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    Sawatari Honoka's Ending Translations by hooi

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                            SENTIMENTAL GRAFFITI 2 
               Sawatari Honoka's Ending Translations Version 2.3 
                         Chia-Hooi Lim(hooi@iastate.edu)
    Sega Dreamcast's Sentimental Graffiti 2 is released on July 27, 2000 by NEC 
    Interchannel. Sawatari Honoka-chan is one of 12 female characters in the 
    game. This file contains the ending translations of all three of her 
    I am not a professional translator, and I am doing these translations for 
    the fun of it. I first apologize for any mistakes that I make in the 
    translation. I hope you will enjoy them and please feel free to give me 
    your comments on them. The purpose of my translations is to give you the 
    most out of the endings without losing the feel of it. Of course, to get 
    the best out of the translations, you have to own the game itself. Please 
    feel free to send me your comments at hooi@iastate.edu :D
    Spoiler Alert: This document contains spoilers for the game Sentimental 
    Graffiti 2. 
    Oct. 1, 2000: (Ver.2.3) - Translate two events of Honoka-chan in second disc
                              Honoka no Tanjoubi 1 and Honoka no Tanjoubi 2.
                              These are events that I especially like. Honoka-chan
                              has most of my favourite events... 
    Sep.24, 2000: (Ver.2.2) - List of places where this file should be at the
                              end of the file.
    Sep.19, 2000: (Ver.2.1) - Correct some translation mistakes.
    Sep.18, 2000: (Ver.2.0) - Add Better Ending Translation. Finished
                              Honoka-chan's Ending Translations. Correct
                              some more translation mistakes.
    Sep.13, 2000: (Ver.1.4) - Correct some translation mistakes.
    Sep.12, 2000: (Ver.1.3) - Add Good Ending Translation.
    Sep.12, 2000: (Ver.1.2) - Correct some grammars. Add last part of the Happy
    Sep.11, 2000: (Ver.1.1) - Correct some grammars.
    Sep.11, 2000: (Ver.1.0) - Translation for the 1st.Half Happy Ending is 
    [] - Place
    P - Player
    H - Honoka-chan
    K - Kaho-chan
    T - Telephone-san :D
    () - Thoughts
    {} - Describe the situation.
    -->[] - Notes to understand the translation
    "Fufu" - This means that she is giggling.
            H A P P Y   E N D I N G					      
    [At Home]
    P: (Sawatari-san...)
    P: (She must have started to hate me)
    P: (But... if I don't do that...)
    P: (It's summer vacation... I don't have anything to do...)
    P: (Talking to myself... I am so pathetic)
    P: (If I am going to be this trouble-minded... I should have chased after 
    P: Chase after her? That's it!
    {I did say it's summer vacation.}
    P: (The travel fee to go to Hokkaido is 30,000 Yen!)
    P: (Okay! I will fly to Hokkaido immediately!)
    [At Station]
    P: (I have to go...)
    [At Airport]
    P: (I have to hurry...)
    P: (I... I...)
    {On the plane, I wrote a letter for Sawatari-san. If I could not meet her, 
    I will drop this letter at her house. I put inside a photo of her along 
    with my feelings.}
    [At Hokkaido Airport]
    P: (Hokkaido... I have arrived!)
    P: (Now...)
    {I went to look for Sawatari-san's house. Nobody is at Sawatari-san's 
    house... Based on what I remember hearing from Sawatari-san... I go 
    directly to Sawatari-san's father's University...}
    [At Hokkaido University]
    P: (The only place that have Animal Doctor Department... is this University.)
    {I wait for Sawatari-san there...}
    P: (I will wait...)
    P: (... What should I say to her?)
    {It already break time, the people passing in and out of the University is 
    not very constant.}
    P: (Sawatari-san...)
    {I continue to wait. I don't care about the time... ---When I started to 
    think that I could not meet her, a miracle happened.}
    H: It could not be true...
    P: ... I'm glad... We met...
    {I relieved.}
    H: Why...
    P: ... I came, to meet you...
    {I stared directly at Sawatari-san's eyes.}
    H: ... But... I...
    P: Even though this is temporary separation... I could not stand it.
    H: ... I...
    P: I...
    H: Please don't say it!
    P: ...
    H: If you say anything, I will... likely be destroyed...
    {I did not say anything, and gave her the letter.}
    H: ... This is?
    P: My... feeling.
