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    Washizuka by Yamcha

    Version: 0.7 | Updated: 08/26/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    The Last Blade 2: Heart of the Samurai
    Keiichiro Washizuka FAQ v0.7
    I. Introduction
    II. Controls and Basic Moves
    III. Special Moves
    IV. Secret Slices
    V. Combos 
    VI. Strategies
    VII. Miscellaneous
    VIII. Credits
    Copyright 2002, Yamcha.
    This FAQ is for public use and may not be used to gain a profit. If you want 
    to use it, then you_must_e-mail_me, rurouni_yamcha@hotmail.com. Otherwise, 
    legal action can and will be taken if it is used without my consent.
    Oh yeah, if you would like to contribute something, then you may also do that. 
    You'll be given credit too.
    ---Version History---
    v0.7 (8-10-2002): Fixed some spelling mistakes and formatting problems. 
    Added a miscellaneous section for win quotes. Colors and innen quotes will 
    be added in a later version.
    v0.5 (8-7-2002): The basic stuff for the FAQ is here. Move lists, combos, 
    and some strategies. 
    I. Introduction
    Keiichiro is a member of the Shinsengumi, a group of people true to the history 
    of Japan and the oldstyle Samurai art of fighting. Keiichiro believes in these 
    things very strongly, and does his duties to the utmost. Keiichiro's 
    birthdate is May 20th, 1835, making him 28 years old at the time of the first 
    game. The kanji for his name means something like "eagle's nest" (for 
    Washizuka) and "joyous first son" (for Keiichiro).
    II. Controls and Basic Moves
    This FAQ was written using the default Dreamcast controller set-up.
    All strategies and moves can still be applied to the Arcade version. 
    u - Up
    d - Down
    b - Back
    f - Forward
    db - Down/Back
    df - Down/Forward
    QCF - d, df, f
    QCB - d, db, b
    HCF - b, db, d, df, f
    HCB - f, df, d, db, b
    A - Weak Slash
    B - Strong Slash
    X - Kick
    Y - Repel
    -Standing Moves-
    X: A low kick that does minimal damage.
    Forward + X: A high kick that sends the opponent flying to the wall if it 
    There is some lag before and after execution.
    Down/Forward + X: A strong kick that trips the opponent. Very useful as a 
    surprise move.
    A: A quick downward slash. Good speed means it can be used to start a combo 
    or to poke.
    Back + A: Washizuka hits the opponent with the hilt of his sword. It has good 
    speed, but has terrible range.
    B: A slow stab attack with little range.
    Forward + B: A stab attack with lots of lag, but good range.
    X + Y: Washizuka reaches in front of him and throws his opponent to the ground.
    -Crouching Moves-
    X: A sliding kick with good speed and priority.
    A: A low attack that makes use of the hilt of the sword to hit the opponent.
    B: A slow upward slash. Good to use if you don't have the Foolish Flurry 
    -Jumping Moves-
    X: A standard jumping kick that has surprisingly good priority.
    A: A fast slash that's good for hitting an airborne enemy.
    B: A downward stab attack with some lag. Good power though.
    III. Special Moves
    Fatal Flurry:
    b(charge) -> f + A(B)
    This is his main projectile move. The weak version sends one slash that covers 
    about 3/4 of the screen. 
    The strong version has a longer startup and sends two slashes the 
    full length of the screen. 
    Foolish Flurry:
    d(charge) -> u + A(B)
    This is Washizuka's anti-air move. He slashes upward at a 45 degree angle. 
    It's useful against jumpers and as a combo ender. 
    Wolf Fang:
    b(charge) -> f + X
    Washizuka charges at the enemy and hits them with his shoulder. It travels 
    about 3/4 the screen. There are three different variations to end the move. 
    -QCF + B for a straight slash
    -QCB + B for a hop and stab
    -QCB + A for a downward slash
    A Glorious Death:
    QCB + A(B)
    A fast attack that does light damage. You can tap the button for multiple 
    strikes. The weak version gives 4 hits. The strong version moves Washizuka 
    forward a bit for 6 hits. 
