Review by erutufon

Reviewed: 02/24/04

Who wants to be humiliated in front of a million televiewers?

Allright, most of us are already familiar with the quiz show ''Who wants to be a millionaire''. A TV quiz show, four alternatives, pick the right alternative to proceed to the next question to win more money. Plain and simple. You also have three life-lines, phone-a-friend (where you (indeed) phone a friend for support), 50-50 (removing two wrong alternatives) and ask the audience (through a poll). This show comes from the UK and the host is Chris Tarrant, who was the UK program leader as well. 1000 questions are in the game database.

Graphics - 4 points
The back side of the box (UK version) is bragging about the game's great graphics. Nonsense! The graphics are just average, you can see what's up and what's down, but there is certainly nothing extraordinary about it. Some sequencing zooming and playing around in the studio and that's all. But what really puzzles me with the game is that the game studio is EMPTY!! Nobody is sitting in the chair, no audience, NOBODY. Right, they all went home to watch Jeopardy...

Sound - 7 points
The music is exactly the same as in the quiz show, and the music is allright, but it easily gets repeating. Chris Tarrant is doing a wonderful job as he is talking, giving instructions and comments with full enthusiasm. He is the one (or thing!) that brings any reality feeling into the game. Voice actors (phone-a-friend) are also doing a great job, sounding very realistic. Good job!

Control - n/a
You chose the answer alternative with the buttons. Couldn't be easier. But of some reason, sometimes you are not allowed to change your mind (''Is that your final answer?''). I screwed up with my answer once or twice and had no chance to correct it...unfair.

Challenge - 8 points
Of course the game gets harder the further your each in the game, but with only 1000 questions, the questions tend to repeat after some time, which make the game easier and easier every time you play it. But the £1 million questions for example could be really hard to solve. Have an encyclopedia nearby as you play the game if you like. Your time for each questions is unlimited.

Fun Factor - 4 points
Some of the phone-a-friend speakers are sometimes giving real funny comments (and insults. If you for example ask your friends how many seconds there are in one minute, you *will* be insulted!). But, the lack of realism because of the empty studio, makes the game pretty boring overall.

Repeat value - 4 points
No. It just doesn't work in this game. If you manage to get your million, you would hardly find any interest to play the game again. And the chance is great that you have gotten bored already before you reach £32000.

People fond of quizzes may enjoy this game a bit, but...the game is not that great really. With greater video sequences, more a realism and more options, the game would have been so much better. The options are completely useless, music volume, adjust the screen and other rubbish that has no value for the gameplay itself.

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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