    H: Didn't I say that I hate things that leave memories...
    P: I think... it is much better to have a painful memories... than 
       nothing at all...
    H: ... you are forceful, aren't you?
    P: If I don't do that... It is likely that I won't be accepted...
    H: ... Ah...
    {Animation: P gave letter to H}
    {Sawatari-san feel the letter and then open the seal... She took out the 
    H: There's... a photo in it?
    P: Yes.
    H: There's a lot of... things that I hate.
    P: Don't you think that's not true at all?
    H: Huh?
    P: Actually... you really like them a lot... that you afraid that you 
       might lose them...
    H: How come... you know it... even though, I don't know myself...
    P: Because I have been thinking a lot... about you.
    H: ... I am just supposed to be your model, right?
    P: ... Yes. But now, there's a little different.
    H: Huh?
    P: I do not want to take pictures... I want to take pictures of you. 
    H: ... I don't know, what to say...
    P: It's okay... you can reply next time.
    H: Okay...
    {I turn my back from her.}
    H: Ah... I... will call.
    P: Okay.
    {I told her what I came to tell... Now, all I have to do is to wait...}
    [At home]
    {I came back from Hokkaido, there is a phone message left for me.}
    H: Hello... This is Sawatari... I will come back the day after tomorrow. 
       Please come to meet me... at the University.
    P: (Sawatari-san...)
    P: (What ever happen... My feelings won't change...)
    [At University]
    P: (What kind of face should I have to put up to meet her...)
    P: (I put so much pressure on her... if she got angry...)
    P: (But... it's too late to think about it...)
    {Behind the troubled me, I heard her voice.}
    H: I am back.
    P: (---!)
    P: Welcome back...
    (With those words... I understand what her answer is already)
    H: My father was very surprised... After all, I just went back...
    P: I am sorry...
    H: Please don't. This is what I have decided for myself, right?
    P: That's... true.
    H: I... don't know how to say this...
    P: It's okay. After all, you came back.
    H: It is not okay, even if you are fine with it.
    P: ...
    H: I wrote... a letter. Please.. read it.
    {I broke the seal to the letter...}
    H: I afraid of love. I don't want my most precious treasures in my heart 
       to be destroyed again... But, I also don't want an empty heart without 
       any treasures at all... I will stop running away. I will start to 
       face my weak self. If possible... I want to do it together with you. 
       Sawatari Honoka.
    P: ... Sawatari-san.
    H: ... Please don't misunderstand me. I still do not want to fall in love...
    P: ... Okay.
    H: First, I have to cure my guys-phobia.
    P: Okay...
    H: Without people to help me or people to rely on, I want to become 
    P: Okay...
    H: After that, when the time came that I could face you as a woman...
    {Sawatari-san's eyes are watered with tears, but with a smile on her face.}
    H: One day... I want to fall in love with you.
    P: (I will wait for you... Sawatari-san).
    	  Ending Song by Sawatari Honoka - "Dear My Friends" 
    {--- We have begun our new time together ---}
    H: I can't believe you... What do you mean by wanting to take swimsuit 
       pictures again!
    P: Because last time, other people are around.
    H: I don't care!
    P: You don't have to look so reluctant.
    H: I said I am embarassed about it already!
    P: It's going to be beautiful so... it's okay.
    H: It's not about that... I can't believe you.
    {Sawatari-san has a cute smirk on her face.}
    P: (A expression that I... have never seen)
    {Compare to whatever smile or tears, this smile without any guard is---}
    H: Ah, you smile! I cannot believe you smile, when I am angry!
    P: I did not smile.
    H: You did! You are so cruel!
    {Sawatari-san's face does not show any anger...}
    H: Look directly at my eyes!
    P: (Jiiiii)  ---> [This is use to express someone is concentrate with his 
    H: I can't believe you! I don't care anymore!
    H: Fufuu, Aha, ahahahahaha.
    {Sawatari-san's laughter fly to the blue sky to take it down.}
    {Summer is still just begining...}
    {-- Our time together has just begun. I wonder how many more new 
    expressions that I could see on her face from now on--}
    [Animation: Honoka-chan kiss Player-san]
    H: I gave you first... Our future kiss...
            B E T T E R   E N D I N G					      
    [Your Apartment]
    {Since then, time has passed by.}
    T: Tururururu....
    H: Hello... This is Sawatari. ... I am coming back tomorrow. If... 
       if possible, please come to greet me at the station...
