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                                POP'N MUSIC 2
                                FAQ and Play Guide
                              Version 1.0 11/17/99
                    "Pop'n Music Controller" and Analog(DS) controller compatible
                      Memory card: 1 block   Pocket station: 5 blocks
              Also available for Dreamcast (Which this FAQ also can probably apply to)
                                By: Bodi Anderson
    DISCLAIMER:   This FAQ is meant for personal use only, and may only be 
    reproduced electronically. This FAQ can be altered as long as the disclaimer remains 
    unchanged. This FAQ is owned and made by Bodi Anderson. Please don't steal or 
    reproduce any ideas or content from this FAQ or I will track you down like the sick 
    creature you are! Please distribute the FAQ only in its original form to your friends and 
    anyone you think is cool. This FAQ cannot be sold for profitable purposes, any person or 
    organization attempting to do so will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!  
    Pop'n Music 2 and most of the character and place names in this FAQ are copyrighted 
    property of Konami Japan and Sony.  I, Bodi Anderson, have no professional 
    relationship with any of the aforementioned companies, and I am simply a fan of their 
    great games. This FAQ is dedicated to all of those who waste their time translating 
    Japanese games. Enjoy!!  END OF DISCLAIMER
    1. What's "Pop'n Music"?
    2. How to Play the Game
    3. Menu Screen Explanation
       3.1 Arcade 
       3.2 Original
       3.3 Training
       3.4 Records
       3.5 Save & Load
       3.6 Option
       3.7 Disc Change
    4. Mode Explanation
    5. Song List
    6. Pocket Station Mini-game
    7. Hints and Secrets
    8. Thanks
    1. WHAT'S "POP'N MUSIC"?
         For those of you not in the know Pop'n Music was originally an arcade game in 
    Japan.  It follows in the footsteps of "Beatmania" a DJ-sim game.  The goal of the 
    game is to press colored buttons in time with descending blocks that follow the rhythm 
    of a song.  Sounds pretty simple right?  But in fact, even if you're used to playing a 
    keyboard or guitar (along with touch typing, useful skills to have if you want to play this 
    game), you'll find yourself push random buttons in a flurry to catch up with the song.
         Before you buy this game you should buy the controller.  Using a normal 
    controller is technically okay, but it takes half of the fun out of the game and it makes it 
    a lot harder.  The only drawback of this is that the controller costs as much as the game 
    does and you can only use it for Pop'n Music games.  Still, if you ask me it's worth it.  I 
    stopped playing Final Fantasy 8 in the height of its plot for a week straight after I 
    bought this game.  It's also a great game for small parties (Though unlike Parappa, 
    intoxication makes it more difficult). This game rocks, literally!
         The game will take a little while to load when you first put it in.  This is because 
    it is known as a "Key Disc", which means that you can buy supplements for the game 
    ( Called "append discs", with extra songs and new levels) at a later date and use them 
    with the game.  This is a great thing since Append Discs only cost about half as much 
    as a normal game!  As of yet there are none available put expect to see some soon 
    (Beatmania, for instance has five Append Discs)
         After the game boots up you'll be given a choice as to what type of controller you 
    want to use. (Note: From here on I'll assume that you have an official Pop'n Music 
    Controller. if you're using a normal PSX controller see the button equivalencies list in 
    the options section (3.6) of the menu explanation).  Use the BLUE buttons to scroll 
    through the choices (5,7, and 9-button-mode), and the RED button to confirm.  In 5-
    button-mode the WHITE and YELLOW buttons aren't used in play.  In 7-button-mode 
    the WHITE aren't used.  I suggest you start with the 5 button mode until you get used 
    to the controller.  Once you choose you can change in the options menu.  
        Next the game will check for memory card saved data.  After the game finally 
    loads press the start or the RED button to skip to the menu screen.  Use the BLUE 
    buttons to scroll through the options. For now select "Arcade" mode.  Next you'll be 
    shown a screen that lists 4 different challenge levels "Beginner, Normal, Excite, and 
    Party".  Again use the BLUE to select Beginner mode (with the kitty cat) and the RED 
    to confirm it.  
