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    FAQ/Move List by D.Thompson

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    Last Blade 2 FAQ - NeoGeo (Arcade)
    Written and Submitted to GameFaqs by D. Thompson
    General Blood's Total Unofficial faq of Last Blade 2
    Weee! Welcome to my Last Blade 2 faq! Just recently I've updated the
    faq with a lot more information on comboing and all kinds of things.
    I hope you enjoy the recent additions and get whatever help you need.
    If you do need to know something that is not in the faq, or you'd like
    to see something added, or you'd like to contribute something that I
    don't have (god I hope I didn't after all THIS :), please just give
    me an email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.
    No stupid questions please (that means read the faq closely to see
    if I already answered your question first. :)
    -General Blood   (genrlblood@yahoo.com)
    v1.57  [04/20/02] - Yeah well, here we go again. I've discovered (by
                        looking at the printings on an arcade machine no less)
                        that there is infact a Mid-Guard counter system. You
                        know, like an Alpha Counter if you will. Anyway, I've
                        also updated the Super Speed Combo section with a little
                        more information.
    v1.56  [12/03/01] - ARGG! One word: Akari. Check out her teleport
                        and combo chart. Sigh. Updated a tiny bit in the
                        speed comboing section (DnFw+B and DnFw+C, and B+C now
                        too). More combos... ahhgaashsd
    V1.55  [11/28/01] - Geeze I can't belive I still exist. Uh...
                        Anyway, thanks to a handy thing called Kaillera, I've
                        had a chance to play some LB2 over the internet. It's 
                        a lot more fun than fighting the computer anyways.
                        I found some new moves and new tricks. Yeah. More stuff.
                        Not a whole lot, but at least I figured out Amano's
                        special throw. If anyone knows if Juzoh has HIS special
                        headbangin throw, lemme know. BTW, I fixed my email
                        adress at the top, it was wrong.
                        Oh yeah, some new Super Speed Combos. For all you fans
                        of speed mode, you should enjoy these. I just abreviate
                        them so you can link whatever you want off of them.
                        Also added a few more simple basic attacks. Oh yeah,
                        in speed mode, theres a very simple A B C combo that
                        anyone can do.
                        Lots of new moves for Shingen too.
    V1.54  [07/04/01] - More still?
                        Thanks to Jedi for a new follow up for Amano! You
                        know the rapid whacks move? You can follow up on that.
                        Plus I found some new combos for Amano too... in fact,
                        quite a few. Most of which involve the counter hit.
                        How useful. Amano suddenly got a lot cooler.
    V1.53  [02/06/01] - After all this time....
                        Wow! Stuff happens when you don't play for a long time
                        then come back and play for 10 minutes! Check out the
                        new set of stuff for Shingen, along with his rightful
                        claim to the thrown of most powerful combo. Woot.
                        Thanks to LFO for a new secret that I didn't know about.
                        You can read about it in the, get this, secrets area.
    V1.52  [09/25/00] - Thanks to nkuffel for letting me know about 2 unlisted
                        moves for Amano, and a correction to his D.Super.
    V1.51  [08/??/00] - They said it couldn't be done... but I managed to link
                        Washizuka's Double Super into a combo. Okay so you can't
                        ever have 2 super meters to do it in the REAL game
                        but it DOES link in training mode!! Oh well. Fixed up a
                        few things that weren't right in this minor update.
    V1.5   [08/10/00] - Well fixed up a few things, Moriyas slasher, Akaris
                        upper, added a few new Kagami things, fixed a LOT under
                        Lee, fixed Undead guy's double super (only QCFs not HCFs),
                        added in ALL of the Super Speed Combo charts as well
                        as what you can link with them, added in an easier
                        way to find characters in the faq, many many other fixes
                        and changes and combos and everything! Whew. This was a
                        major update. My hands are really soar from typing
                        and testing (I did this all in one night :), so I guess
                        I'll take a break and upload this to Gamefaqs a little
    V1.22  [04/22/00] - Heck! Thanks go out to Andri K. for letting me know
                        about Yuki's Super. Now I can actualy do some heavy
                        damage with her!
    V1.21  [04/18/00] - Added Hibiki's and Lee's alternate endings, and thats
                        about it.
    v1.2  [03/18/00] - Added a characters award section along with a few fixes
                       in moves, ect. Character Awards has been added, giving
                       note to those characters who are special in their own
                       way. Er. Just read the lists and send in your votes.
                       DOH! Major stupid mistake on my part. Apparently when
                       doing the "most powerful move" deal, I forgot that
                       some characters take less damage than other! This has
                       been fixed so that all "Most powerful moves" are based
                       uppon being used on Kaede, who takes regular damage
                       from attacks. Hence, a new section on Character's taking
                       damage has been added.
                       ...    Setsuna is too powerful.
    v1.1  [??/??/??] - Added some new stuff. New link into Kagami's D.Super
                       for one, some other stuff as well. Thanks to my sister
                       for going through and finding all the spelling and
                       grammer errors. Now you'll be able to READ my FAQ!
    v1.0  [01/07/00] - FINALLY THE FAQ HAS BEEN FINISHED! Initial Release,
                       to be uploaded to Gamefaqs and wherever else. Woohoo!
    v0.1b [01/01/00] - New Year. Continued to work on the faq and added some
                       things to help make it easier to look around.
    v0.1b [12/30/99] - Faq delayed, sorry. The initial 1.0 release is going
                       to take a while due to the fact I decided to add a
                       LOT more info into the combo charts and whatever
                       else. Sorry folks... enjoy what I have so far.
    v0.0b [??/??/??] - Start of faq. Plans to implement moves list and
                      how to combo and a few other tidbits.
    I. Basic Info
    II. Story
    III. Supers and the Modes
    IV. Combos - Power Mode
    V. Combos - Speed Mode
    VI. Combo Charts
     A. Regular
     B. Super Speed
    VII. Other Game Play Features
        A. Follow Ups
        B. Repel System
        C. Damage taken by Characters
    VIII. Characters
     1) Kaede
     2) Moriya
     3) Yuki
     4) Setsuna
     5) Akari
     6) Juzoh
     7) Amano
     8) Hibiki
     9) Washizuka
     10) Kojiro
     11) Okina
     12) Undead guy
     13) Lee
     14) Zantetsu
     15) Kagami
     16) Shingen
    IX. Secret Characters
     1) Kaede (origonal)
     2) Kouryu
    X. Secrets
    XI. Frequently Asked Questions
    XII. Spoilers
    XIII. Character Awards
    XIV. Wrap Up
    I. Basic Info
    Find characters in the faq:
    You can skip to the moves list for any character by using the FIND TEXT
    command in whatever you are using to view this. Look for the name of the
    character (as listed above) in all caps and with a : after it.
    My Command key reference...
    A, B, C, D - The buttons
    Bk - Back
    Fw - Forward
    Dn - Down
    Up - Up (duh)
    HCF - Half Circle forward, or Bk DnBk Dn DnFw Fw
    HCB - Half Circle back, or Fw DnFw Dn DnBw Bw
    QCF - Quarter Circle forward, or Dn DnTw Tw
    QCB - Quarter Circle back, or Dn DnBk Bk
    A/B/C/D - A, B, C, or D button
    ABCD - A, B, C, AND D button at the same time
    A B C - Hit the buttons, in that order
    End/E - Ender hit (C, DnFw + B, Up + B, Run, whatever)
    JI - Jump in
    (H) - Hold
    (H)Fw + A B C  - hold the direction for all the button presses
    (FU) - Follow up
    (A) or (B) or (C) - Use this button for the move
    Here are the basic button controls...
    A : Light attack
    Bk+A : Very light attack
    Dn+A : Light low attack
    B : Heavy attack
    Fw+B : Very Heavy attack
    Dn+B : Heavy low attack
    C : Kick
    Fw+C : Knockdown kick
    Dn+C : Low kick
    DnFw+C : Knockdown sweap kick
    D : Deflection
    Fw+D : Special Deflection
    Dn+D : Low Deflection
    D (in air) : Deflect in air
    Hold Bk : Block
    Up : Jump
    Fw Fw(hold) : Run/Jump/Dash forwards
    Bk Bk : Jump back
    Fw Fw UpFw : Dash Jump, very useful
    B+C : Special Attack
    C+D : Throw
    A B C : Simple 3 hit speed combo
    Dn Dn + A/B : Super Combo Starter (Speed/Ex!)
    A B C A B C A B QCF + C : Standard Super Speed Combo
    Combo Notes:
    [  ] - Notes for Combo
    P - Power Mode only
    S - Speed Mode only
    EX - Ex Mode only
    ! - Super needed
    !! - Double Super needed
    !? - Must be at critical life
    !@# - This doesn't work outside of Practice mode, but it's fun anyway.
    E - Ender hit
    -> - Next move is
    +-> - Means more than one path for combo
    | - Follow path for more follow up choices
    => - Move interrupted by the next, usually supers
    +=> - Means more than one path and is interrupts by the next
    -=> - Super Speed Combo extra finisher possible
    :# - Means interrupts after # hits. If not stated, use your head.
    Supers - Moves done that involve using a fully charged power bar
    Desperations - Supers done when life is flashing, doesn't use up
                   the power bar.
    Super Desperations - Supers done that need a flashing life bar and
                         a full super meter.
    Double Supers - Same thing as a Super Desperation, just a different name
    Super Combos - Supers that cannot be used as Desperations and
                   only work in speed or EX mode.
    Other Stuff:
    Recovery: Hit D
    basically if you're knocked over (i.e. your not going to land on your feet),
    you can hit D (sometimes) and recover; however, you are vulnerable
    while doing this so you can get hit AGAIN. So sometimes it's better
    to just take your licks and stay down for a while.
    Roll Left or Right while on the ground: Hold Left or Right
    If you hold Left or Right while you are laying on the ground, you'll
    roll in the associated direction. This is useful because you can
    sometimes throw the enemy if you roll next to them. This includes
    Super throw, so Zantetsu fans rejoice!
    Air Blocking: Hold Back (in the air)
    If you are jumping back and you HOLD back while in the air, you can
    air block most moves. However, some you can't... this includes Akari's
    Fireball deal. If you are jumping forwards and are about to get
    slashed, it might be time to do a Repel.
    Ender Attacks: Varies
    Enders, as I call them, are basically your character hitting the enemy
    while they are on the ground. This is done in varying ways,
    depending on your character. Many can just tap C and do a little
    kick at the enemy. Some can hit DnFw + B and stab or slash the
    enemy. Others, including Juzoh and that undead guy, can tap
    Up + B to jump at the enemy and stab them. Juzoh also has a special
    one where he can simple dash overtop the enemy to deal him extra
    Each characters list of enders is after their regular moves but
    before their supers. They are seperated by a comma when there are
    more than one.
    II. Story
    This story is of Hell's Gate, which is basically the gate between
    Earth and hell... or the living and the dead world. In Last Blade 1,
    Kagami went to the effort (apparently) of opening up Hell's Gate,
    and some nasty things occurred...
    Onwards we progress as Kagami was defeated and the maddening power
    that he had gotten from Hell apparently decided to leave him.
    So now we rejoin our cast of characters (and a lot of new ones)
    as they finally realize, "Oh Shit, nobody's sealed Hell's Gate!"
    This blunder of a mistake must have been Kaede's fault! Anyway,
    the only way to seal this gate (of which many critters of evilness,
    including Setsuna and that undead guy, AGAIN, have come out) is to
    bring together the power of the four gods and the "Sealing Maiden"
    (Don't ask me that other guy's faq called her that), and that will
    seal the gate. Whew, no problem right? Well they'll have to battle
    to get there first, and don't forget those dirty Extra characters,
    like Amano, all are in the game too and are gonna get in the way
    of the story, as usual. Oh well.
    All of the characters from Last Blade 1, with the exception of
    Musashi (which is a darn shame), are in Last Blade 2. Kagami,
    the former boss of LB1, is now a much weaker regular character.
    Crazy blade guy from the first Last Blade, was killed, but is back
    and crazier than ever now.
    Also from Hell's Gate comes Setsuna, a very powerful demonic being
    who is a sure fire beginners favorite.
    From the Shinsen Gumi comes Kojiro, who looks and plays similar to
    Washizuka, but has a lot of new tricks of her own.
    Hibiki, a girl using a similar weapon to Amano, also joins the crew with
    a very unique fighting style.
    As for the final boss? Well just get to him and you'll find out who it
    And there you have it! If you want to hear the rest of the story,
    head down to the spoilers section and you'll find out.
    III. Supers and the Modes
    The super bar at the bottom fills up as you hit the enemy and a
    bit when you get hit. When it is full, you can perform a Super
    move! However, this drains the power bar. But, once your life
    bar hits into the flashing area (1/4 of your life left at standard
    life amounts), those supers become desperation moves, and you
    can just keep doing them at no cost at all! The power bar isn't
    worthless at this point though...
    That's simple enough eh? Okay, next you need to know about
    the two different modes. Power is the red mode, speed is the blue.
    Now, the major difference between the two is that power deals much
    more damage, but speed is faster and can combo easier, but there's
    a lot more. Also, each mode has it's own 2 different colors. To pick
    the color, either select the character with A or D.
