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    FAQ/Walkthrough by JonnyRam

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 02/06/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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         /  /____________________________________    LACK OF LOVE  FAQ V1.0
         `_______________________________________`   (c) J. Lumb 2000/02/06
    ___       ____________________________________________________________________
    ___ INTRO ____________________________________________________________________
    Earth has become over-populated. Natural resources are over-burdened and there
    is much civil unrest. We need to find a solution.
    The L.O.L. project is our last hope. A robot named HALUMI will be constructed
    and sent into space to find a planet suitable for us. The planet can then be
    colonised and we can once again live in comfort.
    [o/~ 1:OPENING THEME o/~]
    Halumi finds a suitable planet and lands the rocket. Scores of robots and
    other machinery leave the aircraft and Halumi surveys the planet before work
    ___         __________________________________________________________________
    ___ LEVEL 1 __________________________________________________________________
    [o/~ 2:BIRTH o/~]
    You start at the bottom of some liquid in an egg.
    Move the stick about to break out of egg. Then you will swim to the surface
    and get out of the liquid onto a platform.
    1: BIBIRIKARANOZOKI (blue, shelled creature)
       These keep getting attacked by the red creatures on this map. You should
       be able to find such a fight in the centre of the map. You have to attack
       the red creature, maybe kill it, and then talk to the Bibirikaranozoki
       which will then give you the "gift".
    2: AMEKIRAI (caterpillar-like, little green insect)
       First eat some of the food around the trees on the left side of the map.
       The the Amekirai will start eating the food. If you hit the base of the
       trees, the head opens and the food will regrow. One of the Amekirai will
       stand by the base of a tree and start shaking. You just have to hit the
       tree again to show it how it opens up and you'll be given the "gift".
    3: MUKADEKOWAI (two-legged green insect with long tail)
       These poor creatures keep getting attacked by the bigger insect up in the
       top right part of the map. Just show them how to defend themselves. Kill
       the big insect and they'll give you the "gift".
    Once you have all three "gifts" proceed to the crystals at the top and use 
    them to mature into the next phase. [o/~ 4:TRANSFORMATION o/~]
    Now you'll see a pink dot next to 'shikkodotchi' (urinate) on the controls
    screen. This is a clue about your new skill.
    Everything will look a lot smaller now, because you've grown.
    If you make your way to the far right of the area, there are some plants 
    you can climb up. Be careful however, now you've grown, some nasty
    centipede-like creatures will hatch from the nearby eggs and they are
    quite violent.
    You can leave this map by climbing the plants, then urinating on the green
    plant in the middle of the blue ones. It will grow, allowing you to walk
    over it, to reach the exit.
    ___         __________________________________________________________________
    ___ LEVEL 2 __________________________________________________________________
    You start off on a ramp, if you walk to the left, you will see a blue creature
    (Kinoboriokoshi) get knocked off a tree and swept downstream by a creature
    that lives in the water.
    1: BIBIRIOKANOZOKI (water-based, red fish-like creature)
       Find the clearing at the top of the level in the middle near the water.
       Go to sleep and bibiriokanozoki will swim up to the shore and pop its head
       out of the water. Communicate while you are still sleeping and you'll
       receive the "gift".
    2: KINOBORIOKOSHI (small blue insect with shell)
       When daylight comes, these will get attacked by the Tebatabanana, and end
       up on their backs, struggling. Use the communicate button to turn them over
       and they'll thank you by giving you a "gift" and also, the ability to climb
       trees (shown as 'kinobori' in pink on the controls screen)
    3: TEBATABANANA (yellow-green insect with two legs)
       When night comes, the tebatabanana goes to sleep and is prone to attack.
       Wake it up by communicating with it three times and it'll give you the
    To leave the level, go to the tree with three leaves still intact at the
    bottom left of the map, climb and press communicate at the top.
    Bibiriokanozoki will jump out of the stream and knock the leaf off with you
    on it.
    ___         __________________________________________________________________
    ___ LEVEL 3 __________________________________________________________________
    You start off near a save position. You can completely miss this level out if
    you got enough "gifts" on the previous level. You only need two to mature to
    your next form.
