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    Ayasaki Wakana's Ending Translations by hooi

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                            SENTIMENTAL GRAFFITI 2 
               Ayasaki Wakana's Ending Translations Version 1.0
                         Chia-Hooi Lim(hooi@iastate.edu)
    Sega Dreamcast's Sentimental Graffiti 2 is released on July 27, 2000 by NEC 
    Interchannel. Ayasaki Wakana-chan is one of 12 female characters in the 
    game. This file contains the ending translations of all three of her 
    I am not a professional translator, and I am doing these translations for 
    the fun of it. I first apologize for any mistakes that I make in the 
    translation. I hope you will enjoy them and please feel free to give me 
    your comments on them. The purpose of my translations is to give you the 
    most out of the endings without losing the feel of it. Of course, to get 
    the best out of the translations, you have to own the game itself. Please 
    feel free to send me your comments at hooi@iastate.edu :D
    Spoiler Alert: This document contains spoilers for the game Sentimental 
    Graffiti 2. 
    Jul.16, 2001: (Ver.1.0) - Translate Good Ending.
    Mar.11, 2001: (Ver.0.3) - Translate two of Wakana-chan's scenarios.
                              These two scenario are the ones just before
                              the happy ending. Completed Wakana-chan's
                              Happy Ending.
    Oct. 8, 2000: (Ver.0.2) - Translated that one Romaji sentence.
    Oct. 1, 2000: (Ver.0.1) - Most part of Happy Ending is completed. Better  
                              is completed. I haven't touched the Good Ending
    [] - Place
    P - Player
    W - Wakana-chan
    S - Sempai-kun
    1 - Club Member 1
    2 - Club Member 2
    () - Thoughts
    {} - Describe the situation.
    -->[] - Notes to understand the translation
    "Fufu" - This means that she is giggling.
            H A P P Y   E N D I N G					      
    [Your Apartment]
    P: Today is... Taibou Ceremony... -->[Taibou Ceremony is a ceremony where
       nurse receive their nurse. Basically, they are qualified to do nurse
       job. However, it does not means that she is graduating.]
    {I prepared my camera and go to Nurse School.}
    [Wakana-chan's Nurse University]
    P: (There is a lot of people...)
    {There is a lot of places that people cannot enter, but they allows the
    family to enter Ayasaki-san's school.}
    P: (I'm glad... I better hurry and go.)
    {Then, the ceremony begun.}
    P: (It feels... really holy...)
    P: (I cannot find... Ayasaki-san anywhere.)
    P: (Ayasaki-san...)
    P: (...)
    {At the stage, oath was said.}
    P: (It sounds like Ayasaki-san's voice...)
    W: We gather here in front of people, make pledge to god--
    W: We spend our life purely, we faithfully serve our duty.
    W: We not only prepare curing medicine for everything that is 
       poisonous or everything that is harmful, we also promote
       knowledge with it.
    W: We do our very best with our own limitation to do our job in 
       the highest quality.
    W: We, to do our job, try to understand everything about the person
       who is going to be treated, including his or her family.
    W: We help the doctor over the heart, and for the happiness of the
       people come in seek of our help, we sacrifised our own health.
    P: (Nurse... is a tough job...)
    {The next phase of the ceremony has begun, the nurse cap wearing has 
    P: (... Here I cannot see probably...)
    P: (Why I cannot find her...)
    P: Ah!
    [Animation: Somebody wear the nurse cap on Wakana-chan's head. She
                has her hair cut short, just like SG2 Third Windows Disc
                for Wakana-chan.]
    P: (Your beautiful black hair...) -->[Well, they REALLY described 
                                          Wakana-chan's hair as black.]
    P: (... Ayasaki-san)
    {Taibou Ceremony, leaving behind that surprising rhyme, has ended.}
    {I gave her a bouquet of flowers.}
    P: Congratulation...
    W: Thank you very much.
    P: ... I saw the Taibou Ceremony.
    W: ...Yes.
    P: It was hard trying to find you.
    W: Fufu, is that so?
    P: ... You cut your hair...
    W: Yes, it doesn't look nice on me?
    P: It's not that...
    W: I have been thinking to cut it long time ago. It bother me at my job.
    P: ... But.
    W: There is other reason that I have to make this decision.
