"Another case where Japanese import version is better"

Giga Wing 2 is a NAOMI arcade shooter instantly ported perfectly to Sega Dreamcast. Among Dreamcast shooters it is one of the most graphically advanced, I will make comparisons of this game to other popular shooters in this review.

Graphics: This game is constructed completely out of polygons and runs in high res 60 fps. You will be amazed at how awesome everything looks in 3d. When radiant silvergun first came out we were wowed by its polygonal 30 fps medium res visuals. Let me tell you, this game blows the now dated radiant silvergun away in its visuals. radiant silvergun was a saturn game, this is a dreamcast game, the next generation of vertical arcade shooters really begins with this one. The game has slow downs but not too often. Let me tell you what I like most. The BOMBS! Like marvel vs capcom 2, once you throw a special bomb, the backgrounds flash with awesome special lighting effects. It is a sight to behold.This is one of the best looking shooters ever made along with Zero Gunner 2 and Cannon Spike,also Dreamcast shooters. I give graphics a 10.

Sound: The music is orchestrated kind of like radiant silvergun.It is not too memorable but its not bad. The boss music sounds fitting as it is more heart pounding than the regular stage music. The sound effects are very well done. There is one thing about the Japanese version that makes it much better than the American one. Because the Japanese version has voices when you throw a bomb or use the reflect force, the characters will scream at the top of their lungs. Also the characters will speak in the cut scenes. I don't know why the American version does not have this but the American version is not as fun because of this.This happened to the first Giga wing also.Taking out the voices of this game is like having Ryu and Ken throw fireballs without saying anything. So if you can find the Japanese version, I would recommend it over the American one. Sound gets 9

Gameplay: This game plays very similar to the first Giga wing which was a fairly popular game in the arcades i visit in shibuya and ikebukero during the summer. It uses a reflect force system to counter the enemies scatterfire and you must master this system to get far into the game. The gameplay is very good, the system is not too hard to figure out. There is so many things to shoot onscreen and the game is a mind blowing experience, especially if you play it loud. With all of the chaos on screen, and the loud screaming (in the Japanese version) it will not bore you. If you don't like short games then you might be better off buying Final Fantasy 10. But if you want a short game that will take time to master, I would recommend this game.

Reviewer's Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Originally Posted: 03/09/02, Updated 03/09/02

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