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    Edit Mode FAQ by Elbarto

    Version: 0.2c | Updated: 09/18/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    TOUKON RETSUDEN 4	"Legends of intense combat spirits"
    New Japan Pro Wrestling
    EDIT MODE FAQ ver 0.2c
    Last updated 18/9/99
    Now in true .txt format. A bit more printer friendly too!
    (c)1999 Steve/Elbarto - NJPW help fresh from England.
    I'm still learning Japanese (self-taught), so not all of the text is
    translated exactly. I've tried to stay as close to the original text
    as possible, as well as make the guide as simple to follow as I can.
    When choosing existing wrestlers costume/moves/etc, the list you can
    choose from is in the same order as the list of wrestlers in my main
    FAQ, so use that as a guide.
    ?? indicates kanji I haven't translated properly yet.
    A accepts, B cancels (stick with existing selection), and X previews
    selections (music, speech, moves). L and R in the name entry screen
    move across your name.
    The options are [new], [edit], and [copy].
    Just in case anyone was wondering, the empty save slots translate as
    "Young Lion".
    The options at the bottom are [edit] and [go to edit screen 2]
    Hiragana, Katakana, English, Hiragana 2, Back to Screen 1
    *move base*
    the wrestler whose basic moves you will use. Pick from the list
    What the announcer says before announcing your name
    The name the announcer calls you by during the ring intros
    Choose between 170 to 210 cm. This only changes what the announcer
    says, not what your wrestler looks like.
    Choose between 85 to 190kg. See above point about appearance.
    If you weigh less than 95kg, you are classed as a junior.
    *theme music*
    Pick one from the list. Special edit-only music is at the end.
    The options at the bottom are [edit] and [save & exit]
       *original costume*
          *body frame*
            ??(standard size)
            ??(larger size)
            ??(jumbo size)
            pants type
            ??type (short trousers)
            pantaloon type (long trousers)
         Then move to next screen, the options are:
         [edit style], [edit colour], [back to edit screen 2]
         The body parts that you can change are as follows
         (The number of choices per style is shown as well)
         head         5/5/5/5/4
         torso        7/7/7/7/7/7/2
         left elbow   4
         right elbow  4
         left wrist   3
         right wrist  3
         left hand    6
         right hand   6
         pants        pants 8/8/8/5, ?? 2, pantaloon 2
         left knee    8/7 (pants type only)
         right knee   8/7 (pants type only)
         left ankle   6 (not pantaloon type)
         right ankle  6 (not pantaloon type)
         left foot    5
         right foot   5
       *existing costume, 1P colours*
       *existing costume, 2P colours*
    to be updated
    *move edit*
    See the move edit screen translation near the end of the FAQ.
    to be updated
    Where you can assign 3 "critical combo moves". I'll update this
    later on
    to be updated
    When you preview the moves, you get some cool animations showing you
    the moves. Sure beats the still pictures of Toukon 3.
    *basic moves*
    *dash moves*
    *back dash moves* (dash towards opponents back)
    *dash counter moves*
    *throw counter moves* (after you hammer throw opponent)
    *rope rebound moves*
    *corner rebound moves*
    *back moves*
    *back reversal with high HP*
    *back reversal with low HP*
    *ring to apron moves*
    *standing outside dives* (at near ropes)
    *running outside dives* (at far ropes)
    *basic apron moves*
    *apron to ring moves*
    *apron to floor moves*
    *opponent down moves* 
       *by feet, face up (B)*
       *by head, face up (B)*
       *by head, face down (B)*
       *by feet, face down (B)*
       *top of head, face up (A/Y)*
       *side of head, face up (A/Y)*
       *side of legs, face up (A/Y)*
       *base of legs, face up (A/Y)*
       *top of head, face down (A/Y)*
       *side of head, face down (A/Y)*
       *side of legs, face down (A/Y)*
       *base of legs, face down (A/Y)*
    *top rope counters*
    *top rope counters*
    *top rope to standing opponent moves*
    *top rope to downed opponent moves*
       *?? face up*
       *?? face up*
       *?? face down*
       *?? face down*
    *top rope outside dives*
    *superplex moves*
    *back superplex moves*
    *opponent draped in corner moves*
    *long runup moves*
       *opponent draped in corner, you in opposite corner*
       *opponent draped across guardrail, you some way off*
    *getting up moves*
    *"held" double teams* (opponent held by partner)
       *top rope*
    *double team moves*
       *both in front*
       *both behind*
       *1 front, 1 behind*
       *opponent down, both by arms*
       *opponent down, both by legs*
    *partner saves*
       *partner in ground hold/pin*
       *partner in standing hold/pin*
    *appeals to crowd*
       *above head, face up*
       *right of head, face up*
       *left of head, face up*
       *right of legs, face up*
       *left of legs, face up*
       *base of legs, face up*
       *above head, face down*
       *right of head, face down*
       *left of head, face down*
       *right of legs, face down*
       *left of legs, face down*
       *base of legs, face down*
    *?? performance*
       *??* (intro-getting through ropes)
       *??* (intro-when through ropes)
    *winning pose*
    The edit FAQ was written entirely by me. Feel free to distribute it,
    but please don't use parts of it for your own FAQs without crediting
    me, and without e-mailing first
    My e-mail is elbarto@mcmail.com
    If you have any questions or suggestions, then please contact me.
    Thanks to..
    CjayC for putting this FAQ up on gameFAQs
    Jason and all at Raven Games for getting this, and numerous other
    import games in for me.
    Any help you can give will be credited. I'm looking for help with
    the logic sections, and how to edit limb length (can it be done?!)

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