         The game will now start its tutorial level.  Listen to Nyami and Mimi (The Cat 
    and Bunny) as they explain how to play the game (Also look at page 8 of the instruction 
    book).  Probably observing their demonstration is the best way to learn the game.  
    Simply press the given button for each Pop-kun (the name of the little blocks) as it hit 
    the line at the bottom of the screen.  If you get it perfectly on the line you get a "Great" 
    message, partially on the line gets a "Good" and a miss gets a "Bad" message.  Play 
    through the easy tutorial and win.  Don't worry if it seems impossible at first you'll get 
    used to it!  Also if you selected 5, or 7 button mode ignore the shaded Yellow and/or 
    White blocks.  
    	As you hit the buttons in time you'll see a little gauge at the bottom. The more 
    "Goods" and "Greats" you get the more it will fill up.  Input misses will of course cause 
    the gauge to go down.  In order to beat a given opponent you must finish the song 
    within the red zone of the gauge.  After you finish a level you see a screen that shows 
    your score for that level and total score for the game.  If you won your score will be 
    added to your previous score and you'll advance to the next level.  If you lost you total 
    score will be reduced to zero and you be shown a continue screen. Press the RED to 
    continue and either of the BLUE buttons to make the countdown speed up.
         Once you've beaten the tutorial you'll be shown an opponent. Use the usual 
    method to scroll through given opponents and select them.  Every one has a different 
    song and difficulty so be sure to notice the gauge that says "Easy…..Hard" on the left-
    hand side of your screen.  Now all you have to do is beat two opponents after the 
    tutorial to clear the first level.  Good Luck!  
         As you play the game more you'll unlock more hidden songs and characters.  This 
    is mostly done in normal mode.  There are over 40 songs to find so always be on the 
    lookout for something new!
        The WHITE and YELLOW buttons (even in 5 or 7 mode) can be used as cancel 
    3.1 ARCADE
         This will bring you to the arcade screen. See mode explanation for more details.
    3.2 ORIGINAL
         This will bring you to the original mode screen.  See mode explanation for more 
    3.3 TRAINING
         Here you can train against anyone you have fought (even if they beat you).  Use 
    the normal method to select one of the following options.  
    START: start training.
    MUSIC SELECT: Use BLUE buttons to scroll through songs.
    SETTINGS: brings up the following sub-menu
    --Speed: Set from 1(slow) to 5 (fast). On speeds 1-4 you won't hear any music.
    --Phrase: View the block pattern entire song in (use BLUE buttons to scroll).
    --Auto: Watch the game play itself.
    --Repeat: Song restarts automatically.
    EXIT: well what da' ya think it does?
    3.4 RECORDS 
         Pretty self-explanatory. Use the BLUE button to scroll through the "chart" 
    rankings.  It will also display what your button configuration was for a given hi-score.
    3.5 SAVE & LOAD  
         Also, easy to figure out. It's a good idea to set the auto-save function on "ON" so the 
    game will save your game every time you get a new song
    3.6 OPTION
         Select an option with the BLUE button and toggle it with the RED button.  
    Remember to save the game after you adjust your options.
      GAME LEVEL: Choose any level of difficulty from 1 to 4.  On the easiest level (1), all 
    blocks that aren't assigned buttons (in 5 and 7 button mode) will count as "Good" when 
    they hit the red line.
      BUTTON MOEDE: Choose from 5, 7 or 9 button mode.  
      RANDOM:  This is good to toggle once you start to get to know the levels a little too 
    well. This causes the pop-kun to fall in a random pattern instead of the same preset way 
    each time.
      HIDDEN: Much like the "ninja" pop-kun in the party mode this causes all pop-kun to 
    become invisible when they hit the bottom fifth of the screen.  This make the game 
    pretty hard since you have to rely a lot more on rhythm and less on your eyes.
