Review by wEEman 33

"A damn good football game witha few minor flaws"

Well let me first say that I am a big college football fan. Ive bene watching it since I was 5 or 6 and have loved every moment. Thats why I couldnt wait to get my hands on this game the day it came out. Was it worth it?? Read on to find out.......

Graphics- The graphics in NCAA2K2 arent that much of an improvement over previous 2K games. Only notch or two above NFL2K1 but since NFL2K1 had good graphics already they look good enough for me. 9-10

Music- Ahh yes the one thing that college football has more of than the NFL. However NCAA2K2 only does a decent job in this department. For example, the fight songs. There arent very many of them and they play at the wrong time too often for my liking. For example in the middle of my Vanderbilt MTSU game the band bust out a rendiotion of that ''Hail Michigain song''. It doesnt destract from the gameplay but its not cool 6-10

Audio- Thankfully the audio in this game is great. The announcers make the wrong call every now and then but nothing too odd. The big thing here is the player chatter. They often taunt each other. Also, if you run a play a lot (say for example a sweep left) when you come out in that formation they will say something like ''watch wide left!''. Great job from Visual Concepts. 9-10

Gameplay- another area where NCAA2K2 truly shines Is the gameplay. Ill start with the smart AI. A big beef with NFL2K1 was that there were too many money plays and the DB's were either retarded or smoking weed. Thankfully MOST of this has been fixed. Out patterns and slants are no longer unstoppable. And the defense does a good job of adjusting to plays on the fly. The only down side is the CPU is retarded when running the option and if you pick a man defense and the computer runs a cross play youre screwed. Still Its a big improvement from NFL2K1 and there arent as many dum-ass plays that piss me off like in NFL2K1. 9-10

Legacy mode- By far the best mode in the game and where you will spend most of your time. You cant put in your created players (at least not that I now of) but hey who needs em when you can make your own super stars by playing well. Spring Training is the best addition to the ''franchise mode'' in the 2K series. It lets you work on your team's skill sin the offseasaon. 9-10

Network- I havent gone online yet but it sounds cool

Replay- If youre a sports nut like me you will probablly be playing this game all football season long. If not htan maybe this game will make you one. 10-10

Overal- This is by far the best College Football game Ive ever played, and definitely worth the $40. If you like any of the 2K games than this game is for you. 9-10

great gameplay
good team selection (go VU!)
great audio
good challenging AI

no Created players in franchise
sometimes weed somking AI
Bad announcing
fight songs

Conclusion- like sports games??? You owe it to yourself to buy it

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 08/30/01, Updated 08/30/01

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