    Power Mode:
    - Special Attack is an Unblockable attack
    - Can perform a Super Desperation when life is flashing and power
      bar is full. This is a massive attack that usually does quite a
      load of damage if not blocked.
    - Supers/Desperations can be linked from other moves and from standard
      heavy hits, usualy.
    - Regular swings deal block damage to the enemy.
    Speed Mode:
    - Special Attack is a swing that must be blocked high
    - Cannot perform Super Desperations, but can perform Super Combos
      any time the super bar is filled.
    - Supers can be linked from regular heavy hits but not from moves
    - Regular hits do not deal block damage, but moves do.
    - Can link in 3 Bk+A hits during a combo.
    Besides these... there's a secret mode called EX mode. To get this mode,
    when the 'choose mode' selection comes up, put the cursor on Speed, hit
    C C C C C C, then left, then B B B, then right, then C C C C. This will
    put you in the green mode and give you yet another choice of colors.
    EX Mode:
    - Special attack is a swing that must be blocked high
    - Can perform both Super Desperations and Super combos.
    - Supers can be linked in from both heavy hits and Moves
    - Regular hits do block damage
    - Can link in 3 Bk+A hits in before any combo
    - Life bar goes down twice as fast as in the other modes
    - Power meter goes up twice as slow as in the other modes.
    Choose your mode carefully. EX may be very powerful, but the life loss
    and slow charging power bar may do you in!
    Combo supers are different than the normal supers. All characters in
    speed or Ex can do them the same way. To start them, hit Dn Dn + A or B.
    A will hit high first and B will hit low. After the first hit, you
    will need to link in the rest of the combo. This is hard. So I suggest
    you practice in Training mode at these. I find it easy some times to tap
    the button instead of just hitting it once, and then just wait for the hit
    to hit and then start tapping the next button. This may or may not
    work for you, it all depends on how good you are. Anyway, the basic
    combo for everyone is:
    A, B, C, A, B, C, A, B, Dn DnFw Fw + C
    This isn't easy, trust me. But mastering it will give you MUCH more power
    in speed mode. Not as much as say, the double supers, but still a good
    deal! (plus they usually do a lot more block damage than Double supers)
    There are many variations on these Super Speed Combos though, each character
    has a set of "paths" they can take to do them, some are harder than others.
    One of the most important are the "Launcher" paths, which knock the enemy
    into the air and allow you to add another move on, including Supers! More
    info on these below, in the Combo Chart section.
    IV. Combos - Power Mode
    In power mode, combos are short and powerful. Simply put, they deal a
    LOT of damage but don't usually hit for too many. All combos should,
    if possible, begin with a jumping in and hitting B. This is basically a jumping
    attack done as you are about to land. After this, go into a stand B.
    This links the jumping fierce into another fierce.
    Well guess what? That's the easy part. Now, each character has a
    different move or moves they can put onto the end of their combos.
    Let's use Kaede (the main character with the yellow hair and black +
    white outfit) for example. He's got that fun little ground lightning
    attack, which is Dn DnFw Fw + A/B.
    So try this... Jump in with and hit fierce like I said before, but
    THIS time, right after he starts doing his standing heavy attack,
    do the motion for the lightning attack. Hopefully, if you did
    the motion right, you didn't panic, and you did it at the right time,
    it went off and boom, you've got a 3 hit combo!
    Well guess what now? Kaede can also link his uppercut (Fw Dn DnFw + A/B)
    or his light triple dash (Dn DnBw Bk + A) into a combo! Try doing these
    motions instead of the fireball and you'll have more combos at your
    disposal. Try them, see what's the best, and use it!
    Well fortunately for power mode, that's only the beginning of the pain.
    Also, all characters can link out of a combo: a SUPER! Yes, that means
    a lot of pain. But you'll need a full power bar to do these... so
    be in training mode to try these.
    And yes, some characters can link Double Supers into combos.
    Okay, let's go back to Kaede for a minute... he's got this cool super
    that makes his sword massive and slashes the enemy up real good.
    To do this super... do this motion:
    Dn DnFw Fw Dn DnFw Fw + AB
    This is kind of hard if you don't play many fighting games, so give it
    some practice.
    Anyway, since you're in power mode, this only links out of a move. And,
    specificly, only out of certain moves. These are called Super Cancels,
    and every character has one.
    Kaede's Super Cancel is his Triple dash attack, which is a QCF+A if
    you'll remember. Now, super cancels basically involve doing the move,
    then while it is going off, do the super. So, try this...
    Do the dash.. as the second hit of it hits, you need to be hitting
    the AB part of the super motion. So basically, you need to start a
    good time before the second hit goes off... and since it's so fast,
    maybe as Kaede is still dashing! Basically, if you do it right,
    you'll see a red star field appear in the background and Kaede will
    do the super. If you got the timing just right, the sword will
    hit and deal a third hit in the combo, but one that's a lot more
    powerful than what it WOULD have been!
    This does take some timing practicing, so don't get mad if it
    doesn't work at first. Also, if the super goes off but it doesn't
    hit into the combo, you need to make the sword hit earlier after
    the second hit hits, because the enemy might recover if you don't.
    Also, DON'T hold down the AB buttons, if you do, Kaede will simply
    hold the sword up for a while or until you let go of the buttons.
    Well! Now try and link this into the Jump in and heavy hit! This
    will create a 5 hit combo for 135 damage. Ouch. BUT! It's not over!
    All of the modes have something what I call an 'ender' hit. This is
    basically a tiny little hit that adds 1 or so hits to the combo
    and does a little damage. Nothing major, but it's worth the effort.
    Most characters have one where they can just hit C and kick them.
    Also you can try hitting DnFw+B for a downward stab. Some characters
    use Up + B for theirs. Juzoh has another, just run over the enemy.
    Now, try this for Kaede. Do the jump in + heavy, then do a light
    uppercut (Fw Dn DnFw + A). After the enemy hits the ground, just
    hit DnFw + B. This will stab his sword into the ground and hurt
    the enemy. Cool huh? Experiment around with any moves that
    will knock the enemy down and what can hit them afterwards.
    Oh yeah, if it stabbed but didn't hit, you may not be waiting
    long enough or waiting too long to stab. Keep trying!
    Congratulations, you've figured out how to combo. More specific
    combos are listed with the characters, but the best ways are
    ALWAYS to try to find some on your own!
    Kaede's SuperSword combo in full:
    JI + B -> B -> QCB + A => QCF QCF + AB
    V. Combos - Speed Mode
    I suggest, even if you only play in speed mode, that you read
    the power mode guide to comboing...
    Anyway, the basic idea behind Combo mode is the ability to
    link things that wouldn't link in power mode. You guessed it,
    load up Kaede again, but pick Speed mode this time!
    Okay, try this now. Jump in just like in power mode, with a 
    heavy attack. But, while you are, hold Bk. Don't release until
    I say so. Then, once you land, when you would have normally hit
    B, hit A three times. This will link three light hits in. Now,
    hit B and this will link to the 5th hit.From this, you have a
    number of options.
    (You can let go of back now)
    1. Hit Fw+B for a big finisher hit.
    2. Hit DnFw + B for a low attack finish.
    3. Hit Fw+C for a big kick that knocks the enemy across the screen.
    4. Hit DnFw + C for a sweap kick.
    5. Hit B + C to an overhead (launches enemy into the air)
    6. Do a move (as in Power mode after the standing Hit)
    7. Do a super (only SOME characters can do this)
    These are a number of choices and give you a lot of options.
    Remember Kaede? Well unfortunately his Supersword doesn't get
    any faster in speed mode and he can't link it (or I just haven't
    been able to) after the standing B. BUT! He can link in his
    uppercut for a good deal of hits. Try this...
    Standard start, Link Uppercut
    JI + B -> Bk(H) + A A A B -> Fw Dn DnFw + B, Fw Dn Dn Fw + B
    (Oh, if I forgot to mention [you did], Kaede can link another hit
    to his uppercut by doing the motion again during it, that's why the
    second motion is there!)
    Don't forget to add in a C or DnFw + B to get the last hit. This will
    result in a 9 hit combo for around 76 damage or more. Cool huh?
    Okay, by request, here's another example, this one is for Moriya (it's
    the legendary 11 Hit!!)
    JI + B -> Bk(H) + A A A B -> QCF+A QCF+A -> Fw Dn DnFw + A (Follow Up) -> E
    Jump in with B, hold back and A A A B, then do QCF + A, then the
    second hit QCF + A, then link his light uppercut Fw Dn DnFw + A
    and link a second uppercut into that Fw Dn DnFw + B, finish with
    a C or whatever. 11 hit, 99 damage or more.
    The complete list of combos a character has is listed in their Combo
    chart, which, funny enough, is the next section of the faq.
    VI. Combo Charts
    A. The Regular
    Below is shown Kaede's Combo chart.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Lightning Uppercut (FU) -> E
           |     +-> Triple slash(A) +-> E
           |     |                :2 +=> Super Sword -> E [!P**]
           |     +-> Lightning Slash(A)
           |     +=> Lightning Dragon Sword [!!P**]
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Lightning Uppercut (FU) -> E  [S]
                               +-> Triple slash(A):2 +-> E [S]
                               +-> Lightning Slash [S]
                               +=> Lightning Dragon Sword [!!Ex]
    Triple slash(B):2 +=> Super Sword [!P/Ex]
                      +=> Lightning Crash [!P/Ex]
    Instant Combo +=> Lightning Crash [!]
                  +=> Dragon Crash [!!P/Ex]
                  +=> Super Sword [!P/Ex]
    This is my way of showing the ways in which combos can be created using
    characters. Generally, on the top are the power combos and on the bottom are
    speed combos, however in speed mode you generally can do the ones on the top
    (except maybe the ones that involve supers).
    Basically, you start on the very left. Then you follow the arrows and paths
    to create combos. Things in [ ] mean special things, these are listed
    at the top of the faq. In the case of the [S/Ex] on the left side means
    all combos on this line past that point are Speed or Ex mode only.
    B. Super Speed Combos
    The second part are Super Speed combos. These can only be done is Speed or Ex,
    and always use up the power meter, but can be done any time you have one.
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C   (Level 1)
                      |         +-> C B -> QCF + A   (Level 2)
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> BC A -> QCF + B  (Level 3)
                                   +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> S.W.Basket [!?] (Level 4)
                                                         -=> S.Turtle [!@#]
    All combos start with either A or B. A will hit high, B will hit low.
    Then, there is the manditory A B C chain... After this, the combo chart
    Level 1 - A simple, strong SSC. I actualy find these are one of the hardest to
              do, because typicly I hit C too many times and end up in Level 2.
              However, this level is the same for all characters.
    Level 2 - This tier of Super Speed combos is ended with an Unblockable last hit.
              So, this is a great combo to use if your opponant is blocking. This
              level usualy does greater damage than Level 1, however, it's a little
              different for different characters.
    Level 3 - This is a complicated combo level to do. I do not see any direct advantages
              to it, sence it often does less than Levels 1 or 2, and it's more complicated.
              It appears to go in a High-Low-High pattern though, so it could be good for
              tricking opponants up.
    Level 4 - This is the Launcher combo. This combo will end with your opponant in the air,
              and you able to do just about anything to him. You can combo even the slowest
              moves in the game into this (Washizuka's Double super for example), AND the
              last hit is unblockable. This is one of the best levels if you've got something
              good to end it up with, as well, it's almost exactly the same for every character.
    VII. Other Game Play Characteristics
    A. Follow ups:
    Some moves have special parts that can be added onto the end. This is
    sort of like... doing a two part throw, the first being the
    throw and the second being an extra hit of sorts, not normally able
    to be done. These are indicated simply by (Follow Up), how to do
    the move, and the move Branch off to the left, which is designed to
    help show how you can link together moves with lots of Follow ups.
    Big Counter: HCB + A
    +-> (Follow Up) : HCF + B
    +-> (Follow Up) : HCF + A
      +-> (Follow Up): HCB HCB + AB [Super]
        +-> (Follow Up) : QCF + B [Double Super]
    This chart shows that the Big Counter move can be followed up by either a HCF + B
    or HCF + A. However, the HCF + B cannot be followed up after that. The HCF + A
    CAN be, with a HCB HCB + AB, which can then be followed up by a QCF + B.
    B. Repel System:
    Hitting the D button does something odd in Last Blade. Your character does a little
    wibble and leaves a purple trail behind him. This is the repel button, and it can
    be used to stop enemy attacks very effectively... if you're good.
    To start off...
    D : Repels standard attacks
    Fw + D : Repels Special physical attacks
    Dn + D : Repels low hitting attacks.
    DnFw + D : Repels low Special physical attacks
    (air) D : Repels attacks (in the air)
    (air Fw + D : Repels Special pysical attacks (in the air)
    Okay, well this seems simple enough, but you need timing to do this effectively.
    These counters can only hit physical attacks, such as slashes or the like. These don't
    work against throws or projectiles of that sort. Special attacks include moves like
    Moriya's Moon Slasher.
    Anyway, after you counter them, the easiest thing to do is just hit D again. This
    will cause you to slash the enemy with a fierce hit, doing a decent amount of
    damage. However, I noticed (the AI's doing no doubt) that Supers seem to be
    able to be linked off the counter. Once, Kojiro did her Double Super
    Unblockable at me. I manage (how??) to counter it and go straight into my (Washizuka)
    Super Slasher combo. That'll show em.
