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    FAQ/Move List by Elbarto

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    T O U K O N    R E T S U D E N    4	
    New Japan Pro Wrestling - "Legends of intense combat spirits"
    GENERAL FAQ ver 0.4 for Japanese Dreamcast version.
    (c) 1999-2001 elbarto
    Last update submitted Aug 28rd 2001
    - started the major re-write
      added Q&A section
      added introduction
      added contents (about time..)
      added partner assist options info
      added most critical combos (still need to add Don Frye, and fix a few others) 
      fixed error - Nagata and Iizuka were round the wrong way in the listings
      re-written Gameplay section (added some new bits too)
      two more rules screen options translated
    This document is copyright 1999-2001 Steve "elbarto" Perry.
    It may not be reproduced or posted on any website without express permission 
    from me. It may not be altered, published, sold etc without permission from me.
    Legal action will be taken if the above terms are broken.
    This is an unofficial document and is not affiliated with Yukes or NJPW.
    Please note: If you email me regarding hosting my FAQs and do not get a reply,
    this does NOT mean that I have given permission for you to host them.
    The only sites permitted to carry this file are:
    www.elbarto.org.uk (new updates posted here first)
    1. Introduction
    2. Menu Translations
    3. In game controls
    4. Gameplay overview and pointers
    5. Wrestlers and their critical combinations
    6. Secrets
    7. Save files
    8. FAQ section
    9. Credits & thanks
    This was the first FAQ that I ever wrote.
    The TR3 guide helped me out a great deal, and since no-one else had started one
    at that point, I thought I'd give it a go.
    2 years later, and I'm back to re-write it, try to fill in the gaps, and make
    it the guide it should have been in the first place.
    TR4 often gets overlooked for Giant Gram, and more recently, Fire Pro D, but
    give it a chance, and you'll find it very enjoyable and fun. It can seem a bit
    slow to start with, and it has a different fighting system, but its worth
    persevering with.
    I just wish they'd kept the roster of TR3, as some of my old favourites are no
    more. (Super Delphin, Shinzaki and Benoit will be missed...)
    If you have any suggestions, corrections, or additions, please email me using
    the address above. I'll give full credit for any new information.
    Exhibition Match                   Edit
    IWGP Title challenges              Internet
    Series Match                       Profiles
    Challenge the burning spirits      Options
    Single Match                       Tournament
    Tag Match                          League
    Battle Royal                       Elimination match
    back to Main Menu
    Single, Tag, and Battle Royale all lead straight to the wrestler
    select screen.
           4 wrestlers
           8 wrestlers
           16 wrestlers
         back to main menu
           4 teams
           8 teams
           16 teams
         back to main menu
       back to main menu
    When starting a tournament, the options are:
    [Choose entries], [randomise entry order], [start tournament]
    During a tournament, the options are:
    [Play match], [skip to result of match], [exit]
    The "skip to result" options only applies to CPU vs CPU matches.
           1 Block
             4 wrestlers
             5 wrestlers
             6 wrestlers
             7 wrestlers
             8 wrestlers
           2 Blocks
             8 wrestlers
             10 wrestlers
             12 wrestlers
         back to main menu
           1 Block
             4 teams
             5 teams
             6 teams
             7 teams
             8 teams
           2 Blocks
             8 teams
             10 teams
             12 teams
         back to main menu
       back to main menu
    The options for Singles Leagues are:
    [play match], [skip to result], [exit]
    Whereas the options for Tag Leagues are:
    [play match], [skip to result], [exit], [check points totals]
    Elimination Match:
       "winner stays on" type
         back to main menu
       ?? ("points" type)
           5 vs 5
           4 vs 4
           3 vs 3
         back to main menu
    When starting, the options are: 
    [choose entries], [randomise order], [start], [switch between team A/B]
    In the "winner stays on" type matches, the winning wrestler keeps their HP and
    strength for the next match.
