Review by dudeman0009

"I like this game, but it has some very noticable problems."

Gameplay- I did not like the gameplay so much. On the plus side, the controls were very easy to learn. It didn't even take me five minutes to learn and understand what they were. I also liked the tourney mode, that is where you pick a team, and you keep playing as them though out all the seasons. The problems I had were my people have a very hard time catching even the easiest throws, and doing running plays. Some times my people make very good catches while being covered and far down field, when other times, I will lob passes to an open man that could not be farther than ten yards away. Some times I'll make a good run, but most of the time, the defensive live comes flying at me while I am still trying to get the ball to the running back. Another problem I have had were the computer controlled team picks off a lot of passes just because my receiver runs in to a lot of defense when he should cut the other way, and they make a lot more blocks on the running plays than me. 4/10

Audio- I really did not like the sound. There was not much of it except for the announcers and the hitting noise, which I kind of have a problem with both. The announcers are terrible. I do not see how any one would like listening to them and their corny phrases. The makers obviously want to make them all very funny, but they all are some of the worst phrases have heard in my life. I don't have much of a problem about the hitting noise. The only bad part is in the scrimmage mode, you can be on the field with the person your controlling, a ball, and some other guy. If you run into the other guy, the hitting noise turns on, and does not turn off. I don't use scrimmage, so that is why I don't have much of a problem with it. 2/10

Video- This is with out a doubt, the best part of the game. I do not see how any one could not like the graphics. Enough said. 10/10

Overall- I liked this game, but it did get very annoying at times. I'm not a big fan of sports games, so some people might disagree with what I said in the gameplay section. If your very good at football games, than I would get it. But if you do not like them as much, and rarely buy sports games, than I would think about it some more. It was a lot better than some other sports games I've played. 7/10

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 01/01/02, Updated 01/01/02

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