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    Zeon Walkthrough by Kain

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    Walkthrough for 
    Blood of Zeon (Jion Side)
    on the Sony Playstation,
    Sega Saturn and I think
    Sega Dreamcast by
    Zhou Tai An (kain@pacific.net.sg)
    Once again, this FAQ may not be used for non-profit.
    I'm not done with the game yet (and my copy is faulty!) so expect updates.
    Also, the computer AI differs greatly from game to game, so this is not
    intended to be infallible - it's just a general guide.
    Alright, so you've become fed-up with the Gundam series's insistence on 
    following the Federation and have decided to play the mighty Archduchy of
    Jion instead. Or perhaps you are sick of their corrupt and ultimately fickle
    ways. Maybe you just think the off-beige uniforms suck. Anyway, what matters
    is that you're behind the helm of the Jions.
    First off, you'll have to get an accurate assessment of the situation. The
    Jions start with most of space, a heap of ace pilots but very little Money
    and NO Resources. However, all their units are in place for an invasion of
    the Earth. That's where we'll begin.
    I'll state it clearly for you - you MUST take Odessa. I repeat, you must take
    Odessa, and the faster the better. Without that key location, the Jion 
    invasion of Earth cannot proceed. Before you launch your units just yet, take
    a look around the rest of the invasion points. America will be your next
    target immediately after Odessa, and since you've got to attack both New
    York and California, you've got to be ready there as well. Africa is after
    that - not so important right now, we'll come back to there later. Both
    Indonesia and Australia aren't terribly important objectives - the first only
    allows you to support Odessa and eventually attack Peking (which you'll do
    only much later) and for the latter, you can't even attack the Strategy
    Point which it's close to. (Besides, a lack of marine units will slow you
    down there.) Peking is off-limits due to your lack of a Special Plan for it,
    so your course is simple - transfer surplus units from the less important
    regions to your main attack positions of Odessa and America.
    Alright, now it's time to get moving. Before you commence your attack, move
    all the units currently scattered around the battlefield to the front lines;
    in particular, shift Dozul, Shin Matsunaga and Char Aznable out from Side 4!
    They're not doing you any good there, and you'll need their services soon.
    Reinforce your Side 4 positions and make sure your airspace over Earth is
    at least lightly protected. Now you're all set to go.
    If you've followed my advice, Odessa and America should fall easily enough.
    It's up to you whether you want to take other locations...it gives you more 
    of a power base but limits your units because you have to protect them. 
    Anyway, Odessa's fall should allow you to begin your attack of both 
    California and New York. Before we continue, let's take at look at how the
    fighting is going.
    The Jions's main weakness at the beginning of the campaign is it's total
    lack of any supply ship. This, combined with the fact that most Earth terrain
    is rocky, means you MUST produce ships to help your units move. Focus on
    Dodai's for the most part - their attack can hit from a hex away and tanks
    can't fire at them. Be sure to have at least some Dopps around to attack the
    occasional Medea, though - their high HP can be very irritating early on
    when your weapons are weaker. 
    However, since the Jions did develop them first, you have the advantage of
    mobile suit technology WAY before the Federation. Tanks and planes are no
    match for the might of the superior Zakus, as long as you remember to stack
    them. Your ace pilots should also give you the edge is this arena. So 
    continue producing them. Churning out units at Odessa ensures control of the
    surrounding area, but make sure you produce a Musai or two in space to
    reinforce your thinned fleet. (You sent down most of it to Earth, remember?)
    While all this is going on, don't forget to pump up your research and spy 
    bars. You need them full in order to get the low-down on the enemy activites,
    and as for research, you need supply ships and marine units ASAP. 
    Now you're going to have to attack the rest of North America. Plunk all your
    standby units and as many aces as you can spare into America and begin the
    attack - hopefully, it shouldn't take you that many turns to conquer both
    areas. You're going to have to be prepared for a big fight and the chance of
    retaliation, so be careful and keep Odessa safe.
    Once those two have fallen, you can attack Kilimanjaro. I don't recommend 
    doing that right off, though - first, consolidate your position in space and
    Earth a bit more, making sure each territory has an adequate supply of units
    to fend off enemy advances. The Federation usually won't attack if you have
    enough (8 to 10) units in a given area, but just to be certain, check all
    adjoining areas. If you have marine\desert\supply units, you might want to
    consider expanding a bit, but I'd rather save that for later when I control
    more Strategy Points. A final note - once you take Kilimanjaro, Char Aznable
    goes on a mission for Dozul for a while, so you can't use him. Take this
    opportunity to send him around a bit first.
