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"A solid college try for the Dreamcast"

If you know NFL 2K1, then you know NCAA 2K2. This game is just like its NFL counterpart, but with college teams, plays, and even music.

The graphics are on par with NFL 2K1. Everything from stadium designs to the player models look very clean. Player celebrations are just the same as the NFL. But I did catch something about the graphics that also caught my eye in NFL 2K1. The player's hands do not move. They are stiff and they always stick out. That's not a major problem, just I would've figured that they had changed it. Another thing is that sometimes the players tend to warp in some places. You might see some ''polygon flickering'' going on in the shoulder of a player. This won't affect gameplay.

The gameplay is responsive and accurate. Timing is the key when using the special moves (such as the spin, juke, stiff arm, etc.). You can even call a ''no-huddle'', meaning after a play you can right back to that play without calling another play. This saves times in those game where you need your timeouts.

The sound is what you would expect from a college football game; Bands play in the background. Some schools have their trademark music (like Notre Dame). The sounds on-field are very crisp, but sometimes a noise will get thrown in for no reason. For example, after a play, you may hear a player yell as if he were blocking someone, but the play is over and everyone is in the huddle.

The many game modes are definitely a plus. This features Exhibition, Season, Legacy, Scrimmage, and Tournament. Legacy is like Franchise mode from other Sega Sports game titles. You take a team and play with them for consecutive years, trying to improve every year to try to reach that one common goal - The Rose Bowl. You can also recruit high school players and even draft.

You can create players, teams, and even plays, just like in NFL. However, it's the same exact thing. Same logo. Same colors. Nothing new here if you know about NFL2K1's Customize Options.

This game also features an Online Mode, but it's not worth writing home about. Lag really hurts, and I suggest playing with another friend (lag-free, of course) as this a great 2-player game.

Bottom line, if you like NFL 2K1, you'll like NCAA 2K2. I suggest a purchase because not only is it a good game, but it is most likely the first (and last) college football on the Dreamcast.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.0 - Great

Originally Posted: 09/20/01, Updated 09/20/01

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