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"1st impressions, but if you like the NFL2K series . . ."

Then you'll love NCAA 2K2.

Graphics wise, it's very similar to NFL2K1 with minor improvements. For example, the helmets are much crisper, players faces look pretty decent as well. However, the camera men are annoying pixel distractions off the field and depending on the angle (why is there an angle of the back of the players pants, I don't know, maybe to attract women?) it does flicker.

The sound department does need some improvement. The announcers will still call off-topic plays and the announcers themselves are dry. Honestly, it might be better to just turn them off. As far as the school fight songs, well all I can say that is that I was playing a game between Colorado State and Arizona State and I heard the Notre Dame fight song several times in the 1st half.

As far as the game play, walk-in is rookie level. The computer does show signs of brilliance during this level and will step up. However, unless you're playing Bowling Green vs Miami(Fl)(who just happens to be the best team in the game with the only offense rank of 100), and you're totally new to the series, you should have no problems scoring at least once. As you bump the level up, the game does get harder. WARNING!, Out plays and In plays don't work all the time. In fact throw one too many and the safety will just sit on them giving your opponent a quick interception. Simply put, the defensive AI at any level is pretty good. Admittedly, team ranking may have something to do with it, but that's another way of saying you're not going to bread and butter easy victories on this game.

The game does host the Division 1-A conferences, so match ups on SegaNet can get interesting. The key is to find an organized league or you and your friends set up play times. SegaNet does host an online ranking service that reports your win-loss total as well as drops. Drops are very important, because you don't want to player that's say 11-0 with 30 drops. It could mean that person has a very bad connection or a sore loser. The online capabilities of this game (if marketed correctly, which is a very high expectation from Sega) should make this game a hit.

Overall, it's great game. No, there's no way to send your players into NFL 2K2, but I don't care too much about that any. I was going to wait and purchase 2K3 with Houston and the realignment. As a football game, this will definitely hold me over until next year. Not bad for a first generation game.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 08/30/01, Updated 08/30/01

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