallery, and the secret planes to unlock, so there definitely is some replay value here.

Replay Score: 8. Plenty of incentive to play through the game multiple times.

To Buy or Rent? If you're a fan of shooters, there's really no excuse not to own this game, as it's only $20.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/10/01, Updated 07/16/01

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