    Anyway, you'll eventually need to attack the base, so do it. Desert Zakus
    (if you have them by now) and Zaku Cannons are quite useful. Once it has
    fallen, you can then attack Peking. Again, make sure your positions are safe
    (the enemy should have started attempting to re-take at least one or two by
    now) and then go for it. Because it's slightly inacessible, I recommend you
    send your units down from Peking airspace rather than take the land route.
    Taking Peking opens up both Madras and Hawaii. Once again, check and 
    reinforce whatever forces you need. You should be receiving requests from 
    Kishiria and Dozul at this point - accede to them. (You still won't get Char
    back, though.) At this point, it's okay to leave a few areas under attack as
    long as you're sure they can hold their own. 
    Which one to pick? Hawaii is a better choice since it's just off the coast
    of California - Madras is difficult to get to, since it's unlikely any of
    your territories will be in it's region. Be sure to have plenty of supply
    and marine units with you, then give the go-ahead. Submarines are very useful 
    here, and you'd be wise to bring along a couple of Gogs to offset the 
    inferiority of the Jion submarines. Madras also requires you to bring along
    marine support, though not as much - supply planes are a necessity, though.
    Right around this time (of before it, depending on how fast you play) Char
    will report back on the situation concerning the White Base. If you choose to
    let him continue his mission, you will eventually lose Garma Zabi - since I 
    was following the original plotline I choose that, but I don't how what 
    losses (if any) are incurred by not letting him go. Anyway, this is about the
    time you might want to consider expanding your space territory a bit. You
    still won't be able to take Luna 2 just yet, but Side 2 is a good middle 
    ground to hold.
    Jion Events :
    (I've decided to stick all the special Jion events here rather than address
    them in the main narrative above...it's more orderly that way.)
    Jion Units Technical Overview :
    Here's where I discuss both the merits and disadvantages of the various Jion
    units so you know which ones to pick\research...not all will be covered, but
    hopefully enough.
    Basic Units :
    Dopps - Your basic plane. Aerial firepower is one arena in which the Jions
    lag severely behind the Federation...while they can produce about 4-5 
    different variations of this (including the mighty Core Booster) the Jions
    will have to rely solely on their Dopps for a good part of the game. 
    Fortunately, the unit itself isn't too bad - it can more or less take on any 
    flying unit, but MUST be used in overwhelming numbers; one or two squadrons
    at the beginning of the game and lots more later.
    Dodais - Again, another basic unit. The main advantage these have over their
    Federation counterpart, the Delrogs, is their range - they can attack from
    two spaces away. The lesser HP the Dodais have is a small price to pay for 
    that asset, IMHO. The main uses of this unit are to attack small land units
    (tanks, for instance) support your Zakus (their mobility is superior) and 
    chase after fleeing targets so your battles don't drag. Like the Dopps, these
    prove surprisingly useful even at the later stages of the game, as long as 
    you use them in swarms. A last note - Dodais and Zakus can actually combine 
    to form another flying units which is less powerful than it's Zaku base but
    it's a pushover either...it's your choice whether you want the extra aerial
    attack option.
    Mazella Tank - Useless. It's far too weak to hold it's own on the 
    battlefield and you're going to need to save your resources for Zakus. It's
    detachment option is useful but in the long run you can skip this one.
    Gatol - The space equivalent of the Dopp. Because the Jions do have some good
    capital ships you're not going to be quite as dependent on this as the Dopps,
    but be sure to have some to bolster your space fleet. They're also ideal for
    last-minute defenses and the like since they only take a turn to construct.
    However, as the game progresses, you're going to have to phase them out in
    favor of heavier units like space-going MAs.
    Fat Uncles - Your basic supply ship. Get this fast since the Jions don't have
    any other means of troop transport on Earth until you do. Besides that, 
    nothing really much to say. (It's got a funky name, though. ^_^)
    Gaus - The next step up from the Fat Uncles, these are another essential
    unit on the battlefield owing to the higher amount of HP and powerful Beam
    Cannon they possess. You're going to need them, and soon - Fat Uncles just
    won't stand up to a fierce beating. Develop them ASAP and make them standard
    issue on your campaigns. They also function as quite decent air support,
    especially if piloted by a good captain, and you can use their Bombs to hit
    ground targets in a pinch. 