    Before you win a belt, the menus look like this..
         Records screen
         Records screen
       back to main menu
         Records screen
         Records screen
       back to main menu
    back to main menu
    After you win one of the belts, New and Load get replaced with one option - 
    Defend belt(s). 
    Here you choose a CPU wrestler to challenge you for the belts. You don't seem
    to be able to have another player challenge you :(
    G1 Climax                          Best of Super Juniors
    SG Tag league                      Super Junior Tag league
    back to main menu
      back to main menu
      back to main menu
    back to main menu
    Once you get going, the options at the bottom of the match line-up screen are: 
    [play next match], [save progress & exit].
    The options at the bottom are [edit] and [exit]
    Default options are in capitals.
    *Computer difficulty level*
    cement/ STRONG/ sparring/ training (hardest -> easiest)
    *Ring entrances*
    OFF/ on
    *Name display*
    ON/ off (Information at top of screen)
    *Move display*
    ON/ off (Information at bottom of screen)
    *Vibration (puru puru pack)*
    ON/ off
    *HP & strength display*
    ON/ off (Information on VMS screen)
    *Tag marker*
    ON/ off
    *Camera point*
    TV/ auto/ ringside (default is TV, ringside is awful IMHO)
    stereo/ monaural
    Choose which music will play in the background during the match. Choose your
    favourite, or choose Random (far right choice). Me, I put on a music CD in my
    CD player ;p
    *BGM volume*
    0 -> 10 (default is 10, recommended is 0)
    *Sound Effects volume*
    0 -> 10 (default is 10)
    -STADIUM SELECT-                         -RING DESIGN SELECT-
    Tokyo A [Tokyo Dome](60,000 capacity)    "Toukon Retsuden 4"
    Tokyo B (11,500)                         "BVD" on blue ring
    -where the G1 Climax is held?            "BVD" on black ring
    Tokyo C (2,000)                          "Lion 1" (King of Sports)
    Yokohama (14,000)                        "Lion 2" (NJPW)
    Osaka A (50,000)                         "Arist Trust" (nWo)
    Osaka B (6,500)                          plain blue ring
    ??                                       random design
    Sapporo (5,000)
    *Time limit*
    10 -> 60 minutes, or no time limit (default is 30 mins)
    *Rope break*
    ON/ off
    *Draw at time over*
    If set to off, the computer decides the winner. I presume its the more dominant
    player throughout the match. To be honest, I always turn the time off anyway.
    *Partner assist rules* (Adjustable for Tag matches ONLY)
    OFF/? (none?)/1 count/2 count/3 count/4 count
    If you select off (the default), you get a 5 count when interfering in matches.
    If you are still in the ring when the referee reaches 5, your team will lose
    due to a disqualification.
    The second option will not allow you to interfere at all. The illegal member of
    a team can only enter the ring to interfere with pinfalls or submissions.
    To make matches more interesting, choose one of the count options. When the ref
    reaches the assigned count number, you will not be disqualified, but just leave
    the ring. Then you can come back in again, and again, and again... :)
    *Rules set*
    user definable rules/ use alternate fixed rule set.
    The alternate set of rules will not let you go out of the ring, and you can 
    only win by your opponent giving up, the referee stopping the match, or your 
    opponent being KO'd. The computer seems to put up more of a fight in this mode
    *Stop match at KO*
    OFF/ on
    *Outside fighting*
    ON/ off
    *Outside count*
    ON/ off
    Notes  The digital pad is used to move your wrestler around.
           Apparently you can use the analogue stick when in a grapple/fingerlock
           situation, but I haven't tried this yet.
           The Analogue stick can be used in multiplayer matches to change which
           Opponent you're facing.
           XX means to double tap X quickly.
           + after a button means to press any direction at the same time.