    [Train Station]
    P: (I came to greet Sawatari-san who is coming back from Hokkaidou.)
    P: (--- where is she)
    P: (... she came back quite early)
    P: (What should I said to greet her...)
    P: (I guess... 'Thank you' would be good)
    P: (No, the normal way, 'Welcome Back', would be fine.)
    H: ... What are... you doing?
    P: Huh... Ah... Sawatari-san...
    H: I can't believe you, I was surprised to see you facing down, while 
       talking to yourself... It has been a while...
    P: Y... yes. It has been a while, isn't it.
    H: I bought a souvenir for you.
    P: Eh? Th, thank you.
    H: And... thank you for coming to greet me.
    P: That's for sure, isn't it?
    H: Fufu... is that so?
    P: But... You came back a bit early... is it alright?
    H: Yes... My father was a bit disappointed, but...
    P: ...
    H: I told him that I got to take care of the horses, so my father gave his
    P: Is... is that so?
    P: (I am... a bit disappointed)
    H: In addition to that...
    P: Huh?
    H: I also say that... it is because... there is a friend in Tokyo... who
       is waiting for me.
    P: Then...
    H: My father, persistently asked whether it is a guy or not... And when
       I said it is, he...
    P: Become angry?
    H: Not at all... My father, was very pleased...
    P: Is, is that so...
    H: Normally, I don't like to have a male friend, and I don't have much
       male friends... because a lot of different kind of reasons...
    P: Okay...
    H: So... please continue to be friend with me, okay?
    P: Of, of course!
    H: Fufu... Please take good care of me.
    P: (Yes!)
    {---so, for the remaining summer, we spend the time together---}
    [At mountain]
    H: Heeey! You are slowwww!
    {From the front of me, Sawatari-san call out to me.}
    P: Even if you say that, I can't do anything about it... After all, I 
       carrying a lot of camera equipments...
    {Breathing heavily, I reply.}
    H: Fufufu! You are the one who said whatever place is fine with you!
    P: Even so... I have never thought you would say... you want the photo
       session to take place at the top of the mountain.
    H: Fufufu... Do your best. After all, I am the person who is lending my
       hand in this photo session.
    P: Well... That's true.
    H: Let's go faster! It's going to be dawn soon!
    P: Haaah... Yes, yes.
    {---I wonder, how to look at us? Friends? Lovers? I feel it's neither.
    but, I do believe that Sawatari-san has gotten more cheerful--- One
    day, when she will really smile, I will be standing by her side, that's
    what I believe---}
    H: Heeey! Do your bestttt!
            Ending Song - "Tatta hitotsu no omoide" (Just one memory) 
            G O O D   E N D I N G					      
    [At Your University]
    {-- Just like that... the summer has ended.}
    {Then, new semester begins---}
    H: Ah, good morning!
    P: Good morning.
    H: It has been a while, isn't it? Are you doing well?
    P: Yes... I am doing well.
    H: Fufu... Is that so?
    K: Ah, you both looks well.
    H: Kaho-chan, it's has been a while.
    K: That's true. Did you go on a trip or something?
    H: Yes... I went back home.
    K: Is that so... Hokkaidou is cool, isn't it... I bet you cannot bear to 
       come back here, right? ---> ["cool" is the sense of cooling.]
    H: Fufu... Not at all. After all, there are friends in Tokyo.
    K: Me? I feel embarassed.
    H: Fufu... Yes. That's true.
    P: ...
    {Sawatari-san is looking at me... smiling.}
    H: You are also here... right?
    {Sawatari-san has smile a little bit}
    {The only thing that has changed is that we have become friends... That 
    could be a big change for the girl...To me, this is not the end. The 
    story will start now.}
     Ending Instrumental Song - "Tatta hitotsu no omoide" (Just one memory) 
            H O N O K A   N O   T A N J O U B I   1
    P: (With the exam coming soon... I have to go to lectures...)
    P: Ah, Sawatari-san. You took this course?
    H: Yes.
    P: With the exam coming soon, I have come to the lectures, right?
    H: Huh?
    P: Did I say something strange?
    H: Not that it is strange... but you only have to do report for this
       course, right?
    P: Huh? When did it got decided that way?
    H: I can't remember, but...
    {Sawatari-san took out the schedule sheet from her bag.}
    H: See... It is written here...
    P: It's the truth...
    H: There are other announcements, so you better take notes.