    U-Con - Your starting submarine. Not very useful at all - it's weapons 
    aren't accurate enough, and it doesn't have that much HP when compared to the
    other carrier-type vehicles. However, it'll serve you well enough in your
    first few sea battles, so you should build a few.
    Mad Angler - A LOT better than the U-Con. It's got more range, greater 
    carrying space, more HP and hits more and harder. This is the unit to use if
    you're planning naval battles and should be a staple of your main marine 
    Mobile Suits
    Zaku-1 - This is your typical, generic, factory-made Zaku. Okay early in the
    game but really not that useful. I don't recommend you construct anymore of
    these than you already receive; you'd do better saving up your money for...
    Zaku-2 - This is what would be considered an average Zaku. Early in the game,
    the Federation has no units that can stand up to them, so capitalize on this
    and attack like crazy. You'll probably be building some of these, but ASAP
    save up to produce the later models which are FAR more useful. Still, for
    early game firepower they are unrivalled. Since they're also the only Zaku
    that can enter space for some time, they're a good addition to your fleets
    around Earth.
    Zaku Tank - Aside from the dirt-cheap cost there's no real reason to produce
    these...if you need a defense in a hurry and have no money to spare they're
    okay, though. Problem is, their weapons suck. 
    Zaku Cannon - These are NOT the Jions' answer to the Guncannon, but they're
    actually quite useful; a two-hex ranged attack and ability to move on most
    Earth terrain make them an effective frontline unit - until of course you get
    the later models.
    Desert Zaku - Like the name says, only useful in the desert. They function
    adequately outside of their chosen terrain (think Zaku-2s) but they're really
    only useful in and about the African regions. You're much better off saving
    Zaku-Js - Now THIS is the first real Zaku upgrade you've seen. With four
    weapons and the ability to traverse most Earth terrain easily, this thing is
    nothing to shake a stick at. I recommend you research this ASAP and then 
    mass-produce them to aid in your eventual conquest of Earth. Don't get too
    happy, though - it's still a bit on the weak side (can't stand up to the
    Federation Gundams if not in groups) and they can't enter space. 
    Zaku Scouter - This unit exists for one purpose only - to increase hit rates.
    Hide it behind your main units when you go into battle and let it's Gun
    Camera ability aid you from afar. Keep one or two with any main force; you'll
    find them worth it.
    Gog - Submarine killers, basically. They're not good at much else, but they
    excel at what they can do; put a good pilot inside one and watch those 
    U-Types fall. You'll need a decent number of these for any invasion into the
    sea areas on Earth.
    Zugog - Much better than the Gog. This unit can fight on land as well, making
    it ideal for maps with lots of island (it can take Control points easily) 
    and snowy regions. It's also not too shabby in the weapons and HP department.
    Acguy - The cheaper version of the Zugog. Generally, the lower cost is worth
    it. Besides that, treat it as a slightly weaker version of the above unit.
    Gouf - The Jions' answer to the Gundam. While not as powerful and\or 
    versatile (let's face it; the Gundam is the Gundam for a REASON) the Gouf is
    a force to be feared; good weapons and the same terrain coverage as the 
    Zaku-J. Use a mixture of them on Earth and you should be able to crush 
    anything the Feds come up with.
    Gouf-H - Basically a flying Gouf - use as such. The extra mobility comes in
    handy at times...
    Gouf-B - A Gouf upgrade. More powerful and sturdier. You can actually go
    toe-to-toe with Gundams once this is produced...not that I recommend it, but
    that should be a good indication of this unit's power. 
    Upgraded Zaku - Ah, now you're talking. More HP, agility, endurance, the same
    four weapons (but with upgrades), same terrain coverage AND it's 
    space-faring! This comes a bit late down the tech tree but I feel it's worth
    the wait. With this and the Gouf, your mobile suit forces can finally 
    challenge the Gundam on it's own footing.
    High-Response Zaku - Weak weapons and the inability to fight on Earth give
    this unit a thumbs-down from me. Why waste money on this junk when you have
    the all-purpose Upgraded Zaku?
    Efreet - You should have conquered Earth by the time you get this but if you
    haven't, well, you will soon. This baby can move well on ANY terrain (except
    space) has loads of HP and packs very impressive armaments. They're a bit on
    the costly side and take 3 turns to build, but they're worth it. Get this one
    Mobile Armors :
    Ships :

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