    A      Strike moves
           Outside dives (at near ropes)
           Running Outside Dives (at far ropes)
           "Corner to corner" moves
           Top Rope moves (X+toward corner)
                when at top of turnbuckle:
                A/B/Y  continue with move (whichever button is relevant)
                X      jump back down (useful if they move or get up)
                L      appeal to crowd
                R      appeal/change opponent (useful in battle royal mode)
    B      Power moves
           Pick up opponent and immediately follow up with a move
           Superplexes (opponent groggy at corner)
           Pull opponent from Apron (when on floor) - cheers CjayC !
    Y      Submission moves
    X      Run (forwards, or X+direction to run in that direction)
           Pinfall (press and hold slightly by downed opponent)
           Release pin/hold
           Hammer throw (face to face with opponent)
           Outside throw (face to face, your back by ropes)
           Turnbuckle/Railing smash (face to face, your back to object)
           Pick up opponent
           Pick up to face back (XX)
           Drag opponent (X+towards opponent by head/feet)
           Step over opponent (X+direction by side)
           Flip opponent over (XX+direction by side)
           Tag (X+towards your corner)
           Reach for tag (when on apron)
           Hold opponent for double teammoves (at opponents back)
           Move from Ring to Apron/Apron to ring (X+direction)
           Move from Apron to Floor/Floor to Apron (X+direction)
           Move straight from Ring to Floor (XX+toward floor)
           Roll into Ring (XX+toward ring)
           Roll opponent into ring (both standing, your back to apron)
    L      Appeal to crowd
           L  (opponent normal)      - Appeal 1
           L+ (opponent normal)      - Appeal 2
           L  (opponent groggy/down) - Appeal 3
           L+ (opponent groggy/down) - Appeal 4
    R      Appeal to crowd (single opponent match only)
           Cycle through opponents (in multi opponent matches only)
           Skip (forfeit?) match (when paused)
    START  Pause/unpause the game
    The Toukon Retsuden series use a slightly different fighting system to other
    wrestling games, meaning there will be a period of adjustment if you're used to
    playing Fire Pro, Giant Gram, or any of the American wrestling games (except
    Power pro move wrestling). If you've played any of the 3 Playstation games in
    the series, you can jump right in and see whats new :)
    Now I'll talk briefly about move priority. As you can see on page 12 of the
    manual, its based around the "rock, paper, scissors" game.
    Strikes (A) beat Power moves (B)
    Power Moves (B) beat Submission moves (Y)
    Submission moves (Y) beat Strike moves (A)
    If you both go for a move at the same time, the move with the higher priority
    will be performed. Try to vary your offense, as the computer seems to learn
    pretty fast.
    You can sometimes use this to your advantage. If someone comes running at you
    performing a strike attack (a high kick for example), if you press Y there is a
    good chance that you will not be hit by the move :)
    Experiment, learn, improve.
    If you are knocked down/put in a submission hold, press all buttons and rotate
    the d-pad to get up/released faster.
    Some moves are multi-part moves, and require more than one button to be used to
    take full advantage of the move. Example - the snapmare/flying mare takedown. 
    The move is done with B, but if you press A or Y as you flip your opponent over
    you will follow up with another move.
    You can press B while doing Mutoh's handspring elbow to follow it up with a
    face-crusher :)
    As your opponent takes more damage, he will start to become dazed and groggy.
    This is your chance to perform your more powerful and damaging moves on him.
    There are three levels of grogginess you will go through, as opposed to 2 in
    the earlier versions. They will be referred to as S, M and L groggy.
    S - Standing on the spot, breathing but not moving at all.
    M - Small steps back and forward.
    L - Wobbling around all over the place.
    If you leave them standing there, they will start to recover, and become less
    groggy. For example, if they are L groggy, they would recover to be M groggy,
    then S groggy, then back to normal.
    To pick people up in a groggy state, you MUST use the X button, not B. Using B
    will instantly follow up with a move after you pick them up.
