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    Yamamoto Rurika's Ending Translations by hooi

    Version: 1.3 | Updated: 10/01/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            SENTIMENTAL GRAFFITI 2 
               Yamamoto Rurika's Ending Translations Version 1.3 
                         Chia-Hooi Lim(hooi@iastate.edu)
    Sega Dreamcast's Sentimental Graffiti 2 is released on July 27, 2000 by NEC 
    Interchannel. Yamamoto Rurika-chan is one of 12 female characters in the 
    game. This file contains the ending translations of all three of her 
    I am not a professional translator, and I am doing these translations for 
    the fun of it. I first apologize for any mistakes that I make in the 
    translation. I hope you will enjoy them and please feel free to give me 
    your comments on them. The purpose of my translations is to give you the 
    most out of the endings without losing the feel of it. Of course, to get 
    the best out of the translations, you have to own the game itself. Please 
    feel free to send me your comments at hooi@iastate.edu :D
    Spoiler Alert: This document contains spoilers for the game Sentimental 
    Graffiti 2. 
    Sep.24, 2000: (Ver.1.3) - List of places where this file should be at the
                              end of the file.  
    Sep.21, 2000: (Ver.1.2) - Found another major one. One P-san's conversion
                              should be a thought. Add some notes to help better
                              understanding the dialogues.
    Sep.20, 2000: (Ver.1.1) - Correct some mistakes. One major one. Can't believe
                              I didn't caught the first time I proof-read this.
                              The second part of Happy Ending: one P is changed 
                              to R
    Sep.19, 2000: (Ver.1.0) - Translations complete for all Rurika-chan's ending.
    [] - Place
    P - Player
    R - Rurika-chan
    W - Wakana-chan
    Y - Yuu-chan
    M - Mie-chan (Drama Club President)
    S - Sempai/Makoto-kun
    C1,C2,C3 - Drama Club members
    () - Thoughts
    {} - Describe the situation.
    -->[] - Notes to understand the translation
    "Fufu" - This means that she is giggling.
            H A P P Y   E N D I N G					      
    [At the hall]
    R: It's nearly time for rehearsal, isn't it? Tomorrow is the real thing...
    R: Really thank you very much. Let's do our best today, okay?
    {I called out to my lover, Snow Flake.}
    P: Snow Flake... have you... make up your mind?
    R: Yes... I've decided... to take you along with me.
    P: (We always have practise this scene a lot...)
    P: (I can remember this part of the script by heart...)
    P: (... "Thank you, Snow Flake")
    {The strong lighting illuminates both of us on the stage.}
    {Opposite to the calm stage, my body is filled with excitement.}
    {She looks at me with admiring eyes.}
    {In front of me, as if when the tears flow out from the heart...}
    ---> [I would assume this meant as if the tears on Rurika-chan's eyes is 
    real or translation mistake due to my poor grammar :D]
    ---> [You got a choice here]
    [First Choice: ... Thank you, Snow Flake]
      {Having difficulties restraining my true feelings, I said the words.}
      P: ... Thank you, Snow Flake.
      R: Please promise me, Rain Drop... Please don't leave me and go 
         else where.
      P: (Huh...!)
      R: Even if we ever get parted, I will surely go and find you...
      P: (This, could it be... Yamamoto-san's true feelings.)
      R: From now on, I want to continue living together with you!
      {I replied to Yamamoto-san's words.}
      P: Snow Flake, me too...
    [Second Choice: ... Please stay by my side forever.]
      {Using words together with my feelings, I said to Yamamoto-san.}
      P: Snow Flake, please stay by my side forever.
      P: I want to live together with you forever.
      {Yamamoto-san look at me and smile.}
      R: Yes, Rain Drop... Let's be together forever...
      P: (Yamamoto-san...)
    ---> [Diversion over]
    P: (Fuuuuu)
    {When my role is over, I let out a big sigh of relief.}
    P: (I thought, our adlib would caused some confusion, but...)
    P: (it doesn't look like it at all. I'm glad...)
    R: It's time for the last scene... Let's do our best!
    P: Yes...
    [Animation: Part of the play.]
    R: Rain Drop, it's you...
    R: Rain Drop...
    [End Animation]
    R: Yamamoto-san...
    R: Thank you...
    {Inside my arms, she whispered to me.}
    R: I love you... Please be by my side forever...
    	  Ending Song by Yamamoto Rurika - "Nu.ke.ga.ke" 
    [At Back Stage]
    P: (The play... will start soon...)
    P: (Soon, it will be my turn to be on stage)
    {Yamamoto-san, with calm expression and closed eyes, hugging an old
    P: Yamamoto-san... What are you doing?
    R: Prayers for courage...
    R: It's okay... not to run away anymore.
    R: This is a nostalgic, very important... old memory... after all.
    R: Isn't that true...?
    [Animation: Rurika-chan kiss Player-san and run towards the stage]
    {Yamamoto-san's and my love will start now...}
            B E T T E R   E N D I N G					      
    {We work hard to make up for the lost time.}
    {Today is the last day of our rehearsal.}
    P: Snow Flake... have you... make up your mind?
    R: Yes... I've decided... to take you along with me.
    P: ... Thank you, Snow Flake!
    R: Rain Drop... Please stay by my side forever...
    {The play is over. I feel very nervous, but soon after the club members
    started to clap their hands.}
    M: Okay! Just do like this as well for tomorrow!
    {Then, the girls started to give their opinions.} --> [It's a all-girls
    University. And there are not suppose to be guys in the CG. Some of 
    inconsistency in Sentimental Graffiti 2] 
    C1: That's great!
    C2: That's beautiful!
    C3: That scene could have been improved.
    {Yamamoto-san move to my side.}
    {Smilingly, she offer her hand.}
    R: Thank you very much for everything until today...
    R: Tomorrow, let's do our best, okay?
    {With a cheerful look on her face saying those words, but it sounds to me 
    as if those are parting words}
    R: See you tomorrow...
    {Drama Club Summer Play closed its curtain with good critism.}
    {I did not break my promise to Yamamoto-san, and did not to take pictures 
    during practice.}
    {But that time, Yamamoto-san said to me "one day"...}
    {Yamamoto-san smiled to me.}
    R: ...
            Ending Song - "Tatta hitotsu no omoide" (Just one memory) 
            G O O D   E N D I N G					      
    [At Party]
    S: Well... For Rurika-chan getting a job offer... Cheers!
    W: Congratulation, Rurika-san.
    Y: Fufu... Congratulation, Rurika.
    R: Thank you! I could not believe that I actually got the offer!
    {Yamamoto-san, after that, splendidly break the 200 times difficulty
    and got an offer from a toy company.}
    S: But, Rurika-chan must be pretty good to get an offer from that 
    R: ... Not at all, it is all because of everybody's encouragement.
    R: If you guys weren't there, I will surely not be able to do it...
    R: Thank you... I, really glad that I am friends with you guys...
     Ending Instrumental Song - "Tatta hitotsu no omoide" (Just one memory) 
    	G A M E   O V E R					      
    Copyright 2000 Chia-Hooi Lim. I used my time and efforts to create this 
    translations. So, please DO NOT use or post it for your website or 
    anywhere. If you got any questions or feedback, please send e-mail to 
    "Sentimental Graffiti 2" and "Yamamoto Rurika" are trademarks of NEC 
    The latest version of this file will always be at:
    There should be only TWO copies of this file available on the internet,
    they should be at:
    If they are at anywhere else, please drop me an e-mail at hooi@iastate.edu.

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