    There is also one more method of Repeling...
    Bk DnBk Dn + D : Mid-Guard Repel (while your are blocking a move)
    This is the Mid-Guard Repel move. You need a full super meter to do it, but basicly,
    if you are blocking an attack and do this, it will work as if you had repeled their
    hit in the first place. Not terribly useful, but then again, that's probably why
    I had no idea these even existed. :)
    C. Damage taken by characters
    It has become apparent to me that certain characters take more damage than
    others. This adds a new spin onto things, sence the additional damage seems
    to be a percent of the damage. Anyway, here they are:
    Takes less damage than normal:
    Juzoh, Shingen
    Takes regular damage:
    Kaede, Moriya, Setsuna, Amano, Washizuka, Kagami
    Takes more damage than normal:
    Yuki, Akari, Hibiki, Kojiro, Okina, Undead guy, Lee, Zantetsu
    For purposes of Most Powerful Move, anyone in the Takes Regular Damage
    group is used. That means you can actualy get MORE damage than what I have
    listed if your fighting one of the weaker characters. But also, you will
    deal LESS damage to those who are larger.
    VIII. Characters
    Triple slash: QCB + A/B  [Super Cancel]
    This move is a fairly decent move. It doesn't work as a suprise or
    counter move, but the light one can link into combos and supers.
    It can be used to confuse players who don't know it hits three times
    Lightning slash: QCF + A/B
    Shoots a lightning bolt across the ground. Deals a bit of damage,
    but it's so low that it's very easy to jump over.
    Air Lightning slash: (air) QCF + A/B
    Same as above but done in the air and shoots diagonally down.
    The light one just goes down, but the heavy one stops Kaede and
    it goes a much longer distance. This is great to keep people at bay
    and to build up your super meter doing such.
    Lighting Uppercut: Fw Dn DnFw + A/B
    Kaede slashes upwards and zaps the enemy. A great defense move
    against people who love to jump and links into combos well.
    +-> (Follow up): Fw Dn DnFw + A/B
        A simple second swing adds to the damage dealt by this attack.
        Hard to link an ender onto this though.
    Roll: QCB + C
    Kaede rolls forwards. This... uh... doesn't have too much use,
    Outside of getting out of a few corners.
    Instant Combo: HCF + C  [Super Cancel!]
    A GREAT move! Not only is this unblockable (it's only throw
    range though) but from it you can link 3 different
    supers. Some modes don't allow certain ones to work, but
    you get the basic idea. This one requires a deal of timing
    to get off, so practice and you'll get the idea.
    +-> (Follow Ups) : See Super Sword, Lightning Crash, Dragon Crash, or
        Lightning Uppercut
    Enders: C, DnFw + B
    Super Sword: QCF QCF + AB  [Super]
    A powerful super that can do a lot of damage. It links into
    a lot, but normally it's fairly easy to block and does NOT
    hit people out of the air. Sucks right? Well just save it
    for combos then.
    Lightning Crash: QCB DnBk F + AB  [Super]
    Now this is more like it. This super creates several shots of
    lightning that can't be jumped at all. This is a GREAT way
    to deal with people who like to jump a lot. It does a decent
    amount of damage if all hit, but usually only a few do, so
    damage generally isn't that high.
    Lightning Dragon Sword: QCF QCF + B  [Double Super]
    This super has Kaede stab forwards just a little. If this hits,
    he goes into a massive Uppercut that shoots a huge dragon
    upwards. It doesn't do a lot of damage, nor is it easy at all
    to hit with, but it's a nice one, none the less.
    Dragon Crash: QCB DnBk F + B  [Double Super]
    A much more powerful version of the Lightning crash, several
    lightning dragons shoot up and down, and they juggle the enemy
    if they hit... It hits a max of 5 times for almost a full
    life bar. This is best if linked into the Instant Combo.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Lightning Uppercut (FU) -> E
           |     +-> Triple slash(A) +-> E
           |     |                :2 +=> Super Sword -> E [!P**]
           |     +-> Lightning Slash(A)
           |     +=> Lightning Dragon Sword [!!P**]
           +-> Fw + C +=> Lightning Crash [!]
                      +=> Dragon Crash [!!P/Ex]
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Lightning Uppercut (FU) -> E  [S]
                               +-> Triple slash(A):2 +-> E [S]
                               +-> Lightning Slash [S]
                               +=> Lightning Dragon Sword [!!Ex]
    Triple slash(B):2 +=> Super Sword [!P/Ex]
                      +=> Lightning Crash [!P/Ex]
    Instant Combo +=> Lightning Crash [!]
                  +=> Dragon Crash [!!P/Ex]
                  +=> Super Sword [!P/Ex]
                  +=> Super Speed Combo [!S]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C B -> QCF + A
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> BC A -> QCF + B
                                   +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> L.Crash [!?]
                                                         -=> D.Crash [!@#]
                                                         -=> S.Sword [!?]
    Most Powerful move: 10 Hit Lightning Dragon Sword - 149 damage
    JI + B -> B -> Lightning Dragon Sword [!!P]
    Preferred Mode: Power, by far. His combos are much better in
    power mode, and he should be played more technical than just
    combo happy.
    Strategies: Use the Air Lightning slash all the time! Use the
    uppercut for defense, and use the Instant combo instead of
    throwing. Follow that up with an uppercut for a lot of damage.
    Don't use the Lightning Dragon Sword unless in a combo or you
    have a good shot... the general Crash supers aren't very
    powerful but hit all over the place.
    Triple/Quad Slash: QCF + A/B * 3/4 [Super Cancel]
    This starts as a quick slash forward. The light one will hit 3 times,
    and the heavy 4.
    +-> (Follow up) : See Moon Slasher
        After doing one or two of the swings, you can link in the Moon Slasher
        to this instead of the last hits.
    Quick Slasher: QCB + A/B/C
    Played Yamazaki? Same thing. Each button makes him swing his
    sword at a different angle. A is high, C is low. If you hold
    it down, he'll flash after a while. At this point, when you
    release it will swing twice. If you hold it down until it
    releases manually, it will swing 3 times.
    +-> (Follow up) : A/B/C
        This simply readies another swing. You have to hold the
        button down until he turns away a bit, then you can
        release it and follow up again. The C version of the follow
        up does not seem to be able to be followed up on.
    Moon Slasher: Fw Dn DnFw + A/B
    The moon slasher creates the image of a moon. This is basically
    an uppercut. It works as a decent air defense, and the light
    one does a great counter.
    +-> (Follow up) : Fw Dn DnFw + B
        This only works if the first one was done with A and you are
        in speed mode. Adds a second swing to it, looks cools.
    Teleporter: Bk DnBk Dn + A/B/C
    This teleports Moriya somewhere on the screen, depending on the
    button. A backs you up a bit, but is more of a fake. B teleports
    you right in front of the enemy. C teleports you behind him.
    There's a lot of lag time on this so it's hard to suprise
    +-> (Follow up) : A/B/C
        Hitting a button quickly after doing the teleport lets Moriya
        ready a quick slasher right away. Very useful, the C version
        still hits low so it's good for a suprize.
    Enders: C, DnFw + B
    Multi Slasher: Fw HCF + AB [Super]
    This is basically the Quick Slasher, but 16 of them. You can hold
    down the buttons to delay it (useful some times). It doesn't
    do massive damage, but it's a lot of fun in combos!
    Combo Rusher: Fw HCF + B [Double Super]
    Moriya dashes across the screen and makes a fast swing. If this
    hits, he goes into a combo for 11 hits. Not bad, but not
    incredibly useful altogether.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Moon Slasher(A)(FU) -> E
           |     +-> Triple Slash *2 +-> Moon Slasher(A)(FU) -> E [*]
           |     |                   +=> Multi Slasher -> E [!P**]
           |     +-> Triple Slash -> Quick Slasher
           |     +=> Combo Rusher [!!P/Ex] 
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> B + C -> Quick Slasher(B)
                               +-> Moon Slasher(A)(FU) -> E
                               +-> Triple Slash *2 +-> MoonSlasher(A)(FU) -> E
                               |                   +-> Quick Slasher
                               +=> Multi Slasher -> E [!]
                               +=> Combo Rusher [!!Ex]
    Quad Slash *4 => Multi Slasher [!P/Ex]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C B A -> QCF + C
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> Fw + BC -> A B -> QCF + B
                                   +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> M.Slasher [!?]
                                                         -=> Combo Rusher [!@#Ex]
    Most Powerful move: 21 Hit QuadSlash into Multi Slash - 170 Damage
    Quad Slash *4 => Multi Slasher => E
    Preferred Mode: Power! Really he's good in either mode, but in power
    he can link in his double super really nicely to cause serious
    pain. Wee!
    Strategies: Use the Quick slasher a LOT. This is good to keep the
    enemy away. Don't forget the C version, which hits low. Use
    the moon slasher for air defense. Try to stay away from using the
    teleport too much, it leaves you open. The Alternate Super Combo
    is a lot more powerful than the normal one, so learn that one
    instead. Use the Multi Slasher when in critical life to block
    damage cheese to death! Er... well... if that's what your after.
    Dashing Slash: Dn DnBk Bk + A/B [Super Cancel]
    This causes Yuki to dash across the screen and slash the enemy for a good
    amount of damage. Although the heavy one is usually too slow
    to combo into ANYTHING, the light version is easy to combo in and end
    with a super cancel. (you'll have to do it early in the hit or it won't
    cancel right)
    Ice Bolt: Dn DnFw Fw + A/B
    Yuki shoots a bolt of ice across the screen. A decent projectile, but
    it takes a while to get off. Use this to keep enemies away (use the
    slower moving one, it hits more).
    Ice Uppercut : Fw Dn DnFw + A/B
    Yuki slashes upwards and shoots ice along with it. This is a basic air
    defense move... however it's pretty darn slow to get off. Use the light
    one always in power mode, as the heavy version will hardly, if ever,
    get off in time to be really useful.
    Ice Wall : HCF + C
    This causes Yuki to make a small shield of ice with her pike (or whatever
    it is). This deflects projectiles and people too sometimes. Use it if you
    see a slow moving projectile coming at you.
    Instant Combo : HCB + C
    Stealing an idea from Kaede eh... well anyway, Yuki's Instant combo is
    MUCH more powerful than Kaede's little piffle damage one. However,
    not much links out of this. A trick is to do her Whirlwind super
    after this instead of following up, and if you're lucky the enemy will
    stand up right next to you, and thus get hit by the whirlwind.
    +-> (Follow up) : See Ice Uppercut
    Enders: C, DnFw + B
    Yuki's DnFw + B can be held to make her spin her spear. However this is
    pretty worthless outside of looking cool.
    Big Ice Stab : QCF QCF + AB  [Super]
    Yuki does a large icey stab forwards. This itself does little damage, and
    is best if worked into a combo. However...
    +-> {Follow up} : Tap A a lot
        Yuki extends the drilling effect a bit longer and does 3 more hits, which
        does a good increase in damage. This makes this super much more effective.
        You'll need to start tapping A as soon as you do the stab and just keep
        tapping it. You need to tap fairly quickly too.
    Whirl Wind : QCB DnBk Fw + B  [Double Super]
    Yuki spins her spear above her head and a whirl of air appears around her.
    if anyone jumps or walks into the whirlwind, they are sucked up and
    hit for some massive damage. It works like Orochi's soul ripping thing
    from KOF97, as it pulls the enemy towards it. Use it while CLOSE to
    the enemy so they don't have time to react to it (hence get hit by it).
    JI + B +-> B +-> Ice Bolt(B)
           |     +-> Dashing Slash(A) => Big Ice Stab (FU)[!P]
           |     +-> Ice Uppercut(A) -> E
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Ice Bolt(B) 
                               +-> Dashing Slash(A) +=> Big Ice Stab (FU)[!Ex]
                               +-> Ice Uppercut
                               +=> Big Ice Stab [!]
    Instant Combo -> Ice Uppercut(A) -> E
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C B -> QCF + A
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> BC A -> QCF + B
                                   +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -> Ice Upper(B) ->E
    Note- Neither of Yuki's supers work well with the SSC launcher. Her Ice
    Uppercut is probably the best thing she can link.
    Most Powerful Move : 11 Hit Super Power Combo - 155 damage
    JI + B -> B -> Dashing Slash(A) => Big Ice Stab (FU)
    Preferred Mode: Power, no doubt. First of all, she sucks totally in speed
    mode. All her moves are weak, she doesn't have her great Whirl Wind,
    and her combos are worse in speed mode than in power mode.
    Strategies: Throw ice bolts a lot. They are good for keeping the enemy
    away and for block damage. Use the dashing slash for a good amount of
    damage. Her Unblockable is decent but not very good ranged... Use her
    Instant Combo instead of throwing, and follow up with a Whirl Wind if
    you have the ability to use one. If not, just follow with a light Ice
    uppercut. Use the Ice uppercut to block incoming jumpers, although
    be careful of its nasty lag time.
    Sword Slash : QCF + A/B [Super Cancel]
    An overhead slash... pretty simple and not too effective altogether.