    No Guard Slice:
    Hold B & X (hold the buttons down to increase power)
    Washizuka takes a step back and gathers his strength. Its range will increase 
    with its power.
    Launching Slash:
    Press B & X
    An attack that will launch the opponent into the air. Very quick and useful.
    IV. Secret Slices
    True Fang of the Wolf:
    QCB, HCF,  + A & B simultaneously
    Washizuka charges at the enemy to the wall and performs a deadly combo. 15 
    Final Wolf Fang:
    QCB, HCF + B (hold down B to increase power)
    Washizuka takes a step back and holds his sword in front of him. Holding B 
    until he turns red will make the attack stronger and unblockable.
    Furious Fandango:
                                        A, B, QCF + X
                                 A, B, X
                                 |      |
                                 |      X, B, QCF + A
    Down, down + A(or B), A, B, X
                                 |          Down + X, Forward + B & X
                                 |          |
                                 Down + X, A  
                                            B & X simultaneously, QCF + B
    The furious fandango requires precise timing to perform the whole combo. It's 
    easier if you sort of use a rhythm. Tap the button exactly after the last 
    exectued move. It's easier that it sounds. Practice it a couple times and 
    remember the sequence.
    V. Combos
    Washizuka has a good assortment of regular combos at his disposal. This 
    section is written using his speed mode, because the power mode isn't ideal 
    for comboing. 
    Standing combos: 
    A -> A -> B
    A -> A -> f + X
    A -> A -> B -> f + X
    A -> A -> df + X
    A -> A -> B -> df + X
    A -> A -> d + B -> f + B
    A -> A -> d + B -> df + X
    A -> A -> d + B -> f + X -> df + B
    A -> A -> d + B -> QCB + A(B)
    Jump in combos:
    j + B -> B -> QCB + A(B)
    j + B -> B -> df + X
    j + B -> B -> f + X
    j + A -> A -> d(charge) + A -> u + A(B)Foolish Flurry
    j + A -> A -> d(charge) + B -> u + A(B)Foolish Flurry
    j + A -> A -> d + B -> f + B
    j + A -> A -> d + B -> df + X
    j + A -> A -> d + B -> f + X
    Dried Chicken(alphalh@hotmail.com) had a few combos to add
    Power Combo:
    (Edge Only)
    Jump-in + X -> X -> qcb + B -> d + A -> b(charge) f + B(follow up) -> qcf 
    + X(Super Cancel) -> True Wolf Fang -> qcb + A
    A -> qcb + B -> b + A -> qcb + B -> d + A -> b(charge) f + B(follow up) -> 
    qcf + X(Super Cancel) -> True Wolf Fang -> qcb + A
    Speed Combo:
    (Edge Only)
    b + A -> A -> A -> B -> qcb + B -> b + A -> -> A -> A -> B -> b(charge) f 
    + B(follow up) -> qcb + B
    b + A -> qcb + B -> b + A -> A -> A -> B -> True Wolf Fang -> qcb + A
    b + A -> qcb + B -> b + A -> d + A -> b + A -> A -> A -> B -> qcb + B
    b + A -> qcb + B -> b + A -> d + A -> b + A -> A -> A -> B -> B + X -> d(charge) 
    u + B
    VI. Strategies
    Washizuka is a solid fighter with no real strengths or weaknesses. Remember 
    that being a charge character, he should be charging in the df position when 
    Power or Speed?
    He fights very well in either mode, but I choose speed over power for his 
    combos. In power mode he has the no guard slice and the Final Wolf Fang which 
    are good for mind games. Those moves make up for his lack of comboing with 
    raw power, as they take a huge chunk out of an enemy's life meter. Power mode 
    also deals out the much needed chip damage because the moves significantly 
    slower than speed.
    VII. Miscellaneous
    ~Win quotes~
    1: "I have no time for you. Act like an organ and blow."
    2: "An evil omen. I must hurry."
    3: "If I fail here, there's no going on."
    VIII. Credits
    -Thanks to SNK for making such a great game
    -CJayC for creating GameFAQS
    -Bakumatsu Rouman(http://www.crysania.com/lastblade) for Washizuka's 
    background info 
    -You for reading

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