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"Best College Football on the Dreamcast"

When I first bought NCAA College Football 2K2, I was looking forward to an enjoyable college football experience. And this game delivered in a big way. From the well-done graphics to the expansive season mode, this game packed tons of fun with a good atmosphere. If you are a college football fan, or even just a football fan in general, this game is definitely worth a look.

Graphics- 10/10

These graphics are a thing of beauty. The colors on the uniforms are pretty accurate, but the burnt-orange of the Texas Longhorns was a little bit too light. They even included the famed blue field of Boise State, even though it hurt my eyes to look at the bright colors. The player models are a bit unimaginative, but they do work well. I especially liked the way the field looked after 3 and a half of quarters of hard-nosed football on a rainy day. The stadiums were well constructed, and like the other aspects of the game, were detailed just like their real-life counterparts. The overall package was a bit simplistic, but eye pleasing to say the least.

Sound- 7/10

The fight songs for all the schools were present, and there was trash talking on the field. The announcers sounded like mindless zombies, though. The crowd didn't get too much into the game, and the sound effects weren't all too spectacular. I did rather enjoy all the sounds on the field, with offenses and defenses working with themselves in order to better coordinate a play. I thought it added a good flavor of old fashioned football.

Control 8/10

I felt that the control of this game was built upon a solid foundation, but could have used a few more improvements. The passing was difficult, which I really liked. When was the last time you actually had to look for an open receiver before just blindly passing to the guy with the best overall? This made me feel like I was an actual quarterback, not just some guy controlling him. The running game was realistic as well, but the option made the game easy. Even with a sub-par quarterback and a slow running back, I could torch even the tough Oklahoma defense. Even despite that, it was well done, and it really made this game what it is.

Gameplay- 8/10

Many different modes to toy around with, and I loved taking a terrible team to the national championship within 5 years. Which meant it was a bit unrealistic, but fun, nevertheless. The teams were accurately built, and it was fun torching Baylor’s secondary with the finely tuned combination of Chris Simms and Roy Williams. The gameplay didn't establish this game as much as the control did, but it polished the game like no other available on the Dreamcast.

Fun Factor- 10/10

This game is fun, and it somehow becomes twenty times as fun when played with a friend. Imagine a die-hard Oklahoma fan pitting his rock solid defense against the explosive offense of Miami controlled by a Hurricane fan. The fun and trash talking make this game a blast to play, and it is always fun to try to get into your friends mind. The game is still an enjoyable experience by yourself, but is best played with more than one. Couple that with a great amount of replay and you have yourself a game to play year round, not just in season.

Overall- 9/10

This game has it all. Fun, realism, graphics, and the colleges even have their own fight songs. The game isn't all that challenging when you master the option, but that doesn't apply to human opponents. It is always fun to take a bad team, recruit a few players, and get yourself a killer D or an exciting O, and winning the Rose Bowl.

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 06/23/02, Updated 06/23/02

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