    The light version hits fast but is very hard to super cancel out of
    (you REALLY have to have the super go off right away), and the
    heavy version is slow and hard to hit with, but very easy to super
    cancel out of.
    Uppercut : Fw Dn DnFw + A/B
    A simple uppercut slash that makes for decent air defense. The light
    one simply goes up, while the heavy one goes forwards a bit then
    slashes upwards, making it worse than the light one for air defense
    in general.
    Huge Slash : QCB + B
    Setsuna makes a massive horizontal swing and flies forward quite a bit.
    This is a great move because it's fast and very strong, and works into
    any combo. Don't use this just to attack people, but use it to counter
    stuff and combos.
    Lightning Defense : HCB + C
    Setsuna holds up his sword and lightning shoots through him. This allows
    him to be able to take a hit and not be knocked out of what he's doing.
    This means if he's doing a super and gets hit, he still does the super.
    Nice hm?
    +-> (Follow up) : See Stunner
    Stunner : HCF + C
    This can only be used after the Lightning Defence.
    Basically this takes that one hit from the lightning defense and shoots it
    out of Setsuna's fist. And enemy who gets hit with this becomes stunned
    and is open to a super or whatever else. Not as useful as it sounds.
    Air Grab : Fw Dn DnFw + C
    Setsuna grabs upwards into the air. If he catches the enemy, he slams them
    into the ground for a bit of damage. Great air defense I might add. Use
    this after hitting with a heavy Sword slash if you don't have a super ready.
    Enders: C, DnFw + B
    Super Slasher : QCF QCF + AB [Super]
    Just like in the Sword Slash, Setsuna does a large overhead slash.
    However, this one is massive and very fast. You can hold AB down
    to delay the swing, which is somewhat useful for timing things,
    especially if Super Canceling from the heavy sword slash.
    Super Lighting Defence : HCB HCB + B [Double Super]
    Like in the Lightning Defence, Setsuna holds up his sword and lighting
    shoots around him. However, this time it's massive, like what Kaede did
    in the first game when he transformed, except this time it does some
    serious damage (I mean like 80+ damage). This time, Setuna cannot be
    knocked out of anything for around 10 seconds, hit or not hit.
    +-> (Follow up) : See Supreme Death
    Supreme Death : QCB HCF + AB
    This can only be used after the Super Lightning Defence
    Setsuna thrusts his hand forward and if he hits, the enemy is caught
    in a plane of glass, which Setsuna scrapes with his fingers, then rips
    out the persons soul, jumps back, and crushes it, sending absolutley
    massive amounts of blood out of the enemy. This hurts, by the way.
    If you get this off during a match, say goodnight to the enemy.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Sword Slash(A) => Super Slasher
           |     +-> Huge Slash(A) -> E
           |     +-> Uppercut
           |     +=> Super Slasher -> E
           +-> Fw + C => Supream Death [!!P/Ex]
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Sword Slash(A)
                               +-> Huge Slash
                               +-> Uppercut
                               +=> Super Slasher -> E
    Stunner +-> Sword Slash(B) +-> Air Grab -> E
            |                 +=> Super Slasher -> E [!P/Ex]
            +=> Super Speed Combo [!S]
    Fw + C => Supream Death [!!P]
    S.Lit.Def. -> Stunner * 4 +-> JI + B -> B(2) -> Sw.Slash(A) => S.Slasher -> E
                              |                                      [!!P/Ex]
                              +-> Super Speed Combo [!@#Ex]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C -> QCF + B
                      +-> Dn + C +-> BC -> QCF + B
                                 +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> Super Slasher ->E [!?]
                                                       -=> SupreamDeath [!@#]
    Most Powerful Move: Setsuna-Ultimate-Cheese-Magnum-Combo - 180 (386) damage
    S.Lit.Def. -> Stunner * 4 -> JI + B -> B(2) -> Sw.Slash(A) => S.Slasher -> E
    Notes on the Ultimate-Cheese-Magnum-Combo-
    This combo requires your life bar be flashing and you have a full super bar.
    First, you must do the Super Lightning Defence and then QUICKLY run to the
    enemy and do 4, yes 4, Stunners. It's very hard?to do this, and most likely
    you will want to shoot for just 3 instead. Then you have to jump up and
    maybe forward a bit and do a JI + B. Then, you can hit B and let it hit
    either 1 or 2 times. It's much easier on the first hit, trust me.
    Then, the Sw.Slasher combos in and you must link the Super Slash into the
    2nd or 3rd hit of the Sw.Slash, or it will not combo.
    This combo is fairly hard but good god is it scary to have done to you.
    Note- It is possible to link the Supream Death into the combo,
    it's extreamly difficult though. However, it's probably more
    likely to hit than just using it normaly.
    Preferred Mode: Who knows? In Power mode he's got great power...
    But in speed mode he's got a lot of really painful combos. It's
    really up to the player. Maybe a candidate for EX mode eh?
    Strategies: First of all, realize his Jump In and Standing Fierce
    both hit Twice. This means to get the max number of hits you'll have
    to hit with both hits jumping in and standing. This takes practice,
    and don't get frustrated if you can't, just deal with a few less
    Anyway, use his Lightning Defense a lot! It's useful. Also use his air
    grabber, which is a great defensive move. His sword slashers are decent
    but don't over use them. His Unblockable is a great attack, since
    it has good range. His Huge slash is also a good move, so use it.
    But most of all, focus on combos. Even in Power mode Setsuna is a
    God at comboing things, and it shows on many frustrated players.
    Card Zap: Bk + B
    A simple, quick fierce attack that shocks the opponant. Not sure if there's
    anything that can be done with this.
    Pounce: Dn + C (in air)
    Akari stomps down and knocks the opponant to the ground. Just a little little
    extra. :)
    Mid Air Throw: C + D ( in air)
    Akari makes a grab for the opponant in the air, but usualy misses and fall down. :)
    Upwards Spin : Dn, Up + C
    Akari spins upwards a bit. This can be used for a variety of tricks,
    but it's overall not that useful.
    +-> (Follow up) : Dn Up + C
    |   Akari holds her hand up and hits the enemy for a little extra
    |   damage. Mostly just for annoying people.
    Demon Fireball : QCF + A/B
    A small fireball flies at the enemy. The B version doesn't go the whole
    way across the screen. You can't air block these for some reason. What
    a friggin pain.
    Demon Bell : HCB + A
    Akari hits her stick to the ground, if it hits (hits low), then a giant
    bell falls on the enemy and burns them. Akari can get caught in it too,
    but doesn't seem to have anything wrong besides being pissed.
    Sleepy Counter: HCB + B
    Akari falls asleep. Yeah. Anyway, if she gets hit while she's asleep,
    she'll do a counter attack for a bit. Use it to ANNOY people.
    Hello: HCB + C
    Akari turns into the person she is fighting, with everything except
    the supers. This lasts until she is hit or after a bit of time.
    Utter Wackyness: Bk Dn DnBk + A/B/C
    Akari holds a charm out. If this hits, the other player's controls
    are messed up a little. Each button affects a different set of controls...
    use to annoy.
    Teleporter: Fw Dn DnFw + A/B/C
    Initialy this apears a very simple move. Akari teleports off the screen and
    then returns. However, this becomes quickly very complicated:
    +-> C Version: Akari teleports directly above the enemy and lands on her rear
    |              unless you follow up.
    | +-> A Version:
    | | | Akari teleports and appears off the same side she was on.
    | +-> B Version:
    |   | Akari teleports and appears off the opposite side she was on.
    |   |
    |   | > These next follow ups can be linked into eachother, however you can only
    |   |   do any of them once in a single use of the teleport.
    |   |
    |   +-+> (Follow Up): Hold A
    |   | | Holding A after doing the move will allow Akari to roll away from where
    |   | | she teleported in from, until you release A.
    |   +-+> (Follow Up): Hold B
    |   | | Holding B will make akari roll away from where she was coming from.
    |   +-+> (Follow Up): Hold C
    |     | Akari will hold her place on the ground and continue to spin. She can
    |     | actualy hit with this.
    |     |
    +---->| > After releasing your hold on one of the previous follow ups, akari
          |   will rise up from the ground. You must do these follow ups in the split
          |   second before she stops spinning and rising.
          |   If you are coming in from the C version, you only have a very short time
          |   to do the follow up before Akari lands on her back.
          +-> (Follow Up): Up + A
          |   Akari rises up into a blue spinning ball, ala Samus, and then falls back
          |   down, causes numerous hits.
          +-> (Follow Up): Up + B
          |   Akari rises far up and comes down with a mighty pounce.
          +-> (Follow Up): Up + C
          |   Not really and attack, Akari simply bounces in the oposite direction
          |   she normaly would.
          +-> (Follow Up): Dn + C
              Akari reverses direction quickly and pounces the on the enemy, then
              countinues and bounces off.
    Enders: C, DnFw + B
    Doom Centipede: Dn DnBk Bk DnBk Fw + AB [Super]
    Akari hops and lands a charm at the enemy's feet. If it hits (hits low), then
    the enemy gets caught up in a big long super. It hurts.
    Doom Parade: HCB HCB + B [Double Super]
    Akari throws her little pole thing into the air. If this hits, a parade
    of ... things goes across the screen for a big mess of damage.
    Use this to get those people who enjoy JUMPING all the time.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Demon Bell
           |     +-> Demon Fireball
           |     +=> Doom Centipede [!P/Ex]
           |     +=> Doom Parade [!!P/Ex]
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A +-> Bk + B +-> DnFw + C
                             |          +-> Fw + C
                             |          +-> Demon FireBall
                             |          +=> Doom Centipede [!]
                             +-> B +-> Fw + B
                             |     +-> DnFw + c
                             |     +-> Fw + C
                             |     +-> Demon Fireball
                             |     +=> Doom Centipede
                             +-> Dn + B(2)
                             +-> Dn + B(1) +-> DnFw + C
                             |               +-> Bk + B
                             |               +-> Demon Fireball
                             |               +=> Doom Centipede
                             |               +-> Fw + C
                             +=> Doom Centipede
                             +-> Utter Wackiness
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C B -> QCF + A
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> BC A -> QCF + B
                                   +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> Doom Centipead [!?]
    Most Powerful Move: 12 Hit Double Super Power Combo - 149 Damage
    Preferred Mode: Speed. Look at the frickin combos man! Virtualy any mash
    of random buttons will result in some nasty kind of combo. I'm sure there's
    probably plenty more where THIS came from!
    Strategies: If your going to play her at all, be annoying. Just do things
    that piss your opponents off so much they lose track of what your doing.
    Use the Hello move a lot if you know how to play the person your enemy
    is playing. The sleepy counter is good for people who like to just run in
    and attack a lot. The teleport is good if the enemy is trying to get
    something off.
    Use the Utter Wackyness move to further annoy the enemy... and most of all,
    just throw fireballs ALLLLLL the time.
    Flamin Whack: QCF + A/B
    Juzoh swings forward and cause a bit of fire to erupt. This is pretty cool
    but only the light one is really effective. 
    Sneeze: QCB + C
    He sneezes. Hold down the button to make it do more damage. Why bother?
    Who knows.
    Big Head: Fw Bk Fw + C
    Juzok rears back and gives the enemy a good head butt. This does a good amount
    of damage and it's unblockable. Wohoo. You have to do this move at close range,
    and the speed version is not unblockable.
    Dash (for no reason): QCF + C
    Juzoh turns Red (Unknockdownable) and dashes at the enemy. You can interrupt
    this with some moves, but does not seem to have too much use, as Juzoh still
    can take damage. You can, BTW, link Juzoh's Super Speed Combo out of this.
    Big Stomp: Fw Dn DnFw + A/B  [Super Cancel]
    Juzoh does a stomp to the ground, knocking down the enemy if he's close.
    This has to be blocked low. Only the A version seems to work as the super
    cancel, and only if you're fairly close, and only with the Really Big Stomp.
    Big Throw: HCB + B
    A cool throw. Juzoh throws them into the air. You can then do either follow
    up to inflict some good damage. When you hit them is also important... you
    get more damage if they are down farther on the screen before it hits. Work
    on your timing kids.
    +-> (Follow Up): QCF + B
    | | Juzoh gives the enemy a good heavy swing. This does more the later in
    | | the fall the enemy is.
    | +-> (Follow Up): QCF + C
    |     A big flaming attack will fly across the screen for yet another hit. 
    |     Doesn't do that much damage, but every little bit...
    +-> (Follow Up): QCF + AB [Super]
        A massive swing that takes a little while to get off. Use this if you get
        an enemy in the throw and you have a super bar.
    Big Counter: HCB + A
    Juzoh grabs the enemy from the air and slams him down, then whacks him away...
    +-> (Follow Up) : HCF + B
    |   Juzoh jumps up and down on the enemy a bit, THEN whacks him away.
    +-> (Follow Up) : HCF + A
      | Juzoh slams em around a bit with his bat, then whacks him away unless...
      +-> (Follow Up) : HCB HCB + AB [Super]
        | Juzoh jumps up and down on the enemy a lot, then whacks him away, UNLESS...
        +-> (Follow Up) : QCF + B [Super]
            Juzoh finished with a really bit stomp and jumps away, very happy. Please
            note, this is NOT a double super, you can do it even with only a standard
            power meter!
