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"Must own Football Game"

Control-9- Control is perfect in this game. Few problems occur when you try to switch defensive players, stiff arm, and run an option play. On the other hand, the control is tight and responsive.
Bottom Line- You can't go wrong. If you have NFL2K, 2K1, or 2K2 you know what to do and how to play. No problems.

Sound-8- Bands play after a TD, linebackers taunt the QBs. What's not to love about that? The music and sound effects add to the college atmosphere which make the game more fun. If only the announcers weren't so annoying. They can be looked past though.
Bottom Line- Bands play authentic songs. If only there wasn't those annoying announcers.

Graphics-10- How many other football games give you perfect graphics, authentic jerseys and helmets, and flawless run time? Not many. Now how many college football games can? This one does. Prepared to be blown away when you pick a team and each helmet is amazing.
Bottom Line- I think we all know what a 10 means.

Difficulty-9- My legacy with Pittsburgh led me to understand how a football game should be made. I had trouble beating Miami and barely lost to Notre Dame. I also blew out Eastern Michigan and Southern Florida. The game makes each team realistic with their skill. The only flaw is that Nebraska, Florida, Florida St., and Oklahoma aren't as good as they should be. Notre Dame's good, what's up with that?
Bottom Line- How can I lose to ND? They suck! All in all the good teams are hard to beat and the bad teams are easy to beat- the way it should be.

Fun Factor-10- NFL2K on drugs. The game is much faster and you can actually score a TD on a punt return. If you don't have a blast playing this you have many problems. The game is almost arcadish. The game is very fast and requires a vast amount of luck to win. It also has a vast amount of depth from its legacy mode to its fatigued players after one play. It makes you think and strategize.
Bottom Line- See above.

Bottom Line- Own this college football game. You've been the pros long enough. I'd much rather take on the Golden Gopher from Minnesota than play the Cleveland Browns. Think about it.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 10/24/01, Updated 10/24/01

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