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Reviewed: 09/04/01 | Updated: 09/04/01

A decent college football game, but could be better.

With Visual Concepts at the helm of this one, high expectations were on their first NCAA football game. Did it live up to the hype or was it a dud? Read on...

NCAA Football 2K2 looks very close to the NFL titles from Visual Concepts. There are a few new animations, but they are shown rarely. The players are of more varied in size compared to NFL, but they seem to have less detail and many skill players look like fat potatoe lineman. The stadiums are great representations of their real life counterparts, and everything from the seats to the grass look very nice. Seeing more of the new animations would have been nice, and a bit more attention to detail of the individual players would have helped too.

VC is also well known for the quality sound in their titles. The sound bytes on NCAA 2K2 are mostly the same ones as in NFL 2K1. There are a few extra chatters from the players, but they are annoying and you will probably turn them off anyway. Hearing a few more team specific chants would have been a cool addition( for the Illini, hearing I-L-L....I-N-I). The lack of these hinders the college football atmosphere in the game. The announcers are both great and awful in the game as well. They will delve into the depths of a certain rivalry between two teams, then say the number 3 before every kickoff. It hits both ends of the spectrum, but isn't really more than a little annoyance.

CONTROL-This is where this game shines. The control is like NFL, but if it ain't broke, don't fix it. It is easy to pick up and play, but also a lot of fun when you learn to juke, hurdle and spin off of tacklers. Passing is also simple as each button is designated a receiver. The plays are easy to run and the variety keeps it fresh.

GAMEPLAY-NCAA has a variety of modes to mess with. Everything from training to exhibition to season and legacy mode. Legacy mode is basically franchise mode and is fun to play, as you can cut players, redshirt others, set your depth charts, and numerous other things that a college coach must do. There is a lot here to keep you busy for a while. The one wish I have is that you could manually name your players.

OVERALL-While I was very excited about this game, I was a little disappointed that it didnt catch the college atmosphere as much as I had hoped. Still, it is a quality football game and with the many options, you should have fun for months to come.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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