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"Sega Sports What else do I have to say"

First off Sega hopped onto the successor of the Sega Saturn which didn't do to well. When the Sega Dreamcast Debuted on 9 / 9 / 99 Sega Sports was born with a hip new 2K series. That was when the ultimate sports games where born with games such as NHL 2K, NBA 2K, NFL 2K. These were all excellent videogames. some years later NCAA College Football 2K2 was born. I bought it and couldn't wait to take it home. I popped it in the disc tray and watched as the opening video rolled and I said Sega out did themselves this time! Was I right read on to find out!

Gameplay - well this is the pinnacle for every game if the gameplay isn't fun why buy the game. Thats not the case here The play calling is nice much better than the madden series In my humble opinion. the controls are also placed perfectly. This is the type of game you can pick up and play. Legacy mode is Similar the season or franchise. I emphasis the Similar because there alike and much much different. For one there's no draft or playoffs I suggest you do your homework on College football before playing Legacy mode but you don't have to. Gameplay I give a 10 out of 10.

Story - well this is a Football game so no story just make your team number 1!!! I give it a big N / A out of N / A.

Graphics - Simply beautiful pushing dreamcast to the maximum. you can see details on face and such. I give the graphics a 9 out of 10

Sound - What can I say but nice! You can hear details such as when the quarterback throws a long pass he grunts also you hear crashes to the ground , etc. I give the sound a 8 out of 10.

Play Time and Replayability - Sports games in my opinion have infinite play time and Replayability. The Legacy mode will have you playing for season after season after season. If you get tired of Single player just play a friend, family member etc. Also there is a Online feature so you can play people around the world! So you will never get bored I give the Play Time and Replayability a whopping 10 out of 10

Final Recommendation - Rent or buy? Since most retailers don't rent out Dreamcast games anymore buy this game. If your looking for a excellent College football game go out and buy this now! If your a die hard NCCA Football game i'd say search for it. If you get it as a gift keep it do not return.

Gameplay - 9 out of 10
Story - N / A out of N / A
Graphics 9 out of 10
Sound - 8 out of 10
Play Time and Replayability - 10 out of 10
Final Recommendation - BUY!!!!
Final Score - 9.2 rounded down to 9 enjoy!

Reviewer's Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

Originally Posted: 09/12/03

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