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    “Castle Fantasia: Seima Taisen (Sacred Wars)” for import Dreamcast
    FAQ version 1.1
    Table of Contents:
    1. REVIEW
    2. MAIN MENU
    6. MAGIC
    10. LINKS
    1. REVIEW.
         “Castle Fantasia: Seima Taisen” mixes strategy-RPG turn-based grid 
    battles with a love sim-like adventure, resulting in a fun Japanese 
    anime-style game of chess.  This game previously was available on the PC, 
    but has been “scrubbed clean” for its non-H DC release.
         You progress through the story by reading (if you can) and listening to 
    spoken Japanese dialogue.  Load times for the speech are nice and less 
    taxing on your DC than other games.  Adventure scenes are strictly linear, 
    as you have no free-roaming ability to move about your environment.  The 
    only interaction here is by means of making untimed choices when prompted.  
    On average, there are about 2-3 prompts in adventure scenes between battles.
         At the end of these adventure sections (which you can speed through by 
    pressing the B button), you will enter a strategy-RPG turn-based battle.  
    Defeat you enemy opponents to continue to the next section of adventure 
    mode.  The battles play like watered-down versions of Sakura Taisen 1 or 2 
    for the Saturn or Dreamcast; you simply move, attack, cast magic (heal or 
    attack), or special attack.  There are no team-up attacks, and even the 
    super-special attacks are not visually impressive.  However, battles are 
    challenging enough such that it can often be difficult to keep more than 1 
    or 2 of your characters alive until the end.
         The visuals and presentation are merely okay.  There are no 3D models 
    or FMV in this game.  Battles are in sprites, and adventure scenes are still 
    2D pictures.  The 2D characters and backgrounds are high resolution (no 
    ‘jaggies’ TM Sony), but the characters are so badly cutout and pasted onto 
    the backgrounds such that it appears like someone used the wand/magnet tool 
    in Photoshop without touching it up later.
         Sound effects and BGM are mediocre.  A stereo/mono option was included 
    but audibly the game hardly sounds like anything but the latter.
         So how does this game play to those not able to understand Japanese?  
    Some menus are in English.  (Un?)fortunately, the game holds your hand as it 
    walks you through the linear story.  As best as I can interpret, poor 
    responses to the untimed dialogue choices do not have any effect other than 
    losing an opportunity to earn a special CG image to be saved to the Picture 
    Gallery.  In other words, you probably will not be penalized for a lack of a 
    translation by not performing well in battle (unlike Sakura Taisen).  
    Furthermore, you have the option of saving your game at any point in an 
    adventure scene or battle, so you can easily go back and test characters’ 
    reactions to other responses. Nevertheless, the non-Japanese gamer will find 
    him/herself pressing the B button to fast forward to the next battle.
         Castle Fantasia comes in a LTD edition package containing an oversized 
    CD box (too wide to fit in a rack) which stores the game itself, a Japanese 
    phone card, and an old-fashioned wind up alarm clock featuring the Studio 
    E-go baby chick mascot.  You can purchase this game from websites such as 
    www.videogamedepot.com or www.ncsx.org.
         Considerations before purchasing this game: you should have experience 
    having enjoyed (1) turn-based strategy-RPG grid battles (e.g. Sakura Taisen 
    1 & 2, Arc the Lad, FF Tactics) or chess, (2) anime, and (3) Japanese 
    romance sims.
    2. MAIN MENU.
    GALLERY. You can access this option immediately, but you only can view those
         pictures that you have unlocked in the adventure mode. To fully explore
         images to unlock, you must experiment with choosing different responses
         to dialogue prompts. Use the save & load game options plus the B-button
         to speed through text.
    MUSIC. A complete BGM listening option is available at the beginning.
    Huey:        Black hair; white & blue armor.
    Aria:        Short purple hair; white & blue strapless top.
    Hanna:       Brown hair with bows; yellow & purple shirt with pink bow.
    Tia:         Brown hair with feathers; orange clothes.
    Cecile:      Red hair; glasses; black lingerie.
    Lunar-Lu:    Blue-green hair w/ brown bandana; brown and white low-cut top.
    Silera:      Black hair with red bandana; white, black, and red kimono.
    Judy:        Short blond hair; red eyes; black & gold armor.
         Appear in a box when you select a character with L/R or the D-pad & A
         during battle. Contents of the box are translated below:
    LV Character’s current experience level.
