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    Nanase Yuu's Ending Translations by hooi

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                            SENTIMENTAL GRAFFITI 2 
                 Nanase Yuu's Ending Translations Version 0.1 
                         Chia-Hooi Lim(hooi@iastate.edu)
    Sega Dreamcast's Sentimental Graffiti 2 is released on July 27, 2000 by NEC 
    Interchannel. Nanase Yuu-chan is one of 12 female characters in the 
    game. This file contains the ending translations of all three of her 
    I am not a professional translator, and I am doing these translations for 
    the fun of it. I first apologize for any mistakes that I make in the 
    translation. I hope you will enjoy them and please feel free to give me 
    your comments on them. The purpose of my translations is to give you the 
    most out of the endings without losing the feel of it. Of course, to get 
    the best out of the translations, you have to own the game itself. Please 
    feel free to send me your comments at hooi@iastate.edu :D
    Spoiler Alert: This document contains spoilers for the game Sentimental 
    Graffiti 2. 
    Mar 11, 2001: (Ver.0.1) - Completed the Happy and Good Ending Translation.
    [] - Place
    P - Player
    Y - Yuu-chan
    R - Rurika-chan
    W - Wakana-chan
    D - Doorbell
    T - Telephone
    () - Thoughts
    {} - Describe the situation.
    -->[] - Notes to understand the translation
    "Fufu" - This means that she is giggling.
            H A P P Y   E N D I N G					      
    [Outside your apartment]
    P: (Sigh... today is also very hot...)
    P: (I should hurry back to my room and take a shower to cool myself 
    P: Huh...?
    {In front my door, there is a decorative plant's pot left there.}
    {I pick up the pot.}
    P: (Why is there a decorative plant's pot here...?)
    {I bring the pot into my room first.}
    P: Uh~... it's hot...
    {I left my bag and the pot at the kitchen floor and open the window.}
    {The air outside flow into the room make the warm room a bit colder.}
    P: Fuu~...
    {I look up at the Tokyo sky from the window.}
    P: (The sky is completely dark...)
    P: (The stars cannot be seen, but is shinning brightly out there...)
    P: (It sounds like my neighbour has just came back.)
    {I close the window and switch on the air-conditioning.}
    {Cool air blowing into the room start to make the room cooler.}
    P: Finally, it has became cooler...
    {I look at the decorative plant's pot.}
    P: (Whose pot is it, I wonder?)
    [Choice: Whose pot is it?]
      [Choice 1 - I guess, the delivery people make a mistake.]
        P: (That's right, could it be that the delivery people make a 
        P: (I don't remember ordering a decorative plant's pot...)
        P: (If that is true, when they realize they make a mistake
           they will most likely come back to pick it up.)
        P: (Okay, I will leave it outside the door...)
      [End of Choice 1]
      [Choice 2 - Could it be...]
        P: (Could it be... Nanase-san leave it here, when I was out!)
        P: (Come to think about it, she gave a decorative plant's pot 
           to Ayasaki-san...)
      [End of Choice 2]
      [Choice 3 - It's probably...]
        P: (It's probably... for the guy next door.)
        P: (He told me a while back that he is some sort of collector.)
        P: (I will bring it to him later on...)
      [End of Choice 3]
    [End Choice]
    D: Ding-dong
    P: Eh...?
    P: (Who could it be at a time like this?)
    P: (Could it be... he/she is coming to take back the decorative 
       plant's pot?)
    P: Yeees! Who is it?
    R: It's Yamamoto.
    P: (Yamamoto-san? I wonder what she wants at a time like this...?)
    P: Ah, wait a second. I will open the door...
    R: Good evening.
    P: Yo... What do you want at a time like this?
    W: ... I apologized for rudeness for coming here so late.
    P: Ayasaki-san...?
    W: There is something that we need to come here to tell you about.
    P: ... Something to tell me about?
    R: It's about Yuu.
    W: Today, there is a decorative plant's pot outside your door, right?
    P: There is, but...
    R: That... is from Yuu.
    P: I see... I was wondering who is it from.
    W: ... Yuu is leaving for Peru- tomorrow.
    P: Eh! Peru-... Wh, why!?
    R: No matter how we ask her, she wouldn't tell us...
    R: I thought you should know about it though...
    W: Tomorrow... please go to the airport.
    W: If she parted with you like this, I believe that she will surely
       regret it. 
    W: I leave Yuu... in your hands.
    R: I also leave Yuu in your hands.
    P: Okay... Thank you, both of you...
    P: Tomorrow, I will go to the airport and see.
    W: ... Thank you very much. Well, it's late, I will take my leave.
    P: ... It's late, are you going to be okay?
    R: It's okay. It's because Wakana is staying over at my room today.
    P: I see... Well, be careful...
    R: ... Right, see you.
    W: Yuu... I leave her in your hands.