    P: Thanks... eh?
    H: What?
    P: What is this mark means?
    H: Huh...? Ah, this is not related to the exam. It just a reminder of
       my friend's birthday.
    P: Birthday, huh... Come to think about it, when is your birthday?
    H: It's May 14.
    P: It has already passed...
    H: Fufu, it's because we haven't became friends at that time yet...
    P: If we got a chance to go out together again, we will have a party
       to celebrate it.
    H: ... Thanks. But, is it okay to say such leisure things? See, this 
    P: WAAAAAH! There is report due the day after tomorrow!?
    {After that, I have to work very hard...}
            H O N O K A   N O   T A N J O U B I   2
    [Your Apartment]
    P: (Sawatari-san's birthday... It's not too late.)
    {I think of a way to celebrate her birthday.}
    P: (Okay, I will call her...)
    T: Tuurururu...
    P: Hello...
    H: Ah, hello, this is Sawatari...
    P: Ah, Sawatari-san.
    H: Ah, hi!
    P: Well, I want to meet you today, do you have any time?
    H: I got something to do at University... How about after the lecture?
    P: OK! I understand.
    {We agree to meet at the University.}
    P: I will wait for you then.
    {With those words, I hanged up.}
    H: Ah, hi!
    P: Have you been waiting long?
    H: Not at all, the lecture has just finished after all.
    P: Here, Happy Birthday.
    {I gave a birthday present.}
    H: Thanks.
    {She accepted it gracefully.}
    H: It has been a while... since I got a birthday present from a guy.
    P: ... That is because you refused them all, right?
    H: Yeah... Because they are not from heart, and just some ornaments.
    P: But, mine is fine?
    H: Yes... After all, you are my friends, right?
    P: (It's a bit complicated feeling, I guess...)
    P: (... What should I do now?)
    P: (Looking at the time now...)
    P: ... Hey, how about going to the theatre?
    H: Yes. It's a bit late now... right?
    P: Sawatari-san, how old are you now?
    H: Huh? 20 years old.
    P: Then, you can drink alcohol right?
    H: I never drink before... not even during New Year.
    P: Then, if you have the chance, you got to try...
    {We left for the theatre.}
    P: Which film do you want to watch?
    H: Hmmm. You decide.
    P: ... Even if you say that.
    H: Fufu, whatever is fine with me.
    P: Hmmm...
    [Choice: Which film do you like?]
      [Choice 1 - SF Action Film]
        P: Then, how about Action film?
        H: Okay, it's fine with with me.
        P: Do you like action?
        H: I haven't watched them too much, so I don't know.
        P: Then, let's watch other film...
        H: Ah, it's okay. Really...
        P: Is, is that so?
        H: Ah, it's going to begin. Let's go?
        P: Sure.
      [End of Choice 1]  
      [Choice 2 - Horror Film]
        P: Then, how about Horror Film?
        H: ... Sure.
        P: Huh? Could it be that you cannot handle horror film?
        H: ... It's not that.
        P: ... Are you forcing yourself to say that?
        H: Not at all. I am fine, when I watch it with my friends.
        P: I feel as though, you are afraid...
        H: I am fine! Let's go!
        {Sawatari-san nervously enter the the theatre.}
      [End of Choice 2]
      [Choice 3 - Romance Film]
        P: Then, how about this romance film?
        H: Sure. I really want to watch this.
        P: ... Then, you should have said so in the first place.
        H: But... different people has different taste.
        P: But, if you don't say, I will not know.
        H: Th... that's true.
        P: If you want to say something, you should say it.
        H: Hmmm. Am I strange?
        P: ... A little bit.
        {We entered the theatre.}
      [End of Choice 3]
    [Finish Choice]
    {--For the next two hour, we watched the film.}
    H: It's interesting, isn't it?
    P: Yeah.
    H: ... I want to come again.
    P: ... Me too.
    H: Today is fun... I guess, it's time to go home.
    P: That's true...
    P: Hey, how about spending a bit more time... with me?
    H: Huh? Do you have other things plan out?
    P: Not at all. It just that to celebrate your twentieth birthday...
       we should go to my apartment... since I got a very special wine
       store there.
    H: Yes... It's fine with me... 
    H: This is a first time that.... I go to a male friend's house..
    P: ... It's a bit messy though.
    H: I don't really worry about it, but...
    P: What?
    H: ... Nothing. I believe you.