    HP (Current/Possible) Hit points. Character’s life meter.
    LP (Meter: Green = current, Red = amount needed to fill).L(?) points.
         Special attack meter gauge. Fills up as you sustain attacks. You may
         unleash a special attack when this meter is full.
    ATTACK POWER. Level of damage you can inflict upon the enemy.
    DEFENSE POWER. Level of damage you can sustain from the enemy.
    AGILITY. Number of spaces the character may move in one turn.
    EXPERIENCE POINTS. Number of points needed to advance to the next level.
    5. CONTROLS.
    Adventure scenes:
    A ADVANCE the dialog 1 notch
    B SPEED ADVANCE the dialog until next dialogue choice input or battle
         1. ADV (adventure mode voices) ON/OFF
         2. BGM (background music) stereo/mono
         3. Save/overwrite file (12 blocks total required for ALL files.
            VMU must be inserted into slot A-1.)
         4. Load file
         5. Cancel/return
    L (no function)
    R (no function)
    Start (no function)
    Battle scenes:
         1. MOVE. Use D-pad & A to confirm location and direction to face.
         2. ATTACK. Use D-pad & A to confirm target.
         3. MAGIC. Heal/Attack magic is available only for Hanna, Cecile,
            and Judy. Use D-pad & A to confirm target.
         4. SPECIAL ATTACK. Special attack gauge (LP) must be full. This will
            gradually fill up when you sustain damage. Highlighted yellow if
         5. END CHARACTER’S TURN. (Yes/No to confirm)
         6. END PLAYER’S (your) TURN. (Yes/No to confirm)
    X (no function)
    Y OPTIONS (same as before; see above)
    L SELECT ALLY to command. Press A to bring up command menu.
    R SELECT ENEMY. Press A to view enemy’s movement range.
    Start (no function)
    6. MAGIC. (Hanna, Cecile, and Judy only.)
      1. Unlimited heal
      2. Defense up
      3. Wind attack
      4. Wide-range heal
      5. Move/agility up
      6. Wide-range heal
      1. Unlimited fire attack
      2. Lightning strike attack
      3. Long-range fireball
      4. Wide-range lightning strike attack
      5. Attack/offense up
      6. Lightning + fireball combination wide-range attack
      1. Unlimited heal
      2. Enemy defense down
      3. Explosion attack
      4. Wide-range heal
      5. Leech enemy’s LP
      6. Iceberg attack
    7. SUPER-SPECIAL ATTACKS. Level required to obtain and description.
    Huey:        (lvl 17) small +; multiple sword slice hits
    Aria:        (lvl 16) quadrant triangle; tornado attack
    Hanna:       (lvl 20) 3-lane straight line; SPARROW STAMPEDE!
    Tia:         (lvl 19) diamond; headfirst strike from air
    Cecile:      (lvl 20) diamond; yellow ball shower attack
    Lunar-Lu:    (lvl 13) 1-lane straight line; sword slice
    Silara:      (lvl 17) large +; sword slice
    Judy:        (lvl ?)  diamond; explosion
    (I give *full credit* for this section to the authors of these webpages:
    My own contribution is limited to editing the translated document.)
    - Love choices
    1a Dodge to the right.
    b Dodge to the left.
    c Catch.
    2a "Yeah, yeah. I’m used to it." < Silera –20 >
    b "Among those looking back..." < Silera +20 >
    3a Go to Aria’s room.
      i "That’s right, to an air" < Hanna +6 >
      ii "Pay attention to this" < Aria +5 >
    b Go to Ceria’s room
    4a Go to Silera’s room < Silera +20 >
    b Appear in town
    - No battle
    - Love choices
    1a "There’s no meaning because life changes" < Aria +5, Hanna -6 >
    b "Unless someone sets rear, it’s unpalatable" < Aria -5, Hanna +6 >
    c "You just want pleasantness" < Aria -5, Hanna -6 >
    2a "It will make the thing which was not seen" < Aria -5 >
    b "It faces to rescue"
    - Battle
    - Love choices
    1a You already sleep.
      i "As for speed of Shin troop the lever whose faster one is good"
        < Aria -5 >
      ii "It is the recommendation of short-term decisive battle" < Aria +5 >
      iii "Rumor is easy to spread to the soldiers"
    b Go to the barracks. (Silera CG #2)
    c Exposed to the night wind.
      i Look (? + Ceria CG #2)
      ii Do not look (Hanna CG #1)
       A "...thermal bean jam?"