    Enders: Up + B, Run
    Juzoh can just run across the enemy to deal them an extra hit.
    Real Big Stomp: QCF QCF + AB [Super]
    Juzoh jumps high into the air and causes a giant explosion if he hits the enemy.
    Since Juzoh is Unknockoutable during this move, it has insanely huge priority
    over people who are currently in the air. Use it a lot.
    Real Big Head Banger: QCF QCF + B [Double Super]
    Juzoh slams his head into the enemy, gives em a swing into the air, and then
    creates a nice large explosion that does some heavy damage to the enemy.
    It's not unblockable, so I haven't found any real good use for it yet.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Flamin Whack(A)
           |     +-> Big Stomp(A)
           +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Flamin Whack(A)
                               +-> Big Stomp(A)
    Big Stomp => Real Big Stomp
    Super Speed Combo:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C -> QCF + B
                      +-> Dn + C +-> BC -> QCF + B
                                 +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> Real Big Stomp
    DnDn+A/B->A B C->Dn+C C->Fw+BC-=>HCB+A->HCF+A-=>HCB HCB+AB-=>QCF+B [!?Ex]
    Note- I put this one here because it's AWESOME. It's probably his most
    powerful combo, doing almost 180 damage. Yes this is possible to do
    during a match, but you need to have the enemy in a corner (maybe not?)
    and be at critical and have a full meter. FUN. :)
    Most Powerful Move: Real Big Head Banger + End : 153 Damage
    Preferred Mode: Well seeing as how BIG juzoh is, power seems best.
    But if your bored you can show off that rediculous combo I have listed
    for Ex mode. :)
    Strategies: Throw a lot. These are the meat of his damage dealing efforts,
    so do them a lot. Use the Dash (for no reason) into a Big Stomp into
    the Real big stomp if you've got a little life to waste (just in case).
    Use the Real Big Stomp a lot when you've got a super bar, or the Real Big
    Swing. Either is great.
    The Big Counter is another good use of the Super bar. If you've got one filled
    and you've got em in the throw anyway, go for it.
    Point of interest: If you hold back when you do Amano's standing B, he wont
    fall over.
    Big Swing: HCB + B (Optional: Hold B)
    Amano swirls his "Stick" around and swings whenever you let up on the button.
    The first thing he says means you can let go. The second means it will do
    more damage. The third means it has become very big and unblockable. The third
    level will also stun the enemy instantly, which means if they were swift enough
    to get hit with it in the first place, they will probably be dead after it's
    over. This move also links into a super, but it wont stun if you do. So you can
    do it once for the stun, then again for the super. Instant death? Maybe so.
    Annoying Dash: Fw DnBk Fw + A/B [Super Cancel]
    Amano dashes across the screen and gives the enemy a good hit to the
    gut. The super is hard to do off this.
    Fast Whacking: Tap A lots
    Amano just whacks at the enemy for a bit. Nothing real special but BOY
    is it annoying.
    +-> (Follow Up): QCF + B
        Amano finishes with quick twirl of his weapon and jams it into the enemy.
        It's not too flashy but it sure is useful, and makes this move a bit
        stronger. Plus this move knocks enemies down so you can often follow up
        on it.
    Bottle hit: QCB + A
    Amano hits the enemy with his Bottle of... whatever. It stuns the enemy
    to let you get in a hit.
    Uppercut: Fw Dn DnFw + C
    A pretty nice uppercut. Amano swings upwards for a good amount of damage.
    Use this as air cover.
    Special Throw : QCF QCF + C
    Please correct me if this is wrong. This is Amano's special throw, where
    he headbutts the enemy repeatedly. It's strong, but it's a little tricky
    to pull off quickly.
    Counter Smack: HCB + C
    Amano starts talking to the enemy, and if he gets hit during this, he gives
    them a good whack. This is very useful because you can link ANYTHING out of it,
    although you'll have to thing fast. Plus it switches sides if you need to do that.
    Ultimate Raz Move: QCF + Start
    You'll know about this one if you've beaten the game with amano before.
    Amano builds his power meter up by 1/2. Cool, but takes a while to get
    Enders: C, DnFw + B
    Super Swing: HCB HCB + AB [Super]
    Amano swings down and throws... something at the enemy. When it hits the
    ground it explodes and can hit quite a few times.
    Flying Thing: HCB HCB + A/B [Double Super]
    Amano throws out a little... something at the enemy. If it hits, the enemy
    goes flying into the air, back to the ground for a nice explosion and 
    a MASSIVE hunk of damage.
    The A version shoots upwards and the B version shoots across.
    B -> Annoying Dash(B) +-> E
                          +=> Super Swing [!P/Ex]
    Big Swing(See Note 2) -> Fast Whacking (FU) -> E
    Big Swing(Full Charge) +=> Super Swing [!P/Ex]
                           +=> Super Speed Combo
    Counter Smack +-> Fast Whacking(FU)
                  +-> Big Swing (No Charge) -> Fast Whacking (FU)
                  +-> Annoying Dash(B) +=> Super Swing [!P/Ex]
                  +=> Super Swing [!P/Ex]
                  +=> Flying Thing -> Uppercut [!!P/Ex] -> E
                  +=> Super Speed Combo [!S]
    A -> A -> B -> Annoying Dash(B) +-> E [S/Ex]
                                    +=> Super Swing [!Ex]
    Flying Thing -> Uppercut [!!P/Ex See Below]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C -> QCF + B
                      +-> Dn + C +-> BC -> QCF + B
                                 +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -> Uppercut
    Note- I haven't found anything signifigant that works off his
    SSC launcher. Any help?
    Note 2 - This move can link of either the regular version (no charge) or the
    first charge level, between the first and second time he says whatever he does.
    The second charge level knocks the enemy down so you can't link it.
    Flying Thing combo:
    This one requires explanation. When the enemy is first landing from
    the Flying Thing, they can be hit. To make this work, you need
    to be at JUST the right position. The entire screen distance works.
    Hit the enemy with the Flying Thing, then as they are landing,
    do the Uppercut, and follow up with an End. If done right (HARD),
    it will do 180 damage. Ouch.
    Most Powerful Move: Counter into Flying Thing - 180 [244] Damage
    Preferred Mode: Power. You're silly if your try to play him in Speed.
    He totally lacks any speed or any combos in either version, so just
    stick to Power and deal the MASSIVE OH MY GOD damage.
    Strategies: Kill. Amano is powerful, and drunk. Use both to your advantage.
    First of all, use the Dash very often, as it hits out of the air too. Second,
    use the uppercut very often. It is fun. Third, his counter move is very useful.
    Use it a lot if your opponant likes to play on the offensive.
    Slasher: QCF + A/B
    A simple slash forward. A hits high, B hits low. This has serious lag if
    you don't hit the enemy, so watch out.
    Dash Cutter: Fw Dn DnFw + B [Super Cancel]
    Hibiki dashes and cuts the enemy, and ends up behind them. Holding down
    the button delays when she slashes.
    Dodge: AB
    This is a very short dodge, nearly worthless by itself.
    +-> (Follow up) Fw + C
        Hibiki dashes forwards a bit, I haven't found if there is a particular
        reason for this or not.
    Counter Throw: HCF + C
    Hibiki holds her hand out. If she is attacked, she will grab the enemy and
    throw them a bit.
    +-> (Follow up) Fw + C: Hibiki gives the enemy another good slash.
    +-> (Follow up) B + C: Hibiki whaps the enemy with her scabbard.
    Reverse Thrust : Fw Dn DnFw + C
    Hibiki turns around and thrusts her scabbard backwards. This move has
    rediculous lag time, however you can link a lot off of it, but can't be
    linked off of anything.
    Enders: C, DnFw + B
    Super Dash Cutter: Dn DnBk Bk DnBk Fw + AB [Super]
    Just like the Dash cutter, but much faster. When this hits, Hibiki will
    put her sword away very slowly, then the enemy will take the damage they
    Ultimate Slasher: Fw HCF + B [Double Super]
    Hibiki makes a small pink slash. If this hits (It has to be RIGHT in front
    of them), a white line appears over the screen, then Hibiki puts her sword
    away and similar to the Super Dash Cutter, the enemy takes it pretty bad.
    Hard to hit with, however I belive it is unblockable. Maybe use it in place
    of a throw?
    JI + B +-> B +-> Slasher
           |     +-> Dash Cutter +=> Super Dash Cutter [!P/Ex]
           +=> Ultimate Slasher [!!P/Ex]
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Slasher
                               +-> Dash Cutter +=> Super Dash Cutter [!Ex]
                               |               +-> Slasher
                               +=> Super Dash Cutter [!]
                               +=> Ultimate Slasher [!!Ex]
    Reverse Thrust +-> Slasher
                   +=> Super Dash Cutter [!]
                   +=> Super Speed Combo [!]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C B -> QCF + A
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> BC A -> QCF + B
                                   +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> S.D.Cutter [!]
    Note- Hibiki's Double Super will hit if chained on the SSC launcher but
    wont connect for the full super, so it's pretty worthless.
    Most Powerful Move: SSC Launcher Super combo - 140
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C -> Dn + C A C -> Fw + BC => S.D.Cutter [!S]
    Preferred Mode: Up to you. Speed she can deal some okay combos, but in Power
    her Double Super is somewhat useful, as is her Super Cancel. In power she
    is known to all as the Super Cheese because of her standing fierce attack.
    I hate that.
    Strategies: Hit em high, hit em low, just hit em like mad. Use her slasher
    a bit, but whatever you do, just focus on using her standing fierce. That
    Male Offspring of a female Canine is one painful attack.
    Her Double Super sucks unless in a combo. Get over it Garrot.
    Rapid Stab: QCB + A/B, Tap A/B
    This is a series of rapid stabs at the enemy. These are pretty effective
    at pushing enemies away from you, so use it if you are doing a combo that
    is being blocked to get that sucker away from you.
    Ranged Slash: Bk(H), Fw + A/B
    Washizuka slashes out a little blue slash that flies across the screen
    at the enemy. The B version slashes out 2. This is actualy a very useful
    move, since there are two, it can get rid of most other projectiles and
    then score a hit. It's also great for keeping people away from you.
    Upwards Slash: Dn(H), Up + A/B
    A quick upwards slash. This shoots up a sort of Laser Beam upwards that
    hits enemies out of the air. It's fairly ineffective as an air defense,
    unless you play him like Guile (lamer). Used in a combo it's fairly
    Dash Attack: Bk(H), Fw + C
    Washizuka dashes forwards a bit and runs into the enemy. This doesn't
    do much but sets the enemy up for...
    +-> (Follow Up): QCF + C [Super Cancel]
    |   Washizuka hits the enemy and it knocks them into the air.
    +-> (Follow Up): QCB + C
    |   Washizuka hops into the air then hits. This must be blocked high.
    +-> (Follow Up): QCB + B
        Washizuka Hits the enemy in the kneecaps. Must be blocked low.
    Super Unblockable: BC(H)
    Washizuka does like most unblockables, but hold this down and he will
    turn red. This means it will now go about 7/8ths of the way across
    the screen, and can be followed up. This is unblockable, of course.
    +-> (Follow Up): See Slasher Combo
    Enders: C, DnFw + B
    Slasher Combo: Dn DnBk Bk DnBk Fw + AB [Super]
    Washizuka dashes forwards and if he hits, starts into a series of
    Rapid Slashes, then knocks the enemy into the air, then does a giant
    Upwards Slash. This hits a lot, but in turn doesn't do very much
    Ultimate Stab/Ultimate Unblockable : Dn DnBk Bk DnBk Fw + B [Double Super]
    Washizuka holds his sword back, then lunges forward and a giant Japanese
    symbol appears in the background. The enemy takes some serious damage
    from this, and it goes the whole way across the screen.
    Even better, hold down the button and instead of just the Ultimate Stab,
    Washizuka will turn red as it becomes the Ultimate Unblockable.
    It's the same thing, but does more damage and YOU CAN'T BLOCK IT.
    You can also hit people out of the air with it, if they are low enough.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Ranged Slash(A)
           |     +-> Upwards Slash -> E
           |     +-> Rapid Stab
           |     +-> Dash Attack +-> Follow Up(QCF+C) => Slasher Combo -> E [!P/Ex]
           |     |               +-> Follow Up(QCB+C)
           |     |               +-> Follow Up(QCB+B)
           |     +=> Slasher Combo -> E [!]
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Ranged Slash(A)
                               +-> Upwards Slash -> E
                               +-> Rapid Stab
                               +-> Dash Attack +-> FU(QCF+C) => Slasher C. -> E [!Ex]
                               |               +-> Follow Up(QCB+C)
                               |               +-> Follow Up(QCB+B)
                               +=> Slasher Combo -> E [!]
    Super Unblockable => Slasher Combo [!P/Ex]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C B -> QCF + A
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> BC A -> QCF + B
                                   +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> Slasher Combo [!]
                                                         -=> U.Unblockable [!@#Ex]
    Most Powerful move: 17 Hit Unblockable Super Power Combo : 166 Damage
    Preferred Mode: Power. Why? UNBLOCKABLES EVERYWHERE!
    Strategies: Don't use his dash unless in a combo. Use his Ranged Slashes
    all the time to piss the enemy off. Stay away from the Upperslash as it
    isn't that useful.
