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"Insert "Final Answer" related pun here"

So then, the biggest selling game in the UK of all time, based on the massively popular TV quiz show. Basically you get to participate in the show (minus the cash prizes, natch) and answer 15 questions in order to take home the top cash prize. Everything from the show is accurately recreated, from the quizmaster, Mr. Tarrant, to the set and even the ''oh so dramatic'' pauses when finding out whether you've got the answer right or not. And that;s it really. But then I can't do a one paragraph review, so let's look a little deeper.

Gameplay wise, you simply have to answer the increasingly difficult questions. And difficult they are. Think you'll easily get all 15 questions right? Think again buddy, cos they can be real tough. Thankfully help, again like in the show, can come in the form of your 3 lifelines - phone a friend, ask the audience (this is generally the most helpful one) and 50/50. Whilst the one player game is pretty much pointless, the real fun comes when up to four of you cram around the screen for some real quizzing. Perhaps the main appeal is the fact that it's based on such a popular and mainstream show, which means everyone from grandma to little Tommy the toddler can join in and effectively participate in the TV show. Obviously no money is involved, but you can always gamble... ;)

As much as a fun party crowd pleaser WWTBAM is, there are alas only 1'000 questions which means if you play it a lot (which around Christmas, you inevitably will), they'll soon start repeating themselves. Also, unlike say, Chef's Luv Shack where when you get a question wrong it doesn't actually tell you the correct answer, here it does, so you'll soon know all the right answers.

Aesthetically, short of a CG Chris Tarrant (who is here in voice form only), everything from the show is here. The screens and set look exactly like the real thing and the music and sound interludes are accurate and increase the tension. Whilst the constant sound bites from Tarrant do begin to grate, they actually seem a lot less irritating than in the TV show as it's you that's actually doing it! A special note has to be made about the phone-a-friend sections, where you get some hilariously stereotypical scousers, geordies and brummies spouting ''Hallo Crees!'' and often utterly getting the answers wrong. Hopefully these were intended to be funny!

Overall, whilst limited in size and replayability, the fact is that such is the popularity of the TV show, this is always going to be a crowd pleaser and an ideal party game. Ok, it may lack depth and choice of modes and such, but as an accurate way of joining in the show, it works a treat.

GRAPHICS - 8/10 - Hard to call actual graphics as it's just a series of screens, but the level of presentation is fantastic and it really creates an authentic replication of the show.

SOUND - 7/10 - The music and sound effects are suitably tense and Tarrant's voice over is professional if somewhat predictable and irritating after a while. Once again, very authentic.

GAMEPLAY - 7/10 - Real tough questions can infuriate, but as a party game it's great fun.

LIFESPAN - 5/10 - After you've seen all the 1000 questions you'll never pick it up again (unless you want to show off by knowing all the answer! hmmm...).

OVERALL - 7/10 - Not the piece of trash some would have you believe. Ok, its limited in size and as shallow as they come, but for a good authentic product of the show and a party game, it's great fun.

Reviewer's Rating:   3.5 - Good

Originally Posted: 12/11/02, Updated 12/11/02

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