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"Short but sweeeet!!"

Being a fan of overhead shooters since Raiden on my dearly departed Jaguar, I knew I had to get Giga Wing 2 for the Dreamcast, if only for the 4 player mode.
Here's the set-up... I got this game off ebay before release (USA copy)... got 2 more DC controllers for a total of 4. Invited some gaming buddies over and we went to work.

WOW! First, choosing and configuring the ships was painless. Gameplay was intense. It was hard to keep track of my ship, as there was so much going on. Power ups were plentiful, medals filled the screen, and even on easy mode it was a challenge. Unleashing special weapons/bombs was satisfying and seeing a boss withstand a beam about 4 inches wide made me cringe.
Again, the big draw is four player simultaneous play. This is a great feature and makes it an even better party game. I think more Dreamcast games should have four player modes (especially since the system has 4 controller ports). It's a shame games like Next Tetris, Bust-A-Move, Gunbird 2 and even various fighters and RPGs don't support 4 player mode. Even Tetris on the Nintendo 64 has 4 player modes!
Just as we were getting into this game, the game ended... it was short! Like a 20 minute game!!!! NOT GOOD! If this game was 3 times longer, then it would have been perfect.

I am old-school... I don't play overhead shooters for a story, but there is one. I didn't pay attention to the story, so there!

Oh, mama... Audio was outstanding. Sound effects really fit. The graphics? Oh, baby! REALLY intense. 3D backgrounds and the way they move can make you motion sick. We were all impressed, needless to say, over the graphics. A lot can be on the screen with no slowdown or flicker. Everything looked great and some of my buddies gave a second thought to the Dreamcast.

Due to the short length of the game, the casual gamer may say ''I beat it, so off it goes to Funcoland''-- if you want a quick overhead shooter to play, and don't care about story, yes... it deserves repeated plays.

See above.... I like to buy games so I can play them whenever I want... If you want to play it once and play a quick game, then rent!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 07/30/01, Updated 07/30/01

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