    1: AˇBEKKU (blue bird-like creature with yellow beak)
       There's two of these creatures on this level: one in a clearing in the top
       right corner of the map, the other on a leaf (which seems to move). There
       are some rocks that have springing plants at the bottom edge, allowing you
       to get on top of them. At night, the moving leaf is close to one of these, 
       near the bottom right, and the Aˇbekku will be on it. Communicate with it
       and it will wake up and walk off the leaf, and jump off the rock. If you
       climb back down and communicate with it again, it will follow you. Now you
       can lead it to its friend in the clearing - you'll have to keep talking to
       it or it will just stand still. When you get to its friend, wake it up and
       the two will start dancing and give you a "gift".
    Now you should go and find the two crystals which will mature you into your
    next form, a dog like creature. [o/~ 4:TRANSFORMATION o/~]
    ___         __________________________________________________________________
    ___ LEVEL 4 __________________________________________________________________
    It turns out now that you were on the back of a huge creature. After you fall
    off its back, it swims away leaving you on the shore of a new land.
    To get between the various divisions of this level, you have to sleep on the
    rocks to get the Soinei to appear, then the large creatures blocking the way
    will take off to catch the Soinei, and you can pass by while they're in the
    air. But first you need to get this process underway by urinating on the big
    rock in the centre of the first area, and then sleep on the rock when day
    light comes.
    You'll start off this level with a pink dot on the controls screen next to
    'aruku' (walk). This is because you need to find a new skill.
    1: NYOROMATOI (green chicken-like creature)
       At night, there are some glowing blue dots in the water at the left, which
       will eventually reach the shore. You can attract these streams of dots by
       greeting them. When they glow, they are following you, and as long as you
       keep them close to you, they will keep following you. Find a Nyoromatoi and
       greet it to make it stand still, then sleep and communicate with it again
       and the glowing dots will be passed on to it, and it will give you a
    2: SOINEI (little red creature)
       Go back to the rock in the centre of the first area, where you started the
       event before during the night and sleep on it. A couple of Soinei will join
       you and stay with you until dawn. When one of them gets up, wake up yourself
       and it will give you a "gift".
    3: ATSUMEYANMA (blue flying creature with yellow wings)
       When you come into contact with one, it will take off and fly towards the
       right of the map. Touch every one that you see throughout your journey
       towards the end of the level, and when you get there, they will be in a
       big cluster in the middle at the top of the last area. Walk into the
       cluster and they'll take off and give you a "gift" on their way.
    4: TASUKETE (two-legged insect with fin for body)
       In the third 'division' of this level, you will see a Tasukete being
       attacked by three of the red creatures. Just fend them off, they will
       probably attack you instead, and then you'll receive the "gift". You'll
       also receive your new skill, 'hashiru' (run).
    5: ROBBAFUUN (like Tasukete, but bigger, with a one big fin and four small)
       When you get to the last area, you'll pass a stalk with horns on the top
       that makes a noise when you pass it. Head into the big field and there'll
       be several of these Robbafuun. Take them around the stalks, and when you
       visit the right stalk, the gameplay will stop for a second as the camera
       focuses on the horn going off. Repeat this a few times, finding the right
       order for the horns, and when you've got them all, the Robbafuun will
       split, leaving just one with you, and that one will give you a "gift".
    ___         __________________________________________________________________
    ___ LEVEL 5 __________________________________________________________________
    The first thing you'll see on this level is a Kinomimachi being savaged by a
    larger beast (a Tasuketerion, which you'll meet later?).  If you walk down
    through some growth, you'll find some more of the webs that this creature
    likes to trap its prey in, but you can't get to them yet because the route
    is blocked by some green dome-like plants.
    When the sun comes up, these plants open up and stretch, letting you pass
    them. On the other side are several of the webs seen at the beginning of
    the level. As you walk into them, a cut scene will occur. A Tasuketerion
    approaches you as you are stuck in the web... what will become of you?
    As for metamorphosis, it's your choice when you do it. If you cleared all the
    tasks on the previous stage, you can transform straight away, but you'll miss
    the chance to help two of the creatures out on this level. When the time is
    right, you'll find the five crystal shells near the centre of the map, above
    a save point. [o/~ 4:TRANSFORMATION o/~]
    After transformation, you'll notice the following changes on the control
    - It now says "hikarimono" in the top left, which means glowing things.
    - There is a pink dot under shikkodotchi.