    You may have noticed that the crowd are very vocal, often chanting the name of
    one of the wrestlers during matches. ("edit-oh!"/"hombre, hombre" if you're
    using an edit character). If your name is flasing whilst the crowd is chanting,
    you are experiencing a crowd rush. Useful if it's yours, annoying if its your
    Unless they're REALLY battered, the computer will almost always kick out of 
    pins during crowd rushes. This can be a pain if you're fighting a very popular
    wrestler (Chono, Mutoh, Hashimoto etc) as the crowd seem to give them repeated
    crowd rushes...
    Try to avoid high risk manoeveurs if they have a crowd rush (Superplexes etc),
    as it usually doesn't end up too good for you.
    A few wrestlers have extra moves which are only available when they have a
    crowd rush going. As soon as I can confirm who they are, I shall add the info
    to the wrestlers section.
    The wrestlers weapon of choice, the steel chair, is available once again. When
    on the floor, go to a crowd barrier and press towards it+X to pick out a chair.
    You can use it repeatedly until you get hit, and can now take it into the ring
    as well!
    To get the baseball bat, do the same trick at one of the corner crowd barriers.
    If you try to get a baseball bat with either Goto or Ohara, you will find a
    kendo stick instead.
    New Japan Pro Wrestling heavyweights:
    Shinya Hashimoto, Kensuke Sasaki, Tatsumi Fujinami, Shiro Koshinaka, Kengo 
    Kimura, Junji Hirata, Osamu Kido, Kazuo Yamazaki, Takashi Iizuka, Manabu 
    Nakanishi, Yuji Nagata, Tadao Yasuda, Tatsutoshi Goto, Michiyoshi Ohara, Power 
    + Riki Choshu, Masa Saito, Seji Sakaguchi, Tanaka, Tiger Hattori
    nWo Japan:
    Masahiro Chono, Keiji Mutoh, Great Muta, Hiro Saito, Hiroyoshi Tenzan, Satoshi
    Kojima, AKIRA
    Genichiro Tenryu, Don Frye, Atsushi Onita
    Naoya Ogawa
    + Antonio Inoki
    Jyushin "thunder" Lyger, El Samurai, Kohji Kanemoto, Shinjiro Ohtani, Kendo 
    Kashin, Tatsuito Takaiwa, Dr. Wagner Jr, The Great Sasuke, Dragon Kid
    + SASUKE 
    Despite the skill book only listing one, each wrestler actually has 3 critical
    combos. Learn to pull these off, as they'll inflict extra damage, and usually
    look good too :)
    Shinja Hashimoto:
    Appeal 3 -> Vertical Drop DDT
    Appeal 4 -> Triple gut kick (A+ when L)
    Vertical Drop DDT -> Triangle hold
    Kensuke Sasaki:
    Appeal 2/4 -> Northern lights bomb
    Kensuke Lariat -> Northern lights bomb
    Northern lights bomb -> Strangle hold gamma
    Tatsumi Fujinami:
    Dragon Screw -> Figure 4 leglock
    One hand backbreaker -> Dragon Sleeper
    Wrenching Dragon Screw (Y+ when L) -> Figure 4 leglock
    Shiro Koshinaka:
    Appeal 1/3 -> Jumping Hip attack
    Appeal 4 -> pinning Powerbomb with pose
    Diving Hip attack -> Pinning Powerbomb with pose
    Kengo Kimura:
    Appeal 1/3 -> Spinning leg lariat (running A)
    Appeal 1/3 -> Backdrop
    Spinning leg lariat -> Powerbomb
    Junji Hirata:
    Appeal 1/3 -> Lariat (running A)
    Appeal 2/4 -> Jumping Powerbomb
    Appeal 2/4 -> ? not sure what this move is called (B+ when L)
    Osamu Kido:
    FM/Figure 4 headlock/stamping -> Head step
      (not sure which part of the starting move you actually do)
    Neckbreaker Drop -> Kido Clutch
    Drop toe hold -> Reverse half Boston Crab
    Kazuo Yamazaki:
    Double German Suplex -> ? not sure what the name is :(
    Release German suplex -> Cross Arm Breaker
    4 kick combination -> Achillies tendon lock
    Takashi Iizuka:
    Appeal 1/3 -> Urange
    Appeal 1/3 -> Blizzard
    Urange -> Victory roll to cross arm breaker (or is it leg?)
