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    Hoshino Asuka's Ending Translations by hooi

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/24/00 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

                            SENTIMENTAL GRAFFITI 2 
               Hoshino Asuka's Ending Translations Version 1.0
                         Chia-Hooi Lim(hooi@iastate.edu)
    Sega Dreamcast's Sentimental Graffiti 2 is released on July 27, 2000 by NEC 
    Interchannel. Hoshino Asuka-chan is one of 12 female characters in the 
    game. This file contains the ending translations of all three of her 
    I am not a professional translator, and I am doing these translations for 
    the fun of it. I first apologize for any mistakes that I make in the 
    translation. I hope you will enjoy them and please feel free to give me 
    your comments on them. The purpose of my translations is to give you the 
    most out of the endings without losing the feel of it. Of course, to get 
    the best out of the translations, you have to own the game itself. Please 
    feel free to send me your comments at hooi@iastate.edu :D
    Spoiler Alert: This document contains spoilers for the game Sentimental 
    Graffiti 2. 
    Sep.24, 2000: (Ver.1.0) - Translations complete for all Asuka-chan's endings.
                              Asuka-chan's Happy Ending is probably my favourite
                              among all the endings in SG2. Yes, I have seen 
                              all of them.
    [] - Place
    P - Player
    A - Asuka-chan
    B - Bell-san :D
    D - Door-san :D
    () - Thoughts
    {} - Describe the situation.
    -->[] - Notes to understand the translation
    "Fufu" - This means that she is giggling.
            H A P P Y   E N D I N G					      
    [Toudou Channel]
    {I, searched for Hoshino-san. Hoshino-san is as usual, putting on
    a smile at the studio. It looks likes everyone is taking precaution
    not talk about the audition. The girl also, looks as though that
    she was not affected by it. I asked Hoshino-san, just to make sure.}
    P: Hoshino-san, are you alright?
    {She, instantly replied with a smile.}
    A: Yes. I am fine. ---> [The coolest BGM of the game begins :D]
    {Those words, looks as though, she is reading from a script. It 
    pained my heart. In addition to that, Hoshino-san as usual do 
    her job, perfectly. I also do my job without thinking much. Before
    I realized it, Hoshino-san is not around anywhere at the studio. I
    went to search for Hoshino-san with my heart pounding noisily.}
    {Hoshino-san, is alone at the back of the Television Station.}
    P: Ah, Hoshino-san...
    {Hoshino-san, who has her back facing me, looks... as though she is
    A: Ah...
    P: Hoshino-san...
    {She looks at me with eyes that feels like a flame. Her repressed
    emotions, is felt by me.}
    A: ... !
    {I could not think of anything to say.}
    [Animation: Holding back her tears, but failed. The tears came out.
    She then run and hug you.] ---> [Another emotional scene...]
    A: It came out... It came out... !
    {Hoshino-san started to cry. I don't know what to do to make things
    right. But, I am the only one who must do something about it. Looking
    at her most hidden feeling, my hearts begin to fill with passion.
    ... I have been patience. I wait until she stop crying. The time was
    not a pleasant one. I went back inside together with the girl, when
    she stopped crying. Even though she kept her silence, myteriously
    I feel that our space is filled...
    [At your home]
    P: (Fuu....) ---> [Let out a breath]
    {When I arrived home, I dropped down my heavy camera equipment. This
    could be the first time I ever feel the heaviness of the camera.} 
    P: (Hoshino-san...)
    {The tear of Hoshino-san due to her failing the audition, cannot 
    disappeared from my eyes.}
    P: (Why... Why... she did her best...)
    P: (She is really looking forward to be projected onto the screen.)
    {It looks like she shed tears that are unbearable. I could not think
    of any way to cheer her up.}
    P: (Hoshino-san...)
    {I realized about how the girl has become a big part of me. I am 
    willing to do anything to stop the girl from sheding those tears.}
    P: (The things that I can do now...)
    {Inside my mind, I remembered Hoshino-san's words.)
    P: (That...)
    {"Your University's building wall looks as white as the theatre screen--"}
    ---> [These are the words of Asuka-chan said to you, when she came to your 
    university to perform for the school festival. (First Disc)]
    {I remembered those words. I look at the camera that I just dropped.}
    P: (That's it. I have taken more pictures of Hoshino-san's smile than
       anybody else.) ---> [Stalker!!!:D]
    {With that thought, I thought up an idea.}
    P: On the University's building wall, the girl's smile will be...
    {The equipment to project a picture, my club have them.}
    P: (The school wall won't lose to a big screen!)
    {Even with that, I don't think I could end her feelings. But, what I
    can do, I do it with my best. That's what I want to do. With those 
    thoughts, I starts thinking out my plans. First, it must be at night,
    or else the idea won't work.}
    P: (Okay! Let's go to Hoshino-san's place!)
    {I grabbed my camera, I ran out of my apartment. The camera's heavy 
    weight, I don't care anymore.}
    	  Ending Song by Hoshino Asuka - "Yuki" (Snow) 
    [Asuka-chan's Residence]
    B: Ping, Pong.   --->[Bell ringing]
    A: Yes...
    P: --- It's me.
    A: ...!