    - You have now mastered aruku (walking) and hashiru (running).
    Also, the start of this map will be closed off (so you can't return to the
    previous area) and a vast expanse will be shown to the right of the original
    area on the map. Your form is now a fair bit larger and walks on its hind
    (before metamorphosis)
    1: SAWARINIGE (two-legged blue creature)
       Greet it and it will run away from you. Keep chasing it, and eventually
       it will stop and give you a "gift".
    2: KINOMIMACHI (blue cat-type creature)
       Look out for dark coloured, spiky fruit on the ground. You can hear these
       being dropped by the trees above if you listen for them. It sounds like a
       tin-whistle followed by a thud when it hits the ground. When you here one
       it's usually nearby. You can break these open by hitting them four or five
       times. Show a Kinomimachi how to break them open and eat from them, and
       then when its eating away at the inside of the fruit, greet it and it will
       reward you.
    (before or after metamorphosis)
    3: TENKO (little red bud insect)
       At dawn, the Tenko will gather at the bottom of the transparent plant at
       the top end of the map (there is another one at the bottom left of the map)
       and form a line. Join the end of the line and when they set off walking,
       follow them, without passing the last one and without dropping too far
       behind. When you've completed the circuit, they'll reward you.
    4: ABUDENEBUSOKU (cat-type creature with big blue ears)
       You'll notice when it gets dark, the swarms of flies stop these creatures
       from going to sleep. Urinate nearby to lure the flies away and if the
       Abudenebusoku observes this, it'll give you a "gift".
    (after metamorphosis)
    5: HAYAKIHIKARI (blue bird with tail that lights up)
       At first, you are restricted to a small part of the map, and around this
       area, you can see pairs of the plants that react to light. At night time,
       the Hayakihikari come out and race around the circuit formed by these
       plants. They start at the right hand side, where there is a line of dirt.
       They only have one race per night, and you have to beat them all while
       sticking to the correct route. When you complete the race in the lead,
       they will reward you with a "gift" and also give you a new skill,
       "chouchin" (lantern). As you can see, this gives your antenna a light
       so you can stretch the plants that react to light and get to the next area.
    6: MIZUIRAZUNOHANA (walking, yellow caterpillar-type creature)
       After you've gained the light, you can proceed to the rest of the map,
       where your only remaining objective is to help out the Mizuirazunohana.
       The last part of their name, "hana", means flower, and these creatures
       burrow into the ground lifting their tails up to blend with the flowers
       during the day. When day arrives... [o/~ 3:ARTIFICIAL PARADISE o/~]
       Now you have a certain amount of time left on this level, indicated by
       the panel in the top left of this field. To help out the Mizuirazunohana,
       you have to urinate on them. It doesn't have to be exact, but it has to
       be close, and it seems to only work for me at dawn, when the Hayakihikari
       return to wreak havoc. You may have to do it a couple of times, and then
       greet them to receive your reward. You have about 12 minutes, real time,
       from the cut scene to the end of the level.
    ___         __________________________________________________________________
    ___ LEVEL 6 __________________________________________________________________
    After the drama is over, you'll emerge a little tattered. Get up and walk to
    the right and you'll meet a Tooboe.
    1: TOOBOE (two-legged creature with tail feathers)
       Just follow it up the cliff face, and you'll come to where it's standing.
       There'll be a brief scene where it communicates with a friend and from
       this you will gather that you have to do the same thing to get past the
       ravine. When the Tooboe has left, take its place and greet the Tooboe
       further up the cliff face. For this part, you just have to repeat whatever
       the other Tooboe does. That is, if it makes a noise, press greet. If it
       stays silent, just stay silent. Eventually it'll come down and give you
       a "gift" as well as booting you across to the other side of the ravine.
    Walk a little further up the cliff and you'll see there's one of Halumi's bots
    in the way. But there's a strange creature underneath it, in the ravine. Jump
    into the ravine, about the creature and when you slide down, you'll wake it up
    and it'll push the bot out of the way as it makes its way up the ravine.
    Call a Tooboe again for a boot across the ravine, make your way down and now
    you have to follow a thin, twisty path in between some small white creatures
    which will hit you if they touch you. If you get knocked off the path, you'll
    just end up next to the start of it and have to do it again, so be careful.