    Manabu Nakanishi:
    Bearhug suplex -> Argentina backbreaker to backbreaker drop
    Fireman carry -> Argentina backbreaker to backbreaker drop
    Appeal 2/4 -> Argentina backbreaker to backbreaker drop
    Yuji Nagata:
    Kick combination -> Nagata Lock II
    Exploder -> Nagata Lock
    Appeal 2 -> Backdrop hold
    Tadao Yasuda:
    Appeal 4 -> Tiger Driver
    Backflip -> Tiger Driver
    Counter kick -> Reverse Boston crab
    Tatsutoshi Goto:
    Appeal 4 -> Backdrop
    Appeal 1/3 -> Lariat
    Low Blow -> Backdrop
    Michiyoshi Ohara:
    Appeal 2/4 -> pinning Powerbomb with pose
    Jumping neckbreaker drop -> pinning Powerbomb with pose
    Chokeslam -> pinning Powerbomb with pose
    Power Warrior:
    Appeal 2/4 -> Northern Lights bomb
    Appeal 2/4 -> Tornado bomb
    Northern Lights bomb -> Strangle hold gamma
    Riki Choshu:
    Appeal 2/4 -> Riki Lariat
    Riki Lariat -> Backdrop
    Riki Lariat -> Scorpion Deathlock
    Masa Saito:
    Appeal 1/3 -> Backdrop
    Backdrop -> ? don't know the name. Figure 4 type thing
    Backdrop -> Scorpion Deathlock
    Seji Sakaguchi:
    Jumping knee attack -> Reverse Boston crab
    Atomic Drop -> Argentina Backbreaker
    Atomic Drop -> Reverse Boston crab
    Triple elbow (Misawa style) -> Dangerous Tiger Driver (Misawa's TD'91?)
    Triple elbow -> Tiger Driver
    Appeal 4 -> Running elbow
    Tiger Hattori:
    Sai Kick? -> Jackhammer
      (I can't find the first move in his moveset anywhere?!)
    Appeal 3 -> World bomb
    Appeal 4 -> Tiger Combination kicks
    Masahiro Chono:
    Appeal 2/4 -> STF
    Drop Toe hold -> STF/reverse STF
    Appeal 4 -> Grand Wing arm lock
    Keiji Mutoh:
    Dragon screw -> Mutoh figure 4 leglock
    Dropkick to knee -> Mutoh figure 4 leglock
    Summit style backbreaker -> Moonsault press
    Great Muta:
    Dragon screw -> Achillies tendon lock
    Mist spray (from behind) -> Cross arm breaker
    Summit style backbreaker -> Moonsault press
    Hiro Saito:
    Appeal 2/4 -> Diving senton
    Eye poke (A when L) -> Chin Crusher
    Eye rake (A when S) -> Senton
    Hiroyoshi Tenzan:
    FM/sleeper/stamping -> Buffalo sleeper
     (not sure which part of the starting move you actually do)
    Diving Headbutt (Tenzan 3) -> Buffalo sleeper
    Mountain Bomb -> Diving headbutt (Tenzan 3)
    Satoshi Kojima:
    Appeal 3 -> Running Lariat into pin
    Appeal 1 -> Running Lariat
    Diamond Cutter -> KojiMAX hold
    Appeal 4 -> Musasapi body press
    Appeal 3 -> Dragon Suplex hold
    Appeal 2 -> Missile Dropkick
    Genichiro Tenryu:
    Appeal 2/4 -> Power Bomb
    Enzigiri to back of head -> Power Bomb
    Enzigiri to back of head -> Tenryu diving elbow
    Atsushi Onita:
    Appeal 4 -> Onita Thunderfire Powerbomb
    Onita Headbutt -> D.D.O
    D.D.O -> Onita Thunderfire Powerbomb
    Naoya Ogawa:
    Takedown from behind -> Mount punches
    STO -> Mount body punches