    Do unblockables AAAAALLLL the time. Only do his Double Super if you have
    enough room to get it off as an unblockable or can hit the enemy for sure.
    His regular Super isn't very useful unless it hits, so use it in a combo.
    Do his Rapid Stabber when you need to get the enemy off of you. Trust me,
    it works for both getting them away and block damage.
    Use your unblockables like Psycho against the final boss. He deserves it!
    Rapid Stabs: QCB + B
    Kojiro stabs 3 times forward. This is useful for combos.
    Big Slash: QCB + A
    Kojiro quickly slashes forward. This can get you behind the enemy.
    It's a lot more useful than it looks, since it's so fast.
    Ranged Slash: QCF + A/B
    Kojiro slashes out a little yellow slash that flies across the screen
    at the enemy. The B version slashes out 2. This isn't as useful as
    Washizuka's since this one takes longer and throws them as one
    Upwards Slash: Fw Dn DnFw + A/B
    A quick upwards slash. This shoots up a sort of Laser Beam upwards that
    hits enemies out of the air. This is a much better one than Washizuka's
    since you can use it instantly instead of having to charge it.
    Speed Dash: QCB + C
    Kojiro dashes quickly across the screen. Can be followed up by a lot
    of moves. Good for getting behind the enemy if they jump a lot.
    +-> (Follow up) : C
        Kojiro does her throw during this move, very useful, but has to be
        done very close to enemy, in front of him or behind him.
    Super Overhead: Fw + BC
    Only in Speed or EX mode. This works just like the regular overhead
    (can only be blocked high), but knocks the enemy into the air to
    be juggled or whatever.
    Super Unblockable: BC(H)
    Kojiro does like most unblockables, but hold this down and he will
    turn red. This means it will now go about 7/8ths of the way across
    the screen, and can be followed up. This is unblockable, of course.
    +-> (Follow Up): See Slasher Combo
    Enders: C, DnFw + B
    Slasher Combo: Dn DnBk Bk DnBk Fw + AB [Super]
    Kojiro does similar to Washizuka, except does the first series of stabs
    even if it is blocked. This is GREAT for block damage, and also great
    if not blocked. If this isn't blocked, the enemy is knocked into the air
    and hit with a big Upper slash.
    Ultimate Stab/Ultimate Unblockable : Dn DnBk Bk DnBk Fw + B [Double Super]
    Kojiro holds her sword back, then lunges forward and a giant Japanese
    symbol appears in the background. The enemy takes some serious damage
    from this, and it goes the whole way across the screen.
    Even better, hold down the button and instead of just the Ultimate Stab,
    Kojiro will turn red and then it becomes the Ultimate Unblockable.
    It's the same thing, but does more damage and YOU CAN'T BLOCK IT.
    You can also hit people out of the air with it, if they are low enough.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Ranged Slash(A)
           |     +-> Upwards Slash -> E
           |     +-> Big Slash
           |     +-> Rapid Stabs
           |     +=> Slasher Combo -> E [!]
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Ranged Slash(A)
                               +-> Upwards Slash -> E
                               +-> Rapid Stabs
                               +-> Big Slash
                               +=> Slasher Combo -> E [!]
    Super Unblockable => Slasher Combo -> E [!P/Ex]
    Super Overhead +-> Upwards Slash(B) -> E
                   +=> Slasher Combo -> E [!S/Ex]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C B A -> QCF + C
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> Fw + BC -> A B -> QCF + B
                                   +->Dn+C->Fw+BC-=> Slasher Combo -> E [!?]
                                                 -=>S.Overhead->U.Slash-> E
                                                 -=>S.Overhead->S.Combo-> E [!?]
                                                                    (Corner only) 
    Most Powerful move: 11 Hit Unblockable Super Power Combo: 167 Damage
    Preferred Mode: Either. She's good in both her modes, however the
    unblockables might win over many people to Power mode.
    Strategies: Use her a lot like Washizuka... but use the stabs a lot
    more. Use fireballs to keep enemies at range. Her Upper Slash is a lot
    better than Washizuka's, so you can use it to knock people out of the
    air with ease.
    If your life hits critical, just keep using the Super. Even if they block
    it, the block damage is good.
    Whirly Basket: HCB + A/B [Super Cancel]
    Okina spins around with his basket and hits the enemy, B version will
    knock down the enemy after whacking him repeatedly.
    +-> (Follow Up): See Super Whirly Basket
    Turtle: QCF + A/B/C
    Shoots out a turtle of a certain type. C version heals whomever it hits
    (likely you), and can be used to increase your annoyance factor.
    Fishing Pole: Fw Dn DnFw + A/B/C
    Trips up people with a turtle on a fishing rod... A is cloest range,
    B is a bit farther and C is near full screen.
    Teleport: Bk Dn DnBk + A/B/C
    Teleports Okina around and hits the enemy. A is to back up, B to appear
    right inf ront and hit with a turtle, C to appear above.
    Upper Whirly Basket: HCB + C
    Okina spins upwards to hit the enemy, useful as an air counter.
    Super Whirly Basket: HCF HCF + AB [Super]
    Okina Spins around in a Water whirl that goes the entire screen
    verticly, as well as moving horizontally a bit. Useful like
    Terry Bogard's (Fatal Fury) Power Geiser, but a bit slower.
    Super Turtle: HCF HCF + B [Double Super]
    Drops a turtle on the enemy's head... a REALLY big turtle. This can
    be very useful and scary.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Upper Whirly Basket -> E
           |     +-> Turtle
           |     +-> Fishing Pole(A)
           |     +-> Whirly Basket(A)
           +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Upper Whirl Basket -> E
                               +-> Turtle
                               +-> Fishing Pole(A)
                               +-> Whirl Basket(A)
    Whirl Basket(B) +=> Super Whirly Basket [!P/Ex]
                    +=> Super Speed Combo [S]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C B -> QCF + A
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> BC A -> QCF + B
                                   +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> S.W.Basket [!?]
                                                         -=> S.Turtle [!@#]
    Most Powerful move: 13 Hit Super Whirly Basket Combo - 173 Damage
    Preferred Mode: Either works fairly well really. Power mode has a very
    nice super cancel, but speed gives you the general speed benefits.
    Take your pick.
    Strategies: In case you didn't notice, I don't like Okina. Anyway, be
    annoying. He seems to be good at that. Just throw turtles and then
    use the fishing pole to trip them up. Be annoying.
    Super Slash: Fw Dn DnFw + A/B, Tap A/B
    He throws out his blade and it hits for many many many hits. If you
    tap it, it flies out then back, for up to around 18 hits. Sick block
    damage, sick regular damage. Sick power bar build. Use it a LOT.
    Throw Slash: QCB + A/B
    He throws out his blade across the screen. Good for keeping the
    enemy away from you.
    +-> (Follow Up): Up + B
        Throws his hand out and wherever the blade is, it holds there
        for a second. This allows for a second hit. Sick.
    Bite Dash: HCF + A/B
    He dashes across the screen, and if not blocked low, bites the enemy
    sending blood around.
    Super Throw: HCB + C
    He holds up his ... weapon. If hit, he knocks them down and does a sick
    little stab thing. Ouh.
    Enders: Up + B
    Diver: (air) QCB + A/B [Super Cancel]
    He dives down at the enemy. Only the B version Super Cancels. Sick.
    Quisinart: QCF QCF + AB [Super]
    He thrusts his blade out then starts sickly chopping the heck out of the
    enemy. Hits 22 times. Ouh.
    YOU ARE DEAD: QCF QCF + B [Double Super]
    He dashes quickly across the screen, as in the Bite dash. If he connects
    (hits low), he starts a massive slashing combo that causes a huge bloody
    symbol to appear in the background, then get cut in half. You turn purple
    from getting hit by this, probably from total lack of blood.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Bite Dash(A)
           |     +-> Throw Slash -> Follow Up
           |     +-> Super Slash
           |     +=> Quisinart -> E [!]
           |     +=> YOU ARE DEAD [!!P/Ex]
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Bite Dash(A)
                               +-> Throw Slash -> Follow Up
                               +-> Super Slash
                               +=> Quisinart -> E [!]
                               +=> YOU ARE DEAD [!!Ex]
    Diver => Quisinart -> E [!]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C -> QCF + B
                      +-> Dn + C +-> BC -> QCF + B
                                 +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -> S.Slasher(B) -> E
                                                       -=> Quisinart [!?]
                                                       -=> YOU ARE DEAD [!@#]
    Note- Undead Guy's Quisinart doesn't work well out of the SSC Launcher.
    but the S.Slasher can be done late into the enemies fall for a lot of damage.
    Most Powerful Move: YOU ARE DEAD Combo - 170 Damage
    JI + B +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +=> YOU ARE DEAD [!!Ex]
    Prefered Mode: Power. He doesn't need combos. His Super Slash is enough
    to send anyone crazy with power. 
    Strategies: Use the Super Slash ALL the time to build up super power. Then,
    use the Quisinart in any way you can get it off. It's deadly! You don't need
    much skill to play this guy, just go nuts.
    Energy Focus : Start (Hold)
    This move is rather odd. Lee does a stance and his life meter begins refilling!
    It's rather slow though, so doesn't have so much use. However, Lee cannot be
    knocked out of this, nor knocked down.... Odd, but cool. :)
    Fan Dash: HCB + A/B [Super Cancel]
    Lee dashes a bit and hits the enemy with his fan, causing lots of fire. This
    is a decent move but not really THAT useful.
    +-> (Follow Up): HCF + B
        This can be used to follow up on the B version of the Fan Dash. Adds some
        extra damage to the move. You have to do it quick or it won't link in.
    Upperkick: Dn(H), Up + B
    Lee kicks upwards a bit and sets the enemy aflame. Good air defensive move.
    +-> (Follow Up) Dn(H) + B
        Lee kicks the enemy back down. Looks like something Kim Kaphwan would do.
    Dodge: AB
    Lee dodges back a little bit. This avoids many attacks.
    +-> (Follow Up): A/B/C/D
    |   Lee attacks after the dodge. A does a fan hit, B a short kick, C a quick low
    |   kick and D a big punch.
    +-> (Follow Up): (H)Dn + C
        Lee has a multitude of uses for this. Please see the combo chart below
        for a full listing of things he can do.
      | Lee sweeps low and can finish with the following:
      +-> A) (H)Dn + C C  - Lee sweeps three times low and knocks down the enemy.
      +-> B) Dn + C -> Rapid Kicks  - Lee finishes with his 9 hit rapid kick.
      +-> B) Fw + C  - Lee gives an overhead kick. Doesn't seem to combo.
      +-> C) Dn + C -> Fw + C  - Lee sweeps twice and overhead kicks for 4 hits.
    Rapid Kicks: QCB + C x 5?
    Lee does a round flaming kick. Continue doing the motion and it will rack up
    to around 9 hits.
    Air Rapid Kick: (air) QCB + C x 3?
    Same as the rapid kick, but hits less and does it in the air.
    Step on your Face: (air) QCF + C
    Lee kicks downwards, if he hits, he starts kicking rapidly at the enemy.
    Enders: C
    Nuke Fan: Dn DnBk Bk DnBk Fw + AB [Super]
    Lee throws his fan into the air, then catches it, then dashes across the
    screen. If he hits the enemy, they blow up in a big pillar of flame.
    This kinda hurts. Yeah.
    Nuke Combo Rush: Dn Dnbk Bk DnBk Fw + B [Double Super]
    Lee dashes at the enemy, if he hits, he goes into a long combo of
    death and flames, finishing with some flames going up the screen.
    Not that powerful, but lots of fun.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Rapid Kicks -> E
           |     +-> Fan Dash +-> Follow Up
           |     |            +=> Nuke Fan [!P/Ex]
           |     +=> Nuke Fan [!]
           |     +=> Nuke Combo Rush [!!P/Ex]
           +-> Dn(H) + B -> Up + C -> Follow up -> E
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Rapid Kicks -> E
                               +-> Fan Dash +-> Follow Up
                               |            +=> Nuke Fan [!Ex]
                               +=> Nuke Fan [!]
                               +=> Nuke Combo Rush [!!Ex]
    Extra special combos:
    A -> B -> C  [S/Ex]  (Special punch/kick/overhead)
    B -------------------------+
                               |       +-> Dn + C C Up + B (FU)
    AB ------------------------+-------+-> Fw + C
                               |       +-> Dn + C Fw + C
    [S/Ex]                     |       +-> Dn + C C Fw + C
    JI + B -> Bk(H) + A A A B -+       +-> Dn + C C C
                                       +-> Dn + C C +-> Rapid Kicks
                                                    +=> Nuke Fan [!]
                                                    +-> F.Dash => Nuke Fan [!P/Ex]
                                                    +=> Nuke Combo Rush [!!Ex]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C B A -> QCF + C
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> Fw + BC -> A B -> QCF + B
                                   +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> Nuke Fan [!?] (Corner)
    Most Powerful Move: 12 Hit Massive Super Speed Nuke Combo - 158 Damage
    DnDn+A/C -> A B C -> Dn + C A C -> Fw + BC => Nuke Fan -> E [!S]
    Preferred mode: Your choice. Speed he's got GREAT combos and can still
    whip out a ton of damage. Power though, requires less effort usualy and
    does a good deal of damage because his rapid kicks still hit 9 times.