    You'll need another kick from a Tooboe to get to the final area. There you'll
    find some strange creatures inspecting the bodies of dead Tooboe. Attack one
    and they'll all gang up on you. You'll be knocked out and they'll carry you
    off down the cliff to the next level.
    ___         __________________________________________________________________
    ___ LEVEL 7 __________________________________________________________________
    First you'll need to break out of the "cell" you're in. You can kill all the
    creatures in there with you to make things easier - they're not that strong.
    Then you have to try to attack the guard on the other side of the gate. It'll
    open up the gate and come in the cell to see what's happening, so you can kill
    it and escape. There's plenty of the small creatures on this level and they'll
    all try to attack you, but they are a good source of food.
    1: IROATEI (Big creature with four eyes and purple scales on its back)
       At the top right of the map, there's a creature guarding the path. "Attack"
       it and it will lead you up the path, to the Iroatei. It is like the game,
       "Simon". First you have to get the ability to change the colour of your
         There is a room right at the bottom of the map. When you enter it, you'll
         see some red marks on the floor. In here there is a plant which is
         activated by your barking. It will give you a red colour. The lantern
         can be made red with the "attack" button.
         Find a creature holding a green implement at the top of the path on the 
         far left. Make it move and follow it around, making it move everytime.
         It'll end up in the room below the cell where you started. When you make
         it move this time, it'll leave the implement behind and when you use it
         you'll get the yellow colour lantern operated with the "greet" button.
         Go to the room at the top with the corpses. Eventually a couple of
         creatures will come and leave a new corpse there. Go to sleep on the
         corpse, and soon another two creatures will come along and carry the
         corpse off, along with you on top of it. As you leave this area, there
         is a plant that will give you the green light. The light can be activated
         with the urinate button.
         Go to the top room with the "boss". Use the attack button several times
         and it will eventually get that room full of creatures to attack you.
         Have patience! Run away from here and try and take them off one by one.
         They always seem to get the first hit in, so if you get surrounded by
         them, you'll be dead in no time. When you've picked them all off, go
         back to the room they were in, and you can now go down the path at the
         bottom of it, into a small room with the blue plant. Eat it to get the
         light, which can now be activated with the sleep button.
       When you've got all the colours, return to Iroatei and play the game of
       "Simon" with it - just copy the sequence of colours using the A, B, X, Y
       buttons. You have to get a sequence of about 14, then it'll give you a
       "gift" and the guard will lead you back to where the "boss" is. It's left
       the space it was occupying before so now you can leave the area by the door
       in the top left.
    2: TASUKETERION (Big fly/spider combination seen previously)
       Just above the centre of this map, there is a larger platform with a
       Tasuketerion being chased by five of the creatures who captured you. Just
       kill them all, and the Tasuketerion will give you a "gift" and escape.
    3: HARAHERIDORI (Pterodactyl-like creature)
       First you have to get into the area where it's being kept on the right.
       Follow the same instructions for the green lantern in the previous part of
       this level. Once your in this area, make your way to the fork, just outside
       the guard's room. Make a noise, using the greet button, and you will lure
       one of the creatures from the room. Keep luring it up to Haraheridori's
       cell (up and right), and when you get there, kill it. Then Haraheridori
       will get up and start eating the bugs carcass. After a while you'll be
       given a reward and the Haraheridori will leave the area.
    Now return to where the "boss" used to be sat, and leave the level.
    ___         __________________________________________________________________
    ___ LEVEL 8 __________________________________________________________________
    Those with a keen eye will notice this area is the area featured in the intro,
    near the landing of Halumi's rocket ship.
    If you have enough orbs, you can go straight to the left of the map, and use
    the crystals to enter your coccoon state if you wish, although you will not be
    able to help any of the four creatures in this part of the map if you choose
    to do so.
    When you choose, cross over to the far left of the map, using the lily pads to
    traverse the water, and you can use the crystals and mature into your next
    form. [o/~ 4:TRANSFORMATION o/~]
    (before metamorphosis)
    1: KOSAGASHI (Two-legged, plump, brown creature with white markings)
       If you walk to the left, through the forest, you will come to some water
       which you can cross on a lily pad. You can jump onto the land just under
       neath where you get on the lily pad, and you'll find a large Kosagashi.