    [Outside Your Apartment]
    H: You live in a quite a nice place.
    P: That's just the appearance outside. Inside it's really messy.
    H: Fufu... I guess, I got to prepare myself.
    [Inside Your Apartment]
    P: I am sorry for the mess.
    H: Not at all. It's not messy at all...
    P: Please sit there.
    H: Ah... Yes.
    P: I am going to bring out a very special wine.
    H: Thanks...
    P: (Just as I predicted, she looks a bit nervous.}
    P: The drinking snacks is cheese. Cheese is the best with wine, right?
    H: ... I never drink wine before, you know.
    P: Ah, that's right. Then, how about eating some cheese first?
    H: Somehow, I feel nervous...
    P: This is really the first time you drink alcohol?
    H: Somehow, since I become friends with you, this is first time in long
    P: I guess, a lot happen, right?
    H: My time... has started to move.
    P: You said as though that until now, your time has stopped.
    H: Yes... That could be true after all..
    P: ... Well, have a taste of the wine.
    H: Thanks...
    {Two wine glasses line up with the thinned cheese separate both of them.}
    P: To Sawatari-san's time.
    H: ... Yes.
    P: How is it?
    H: ... Yes, it's tasty...
    P: I'm glad. It's quite a good wine. When I went back home last time,
       I took it back here.
    H: The smell is great. The taste.. feels a bit sour, but... it is not
       a bad feeling.
    P: When you get use to it, it will then feel soft. Inside your mouth, 
       drinking it, you will feel that it got mixed with the air...
    H: Hmmm... Tasty...
    P: (She look a bit red on her face...)
    P: Want to try drinking more?
    H: Sure...
    {Sawatari-san gave out her glass. For a moment, she look at the wall.}
    H: There are pictures hang on the wall, aren't there?
    P: Yes. Most of them are pictures that I have taken.
    H: ... You really love pictures, aren't you?
    P: There are pictures from very long time... That one, is taken when
       I am in primary school. I borrowed the camera from my father for
       the first time and took that picture of my own dog.
    H: Hmmm...
    P: Come to think of it, that was when it started. Somehow, I want to
       specialize in portrait since then...
    H: That's when you met camera for the first time...
    P: That's right. I want to takes pictures of the things that are most 
       precious to me.
    H: Meeting... huh...
    P: I am glad that I met with the pictures. Everybody has something 
       important, but I...
    H: ... hmmm.
    P: Huh? Sawatari-san?
    P: (She has fallen asleep.) --->[Nostalgic Event from SG1. :D]
    P: (... I guess, she drink a bit too much.)
    P: (What a cute sleeping face...)
    P: (...)
    P: (... I wonder, if it is okay to take a picture of her now...)
    P: (I guess... she will forgive me for this.)
    C: Kacha... -->[Taking a photo]
    P: (Okay...)
    P: (Okay... What should I do now...)
    P: (She got no defense...)
    H: ... hmmm...
    P: (Normally, I would think of other kinds of things to do.) -->[H]
    P: (But, Sawatari-san is still... a kid...)
    P: (...)
    P: (There's nothing I can do, I will go to the park...) -->[What a real
       gentleman, this character is :D Well, Japanese Society look down
       on people who live under the same roof, who don't have blood 
       relations, even though they did not do anything. The problem is that
       people don't know if it really happen or not because they don't look
       inside :D]
    P: (Even this is not a real birthday, it's went well..)
    P: (Now is not very cold...)
    P: (Good night... Sawatari-san...)
    [Next morning, when you come back from the park.]
    H: Ah... I'm glad. I don't know what I should do.
    P: Good morning... Do you have a good night sleep?
    H: Sorry... It looks like I went to sleep.
    P: It's okay. Don't worry about it.
    H: Okay...
    P: Well, you shouldn't be drinking too much again though.
    H: I know that already...
    P: (I bet she still haven't learn her lesson...)
    H: But... there is something that I want to ask you.
    P: Huh? What?
    H: When I woke up in the morning... there is a camera on the table...
    P: Yes?
    H: Could it be possible that... you took a picture of... my sleeping 
    P: Kikuu! --->[A phrase to symbolized that somebody found you out.]
    H: Just as I thought... Please return the film!
    P: Don't be like that, the sleeping face is very cute.
    H: I can't believe you, there is no medicine to cure person like you...
    {Sawatari-san smilingly forgive me. I feel very happy...}
    	G A M E   O V E R					      
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