       B "...10 years passes quickly" < Hanna +6 >
       C "Silent touch" < Hanna -6 >
    - No battle
    - Love choices
    1a At the time of the thing protecting. < Hanna +6 >
    b It’s the truth you hear. < Hanna -6 >
    c When it becomes dangerous I should have escaped.
    2a Do not go to see (Hanna CG #2)
    b Go to see (Aria CG #1)
    - Battle
    - Love choices
    1a Go into the kitchen
      i "Cream soup"
      ii "Minestrone" < Hanna +6 >
      iii "Cone soup "
    b Go to the living room
      i 6 volume
      ii 12 volume
      iii 31 volume
      i The soldier it stops helping topography
      ii Regarding the surrounding teacher lap it does growing hoarse
      iii Shape of the soldier imitates in the water < Aria +5 >
    c Go to sleep
    2a "Nevertheless, it is preparation of the sea bathing" < Hanna +6 >
      i "Are the fireworks over yet?" < Hanna +6 >
      ii "I go to see these circumstances!" < Aria +5 >
      iii "Now... the sea is important" < Aria -5, Hanna –6 > (CG #1)
    b "It’s useless. Therefore, I go to work." < Aria +5, Hanna -6 >
    c "Swimsuits... You come and I’ll be there..."
       < Aria -5, Hanna –6 > (CG #1)
    - Battle
    - Love choices
    1a In any case, you sleep
    b Go to the spa < Aria +5 > (CG #6)
    c Town is promenaded (CG #1)
    - Battle
    - Love choices
    1a Can’t get to sleep
      i Go to the kitchen
      ii Go to the living room < Tia +11 > (CG #3)
      iii Show up at the garden
    b Quickly go back to sleep
    - Battle
    - Love choices
    1a What do you think? < Aria +5 >
    b ...you do not understand
    c Life is an enormous puzzle < Aria -5 >
    2a Show up in the garden
      i ...fix the shelf. < Tia +11 >
      ii You are modest and solve.
      iii We would like to try looking at your everything than the sky.
          < Tia -11 >
    b Go to Hanna’s room
      i You sound like and are accustomed to being a wife. < Hanna +6 >
      ii Ah ~ You did well
      iii Nothing to praise about you. < Hanna –6 >
    c Go to Aria’s room
    3a The substance is left to the ___ < Aria -5 >
    b By your service to all.
      i Even then all are served.
      ii Because it is helpless, I leave to her.
    - Battle
    - Love choices
    1a The child way is quick < Tia –11 >
    b We are substitute teaching < Tia +11 >
    c It is physiology. < Tia -11 >
    2a I agree. < Tia -11 >
    b It does such expression < Tia +11 >
    - Battle
    CHAPTER 10
    - Love choices
    1a Go to the kitchen
      i It’s tasty < Aria +5, Hanna -6 >
      ii ......, with this...
      iii It’s so ___ to eat! < Aria -5, Hanna +6 >
    b Go to Cecile’s room
      i Peek past the door (CG #1)
       A Look once more
        I With silence ___ < Aria -5, Tia +11, Cecile +20 >
        II Silent mid-air leg sweep < Tia - 11, Cecile - 20 >
        III Right, Tia < Tia +11, Cecile +20 >
       B Depart
      ii Depart
    c Go to the hall
    - Battle
    CHAPTER 11
    - Love choices
    1a Help out < Aria -5, Hanna +6, Tia +11 >
    b Don’t help < Aria +5, Hanna +6, Cecile +20 >
    2a Ask permission to get into the bath (?) < Tia +11 > (CG #3)
    b You don’t ask < Tia -11 >
    - Battle
    CHAPTER 12
    - Love choices
    (Not described in original document, so I cannot translate.)