       Keep walking down the map, and then right and you'll enter their den.
       There is a smaller Kosagashi here. Use the attack button and it will get
       up and walk outside to the big one. They'll dance together and all the
       babies will wake up. Then they'll give you a "gift".
    2: FUKUSHUUPERIKAN (Pelican-like creature)
       Go to the far left of the map to find a big Fukushuuperikan. Greet it, and
       it will pick you up in its beak and fly you across to another area. In this
       area, you can get to the creature that killed the other big
       Fukushuuperikan. Kill it and then return to the Fukushuuperikan and you
       will be given a "gift". Now you have to greet it again to be flown back to
       the main area.
    3: IKEGAME (Flat creature with ten arms and a tail)
       On the far side of the water, you'll find the Ikegame lying on its back.
       Use the attack command and it will flip over and make its way in the
       opposite direction. Keep barking at it to guide it into the water, via
       the lily pad you used to get here. When it dives into the water, it will
       reward you.
    4: KOSOKOSOIWA (Big rock with lots of small legs)
       This will be right next to you when you start the level, but it just looks
       like a rock. You'll notice if you leave the screen that it moves around a
       bit. You can trick it into moving by hiding. Just go to sleep in the small
       area to the bottom left, surrounded by plants. After a small time, it'll
       get up and walk off from this area. You can find it later, after you've
       crossed the water near the Kosagashi's location. There are a bunch of
       three rocks on the right hand side at the bottom of the trail. The top
       one is the one that ran off, so bark at it and it will get up and give you
       a "gift".
    (after metamorphosis)
    5: KAMONOHANA (Two-legged, red and white creature with long nose)
       Greet the Sempaitchi after completing tasks 7 and 8 in this area and it'll
       go to the cave at the top and talk to a Kamonohana. When it returns, go to
       the cave and you'll have a sumo match against four of the Kamonohana, in
       increasing sizes. Tap the attack button repeatedly to push the creature out
       of the ring. After the fourth victory, you'll be given a "gift".
    6: KIRIN (Looks similar to a giraffe - "kirin" means giraffe in Japanese)
       After completing the other parts of this section, greet the Sempaitchi
       again, and it will show you a route through the plants where it was sat.
       You will then emerge in the area on the right of the map.
       [o/~ 7:UNITY o/~] You'll see a group of Sempaitchi gathering round a large
       egg, and several others scattered around the map. Further to the right is a
       big tree. Next to the tree is a cave. Stand at the entrance of the cave and
       bark. Repeat this, and after a couple of times, a creature will come out.
       Repeat again until a Kirin comes out. Then it will run off to another cave.
       Keep finding it in the caves (it will be visible from now on), and after
       you've found it a few times, it will run down to the bottom left of this
       area to its parents and when you get down there, you'll be given a "gift".
    7: SEMPAITCHI (Looks similar to you)
       The Sempaitchi will be blocking your way at the start of this area, so
       greet it and it will run off, but then a couple of creatures will roll up
       and follow it down the path. At the right of this large area is a strange
       looking plant. Walk up to it, greet it, and it will lead you down to the
       bottom of the map, where the Sempaitchi has been squashed by one of the
       creatures that rolled up. You'll get on its back and roll it out of the
       way, then the Sempaitchi will get up and reward you.
    8: KAKUREGARASU (Bird-like creature, walking on two legs)
       Greet the other Sempaitchi again, after you've rescued it, and it will
       talk to the big Kakuregarasu. The small Kakuregarasu will then gather
       round it, and when you go to see them, they will fly off into different
       areas of the map.
       i: There are two paths at the bottom. Go to the one on the right and you'll
         see one of the Kakuregarasu crossing from side to side. Bark at it as it
         passes and it'll return to the tree.
       ii: At the bottom of the far left area, there is another one hiding in the
         plants. If you approach it quickly, it will notice you and go to the
         other side of the rocks at the bottom, but if you sneak up to it and bark
         then it'll run back to the tree.
       iii: At the top of the left area, there'll be one lying on its back in the
         grass, and all you can see is its stomach. Just walk up to it and bark
         and it'll return to the tree.
       iv: Directly above the Kakuregarasu's tree, there is one on top of a small
         tree next to a tunnel. Go to sleep under the tree and it will get down
         from the tree. Then bark at it to make it return to the pack.