      MIRROR:  This causes the pop-kun to fall on the opposite side of the screen that they 
    normally do, like a mirror. Thus all blocks which normally fall on the right of a given 
    stage will fall on the left and vice versa. 
      SELECT: Choose from NORMAL or SHORT CUT.  In shortcut all the animation 
    between enemy selection in the arcade mode is off. Thus when you play the arcade mode 
    the select screen looks like the FREE mode.  All this does is save time, but I like to see 
    what song and what character are linked so I leave it off usually.
      VIBRATION: If you are using a dual-shock controller this allows you to determine 
    when the vibrations happen. It's pretty self explanatory
      KEY CONFIG: Allows you to change the key configuration on your normal PSX 
    controller (Doesn't work with the Pop'n Controller). The default keys are listed here so if 
    you aren't using a Pop'n Controller (Really you should be!) look here to see what key 
    corresponds with which button.
      SOUND: Allows you to go into sound check mode and listen to any songs and sounds 
    you've collected. You can also modify the level of the BGM and SE volume as well as 
    change from Stereo to mono.  It's all in English so don't worry.
      OPTION RESET: Resets all options to their default level.
      EXIT:  Does exactly what you think it does…
         Use this before inserting any Pop'n Music Append Discs.  This will be updated 
    when they release a Pop'n Music Append Disc.
         Using the BLUE buttons select from the below modes. You can use the YELLOW 
    buttons to change characters (A choice of all that you've unlocked).  In Beginner mode 
    you can only choose Nyami or Mimi (The cat or bunny which look suspiciously like 
    Japanese music duo "Puffy").  
       BEGINNER MODE: One tutorial level then two normal battles. 
       NORMAL MODE: You have to defeat three characters to win.  This is the mode 
    where unlock all new characters and songs.  
       EXCITE MODE: Like normal mode but more difficult in that, occasionally, enemy 
    characters will cause distractions such as moving the order of falling blocks or blacking 
    out the screen.  As the name implies it's pretty exciting.  
       PARTY MODE: Like excite mode but more difficult due to the changing icons on the 
    falling blocks.  The icons have the following effects when activated. A block is activated 
    when it scores a "Good" or "Great". (Look on page 14 of the book to see the icons)
       Ninja: Causes all block to become hidden for a time. Just like the hidden option.
       Nyami: Enemy character will come onto the middle of the screen and dance for a 
       Bomb: A blast rocks the screen and messes up the way that all pop-kun are falling.
       Heart: Your level gauge goes up faster than normal for a while
       Running Guy: Randomly enacts one of the other 7 listed icons.
       Rocket: Causes all Pop-kun to fall faster for a period of time.
       Fire: Causes fire to shoot out in the middle of the screen.
       Short Pop-Kun: All pop-kun become short and harder to hit for a while.
          Here you can challenge any character you want or download the game to your 
    pocketstation.  The two middle modes marked "??????" have to be unlocked.
        FREE:  This is very simple it works just like arcade mode except you can choose 
    who to challenge and at what level.  You can only play characters you've already beaten. 
    Any new high scores you get will be saved. At the title screen use the YELLOW buttons 
    to scroll through which character you want as your own.
        DOWNLOAD:  Downloads game information to your pocketstation.  You also 
    need to download your current save in order to get the most out of your pocketstation.  
    This is done by inserting your pocketstation into the memory card slot and saving the 
    game (Just like when you save a normal game).
        ?????? (MARATHON MODE): Unlocked at the same time as Survival mode. Has 
    three modes "Beginner", "Half" and "Full Run". In the grueling Marathon mode you 
    must face 18 opponents in a row!  Also the controller, despite whatever setting you 
    might have pre-programmed, will become a 9 button controller.  This is tough but you 
    can unlock songs with it so good luck! If you loose once to any of your 18 opponents you 
    must start at the beginning again.
