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"Mind blowing"

Wow. This is easily the most graphically impressive shooter I've ever seen, and one of the most graphically impressive games I've ever seen. The game play is hectic, but I'll leave it to you to decide if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

Gameplay 7/10
Personally, it's a little too hectic for me, but I'm still learning. I can see how once you get into the zone the game could be perfect, but it's annoying when after dodging a huge mass of bullets you stupidly fly into the one stray one. I can see it being extremely daunting to anyone who's not used to this genre, it's definitely not for new people. I'd reccomend at least getting raiden somewhere (such as an emulator) and beating that just to sort of get the hang of it before you try to tackle this game. Bombs, like in many other shooters, clear out all enemy bullets from the screen which is good for getting out of a bad situation, but there's another cool feature where if you hold down fire you'll put up a reflector field that will reflect all enemy fire. Shortly after you put it up, it collapses in an explosion actually reflecting the enemy gunfire back at the enemy. However, it takes time to recharge after using it, so watch out and make sure ya gotta use it.

Sound 8/10
Nothing really noteworthy, but it is pleasant. I like that no sounds take the center stage, which can get really annoying really fast (who wants to listen to their laser fire constantly for a few hours?). The voices are, of course, in Japanese (unless this game's been released in the US, of course, in which case I'm horribly out of date) and I consider that a plus. There's something about hearing american words spoken in japanese that's so... cool. I love when you use your bomb and the pilot yells 'Giga Wing'.

Graphics 10/10
Absolutely incredible, worth the price of the game alone. Woulda been nice if they sprused the continue logo up a bit, tho, since you'll be looking at it so much ^_^. 2D and 3D graphics blend seamlessly, and everything is absolutely gorgeous. Tons of eye candy. The characters have an anime-ish quality to them, of course, which I like. Some of the planes look interesting and some are sorta bland, but once you start the game if you try to look at your plane you'll only end up seeing a big explosion. ^_^

Replay value 3/10
I haven't played much of it yet but, like most games of the genre, the replay value looks to be slim to none. Only play it to watch it some more, really.

Overall 8/10
Great game, great graphics, slightly daunting. If you're a die hard shooter fan get it, if you're kinda into 'em (like me) get it, if you're a newbie get something a little less hectic, then step up to bat with this.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 12/02/01, Updated 12/02/01

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