       After you've returned all four to the centre, go back there and you'll be
       given a "gift" by the big Kakuregarasu.
    9: MIMAWARIBATTO (Blue flying creature, bat-like)
       In the leftmost part of this area, you'll find a Mimawaribatto circling
       round a rock. Follow it round, in its shadow, and after a while it will
       land and give you a "gift".
    After you've rescued the Kirin, go to the area at the bottom, and Halumi will
    come into the area with another of the timer devices that you saw earlier.
    [o/~ 3:ARTIFICIAL PARADISE o/~] You'll have to wait around for about ten
    minutes until the timer runs out, and you may get low on energy. If so, go
    back to the main area and kill a couple of the anteater-like creatures for
    food. After the timer runs out... [o/~ 8:CRISIS o/~]
    ___         __________________________________________________________________
    ___ LEVEL 9 __________________________________________________________________
    You appear in a ring with lots of the creatures you've met from the last area.
    If you need food, you can eat some of the dung that appears from time to time.
    After some time, a chime will sound, and the displays will spin round,
    announcing that it is test time. You can enter the room at the bottom now.
    There are a number of tests to take. Going round the next room clockwise, you
    should start at D. If you fail any of these tests, you'll end up in a cell...
    [o/~ 9:EXPERIMENT o/~]  Go to sleep and you'll get a chance to escape and try
    the tests again.
    D: In here a baby will show you how you can push the blocks. Use the attack
       (bark) button, A, to push blocks you are stood next to. After you've
       cleared this room, the baby will show you how to pull blocks. You use
       the greet button, B, to pull blocks that are a square away from you. After
       this room, you just have to walk through a maze of blocks and you will have
       reached rank D.
    C: Rank C is somewhat more difficult. You have to push and pull blocks to
       clear a way through each of the three levels, but you have to do it in a
       very strict time limit. You can't push or pull the black blocks in these 
       maps either.
    B: Rank B seems a lot easier than Rank C. The first level you have to find
       your way around a maze without any pushing or pulling, and the second and
       third levels are quite simple push/pull mazes.
    A: You'll find Halumi in this room and then you'll be shown details of the LOL
       project. [o/~ 5:MISSION o/~]  After this, there's more walking and you'll
       be given a choice between a LOL baby and one of the strange creatures you
       met before (alongside the Sempaitchi). Pick the baby and you'll reach
       rank A. Then Halumi will take you to the next area.
    ___          _________________________________________________________________
    ___ LEVEL 10 _________________________________________________________________
    You'll find yourself inside a room. After you greet the two creatures in this
    room, you'll go to bed and the lights will be turned out. Then you'll wake up
    again. If you've done everything up until now, you'll be able to go into
    metamorphosis immediately. Otherwise, you have the option of helping out the
    two creatures in this room. [o/~ 4:TRANSFORMATION o/~]
    After transformation, you can leave the room. There is an elevator outside.
    You can go up, to see the bridge, where Halumi is, or down to visit the
    previous area, but there's nothing you can do there now.
    You should now leave the rocket by the door in the bottom left corner, on the
    middle floor.
    1: AMEIRUKA (black and white, walking, fish-like creature)
       First thing in the morning, the Ameiruka will go to the bathroom and stand
       in the shower. After being unable to do anything it will use the bath
       instead. So you have to turn the shower on when it is standing in the
       shower. After you've done this, it'll give you a "gift".
    2: SATORIRISU (two-legged brown creature with pink feathers)
       In the morning, after taking a shower, the Satoririsu will get up onto the
       red table. Walk up to it and greet it, then it will get off the table and
       give you a "gift". In the afternoon, it listens to the stereo...
       [o/~ 6:DREAM o/~]
    ___          _________________________________________________________________
    ___ LEVEL 11 _________________________________________________________________
    You should make your way to the top-right area of the map, where the strange
    smoke is coming from. When you reach the next screen, keep walking to the top
    right of that area. Eventually you'll get to some sand. Exercise caution
    because there is a creature in here that will eat you. It has a periscope eye
    and if it gets too close, the rest of the creature will surface and you will
    have no chance of survival. Stick to the very top of the area and you
    shouldn't have too much trouble.