        ??????? (SURVIVAL MODE): This is unlocked after you collect all songs form the 
    arcade mode (including the hard to get "Lounge" number).  You have to fight a number 
    of opponents (10, I think) in a row.  You're gauge stays the same in-between levels. If it 
    ever falls into the zero point zone you loose the game.
        EXIT: Return to main screen
    5. SONG LIST
        Here are all the songs I've collected (or heard about) so far. They're listed in the 
    same order that they appear on the LOOK CHART on the pocketstation.
        Songs are listed by GENRE/ TITLE/ CHARACTER
    NOTE: This section contains Japanese characters, mostly used in song titles.
    1. DIGI-ROCK / rose〜恋人よ薔薇色に染まれ/ Timer
    2. IDOL GIRL/ love fire/ Judy
    3. HEAVY METAL / I'm on fire / Dami-yan
    4. VISUAL / White Birds / Yuli
    5. GIRLY / love is strong to the sky / Rie*chan
    6. ENKA / お江戸花吹雪 / S.B. Taro
    7. ANIME HERO R / 光の季節 / 
    8. MASARA / すてきなタブーラ / Kali
    9. POP RAP / Smile the Night Away / Kraft
    10. EURO QUEEN / What I Want (Euro Mix) / Koko
    11. NEO ACO / (fly higher than) the stars /Sugi*kun
    12. MELLOW / 光の季節 /Sanae*chan
    13. LOUNGE / Cherry & Requel /Reo*kun
    14. J-R&B / Sayonara / tourmaline
    15. J-POP / Life / Pretty
    16. TECHNO 80' / Water Melon Woman / Pretty
    17. FUSION / Crossover 12 / Pretty
    18. AFRICA / Con te sabl 2119 / Pretty
    19. CLASSIC / Chaos Age / Pretty
    20. POPS / I really want to hurt you / Rie*chan
    21. RAP / Young Dream / Kraft
    22. LATIN / El Pais del sol / MZD
    23. J-TEKNO / Quick Master / MZD
    24. FANTASY / Monde des songe / Boy
    25. TECHNO POP / Electronic Fill / MZD
    26. DANCE / HI-Tekno / Judy
    27. REGGAE / Baby, I'm yours / MZD
    28. ANIME HERO / Theme from Gambler Z / Hiroshi Jingu
    29. DISCO QUEEN / What I want / Koko
    30. SPY / Spicy Piece / MZD
    31. DISCO KING / Funky Town 75' / MZD
    32. BONUS TRACK / すれちがう2人 / Sanae*chan
    33. RAVE / e-motion / Rave girl
    34. SEXY GIRLS / 淋しい lonliness /May Fa
    35. CANDY POP / Give Me Your Pain/ Cindy
    36. URBAN POP / Prism Heart / Mrs. Wilson
    37. NEW FOLK / まれプン!プン! / Flower
    38. CARIB / 麗しいカーディガン / Olivia
    39. CLASSIC 2 / R.C. / Hamanov
    40. NEW WAVE / Don't Disturb / Sylvie
    41. FUNNY / pulse / Boy
    42. J-Garage Pop / miracle moon / Kelly 
    43. CUTE / again my lovely day / Anzu
    44. AKIBA / E.C.M. / Sholl Kee
         Some of the songs in the game are quite challenging to beat and others even to find.  
    Here's how you unlock those hard to get songs.
       "CUTE": Clear beginner mode. It'll be in normal mode.
       "NEW FOLK": Play the first level with any of the following characters..
         May Fa, Cindy, Boy, Silvie, Mrs. Wilson or Olivia.  Clear NEW WAVE and it will 
         appear in the 2nd round.
       "SEXY GIRLS": In the first stage choose URBAN POP in stage two choose Euro-
        Queen or Disco-queen. It will be in stage three.