    Strategies: Combo all the time. Don't stop. This is the way you win
    with Lee. Use the rapid kicks often because they provide a good
    deal of power, and an effective counter with the air version. Use his
    dodge when people won't get the heck away from you, then add on the follow
    up. When your life goes critical, let em have it with the Fan Nukes... they
    are fast and effective.
    Knife Slash: QCF + A
    Zantetsu slashes forwards a bit. This attack both counters projectiles
    and knocks the enemy into the air.
    Laser Shot: QCB + B  [Super Cancel]
    Shoots a small beam from his hand. It just shoots straight out (hence
    can be a special finish) so it's not too useful, outside its cancel
    ability. This is one of the hardest super cancels to do in the game
    because the super must be done very early in the move.
    Invisibility: Bk Dn DnBk + A
    Zantetsu wraps himself in his cape and becomes mostly invisible. This
    is pretty much worthless against the computer... but against players it
    can be confusing if comboed with the teleporter.
    Knife Shot: (air) QCF + A/B
    Zantetsu throws a few daggers downwards at the enemy. This wouldn't
    be too useful except that it can be used while the enemy is still on
    the ground (ie was knocked down)
    +-> (Follow Up): QCF + (same)
        A second round of daggers, this just adds a little damage and hits.
    Face Dance: (air) Dn + C
    Zantetsu kicks downwards, if he hits, he starts a series of blows to the
    enemy's head.
    +-> (Follow Up): Dn + C
        A finisher kick knocks the enemy into the air.
    Upperkick slash: Fw Dn DnFw + C
    Zantetsu kicks upwards into the air. Used as an air counter or in a combo,
    it does quite a bit of damage.
    Teleporter: Fw Bk Fw + C
    Zantetsu turns black and zips across the screen.
    +-> (Follow Up1): QCB + A
    |   Zantetsu slashes Horizontally at the enemy and knocks them across. This one
    |   is more powerful and should be used in combos when neccicary. :)
    +-> (Follow Up2): QCB + B
        Zantetsu slashes Verticlly at the enemy, knocking them down.
    Cape Throw: (air/ground) HCB + C
    Zantetsu wraps the enemy up in his cape and appears in the sky with him and
    slams him into the ground. This can be done in the air.
    Enders: C, DnFw + B, Knife Shot (air)
    You can get a 6 hit addon to your combos with the Knife Shot ender.
    Mega Ranged Slasher: Fw HCF + AB [Super]
    Zantetsu slashes upwards, then downward shooting a massive slash across
    the screen (projectile!). This can hit for 2 hits. It can also juggle sometimes.
    This move ALSO can reflect projectiles. For a cool use, try waiting till the enemy
    throws one at you, then do this super to reflect it AND hit with the super
    itself. Very cool.
    Mega Cape Throw: QCB QCB + B [Double Super]
    Zantetsu grabs forwards. If this catches the enemy, he wraps them up and in
    the darkness Zantetsu slashes them multiple times and then pummels them into
    the ground. This is a THROW.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Laser Shot => Mega R.S. [!P/Ex] -> Jump -> Knife Shot (FU) [!P/Ex]
           |     +-> Knife Slash -> Jump -> Cape Throw
           |     +-> Upper Kick Slash -> Jump -> Knife Shot (FU)
           |     +-> Cape Throw
           |     +-> Teleport +-> Follow Up 1 -> E
           |     |            +-> Follow Up 2 -> E
           |     +=> Mega Ranged Shot +-> Jump -> Knife Shot (FU) [!]
           |                          +-> Super Speed Combo [!S]
           |     +=> Mega Cape Throw [!!P/Ex]
           +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Laser Shot => MegaR.S. [!Ex] -> Jump -> K.Shot(FU)
                               +-> Upper Kick Slash -> Jump -> Knife Shot (FU)
                               +-> Teleport +-> Follow up 1 -> E
                                            +-> Follow up 2 -> E
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C B A -> QCF + C
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> Fw + BC -> A B -> QCF + B
                                   +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -> M.R.Shot [!?]
    Note- it's a bit tricky to hit with both hits of the Mega Ranged Shot.
    Basicly, while the enemy is falling, hit him with the first hit and
    hold down the button. Then, release as he's falling the second time
    to juggle on the shot. Hard timing but worth the effort.
    Most Powerful move: 14 Hit Three Super String Combo - 180 Damage (290)
    JI + B -> B => Mega Ranged Shot => Dn Dn + A -> A B C -> Dn + C A C -> Fw + BC ->
                                                            Mega Ranged Shot  [!?S/EX]
    Preferred Mode: Power. Although his Three Super String Combo is hella damage and
    easy to pull off, it doesn't make up for otherwise lack-luster speed combos.
    Strategies: Throw whenever possible. When someone throws a projectile, use
    the slasher to shoot it back at them. Use the face dance often, as even if
    the enemy is in the air it will knock them down to the ground. When your life
    hits critical, let loose with the projectile super, because this ALSO reflects
    enemy projectiles!
    Downward dive: (air) Dn + C
    Kagami dives down at an angle, setting the enemy on fire.
    Upperwards slash: Fw Dn DnFw + A/B [Super Cancel]
    Kagami spins upwards with his sword, setting the enemy afire and dealing
    a good supply of damage. Only B version works for Super Cancel and not
    too well at that.
    Fireball: QCF + A
    Kagami throws his hand forwards and sends a fireball across the screen.
    Firehand: QCF + B
    Kagami throws his hand forward...
    +-> (Follow Up): QCF + B
        Kagami swings his sword at the enemy, causing a good deal of damage.
    Power Surge: QCB + C
    Kagami puts his hand to the ground and drains energy from the Earth, hence
    raising his own power bar.
    Stab Grab: HCB + B
    Kagami grabs the enemy, stabs them, then blasts them with fire. Throw.
    Enders: C, DnFw + B
    Napalm Wave: Fw HCF + AB [Super]
    Like his fireball, except throws out a large wave that goes across the ground.
    This is unblockable but too slow to make it very useful outside of scaring people
    a lot (you'll get at least an "oh shit!" out of them).
    Flame Dive: (air) HCF + AB [Super]
    Kagami dives downward, if he hits, he slams the enemy upwards in flames.
    Phoenix Dive: (air) HCF + B [Double Super]
    As above, Kagami dives downward (at a wider angle though), and if he connects,
    turns into a giant phoenix and blasts the enemy upwards.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Upwards Slash => Flame Dive -> E [!P/Ex]
           |     +-> Fireball
           |     +-> Firehand (FU)
           +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Upwards Slash => Flame Dive [!Ex] -> E
                               +-> Fireball
                               +-> Firehand (FU)
    Downward Dive -> Upwards Slash => Flame Dive -> E [!]
    (all air) JI + B => Phoenix Dive [!!P/Ex See Below]
    (all air) Downward Dive => Phoenix Dive [!!P/Ex See Below]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C B -> QCF + A
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> BC A -> QCF + B
                                   +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> Flame Dive [!]
                                                                 (Corner only)
                                                         -=> Jump -=> P.Dive [!@#]
                                                            (Must do this VERY fast)
    Phoenix Combo:
    You have to be hitting the enemy with the JI + B at the same time you are finishing
    the Phoenix motion, so it goes off nearly instantly after the slash hits. This
    is hard, but when playing as Kagami, you've gotta scavenge for combos!
    You can also link the pheonix dive out of a Downward dive, but it's also very
    difficult. Inorder to link it, you have to  do it EXACTLY as you are hitting.
    This is very difficult, maybe harder than the standard JI + B.
    Most Powerful Move: Very hard EX mode only DEATH combo!! Damage: 180 (330)
    Dn Dn+A/B -> A B C -> (Hld)Dw + C A C -> Fw + BC -> Fw Dn DnFw + B => F.Dive -> End
    The timing on this one is really hard. You gotta have critical life and have
    the enemy in a corner I belive. Whew.
    Prefered Mode: Kagami isn't very good, but put into Ex mode he can actualy
    do some damage! Just watch YOU don't get hit a lot. Plus, since in EX mode
    your power bar goes up a lot slower... his power surge isn't affected
    by this! So you can power up incredibly fast and still have the benefits
    of Ex mode.
    Strategies: Do whatever you can. Throw fireballs, combo, do something!!
    Don't ever do his Flame Dive when not in a combo. It's hard to be really
    good with Kagami, but you can with a lot of practice.
    Shell - Effect where Shingen turns gray. This means that even if he is
    hit he will not be knocked out of what he is doing. He still takes the
    damage though, so use it with caution.
    Bk + B : Shingen Shell's and performs a huge overhead punch, knocking the
    enemy down.
    Dash Grab: HCF + A/B/C
    Shingen grabs the enemy, and then slams them a bit.
    A version is a standard throw, B version puts up a Shell then grabs at the
    enemy. C version dashes and grabs.
    Blitz: Fw Dn DnFw + A/B, tap button
    Shingen thrusts out his hand and causes sparks to shoot out causing VERY
    heavy damage. B version goes into the air and slams the enemy down afterwards.
    Heavy Slasher: QCB + A/B [Super Cancel]
    Shingen slashes with his hand, doing very heavy damage.
    Elbow Rush: QCB + C
    SHingen dashes at the enemy with his elbow doing a deal of damage.
    Enders: DnFw + C, CD
    If you try to throw the enemy while they are on the ground, Shingen reaches
    down and picks them up and slams them, yet another time.
    TAUNT!: Start
    Okay, Shingen taunts. No joke. Everyone has this, but his DOES DAMAGE! Okay,
    it's only 2, but IT DOES TO DAMAGE!
    Super Grab: HCB Fw + C
    Shingen Grabs the enemy and chokes them. The best time to perform the followups
    is right when the enemy is slammed onto the ground, you have to be rather quick
    too. You can occationaly break out of this, I don't know how other than mashing
    the buttons.
    +-> (Follow Up): HCF + A
    | | Shingen thumps the enemy then lifts them up again.
    | |
    | +-> (Follow Up): QCB + A
    | |   Shingen pounds the enemy a good one. Similar to the super below, but weaker.
    | +-> (Follow Up): QCB + B
    | |   Shingen does a good Booya Britz fist strait at the enemy. Quick and effective.
    | +-> (Follow Up): HCB HCB + AB [Super]
    |     Shingen chokes the enemy then slams the enemy into the ground for massive
    |     damage.
    +-> (Follow Up): HCF + B
      | Shingen slams the enemy, then lifts them up and chokes them.
      +-> (Follow Up) QCB + A
      |   Shingen does a Blitz fist upwards. Good damage, fast and effective.
      +-> (Follow Up) QCB + C
      |   Shingen does a heavy slasher downwards knocking the enemy down.
      +-> (Follow Up) Tiger Blitz: HCB HCB + C [Double Super]
          Shingen dashes at the enemy in a White Tiger, then causes a large number
          of massive blades to slash the enemy to bits.
    Tiger Dash: QCF QCF + AB [Super]
    Shingen dashes at the enemy and knocks them down. This is the only super that works
    into the combo as far as I know.
    +-> (Follow Up): HCB HCB + B
    |   Shingen grabs the enemy then slams them around and then steps on them.
    +-> (Follow Up): HCF + B
        Shingen does a simple blitz punch for booya damage. This is nice because it's far
        easier than the HCB * 2 follow up and does similar damage.
    Super Counter: HCB Bk + AB [Super]
    Shingen puts up a Shell, but this time if hit he grabs them and does an
    INSANELY powerful super.
    Mega Throw: HCB HCB + AB [Super]
    Shingen goes to grab the enemy, if he grabs them, jumps into the air then slams
    them into a rock and brings his hand down in a big slam. Booya.
    Ultimate Throw: HCB HCB + B [Double Super]
    Shingen dashes forward a little bit, if he grabs them: chokes them, jumps into
    the air, then slams them into the ground, stands up and yells out, and multiple
    blades of death rip the enemy apart. Booya.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Blitz -> E
           |     +-> Dash Grab(A)
           |     +-> Heavy Slashes(A) => Tiger Dash [!]
           |     +-> Super Grab(FU B) => (FU) Tiger Blitz  [!!P/Ex]
           +-> Fw + C -> Blitz(B)
           +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Blitz -> E
                               +-> Heavy Slashes
                               +=> Tiger Dash [!]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C -> QCF + B
                      +-> Dn + C +-> BC -> QCF + B
                                 +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -> Blitz(B)
    Note- None of shingens supers really work off the SSCombo launcher,
    the Blitz is the best thing I've found.
    Most Powerful Move: Tiger Blitz Combo - Damage: 191
    JI + B -> B -> SuperGrab -> (FU) HCF + B => (FU) Tiger Blitz [!!P]
    This is actualy the ONLY super in the entire game that will do over 180
    damage! This is do to the fact that, sence it's a multi-throw, the damage
    meter gets reset after each throw, so it can actualy deal MORE than
    180 damage! So eat that Kouryu!!
    Preferred Mode: Power. Why? Look at the guy! SHEESH!