    1a ?
      i < Lunar-Lu + > (CG)
      ii < Aria +, Hanna + > (Judy CG)
    b < Cecile + > (CG x2)
    - Battle
    CHAPTER 13
    - Love choices
    1a Keep accompanying her (Necessary for Lunar-Lu’s ending)
      i You pamper < Lunar-Lu +20 >
      ii You do not pamper < Lunar-Lu –20 >
    b Don’t keep accompanying her < Lunar-Lu -20 >
      i Take the shortcut
       A Use voice (CG #1) (Necessary for Cecile’s ending)
        I Return < Cecile -20 >
        II Do not return < Cecile +20 > (CG #1)
        III Condition is offered
         - Have to touch chest (CG #2)
         = You kiss
       B Don’t cross the dangerous bridge (the CG #1)
        I You see < Tia +11 > (CG #2)
        II Return to the room
      ii Don’t take the shortcut (CG #1)
       A You see < Tia +11 > (CG #2)
       B Return to the room
    2a Kiss Silera(?)
       (Selecting this cancels the previous condition) (CG #1)
    b Doing ___ (CG #3)
    - No battle
    CHAPTER 14
    - No love choices
    - Battle
    CHAPTER 15
    - Love choices
    (Not described in original document, so I cannot translate.)
    1a Go outside < Silera +, CG; Judy +, CG >
    b Go to living room < Hanna, Tia, Lunar-Lu +, combination CG >
    c Go to bedroom < Aria +, Cecile + >
    - Battle
    CHAPTERS 16-17
    - No love choices
    - Battle
    CHAPTER 18
    - Love choices
    (Included in original document, but I didn’t encounter these choices.)
    1a Hold her (Advance to “surface” scenario 1: CHAPTERS 19-22)
    b Don’t hold her (Advance to “back” scenario 2: CHAPTERS 19-26)
    Note: If you chose to kiss a girl in CHAPTER 13, then holding her in CHAPTER 
    18 might negate another event which would otherwise have occurred in CHAPTER 
    21.  Pick choice a or b above based on the criteria listed below:
    “Surface” scenario 1: Aria, Hanna, Tia, Judy.
    “Back” scenario 2: Lunar-Lu, Cecile, Silera.
    - Battle (only if you chose b above)
    “Surface” after CHAPTER 19
    You can choose from 4 girls in the “surface” scenario: Aria, Hanna, Tia, and 
    Judy. However, because there are no more love choices from this point on, 
    only the composition of the enemy units change.  The composition of the 
    enemy units in battle depend on the girl you’ve chosen.
    CHAPTER 19
    - Aria & Judy battles are similar
    - Hanna & Tia battles are similar
    CHAPTER 20
    - Aria battle
    - Hanna battle
    - Tia battle
    - Judy battle
    CHAPTER 21
    - Aria & Judy battles are similar
    - Hanna & Tia battles are similar
    CHAPTER 22
    - Aria, Hanna, Tia, & Judy battles are similar
    “Happily ever after”
    “Back” after CHAPTER 19
    You can choose from 3 girls in the back scenario: Cecile, Lunar-Lu, and 
    Silera. However, because there are no more love choices from this point on, 
    only the composition of the enemy units change.  The composition of the 
    enemy units in battle depend on the girl you’ve chosen.
    CHAPTERS 19-26
    - Battles
    “Happily ever after”
    9. Gameshark codes
    MAX HP         1B54136D
    MAX Attack     746DD6FE
    MAX Defense    93B80F0B
    Max Exp        BD06FF71
    Unlock gallery 42BB5D50
    10. LINKS.
    Interested in finding more information about this game?
    STUDIO E-GO HOMEPAGE (Screen captures):
    SOLUTION GUIDES (How to get different endings and gallery pictures):
    MAP OF RESPONSES (used in SOLUTION GUIDE section above):
    ENDING AND GALLERY SOLUTION GUIDE (a guide indexed by heroine and CG’s):
    ENDING SOLUTION GUIDE (a less extensive guide also indexed by heroine):
    BABELFISH WEBPAGE TRANSLATOR (If you are curious about what those sites say, 
    use this.  However, note that you will need to recognize the Japanese--not 
    translated--words on the TV screen to answer the questions as you wish.):
    v1.1 Gameshark codes added.
    v1.0 Magic and super-special attack sections; minor corrections made to
         solution guide.  Please consider this FAQ complete.
    v0.9 Added links and solution guide sections
    v0.2 Added character statistics, extras, and Studio E-go homepage sections,
         and revised the review and controls sections.
    v0.1 Controls, game description, and version history sections written.
    Email me (Rose4256@hotmail.com) for questions and/or requests about what 
    appears in this faq. Do not repost or reproduce this faq without my consent.
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