       "LOUNGE" This is really hard and where I was stuck in the game for a while. First, 
    play "NEO ACO" in the 1st round scoring at least 80% "great". Choose any song in the 
    2nd round getting at lest 85% "Great".  It should be in the 3rd round.  This may sound 
    very hard but don't worry. Once you've unlocked all other songs needed (including J 
    R&B) it should randomly appear in the 3rd stage. I'm not sure about this since I was 
    pretty drunk and had 6 or so friends over for an after bar Pop'n-Party one night, but this 
    is how I unlocked the song.  Someone had unlocked the J R&B song then about ten 
    minuets later this appeared.  Sorry if this info is all theory, though it worked for me.
       "J R&B" The first number in all three of you scores (Great, Good and Bad) must be 
    read all 3s,5s, or 7s in the first or second round. For example 34/30/3 is okay. Also 5/54/5 
    is fine, etc… This is hard to get except by chance 
       "AKIBA" Clear beginner Marathon mode and it'll appear in normal mode.
       "J-Garage Pop"  I'm not as sure about this one since it's not in any book.  After I got 
    Akiba I played normal mode using May Fa. Here I beat Anzu (Cute) the first round and 
    Koko (Disco Queen) in the second. Kelly appeared in the third round.
         There are still a few songs I have yet to unlock (3 or 4 I think) If you know how to 
    get any I don't have listed please drop me an e-mail. Thanks!
         The only hint I can offer is not to panic when you see tons of pop-kuns coming your 
    way.  In my opinion VISIUAL is the hardest song to pass in the game. Like most hard 
    songs the trick is to ignore the blocks that don't appear much and concentrate on the 
    ones that do.  Figure which 2 or 3 buttons have the most pop-kuns in them and 
    concentrate on hitting these. Sure the little ones on the side will decrease your score a 
    bit, but if you can get enough "Greats" this won't matter.  
        First go to the original mode and download the info to your pocketstation (4 Blocks). 
    Next go to Save & Load and save the game (1 block).  Now you're ready to go!
         Press the enter button on your pocketstation twice to get to the options.  Here use 
    the left and right buttons to scroll through the options and the Enter to choose. The 
    following modes can be chosen.
    1. COLLECT MUSIC: Shows how many songs you've collected. You'll see a star by the 
    number once you've gotten all the songs.  Press enter to return to options screen.
    2. LOOK CHART: Displays what Hi-scores you've gotten on given levels. Use left and 
    right buttons to scroll through the songs. Use up and down buttons to switch between 
    normal and beginner mode for a given song.  Press enter to return to main screen.
    3. AUTO PLAY: If the is on the game will play itself in "Play" mode. Use left/right 
    buttons to toggle and enter to confirm/exit.
    4. PLAY GAME: Munch like the real game except on your pocket station and much more 
    difficult unless you have child-sized fingers.  Below I've listed what buttons are in sync 
    with which lines. Press a given button as a block hits the line. At the end you'll receive a 
    little animation with Mimi and Nyami telling you how well you did. You're score in the 
    pocketstation mode doesn't affect anything in the real game (i.e. doesn't unlock any 
    songs). Press and hold Enter till you're given a "continue/quit" choce to return to the 
    main screen.
    Left Button (farthest left line)
    Up Button (2nd line from the left)
    Down Button (Middle line)
    Right Button (2nd line from the right)
    Enter Button (farthest right line)
    8. THANKS 
         First off thanks to Konami for making such a cool game! Pop'n Music is soooo 
    much fun that it has become a tradition with my friends and I to play it after going out 
    on the weekends.  Thanks to Donna, Tatsu-kun, Paul, Kimie, and Misato for helping 
    me unlock songs at various Pop'n Parties.  Thanks to my kotatsu for keeping me warm 
    while I was Pop'n.  Also to Umu-chan (The coolest chinchilla in Japan) simply for being 
    cute.  Thanks to Konami's home page, which had hints as how to get some of the songs.  
    And don't forget the swell kids at Gamefaq's for posting all the stuff I write. 

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