    {At the side of Ayasaki-san who is explaning the things to me, 
    Yamamoto-san with her worried face looking at me.}
    {After Ayasaki-san and Yamamoto-san left, strangely the room, which
    supposed to be small, feels as though it has became bigger.}
    P: (Nanase-san, why are you leaving to Peru-...)
    {I quickly picked up the phone and punch in Nanase-san's phone number.}
    T: Tururururu....
    T: Currently, the number cannot be reached. Please leave your message
       after the "beep".
    T: Beep...
    P: Hello... Nanase-san?
    P: After you heard this message, please call me any time...
    P: ... I will be waiting.
    P: (Nanase-san... what is going on...)
    P: (Is she planning to leave without saying anything to me...)
    {In the end, Nanase-san did not call me back.}
    {There is a lot in my mind, but I cleared them up.}
    P: (Ah...)
    {I realized that I am standing at the international departure gate.}
    {It's not much time before Nanase-san depart...}
    {I run around looking for her.}
    P: (Nanase-san... Where are you...)
    P: (Ah... Nanase-san...)
    P: (Her back figure, slowly become smaller...)
    P: Nanase-san---!!
    [Animation: Yuu-san walk and look back.]
    {Nanase-san heard my voice, and slowly look back.}
    {I ran as quickly as I can to her.}
    {The small looking Nanase-san, slowly become bigger.}
    P: Nanase-san-! Please don't go!
    P: I... love you!!
    {Her beautiful pupil, at my words, I know has became bigger.)
    {Nanase-san stood motionless, waiting for me to come. ...That is, my
    selfish wish, I guess?}
    {No... it's true that...}
    {Nanase-san is standing that.}
    P: ... Nanase-san...
    {Gathered at the pupil of Nanase-san's eyes, a ball of light swell...} 
    {Starting... to transmit to the cheek.}
    --->[Basically, a teardrop form at Yuu-chan's eyes and drop down to
         her cheek. This is one thing, I hate about SG2. Too many words
         for things like this. :D]
    [Animation: Yuu-chan kiss you.]
    {...then, Nanase-san disappear from the escalator with me standing
    there stunned.}
    {I could here a very loud noise surrounding me.}
    {My hand's petal become cold and look very far away.} 
    {My cheek somehow felt warm.}
    {When the petal of my hand touched my cheek, I could feel warm water 
    there.} -->[You are crying? Or the tears from Yuu-chan?]
    {What is this...}
    {Somebody stop behind me... I slowly turn to look back.}
    {I feel something gentle and warm wrapping around my body.}
    Y: I... am not going...
    Y: ...Thinking of leaving you... stop me from going...
    Y: You are not him, yet I... yet I...
    P: ...Nanase-san. 
    Y: I know that... I love you...
    Y: ... That's why I tried to run away away... from my own feelings...
    Y: ... But, you came chasing after me...
    Y: That's why, ... I cannot run away.
    Y: ... I will never... run away... from you anymore...
    P: (I caught you!)
    {I thought that in the midst of my happiness.} 
    {Nanase-san smile in my arms.}
    	  Ending Song by Nanase Yuu - "Twinkle Star"  
    {We, after that, went to Nanase-san's hometown to look at the star.}
    P: Incredible stars, isn't it? It's just like Nanase-san said, it's
       the real sky.
    --->[Basically, it seems that it is hard to see stars in Tokyo. Why?
         It's probably because of the tall buildings in Tokyo.]
    {I said that after I saw the shooting star.}
    {Nanase-san look up at the star, she said.}
    [Animation: Yuu-chan look up at the sky, there are shooting stars.]
    Y: It would be great that we can listen to the music of the stars 
       together forever...
    P: Let's listen to it together... forever.
    {Inside my ears, echoed a gentle sound.}
    --->[Music of the stars??? What kind of music could it be? :D]
            B E T T E R   E N D I N G					      
            Ending Song - "Tatta hitotsu no omoide" (Just one memory) 
            G O O D   E N D I N G					      
    {I did not see Nanase-san anywhere for a while. Ayasaki-san who I met
    once in a while told me that she travel to Peru-.}
    P: (... I see, she finally left to see the sky full of stars...)
    {To me, Nanase-san probably the same as the star... Something that
    I cannot reach...}
    {It has been half year after that... On icy cold rainy day...}
    Y: Yo... Are you fine? I currently writing this under the starry sky.
    Y: Alone... standing under the starry sky... I start thinking about 
    Y: About when you are at my side...
     Ending Instrumental Song - "Tatta hitotsu no omoide" (Just one memory) 
    	G A M E   O V E R					      
    Copyright 2000 Chia-Hooi Lim. I used my time and efforts to create this 
    translations. So, please DO NOT use or post it for your website or 
    anywhere. If you got any questions or feedback, please send e-mail to 
    "Sentimental Graffiti 2" and "Nanase Yuu" are trademarks of NEC 
    The latest version of this file will always be at:
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    they should be at:
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