    There is some food to be found on one of the mud patches in the sand which can
    help replenish the lost energy, but it doesn't tend to go a long way when
    you're this size... After the long, long walk, you'll reach a wire fence.
    1: NOBORIZARU (monkey-like creature)
       You'll see the Noborizaru is trapped in the wire fence. Use the attack
       button (A) and you'll roll towards it and free it from the fence. It will
       climb over and reward you with a "gift" as well as the ability to scale
       the fence yourself.
    Climb to the top of the fence and you'll jump off the other side.
    [o/~ 10:DECISION o/~]
    Keep walking, and you'll finally come to a crystal shell where you can mature
    into your next form.
    [o/~ 4:TRANSFORMATION o/~]
    You'll also notice, the creature that has followed you from the fence has
    evolved. You now take a more primate form, and your energy has been completely
    restored, thankfully. There's also a save point here.
    Walk further up the screen and you'll get the chance to try out your new-found
    strength against a few evil looking creatures. You should be able to dispense
    of them easily enough, and your energy also charges a lot quicker now. Pretty
    soon you'll find yourself outnumbered, though, so it's probably better to run
    through here. The creatures won't be able to catch you if you keep running.
    You'll enter the next area, the weather will be treacherous, but keep walking
    north. There'll be constant cut scenes showing Halumi's progress with the
    L.O.L. project. [o/~ 12:STORM o/~]  Keep walking, with the other creature
    behind you, and eventually the weather will clear up and you'll be treated to
    the ending.
    [o/~ 13:ENDING THEME o/~]
    ___       ____________________________________________________________________
    ___ LINKS ____________________________________________________________________
    Creature hints (in Japanese) : http://www.lack-of-love.com/pc/a2.htm
    Game created by LOVEdeLIC : http://www.lovedelic.co.jp/
    Ryuichi Sakamoto : http://www.sitesakamoto.com/
    ASCII rocket comments page (Japanese only):
    ___       ____________________________________________________________________
    ___ ASIDE ____________________________________________________________________
    On February 4th and 5th, the Pure Love Alliance held a two day workshop for
    the New Eden Academy in Bridgeport, CT. The theme was "Prepare or Party?"
    and each presentation dealt with how to best prepare to confront the peer
    issues of drugs, drinking and sex that all young people ultimately face, and
    to prepare for their future.
    On the second day Harumi Kawamura, another University of Bridgeport student
    gave a special lecture on feeling "lack of love." She directly confronted the
    students with a reason why we would do anything for love. "Ideally we are all
    supposed to experience child's love, brother, and sister love, conjugal love
    and parental love to the fullest." she said. "Yet in reality many of us
    feel lack of love or even alienation. This feeling of alienation drives us to
    seek love, which is strongly connected to the issue of purity."
    ___         __________________________________________________________________
    ___ CREDITS __________________________________________________________________
    This FAQ was written by Jonathan Lumb (and shall not be reproduced without
    consent). v0.1-v1.0 were written December 2000 - January 2001. If you have any
    questions, comments or contributions, please send them to lol@thefirewall.org.
    I can't guarantee I'll respond to everyone, but credit will be given where it
    is due.
    Some translation of the clues on Lovedelic's website was provided by Nate
    Jensen and Maki Suzuishi. Extensive use of Todd Rudick's www.rikai.com was
    also used. Thanks guys.
    L.O.L. LACK OF LOVE was:
    Produced by Ryuichi Sakamoto and Hiroshi Suzuki
    Directed by Kenichi Nishi
    Designed by Keita Eto and Yoshiro Komura
    Published by ASCII Corp / Lovedelic (c)2000.
    The latest version of this FAQ will always be available at GameFAQs at
    http://www.gamefaqs.com (unless it decides to become re-affiliated with IGN).
    Also, the FAQ can be downloaded from http://www.thefirewall.org/LOL/faq.txt
    ___       ____________________________________________________________________
    ___ NOTES ____________________________________________________________________
    The [o/~ ... o/~] points throughout this guide refer to the soundtrack of the
    game which was released on Warner Music Japan, 8 November 2000. The catalogue
    number is WPC6-10086.
    All names of creatures have been transposed more or less exactly from the
    katakana used in the game. In many instances, it is obvious that they resemble
    animal's names, but to retain consistency, I have left them in their original

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