    Headlock Takedown -> Cross Arm breaker
    Antonio Inoki:
    Enzigiri to face -> Manji hold (Y+ when L)
    Enzigiri to face -> different manji hold (not sure about this one)
    Enzigiri to face -> Choke sleeper hold
    Jyushin "Thunder" Lyger:
    Appeal 4 -> Running Lyger Bomb
    Appeal 4 -> Delayed pinning Power bomb (B+ when M)
    Appeal 3 -> Running Palm strike
    El Samurai:
    Appeal 2/4 -> Samurai Bomb
    Top rope Reverse DDT -> "lift up" reverse DDT
    Appeal 2/4 -> "lift up" reverse DDT
    Kohji Kanemoto:
    Appeal 2/4 -> Moonsault press
    Appeal 3 -> Tiger Suplex hold
    Kanemoto style body slam (B+ when L) -> Moonsault press
    Shinjiro Ohtani:
    Swan dive Missile dropkick -> Dragon Suplex hold
    Swan dive heel kick -> Dragon Suplex hold
    Appeal 3 -> Dragon Suplex hold
    Kendo ka Shin: not sure on the starting bits for the first two...
    ? -> Reverse DDT
    ? -> Victory roll into cross arm breaker
    Appeal 2/4 -> Top rope Cross arm breaker
    Tatsuito Takaiwa:
    Appeal 2/4 -> Triple Powerbomb into Death valley bomb
    Appeal 2/4 -> Triple Powerbomb
    Appeal 2/4 -> Triple Powerbomb into Michinoku Driver II (?!)
    I'm a bit confused with the third one here. This is what it says on the screen,
    but as far as I can see, Takaiwa doesn't have the Triple PB into Michinoku
    driver II move assigned. Very strange.
    Dr Wagner Jr:
    Appeal 4 -> Michinoku Driver II
    Appeal 2 -> B.T Bomb
    Macho Pose -> Tiger Driver
    The Great Sasuke:
    Tombstone Piledriver -> Rounding body press
    Appeal 1/3 -> Senton Atomico
    Appeal 2/4 -> Thunderfire Power bomb
    Dragon Kid:
    Appeal 4 -> Dragon Rana
    Drop toe hold -> Ra Mahistoral
    Appeal 3 -> Dragons Ray
    SASUKE strut -> Flying heel kick
    Appeal 4 -> Senton Atomico
    SASUKE strut -> Thunderfire Power bomb
    There are 7 hidden characters in the game. I don't know how to unlock them
    normally, but here are the codes you need to unlock them. All codes should be 
    entered on the "press START button" title screen.
    When you unlock them, they will save onto your VMS automatically, so
    if you want to try to earn them, don't have your VMS in!
    You can also check out their profiles in the relevant section.
    LXYBXYBR  Riki Choshu        LXYXXYXR  Tanaka (ring announcer)
    LXYAXYAR  Masa Saito         LXAXXAXR  Tiger Hattori (referee)
    LXYABXYR  Antonio Inoki      LXBXXBXR  Seji Sakaguchi
    LXAYBXAR  SASUKE (heel version of great Sasuke)
    LXAAAAAR  Unlocks all hidden wrestlers
    You can also change the referee in the game. This can only be done for 1-on-1
    matches, not Tag or Battle Royal.
    Before the match starts, enter the following commands. Note - you MUST have 2
    controllers attached with Analogue pads (not any Arcade sticks, fighting pads 
    etc) for this to work. Enter the directions on the analogue pads.