    P: Huh?
    W: I... realized.
    W: That only people who are happy can make other people happy.
    P: ...
    W: ... Would you please take my picture? You promised.
    P: ... Y, yes.
    W: This is a important memory, after all...
    {In the middle of the finder, Ayasaki-san shines. Her gentle smile enter 
    my heart...}
    W: Thank you...
     Ending Song by Ayasaki Wakana - "Shiruku no Tameiki"/"Sigh of Silk"
    {---It is changing to Sakura Season. It has been more than a year since
    then. I am in my fourth year in University. Ayasaki-san, has passed
    the national exam, and graduated from the nursing university earlier than
    me. She planned to become a real nurse. Then--}
    [Animation: you put both of hands on both side of her cheeks.]
    W: ... I have been waiting.
    P: Ayasaki-san...
    W: Yes...
    P: Then...
    {The dazzling white nurse cap...}
    {In my arms, Ayasaki-san smile.}
    W: It's because you are here... that I do my best to archive what I have
    W: From now on, please also be by my side...
    {--Without replying her. I moved towards her best smile--} -->[Kiss?]
            B E T T E R   E N D I N G					      
    {--- Taibou Ceremony was wonderful and beautiful thing--}
    {--- I wait in front of the entrance for her, as promised.---}
    W: Thank you for waiting.
    P: ... Nice job.
    W: Fufu... I admit I am a bit nervous though.
    P: Yes...
    W: Currently, I felt very triumphant.
    P: Yes...
    W: This is... because of your encouragement, isn't it?
    P: ... I am happy that you said that.
    W: Ufufu... It's the truth after all.
    {Wakana-san smile radiantly. She looks good with the nurse cap.}
    W: Well, please take my pictures.
    P: Okay...
    W: I don't want to forget the feeling I have today...
    P: ...Thank you very much.
    {--- Ayasaki-san, is acting polite as usual. But, somehow, I feel that
    she a bit closer. I guess, she will continue grow up. I wonder if I am
    going to be by her side, when she come out. The blue sky makes her smile
    looks transparent.}  
            Ending Song - "Tatta hitotsu no omoide" (Just one memory) 
            G O O D   E N D I N G					      
    [Your Apartment]
    {--Then, the distance between Ayasaki-san and me become further apart. 
    We live in different worlds, so that's probably how it supposed to 
    turn up at the end anyway--}
    [In front of Ayasaki Clinic]
    W: Ah...
    P: ... It has been a while since we last met, hasn't it?
    W: Yes... Are you doing well?
    P: ... Yes.
    W: Is that so?... I am glad.
    P: How about you?... Are you doing well?
    W: ... Yes.
    P: I am glad.
    W: ... What a coincidence.
    P: Eh?
    W: That we meet today.
    P: What do you mean by that?
    W: I... am gong to transfer to another hospital tomorrow.
    P: Eh!?
    W: It's a dental treatment center belongs to a friend of my uncle at 
       Sanson... After all, I got my qualification as an associate nurse.
    P: ... But.
    W: If... If I am here, they will spoil me.
    P: ...
    W: In addition to that, being here makes me remember about... the painful
    P: ... I see.
    W: That's why... I want to challenge myself more.
    P: You want to go forward,  huh?
    W: ... Thank you very much for everything.
    P: ... Do your best, okay?
    W: Yeah... you too, please take care of yourself.
    {Wakana said her farewell and left.}
    P: (Ayasaki-san...)
    {--In my mind, I can see Ayasaki working at the dental treatment center
    in Sanson. For sure, Ayasaki-san will do well there. And then,
    she will become a fine nurse for sure. I feel a bit relieve and start
    following another path---}
     Ending Instrumental Song - "Tatta hitotsu no omoide" (Just one memory) 
            C H I K A Z U K U   F U T A R I				      
    [Home - Phone ringing]
    P: (...The phone is ringing.)
    P: (I wonder who is it from...)
    P: Yes, it's Player.
    W: Hello, it's Ayasaki.
    P: Ayasaki-san... What's the matter?
    W: There is something I want to talk about.
    P: I see.
    W: ... Your exam, is finished, right?
    P: Right.
    W: Well then, do you have time?
    P: I do but... what do you want?