    A: Why---
    P: ... I understand. I understand the full extend of Hoshino-san's 
    P: I came here because there is something I want to show you---
    P: So... could you please open the door.
    A: ...
    P: Hoshino-san...?
    D: Ka cha. ---> [Door opening] 
    A: ...
    P: Thank you, Hoshino-san...
    A: What is the thing... that you want me to see...?
    {She looking at me, while wiping away the tears from her cheek--}
    P: That is... I cannot say it here.
    A: ... What do you mean?
    P: It's not that I trying to trick you. It's just that... even if 
       I explain now, I don't think you would understand me...
    P: So--- Please believe me, and please come with me?
    A: ...
    A: ... Okay.
    [Your University]
    A: This is... your university, isn't it...?
    P: ... It is.
    A: The thing you want me to see... is here...?
    P: Yes... I have to prepare a little bit, would you please wait here?
    A: It's okay, but---
    P: I will be back soon...
    {I went to my club room and take out the important equipment, and 
    quickly set things up. Then, I return to the girl---}
    P: --- Thank you for waiting. Please come this way, Hoshino-san...
    A: Okay...
    [Your University Building] --->[The cool music is up again :D]
    A: Ah... ! Th.. this is---!
    {Hoshino-san, said with surprising voice. On the school wall, the girl
    is projected. It's one of the pictures that I took of her. And, it is
    the picture with her best smile. She silently looking at the school wall
    for a while. The sad face slowly become more gentle. For a moment, she 
    turn her face to look at me.}
    A: Hey...
    P: Huh...?
    A: ...
    P: Hoshino-san...?
    {To listen her better, I walk to her side---}
    P: --- Hoshino-san.
    A: This smile of mine... That person in the heaven can see it, right...?
    P: Yeah... For sure...
    {I agree with her.}
    A: The wish that I have been wishing for so long, I can't believe it will
       come true in a situation like this...
    {With those words, the girl begin to lost in thoughts. How to say it. It
    is a face, which is somewhat relief and somewhat lonely. That face, 
    slowly become more cheerful.}
    {Before long---.}
    P: It's nearly morning, Hoshino-asn---
    A: Yeah...
    P: This is something I can do, so if you ever want to see it again, I 
       can show it to you again... It's time to go...
    A: Ahh.... !
    {Slowly, it become whitened. The projected image of her smile on the 
    wall, started to fade away...}
    [Animation: The girl grap your arms. The picture gone from the wall.]
    P: It's gone, isn't it...
    A: ... It's okay. In the place of that, a new today has begun...
    P: Hoshino-san...
    A: Hey... Can I ask you to do one thing for me?
    P: What's that...?
    A: From today onward, I want you... to call me "Asuka"...
    P: Not "Asuka-chan"?
    A: Yes...
    A: To the fan, I am the idol, Asuka-chan, but...
    A: In front of you, I want to be your only "Asuka"...
            B E T T E R   E N D I N G					      
    [Your Home]
    {Hoshino-san's dream, did not come true. But, that is what happening
    today. Hoshino-san will continue to chase after her most important
    P: Do your best, Hoshino-san.
    A: Yes. Just look at me!
    [Animation: Asuka-chan on stage :D ]
    {Hoshino-san's cheerful singing voice could be heard. I will look after
    her by her side. For a moment, my eyes met with hers. I feel as though
    she smiled at me. I feel, somewhat happy. Until she can find her dream,
    I will be there to look after her. After all, I really love her...
            Ending Song - "Tatta hitotsu no omoide" (Just one memory) 
            G O O D   E N D I N G					      
    {After accepting an interview, Hoshino-san faced the television camera.}
    A: Yes, I will do my best.
    {That face, full of confidence. How to say it, a face with strength. 
    She is asked about her opinions of the Drama.}
    A: Yes. With this Drama, I think I want to challenge the things that
       is not me.
    {That her reply. "Do your best", she smiled to those words.}
    A: Thank you very much.
    {Her reply is very bright, just like a qualified main actress would have.
    Hoshino-san was asked, for her last words. She thought for a while, 
    before replying.}
    A: Yes. I want to thank all my fans who are supporting me. In addition
       to that, I also want to thank those who have encouraged me during
       the filming.
    {For sure, she will slowly heal her wounded heard and do her best in 
    life. Then, one day, she will find her true happiness. Cannot be seen
    on the television, I murmured, my congratulation, to her. After that,
    I feel a little bit lonely. }
    {Even today, Hoshino-san is still standing on the stage.}
    P: You're strong... Hoshino-san.
    {Hoshino-san, doesn't look disturbed, smiled on the stage.
    P: (You are doing your best, aren't you, Hoshino-san?)
    {I cheer Hoshino-san on stage from the bottom of my heart. I 
    guarantee that she will become the best star there ever is. Until
    that day comes, I will be the girl's number one fan. 
     Ending Instrumental Song - "Tatta hitotsu no omoide" (Just one memory) 
    	G A M E   O V E R					      
    Copyright 2000 Chia-Hooi Lim. I used my time and efforts to create this 
    translations. So, please DO NOT use or post it for your website or 
    anywhere. If you got any questions or feedback, please send e-mail to 
    "Sentimental Graffiti 2" and "Hoshino Asuka" are trademarks of NEC 
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