    Pad 1   Pad 2   Referee  
    UP      UP      Seiji Sakaguchi
    DOWN    UP      Kero/Tanaka
    UP      DOWN    Koike (Super J girl)
    RIGHT   LEFT    Itoh (Super J girl)
    LEFT    RIGHT   Endo (Super J girl)
    As you may have noticed, this game sprays save files all over your VMS. 
    Here, I'll try to identify what each one is for, so that if you need to free 
    some space, you know what you're deleting.
    The last three letters are the most important to identify the files.
    toukon4dcSYS   2 blocks
    contains hidden wrestler data, all option settings. Can't be copied.
    toukon4dcETS   2 blocks
    "Exhibition- Singles tournament" data
    toukon4dcETT   2 blocks
    "Exhibition- Tag tournament" data
    toukon4dcELS   2 blocks
    "Exhibition- Singles league" data
    toukon4dcELT   2 blocks
    "Exhibition- Tag league" data
    toukon4dcEIW   2 blocks
    "Exhibition- 1st option of Elimination menu" data
    toukon4dcEIS   2 blocks
    "Exhibition- 2nd option of Elimination menu" data
    toukon4dcIHS   4 blocks
    "IWGP heavyweight singles" data
    toukon4dcIHT   4 blocks
    "IWGP heavyweight tag" data
    toukon4dcIJS   4 blocks
    "IWGP junior singles" data
    toukon4dcIJT   4 blocks
    "IWGP junior tag" data
    toukon4dcG1T   5 blocks
    "G1 Climax tournament" data.
    toukon4dcG1L   3 blocks
    "G1 Climax League" data.
    toukon4dcBSJ   3 blocks
    "Best of Super Jnr" tournament data.
    toukon4dcSJT   3 blocks
    "Super Jnr Tag League" data.
    toukon4dcCBS   2 blocks
    "Burning spirits single" data.
    toukon4dcCBT   2 blocks
    "Burning spirits Tag" data
    toukon4dcEW#   5 blocks
    Edit wrestler data. # is the number on the list.
    1. Where is the table mentioned in an earlier version of this guide?
    I've never seen the table in this game (or even said that I'd seen it).
    Someone posted on one of the message boards that you could get one, but it now
    looks like it was a hoax :(
    2. Why haven't you updated the guide in ages?
    I haven't actually played this in a while, been into Fire Pro D recently.
    I'm back on this one again, so hopefully I can start work on this again.
    3. How do you pull off some of the trickier moves?
       Can you be more specific on the controls?
    Sorry again!
    This was my first FAQ, and so was lacking in places. I'm in the process of
    re-writing it now. Hopefully the new version will be easier to follow :)
    FAQ written by elbarto
    Thanks to..
    CjayC for hosting all my FAQs, and posting a couple of moves that I hadn't 
    worked out yet.
    The poster to Mattrlz's Import Wrestling Video Game message board who posted 
    the cheat codes to unlock the secret wrestlers. I'm not sure who it was (I 
    think it was Kobashi?), but you know who you are.
    Get in touch and I'll credit you properly.
    Mattrlz's board has been dead for some time, it would appear. If its been
    resurrected anywhere, please let me know. Same with Saturns "tag team terror"
    Satoshi Kurio for translating (and Sasuke for posting) the secret referee 
    Aushirot for posting the "unlock all secrets" code.
    Flash for posting about Ohara's kendo stick.
    Brian Slattery & Ted Kruelski, for their excellent work translating Toukon 3 
    for the Playstation. Their work helped inspire me to write my Toukon FAQs.
    All the people posting on the Toukon 4 GameFAQs message board, for inspiration
    and support, especially those around when the game was first released.
    Minor contributions and help from:
    Crazy Jimmy, Jason Chaos, broken keyboard.
    (c) 1999-2001 elbarto
    Thank you for playing :)

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