    Strategies: Deal the pain. If your enemy is a jumper, use the Air Blitz
    to stop him from jumping all the time. Do combos whenever possible, to
    maximize the damage you deal. His throw supers out of the Super Grab
    are great if you can get them off, much more likely to hit. However, it
    seems possible to break them somehow. If your life hits critical and
    you're fast, use the counter super to stop the enemy dead.
    IX. Secret Characters
    KAEDE: (Origonal)
    Weird Shot: QCF + A/B
    Kaede shoots out a weird little shot. Slow but pretty interesting use.
    Upperslash: Fw Dn DnFw + A/B
    Kaede slashes upwards and knocks the enemy into the air.
    +-> (Follow up) : Fn Dn DnFn + A/B
        Kaede hits the enemy again, knocking him to the ground
    Triple Slash: QCB + A/B [Super Cancel??]
    Kaede slashes three times. The B version is very slow and can't combo well.
    Roll: QCB + C
    Kaede Rolls.           Yeah.
    Enders: C, DnFw + B
    Lightning Sword: QCB DnBk Fw + AB [Super]
    Kaede stabs to the ground and lighting shoots outward. Makes a great wall.
    Lightning Dragons: QCB DnBk Fw + B [Double Super]
    Instead of Lighting, Kaede shoots up and downwards several lighting dragons.
    Yet another good wall.
    JI + B +-> B +-> Weird Shot
           |     +-> Upperslash(FU)
           |     +-> Triple Slash
           |     +=> Lightning Sword ?? [!]
           |     +=> Lightning Dragons ?? [!!P/Ex]
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Weird Shot
                               +-> Upperslash(FU)
                               +-> Triple Slash
                               +=> Lightning Sword ?? [!]
                               +=> Lightning Dragons ?? [!!Ex]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C B -> QCF + A
                      +-> Dn + C A +-> BC A -> QCF + B
                                   +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> L.Sword [!?]
                                                         -=> L.Dragons [!@#]
    Most Powerful Move: Who knows?
    Preferred Mode: Power probably.
    Strategies: See general Kaede strategies. He's basically the same only he's
    different. Exactly. Right.
    KOURYU: (Boss)
    Arrow Show: QCF + A/B
    Kouryu turns his sword into a bow and shoots out an arrow. PAINFUL!
    Big Slash: QCB + C
    Kouryu makes a massive slash with his sword that knocks people out of the
    air. PAINFUL!
    Quad Rusher: QCB + A/B * 4 [Super Cancel]
    Kouryu rushes at the enemy with his sword, knocks them into the air with two
    hits then slams them down. Both version work into combos. PAINFUL!
    Mode Swap: BCD
    Kouryu changes between Power or Speed mode. 
    Enders: C, DnFw + B
    Fire Phoenix Super: (air) Fw HCF + A [Super]
    Kouryu holds his hand out and if it hits, it causes the enemy to explode. REALLY
    Earth Slasher Super: Fw HCF + B [Super/Throw]
    Kouryu holds his hand out, and if he grabs them, throws them across the screen,
    stabs his sword into the ground and causes a series of massive slashes
    to rip the enemy to shreds. REALLY PAINFUL!
    Water Tornado Super: Fw HCF + C [Super]
    Kouryu slashes downwards and if he hits, causes a tornado to engulf the enemy
    and spin them around a lot. REALLY PAINFUL!
    Lightning Dragon Super: Fw HCF + D [Super]
    Kouryu slashes upwards and if he hits, causes numerous lightning dragons
    to strike the enemy. REALLY PAINTFUL!
    Ultimate End: Bk HCB + B [Double Super]
    Here it comes. Kouryu slashes into the air. Then, fading to the void,
    Kouryu's sword, now transformed into a Spear, comes from the sky and falls
    downward, then, your enemy appears from the bottom and the spear
    (now viewed at full size) strikes into him, causing light beams to shoot in
    all directions. Then, the enemy is slammed into the ground, and Kouryu
    reappears to grab his spear, which has already returned to it's Sword form.
                        This    super     hurts     like    hell!
    JI + B +-> B +-> Arrow Show(A)
           |     +-> Big Slash
           |     +-> Quad Rusher *4 +-> E
           |     |               *3 +=> Fire Phoenix Super [!P/Ex]
           |     |               *1 +=> Water Tornado Super [!P/Ex]
           |     |               *1 +=> Earth Slasher Super [!P/Ex]
           |     |               *1 +=> Lightning Dragon Super [!P/Ex]
           |     +=> Fire Phoenix Super [!]
           |     +=> Water Tornado Super [!]
           |     +=> Earth Slasher Super [!]
           |     +=> Lightning Dragon Super [!]
           |     +=> Ultimate End [!!P/Ex]
    [S/Ex] +-> Bk(H) + A A A B +-> Arrow Show(A)
                               +-> Big Slash
                               +-> Quad Rusher *4 +-> E
                               |               *3 +=> Fire Phoenix Super [!Ex]
                               |               *1 +=> Water Tornado Super [!Ex]
                               |               *1 +=> Earth Slasher Super [!Ex]
                               |               *1 +=> Lightning Dragon Super [!Ex]
                               +=> Fire Phoenix Super [!]
                               +=> Water Tornado Super [!]
                               +=> Earth Slasher Super [!]
                               +=> Lightning Dragon Super [!]
                               +=> Ultimate End [!!Ex]
    Super Speed Combos:
    DnDn+A/B -> A B C +-> A B C +-> A B -> QCF + C
                      |         +-> C -> QCF + B
                      +-> Dn + C +-> BC -> QCF + B
                                 +-> Dn + C -> Fw + BC -=> W.T.Super [!?]
                                                       -=> L.D.Super [!?]
                                                       -=> Ultimate End [!@#Ex]
    Most Powerful Move: Ultimate End Combo - 180 (269) Damage
    Preferred Mode: IT DOESN'T MATTER what mode you pick. Using his change deal
    you can go between Power and Speed easily, making using Ex mode fairly
    worthless too. Can we say CHEESE?
    Strategies: If you need some for playing as this guy, your sick. But anyway,
    Be in speed mode and rack up the big combo with the Quad Rusher... and
    then switch back to power mode to perform super combos. Vile, putrid damage
    awaits with the tap of any button.
    X. Secrets
    Ex Mode Code:
    On mode select, go to Speed (Blue), hit C 6 times, hit Left, hit B 3 times, hit
    Right, hit C 4 times.
    Play as the Final boss:
    Go to Kaede on character select screen and hit C 10 times, B 5 times, then C
    5 times.
    Play as Original Kaede:
    Go to Kaede, then hit C 9 times, then B 1 time, then C 4 times.
    Play as Kotetsu (joke):
    Go to Shingen, then hit C 5 times, then B ten times, then C 2 more times.
    Play all mirror matches:
    Go to Akari, then hit C 8 times, then B nine times, then just start tapping C
    till you here Akari say something.
    Play the Time Attack ranking mode in the Arcade:
    If you are playing on an arcade machine, after you insert your coin and
    it's on the title screen with time counting down, hold down A B C and D,
    and then hit start. Thanks to LFO for the info.
    Very Very Silly Infinite Hit Combo:
    Heres the only Infinite hit combo I'm willing to talk about.
    First, go into Training mode and pick any character in either speed or ex
    mode. Then, do the characters SSC Launcher, and after you've launched the
    enemy, just do the SSC launcher again! You will dash at the enemy and continue
    to combo the enemy! This is really silly, but it only works in training
    most so don't worry. Do this ONLY when your bored and want to show off to your
    friends you amaising ability to do the same thing over and over again. :)
    Secret Ending-
    Beat the game without using any continues and you'll get to see all the characters
    during the credit roll and a special little deal about the Last Blade 2 web site.
    Hibiki's Secret Ending-
    If you kill people along the way to the end of the game, Hibiki will give you
    different quotes depending on how many you have killed. If you manage to kill 6
    computer or player characters before beating the game, Hibiki ... well... she
    changes a little.
    Lee's Secret Ending-
    Beat the game without using any continues with Lee and you'll get a different
    XI. Frequently Asked Questions
    Q. Why did they screw up Kagami so much in this game?
    A. Kagami was the final boss of Last Blade 1. In it, he was insanely overpowered,
    as most SNK bosses are. Very cheesy, very powerful. Well Kagami was defeated
    at the end of LB1, but he was not gone for good. He came back, but had lost
    a lot of his power. SNK changed him to a regular character, but in the process
    they reduced him to a much weaker version of himself, lacking most of the power
    that he had in LB1. However, he still is useful if used properly he can still
    be a good character, but he's still lacking compaired to most other characters.
    Q. Will there be a Last Blade 3?
    A. I belive SNK has announced that they ARE making a LB3, but when we will see
    it, and what it will be like, is totaly unknown to me at this time.
    Q. Doesn't this section need more questions?
    A. Yeah so email me with some. GenrlBlood@yahoo.com
    Q. Are there infinite hit combos?
    A. Yes. But for the sake of the game itself I will not learn them nor put
    them in the faq. Okay, except for that silly one in practice mode, but that's
    just for fun.
    Q. Is there a picture gallery in this game?
    A. As far as I've seen, in the Neogeo cart version there is no gallery. I belive
    there is one on the NeoCD version, but I don't know for sure.
    Q. What on earth is "Mini-Lastblade??" and is it any good?
    A. This is actualy Last Blade for the NeoGeo Pocket Color. And the amaising thing
    is, the gameplay is just about EXACTLY like the NeoGeo version. A few things have
    been changed, and the controls are a bit different, but there are lots of secrets,
    lots of firmiliar characters, and you get both LastBlade 1 and 2 in it! Very cool.
    Q. Is Kojiro a man?
    A. Nope, she's a woman. 
    XII. Spoilers
    - The Final Boss
    The Final boss is Kaede, Moriya and Yuki's Master, the person who was killed by
    Kagami in Last Blade 1. Upon beating him with any of the four "God" characters or
    Yuki, you'll get a special ending.
    -The Special Ending
    Beating the game with any of the four "gods or Yuki will give you the real ending to
    the story. Kouryu, now uncorrupted by being beaten, thanks you for saving him.
    Then the four Gods power is brought together and the "Sealing Maiden", Yuki, has
    to sacrifice herself to seal the gate. Then you'll get a short scene that helps
    wrap up the story, depending on your character. 
    -Yuki dies a lot
    An interesting fact... Yuki dies in at LEAST 5 different endings. In addition to
    this, Shingen dies in his ending as well. No Last Blade 3?
    Most Likely.
    (Note: Juzoh only pretends to die in his ending. There seems to be some times when
     you don't get shown the part where he says he was just kidding.)
    XIII. Character Awards
    This is the area where I put up special awards given to the characters in the
    game. This will also help show you how the characters compair, as well.
    -----------Most Powerful Moves-------------
    This system rates the most powerful move for each character and puts them in order,
    just so you can see who has the move painful moves. Please don't take this to mean
    that they are the best, just they have the ability to whip out more damage in
    a single combo than others.
    Two notes: When damage is tied, the winner goes to the one that has a larger number
    of hits. If the Correct Damage is tied at 180, then the Basic Damage is used to
    determine the winner. This is the case for all except for Shingen, who's combo
    has a little different working, but is a combo none the less.
    Rank  Character   Move/Combo                      Damage  B.Damage
    1st   ShinGen     TigerBlitz Combo                191
    2nd   Setsuna     Ultimate-Cheese-Magnum-Combo    180     386
    3rd   Zantetsu    Three Super String Combo        180     290
    4th   Kouryu      Ultimate End Combo              180     269
    5th   Amano       Flying... Thing combo           180     244
    6th   Okina       13 Hit Super W. Basket Combo    173
    7th   Moriya      21 Hit QuadSlash into M. Slash  170
    8th   Undead Guy  YOU ARE DEAD Combo              170
    9th   Kojiro      11 Hit Unblockable S.Pow Combo  167
    10th  Washizuka   17 Hit Unblockable S.Pow Combo  166
    11th  Kagami      13 Hit Super Ex Combo           160
    12th  Lee         Massive S.Speed Nuke Combo      158
    13th  Yuki        11 Hit Super Power Combo        155
    14th  Juzoh       Real Big Head Banger + End      153
    15th  Akari       12 Hit Double S.Pow Combo       149
    16th  Kaede       10 Hit Lightning Dragon Sword   149
    17th  Hibiki      SSC Super Slasher Combo         140
    XIV. Wrap Up
    Hey it's FINALLY THE END!! Uh Well this is by far a lot longer than my Romancing Saga
    3 faq. I hope some people enjoy this and get a lot of use out of it, excpecially out
    of the combo charts, which should help those unimaginative fellows.
    Thanks go out to these people:
    Garrot - Because he's easy to beat the crap outta. :)
    Richard - Cause who else is gonna play Akari?
    Patty McMan - Because you let me barrow your Sidewinder!
    The rest of the crew to lesser extents as of now.
    Deuce for his FAQ on Last Blade, which I learned much from.
    Winston Lee for teaching me the Ultimate-Cheese-Magnum-Combo for Setsuna.
    nkuffel for a few of Amano's moves I didn't know about.
    LFO for the cool Time Attack code.
    Jess, my sister, for doing all of the spelling and grammer corrections
    for my FAQ. Yes I mentioned Kim Kaphwan in it just for her. :)
    Email me with corrections, spelling errors and what not.

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