    W: That is... when we meet face to face, I want to tell you something.
    P: Why?
    W: ... So that I can have something that can make me brave...
    P: ... Hmmm.
    W: ... Tomorrow, I will be visiting the University.
    P: University?
    W: Which part should I visit would be great for you?
    P: ... Hmmm. The Kougabu's club room, I guess... 
       -->[Kougabu is the name of your club.]
    W: Kougabu...?
    P: At the University, just ask around for directions to either
       photo club or kougabu.
    W: I understand.
    P: But... are you really fine with it?
    W: Are you fine with it?
    P: Yes, if that is fine with you.
    W: Well then... I will be visiting tomorrow...
    P: (I wonder... what does she want from me)
            W A K A N A   N O   N E G A I				      
    P: (Today, I got something important that I have to do.)
    P: (Ayasaki-san will be there at the club room.)
    P: (I try to finish the important thing as quickly as I can.)
    P: (...)
    P: (At the end, I am late...)
    P: (Even though, the class duties was not completely...)
    P: (I have to hurry... it's likely that...)
    [Club room]
    P: Sorry for being late!
    S: Oh, you are pretty late.
    1: Your girlfriend has been waiting for you.
    2: The egg of the nurses? You are pretty good.
    P: (... Wh, what is going on. This development is...)
    P: Ayasaki-san...
    W: Ah... I had been waiting for you.
    P: I am sorry for being late.
    W: Don't... after all, we haven't really decided on a time.
    P: Haha, it's a failure.
    W: That's right... but.
    S: Wahahahaha, when you are not here, we accompany her so that 
       she is not bored.
    P: ... Did they say anything impolite?
    W: No. Not at all...
    S: That is pretty impolite to us, you know.
    {Agreement can be hear from the club members with the fist 
    raised up.}
    W: Kusuu, but they teased me severely.
    P: Just as I thought...
    W: Kusukusu, there are a lot of interesting people here, aren't 
    S: That is our one and only good characteristic after all.
    P: Please don't be proud about it...
    W: (Right, there is something that Ayasaki-san want to talk to me
      [Choice 1: Let's go to other places.]
        P: Well, let's go to other places.
        W: Eh, why?
        P: Because you said you got something to tell me.
        W: That's right, but...
        P: ...??
        W: It's okay to said here.
        P: Is, is that so?
        W: (Then, what's wrong with saying it in the phone...)
      [End Choice 1]
      [Choice 2: Listen what she wants to say.]
        P: Well, what is it that you want to tell me about?
        W: ... That's right.
      [End Choice 2]
      [Choice 3: Wait until when she feels like telling me.]
        P: (I guess, I will wait until when she feels like telling me.)
        P: ...
        W: ... What's wrong?
        S: That's right. Don't you have some reasons that you come here
        P: (...It looks like it is a futile thoughts...)
        W: That's right...
      [End Choice 3]
    [End Choice] 
    W: Will you... take my picture?
    {Looking at the serious face on Ayasaki-san, the club members
    who have been making fun of us settle down.}
    P: ...Ayasaki-san?
    W: Soon there will be... a Taibou ceremony.
    P: Taibou ceremony...
    W: For a nurse, it is important day, where she receive her nurse
    P: It's like a graduation ceremony...
    W: It's a bit... different though...
    P: I see.
    W: But, to us, it is a very important day.
    P: Okay.
    W: For you, I want you to take a picture of me that day...
    P: Ayasaki-san...
    W: Currently, what I am feeling, still cannot be conveyed by words
    P: ... Ayasaki-san...
    W: It's because I don't want to forget this feeling...
    P: ... Ayasaki-san.
    W: For you, I want picture of me taken.
    P: I understand... Ayasaki-san.
    W: I am glad... Thank you very much.
    P: ... Right.
    W: Well, I should be leaving now...
    {After saying that, Ayasaki-san say words of farewell to everybody
    politely and left. The words that sempai said to me after she left,
    left a strong impression in my heart.}
    S: I finally know the reason why your photo changed.
    P: (Ayasaki-san...)
    P: (I should be the one thanking her...)
    	G A M E   O V E R					      
    Copyright 2000-2001 Chia-Hooi Lim. I used my time and efforts to create 
    this translations. So, please DO NOT use or post it for your website or 
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